Backpacking Checklist 3 Day

In this article, we are going to list for you the gears that you need to have during the 3 seasons spring, summer and fall, and as well for 3 day backpacking weekend. The equipment are easy to handle and any backpacker can use them easily with some few tricks. These are excellent gears and totally weigh less. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one day backpacking or for the whole week. The checklist can be used for one day or if it’s for a longer period, things like food, fuel, water, toilet paper ad clothes should be added in the same proportion. These are as follows:


The tent that you plan to setup or carry on your backpacking trip should be of a quality one. Choose the right material and the right size. It should also be lightweight and a freestanding design.


For relaxing and enjoying the cool wind from the mountains, you should carry a hammock with you. Also, it can be used for sleeping if the ground is very cold or when there are lots of creeping creatures.


Buy a rugged and durably made backpack with various compartments for keeping all your backpacking belongings. Ensure that the materials used to make the backpack are top quality and if possible it should be light enough.

Sleeping pad

If you intend sleeping inside the tent and not on the hammock, then you should carry a sleeping pad and a sleeping pillow. Pick one that is comfortable and light. Pick a size that fits you well. If it’s for two, there are larger sizes as well.

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Sleeping bag

Another great choice for sleeping when out there camping is a sleeping bag. Normally, sleeping bags are light but provide the user with the much needed comfortable and warmth. They are the best sleeping materials in spring.

Trekking poles

For individuals who are hiking in steep areas, trekking poles are of great importance. They help ease the pressure on your knees when you are climbing up and as well when going down the slopes.


These are vital in that they help to lighten your tent and the places you walk to at night. If you intend on hunting, the flashlight should be extra bright with some safety features. Headlamps are just great for use inside the tent or in the camping site.


Ensure that you have a map to show you exactly where you are so that you don’t get lost in the woods. Also, having a GPS tracker is an added advantage but not a must. You can buy a tactical watch which have gps.

First aid kit

A first aid kit can help ease pain by offering medical services in case you get sick or are pierced with some sharp objects as you hike.

Stove and fire starter

Carry a light stove with you for cooking. You should as well have a fire starter to light the stove with. Acquire a lightweight backpacking stove.

Water reservoir

Make sure you carry a water reservoir for storing the water that you will need for use during the 3 day period.


Depending on how many days you are going for the hike and how busy you will be using the stove, this will determine the amount of fuel that you will carry.

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Food sack

There are various backpacking food storage containers on the market. Acquire one that keeps all the different foods that you will need on your trip.

Water filter

In case you run out of fresh water while hiking, you may be tempted to look for a water source in the forest. Filtering such water is important and you should get a quality water filter to use at such a moment.

Knife, eating utensil and mug

Carry with you a knife for cutting foods and setting up the tent or hammock. Have with you eating utensils and a mug for taking tea or coffee.

Toothpaste, toothbrush and toilet paper

These will enable you maintain a high level of hygiene while out there camping. You can alsouse water flosser for your teeth. Ensure you have enough tissue paper.


The camera can be used to take magnificent pictures and videos while hiking. Choose a trail camera plus a compact binocular with quality features and longer run time.


The clothes vary with regard to season. But it’s important to have a tactical pant, jacket, rain coat, hiking soaks and hiking boats, among many other kinds of clothes. Avoid clothes made from cotton.


These can be carried during summer. Also, you may need sunscreen lotion and insect repellent.

These are some of the crucial backpacking gears to have when camping for 3 days.

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