Best Backpack Blower Reviews – The best backpack Leaf blower 2019

A leaf blower machine is a very important device to have especially if your homestead is made of several kinds of trees. After cutting grass or when leaves fall on your compound and make it look untidy, this machine can come in handy to blow away he leaves and grass leaving the place clean and in order. But before you make up your mind on picking a backpack blower of your choice, there are some few things a person needs to learn about. First, backpack blower can be corded or cordless. Also, they can be gas powered or battery powered. Some emit dangerous emissions in the air while others don’t. Also, they come in different designs and makes which a person can select from. You need to select the best backpack blower at affordable price!

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So, what is the best backpack blower on the market? This question puzzles many people as they don’t know what to look for when picking the best backpack blower. When searching for a backpack blower, one should identify their needs and come up with a backpack blower that serves their different needs. Features like noise level, power source, weight of the device and comfort should be greatly considered. In this review and guide, we have set down the various points a person might need to come up with the best backpack blower. Read carefully to the end and you will know what to look for when searching for a backpack blower that will leave your compound or backyard clean as ever.

The backpack blower you may need may differ from what your neighbor or friend may require. So, pick a backpack blower that you are comfortable with regardless of price. Don’t let the various brands confuse you in selecting the best. Read further to learn more about the backpack blower.

Features to look at in backpack blowers

Below are features which should looked at when preparing to buy a backpack blower. These assist in knowing how your backpack blower will function when inn operation.

  • Source of power – as you set out to choose the best backpack blower on the market, it is important to identify the power source you will be using. It can be corded, cordless, battery powered, or gas powered. Most of the backpack blowers rely on these four types of power sources. Most people prefer to use gas powered backpacks as they keep power for long unlike battery powered devices. Consider the area you want to clear of leaves before choosing a backpack blower of your choice.
  • Level of noise – another vital feature to look at is the level of noise the unit produces. Some units are very loud and will be a nuisance when used. This is because neighbors may complain or the user may be uncomfortable working with it. Choose a device that is very efficient and at the same time produces very little noise ideal for working.
  • Anti-vibration system – imagine having the backpack blower on your back vibrating and causing you discomfort. Before you acquire a backpack blower, ensure it is fixed with an anti-vibration system so that you don’t feel the vibration from the motor which might be detrimental to your body. Not all devices have this system and its worth checking out for your own safety.
  • Speed lock – this feature plays an important role of giving the user more control when using the device. It makes the backpack blower to be more effective and use it as you wish to.
  • What to consider when picking the best

    To choose a backpack blower that carries out the duties excellently without any problem, it’s good to look at certain factors first. Not every backpack blower advertised as great performs excellently. Here are the factors to consider as you prepare to purchase a backpack of your choice.

    • Ease of use – blowing leaves from your compound is never an easy task. To make this task to be fun and easy, you need to get the best backpack blowers on the market. Though, not all backpack blowers come with the same features and its good searching for those that are easy to use.
    • Comfort – when picking a backpack blower, one of the first things to consider is how comfortable the device is on your back. You don’t want a blower that is too big or too small on your back. So, a comfortable backpack blower will make blowing of leaves easy and quick.
    • Lightweight – another thing to consider is the weight of the backpack. This is very important as it might determine how long you are able to work. If you acquire a very weighty backpack, this might slow you down. Therefore, go for a lighter device that will enable you carry out the job without much stress.
    • Eco-friendly product – when acquiring a backpack, consider the impact it has on the environment and on your health. Backpack blowers powered by gas emit a lot of harmful emissions which might be detrimental to your health and the environment. Instead of using such a backpack, you can go for a cordless or battery powered device which is more environmentally friendly.
    • Brand – to get the best, you must acquire from the best! Different brands make different types of backpack blowers. Choose from a brand that is well known in the market. Buying a backpack from a less known brand is tricky as you may not know if it has worked before or not. Be ready to spend and get a backpack blower from a reputable brand. Some of the notable brands include; hitachi, husqvarna, stihl, Makita and toro.
    • Price – not all highly priced backpack blowers function well. There are backpack blowers of all kinds and cost differently. Choose a backpack that is within your set budget with features you need. Some are created for large-scale use while others are just for home use. If you want the best, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. Also, consider picking from a recognizable brand though these tend to be costly.
    • Warranty – buying a product that a manufacturer guarantees warranty is appealing to buyers. This is because it is fully covered in case it’s delivered with a defect or any other challenge.

      A warranty of at least one year or more is good. Not all brands offer warranty hence, its good considering this before you purchase a backpack blower.

    The Best Five Backpack Blower Reviews

    Getting the best backpack blower is no easy task. This is because there are various brands to pick from as well as types. Beginners in this area may find it hard to choose from the entire lot. But with the information that we have compiled above, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Also, we conducted a thorough research that enabled us to come up with the top 5 backpack blowers on the market today. These have been broadly discussed as follows:

    Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld leaf blower

    Hitachi is one of the notable brands when it comes to quality backpack blowers. This handheld leaf blower has all the qualities that a homeowner or professional landscaper would love. In addition, it has a 23.9 cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine that provides excellent power and longer life. Also, the backpack blower is CARB compliant too. It is lightweight and well balanced for comfortable use for long hours. With an air velocity of 170 MPH, this device will excellently blow away leaves and grass from your yard or compound very well. One of the unique features of this backpack blower is its 7 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. This assures buyers of continued support when they acquire the product. Buy this blower today and get rid of all the leaves and grass from your compound.

    Key features:

    • 2 cycle Gas powered
    • Taper nozzle
    • Air volume at 441 CFM
    • Lightweight
    • CARB compliant
    • 7 year warranty


    • This device is lightweight which makes the user have a simple time and can work for longer hours.
    • It is powered by a 23.9 cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine for greater power and longer lifespan
    • Has an outstanding air volume at 441 CFM for great debris movement.
    • The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty of 7 years which gives confidence in the product.

    Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Backpack leaf blower

    Another notable backpack blower brand is the Husqvarna. Many people consider Husqvarna as the best brand. It offers a wide range of backpack models from which buyers can choose from. This blower is lightweight with integrated backpack that offers the much needed comfort for homeowners as they conduct their duty. Also, it is CARB compliant and well designed. The device is comfortable, ventilated, and load-reducing harness with hip belt and wider shoulder straps. The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty and extends it after registration online for 4 years. The fan speed that the device comes with can be set for simple handling. The moment you purchase this Husqvarna handheld item you get three 32oz cans of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel.

    Key features:

    • 1 HP X-Torq engine
    • Its CARB compliant
    • Lightweight blower with integrated backpack
    • 2 years warranty
    • Carburetor
    • Comfortable, ventilated load reducing harness


    • The backpack blower is CARB compliant and suitable for use at home
    • It comes with a 2 year warranty and 4 year warranty on registration online
    • It is lightweight with integrated backpack harness for easy use by homeowners as well as landscapers
    • The engine is very powerful, increases fuel efficiency and lowers dangerous emissions.
    • The fan speed that the backpack comes with can be set for simple handling of the device.

    Makita BBX7600N Backpack blower

    This is one of the most comfortable backpack blower on the market today. The Makita BBX7600N backpack blower has a powerful 4 stroke commercial duty engine. It comes with a large capacity air filter which is replaceable and easily accessible. The device meets the EPA and CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations. In addition, it has padded shoulder straps and back panel for better user comfort. It is made with a compact design with less weight for simple operation in tight areas. The high air volume and air speed makes the device suitable for commercial duty performance. Finally, the soft grip for less vibration and cruise control lever for lowered operator fatigue.

    Key features:

    • Large capacity air filter
    • 6 cc 4 stroke commercial duty engine
    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Ventilated back panel
    • It is both EPA and CARB compliant
    • High air volume and air speed
    • Soft grip for less vibration
    • Spark plug
    • Large capacity muffler


    • It is made up of a powerful engine that will ensure all the leaves and other light materials are got rid of
    • It is both EPA and CARB certified which means it produces less emissions
    • They have a high air volume and air speed for commercial use
    • The soft grip is for lesser vibration and cruise control lever for lowered user fatigue
    • The large capacity air filter is replaceable and easily accessible for quicker maintenance
    • The design is compact with little weight for easy operation of the backpack blower
    • For greater comfort, the device comes with padded shoulder straps and backpack panel for extra comfort

    Toro 51619 Ultra blower

    Speaking of powerful devices on the market, Toro Ultra blower is one of the most powerful backpacks today. It is ideal for use by homeowners and landscapers. The device is very powerful with up to 250 mph degree. In addition, the variable speed control is present for better control in both b lower and vac mode. The device has a built-in cord and cord storage hook for easy storage of the blower. It comes with a vacuum bag that makes storing of the components that the backpack comes with to be easy. The manufacturer of this product offers a 2 year warranty. Acquire this device and get your compound clean from debris, and leaves.

    Key features:

    • Variable speed control
    • Powerful up to 250 mph degree
    • Metal impeller
    • Air horse power degree
    • Concentrator nozzle
    • Vacuum tube
    • Cord storage hook


    • It is very powerful with up to 250 mph degree
    • Toro blower comes with variable speed control for changing speed as the operator wishes
    • It is lightweight and comfortable to use for a long period of time
    • The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty on the product
    • The new larger metal impeller drives power and improved mulching.

    Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc backpack blower

    The variable speed throttle control that the poulan pro backpack blower comes with ensures that the user is able to adjust the device. The 2 stroke engine is powered and can perform various tasks. It works very efficiently with a speed of 200 mph. the heavy duty frame that the device comprises is durably made to last long. Also, it is lightweight and offer great comfort o the user. Finally a 2 year warranty is provided by the manufacturer and it’s extended when one registers online where they are offered a 3 year warranty.

    Key features:

    • Heavy duty frame
    • 2 stroke engine
    • Variable speed throttle control
    • Speed of 200 mph
    • Cruise control
    • 2 years warranty


    • This device comes with a heavy duty frame that will last for years
    • It has variable speed throttle control that allows the user to change speed as they wish
    • The stroke engine is very strong and will carry put heavy tasks
    • It is lightweight and comfortable so that the user can find it easy to use


    Cleaning the compound full of leaves and other light materials can be a challenge. Even though the exercise is fun and easy, it can at times get tiresome and boring. But when you have a quality backpack blower like the ones we have mentioned above everything becomes easy. There are various backpack blowers on the market and choosing the best is really important. Know which features you want so that you pick a right device that can serve your tasks well. From the source of power to noise levels and other features, choose a backpack blower that is comfortable and less harmful to the environment.

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