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We are the team of experts which tests goods and writes reviews for you!

Founded in 2015 expertpatrol.com (originally another domain) is the leading website devoted to reviews of goods for everyday life. We, organizers of this website, estimate various goods which are available for sale on the platform Amazon really independently.

We are experienced team which shares objective information with you by means of this website.

Thanks to lots of original and objective reviews which are already available and will be published in the nearest future, expertpatrol.com has already consolidated its positions as the most reliable guide to the goods for everyday life presented at the American market.

Providing objective information

What is important is that NONE of the reviews available on expertpatrol.com has ever been sponsored. All content on our website is written by independent experts, authors don’t receive from producers of goods any compensation for the work.

Only online ads and percentage charge from the goods sold on Amazon help us to maintain this website (here you can find additional information on our policy for conditions, partnership and privacy).

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