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The air rifles that we pick out to use depends on different elements. It can be because of the intended use, price, or its performance. As well, most of the guns in the industry use propellant charge to fire. But when it comes to the air pistol, they use compressed air or gas. It is vital to comprehend this as you adjust from using a rifle to air pistol. In addition, air pistols are also referred to as pellet gun or air gun or BB gun. With so many brands in the market, choosing an air gun can be a tricky task. But the pistol is one with a desirable weight, has great accuracy when shooting and comes with great speed.

Features to search for in a good air pistol

Air pistols are bought for different reasons like for hunting, pest control, target practice, and plinking, among other functions. The following are some of the characteristics to look at before you make up your mind to acquire a quality pistol.

  • Quality of the trigger – the quality of the trigger is a very significant thing to consider when choosing your air pistol. The trigger pull affects the overall performance of your gun and you should keenly view it.
  • The type of caliber uses – buying a pistol with a caliber that is hard to find in your area can be challenging. Therefore, look at an air pistol with the most desirable and better priced caliber. The commonly used calibers are 0.177, 0.22 and 0.25.
  • The power of the gun – the power of the gun uses is as well crucial. Most of the guns use; CO2, pneumatic, and spring piston powers. Choose your pistol wisely.
  • Accuracy of the pistol – before you buy a gun, ensure that previous users approve of the accuracy of the pistol you’re about to buy. After all, accuracy is what makes shooting or hunting to be fun. Without it, it’s like a waste of money.
  • Velocity and speed – pick a pistol that has great speed so that you can accurately hit your target. The more the feet per seconds the pistol has, the more velocity and speed the pistol is fired.
  • The powerful technology used to create – buying air pistol from a manufacturer with a high reputation can guarantee you better results than buying from a less known one. Also, the technology used to make the pistol should be latest to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
  • Distance to be covered – this matches hand-in-hand with the use of the air pistol. There are pistols ideal for long or short distances depending on your preference or function.
  • The materials – most of the pistols are made of copper coated steel, lead or plastic and zinc. Select the one with lead or steel material as they are very durable.
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If you are thinking to buy air pistol then you should also consider to buy gun safe for this.

Our Recommend Top 5 best air pistol reviews

With the above features of the air pistols, we have highlighted the pistols that we think are the best in the market and good for experts or beginners.

1. Crossman classic pump air pistol reviews

As elegant as the Crosman American classic appears to be, it is easy to use as it has a single action bolt feature that enables easy cocking and loading of the air pistol. The pneumatic powered pistol uses 0.177 pellets. It has a shooting velocity of around 600 feet per seconds and has an adjustable rear.

Crossman classic pump reviews
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Its light in weight when compared to most of the triggers as it only weighs 4.5 pounds. The length of the gun is 13.6 inches and with its velocity, it gives the user precise shooting. With such great features, this Crossman classic pump is suitable for target shooting as well as pest control.

2. Daisy 985415-442 Hunting Air Pistol review

This is a CO2 powered semi-automatic kind of pistol. It is desirable for hunting and comprises a BB magazine, which can have up to 21 shots. One of the best features of this gun is that it is made of a sturdy bore steel barrel that resembles a real gun.

Daisy 985415-442 review
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It contains a maximum velocity of approximately 500 feet per seconds. Additional features of this Daisy 985415-442 include; three CO2 cylinders, shooting glasses and 350 ct. BB tube. It is regarded as the most powerful air pistol in the market. Other uses for this pellet gun are shooting competitions and target practice.

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3. Crosman 2240 review – Best .22 CO2 powered Air pistol

Crosman is a popular pistol brand in the market alongside Gamo. The Crosman 2240 bolt CO2 powered air pistol is one of the best in the market. It uses 0.22 pellets and its shot has a velocity of up to 460 feet per seconds.

Crosman 2240 review Check Price on Amazon

The pellet gun is CO2 powered and is very accurate when shooting. It is easy to use with its single shot bolt action. This can be a great choice for target shooters, pest controllers and those who like plinking. With a great rating of the user, this Crosman 2240 is worth! trying out.

4. Gamo air pistol reviews – Blowback pellet pistol

This semi-automatic blowback action is great for target practice, hunting, plinking and pest control. It gives the shooter or hunter quick and accurate shots to the target. The Gamo Blowback is very light, weighing only 1.7 pounds and uses a 0.177 caliber.

Gamo Blowback reviews Check Price on Amazon

The fiber optic sight that it comprises; gives the user a better target. It produces a maximum shooting velocity of 450 feet per seconds. As well, it has double magazines which can allow you to load a total of 16 pellets inside it. It has a rifled barrel and textured grip to provide you with a comfortable handling of the pistol.

5. Winchester co2 pistol review – Model 11K

Last but not least, the Winchester Model 11K has some of the best features that you will want in a great air pistol. The pistol is constructed using strong steel metal with a wonderful nickel finish. It’s CO2 powered and a semi automatic BB pistol.

Winchester co2 pistol reviews Check Price on Amazon

It has a velocity of up to 410 feet per seconds and a blowback action. The trigger is light, weighing 4 pounds with a BB clip that stores up to 16 pellets. It comes with additional features in its kit which include; two 12 gram C02 cartridges, and a 750 count tin of Winchester BBs in it.


If you are new, then choosing the best air pistol can be challenging. But when you determine your purpose of the pistol; the features that you want at favorable price, you can get an overall well performing air pistol. But, you need to know your state law before using them.

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