Best Balance Bike Reviews 2019

One of the delights of a parent is to see their young ones grow well emotionally, physically and mentally. Parents will always do their best to keep their kids active and learn in all possible ways. As the kid grows, he or she starts to develop a liking for certain things. As parents, the only thing we can do is to keep our toddlers happy is by buying them these items if they are worthwhile. So, How to find the best balance bike for toddlers?

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One of the normal items that kids always admire is to ride a bike. This is easier said than done. Despite the desire by the kid to ride the normal bike, they’ve to start by learning how to balance the bike. So, most common question come in our mind; how to find the best balance bike?
This is because most of them are afraid to pedal and at the same time balance the bike. If you want your kid to master the art of balancing a bike before diverting to the normal bike, it’s important to start by purchasing them a balancing bike.

What to consider when purchasing a balance bike

In this review, we will look at some of the factors to consider when seeking a balancing bike for your 2 or 3 year old. With many brands in the market, picking the best balancing bike can be a headache to several parents. Bikes are made of different materials, quality, age group, weight and have different safety features. If you are looking the best for your kid, you shouldn’t settle at nothing less than the perfect balancing bike. This review will easily enable you find the best balancing bike for your kid. Read carefully and understand your different requirements so that you can make the best choice in the end.

What is a balance bike for toddlers?

Construction – First and foremost, you should look at the construction of the bike you intend to buy for your kid. Different bikes are built using different materials. They are of varying quality and you should ensure you land one that is durable and strong. A poorly constructed bike may break easily or fail to withstand different harsh environments. Start by looking at the frame of the bike and see which material it’s made of. Some of the usual materials these bikes are made of include; aluminum alloy, steel, wood and composite bikes. The best material to use is aluminum alloy as its lightweight and doesn’t corrode. Steel is very durable but tends to be heavy and a burden to the kid when they climb uphill.

When it comes to wooded bikes, they are environmentally friendly but not suitable for use in all weather. Also, wooden bikes cannot be adjusted and are short lived. Lastly, composite material looks beautiful to the eye and it combines the features of both steel and aluminum. It is lightweight as aluminum and durable as steel.

Small Sizes!

Size – This is one of the most vital features of a balance bike. In most cases, these bikes are promoted as able to fit all kids but this is very wrong. A balance bike fit for an 18 month toddler may not be fit for a 3 year old. Also, kids with age difference may not have the same height. Ensure the bike you buy for your kid is of an ideal size so that they can fit on it well for perfect balancing.

Seat height!

Height – The height of the seat should be of a desirable length for your kid. Acquire a bike with an adjustable seat so that you can change it to fit your kid as they grow. Accurately measure the height of your kid so that you can get them the right balance bike.


Weight – Weight is another crucial issue to look at. Consider checking out the weight limit of the bike. Most of the bikes have weight limits and if you buy a wrong weight, your kid, might be too heavy for the bike which may in the end hurt them. Also, you don’t want your kid to carry a very heavy bike as they climb uphill. View the weight of the bike and ensure its light enough for your kid to carry.

Balance bike age range?

Age of child – There are different bikes sizes for every age group and acquiring one suitable for your toddler is key for them to learn quickly. Don’t assume that your kid will grow learning the bike by acquiring them a bigger bike. Just look at the ideal bike for their age so that they can learn quickly and easily.

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Type of tires – The type of tire the bike is made of is as well very important. Is it created using hard plastic, rubber, air or foam? Different tires perform well on different terrains or surfaces. Rubber tires are one of the best as they don’t puncture but have a great traction. For hard plastic tires, these are not suitable at all as they are poor on smooth surfaces and also wear on paved areas.

Foam tires are one of the best as they don’t puncture and are lightweight. Though, they lack cushion and won’t be effective in bumpy or rocky places. Finally, air filled cushion will ride well on various surfaces and your child will enjoy the ride. One of the shortcomings of this type of tire is that they get puncture easily.

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Balance bike with brakes?

Safety features – As you look at key features that a balance bike should have, also consider the safety features that the bike has to ensure that your kid is not only riding happily but as well safe. Check if the bike has brakes for applying in case they go full speed or when riding on a steep place. View how efficiently the footrest is, observe sharp edges and look at the steering limiter.

Handle bars – You require your kid to learn well and fast. Buy a bike with a good grip on the handles so that they can have full control of the bike as they ride. Rough grips or those made from rubber are the best. They should not be slippery.

Which balance bike is best?

Brand – Don’t just buy from any brand but consider looking at the best. Why waste your cash on a bike that will break down tomorrow even before your kid learns how to balance a bike. The best brands have proven products that will give you excellent results. You can consider buying from one of these top balance bike brands such as; strider, Schwinn, Prince Lionheart, KaZam, Chicco.

Warranty – It’s good to be assured that the product you’re buying has a warranty. This is to guarantee you that in case it comes with a defect; the manufacturer can easily replace it. The best brands mostly offer warranty on their products.

Pack n play also an essential item to keep your baby fit and healthy.

Why buy a balance bike? Benefits of a balance bike!

    • They increase the exercise as the kid gets to practice all day.
    • Betters the health of the kid with outdoor.
    • It creates confidence for kids as they get to prepare riding the real bike.
    • Enables the kids to learn the basic rules for balancing before they get to ride a real bike.
    • These bikes are safer than tricycles and trikes as they don’t harm the kid as they learn how to pedal.
  • Teaches the kid how to handle the bike in case the pedals fail to work or while riding downhill or uphill.

Our Recommend Top 5 best balance bike reviews

Even though it’s just a balancing bike and maybe your child won’t use it for long before you get them a pedaling bike, you should always go for the best quality. No parent will want their kid to be endangered because of acquiring a poorly built bike with low quality construction and features. Everyone wants the best and that’s why we deeply researched the best balancing bikes of 2016 and discussed them below. Get one of these or use our tips to land the best and safe balancing bike for your kid.

The Best balance bike for 2 year old to 5 year old – Strider bike review

Strider is a very well-known brand when it comes to balance bikes. With a great history and culture of creating high quality products, the strider sport balance bike offers your kid with an experience you will never find in any other bikes. It comes with a frame integrated footrest for extra comfort for the kid. Furthermore, it has adjustable seat and handle bars that enable you to change them so that it can excellently fit your kid.

The ultralight wheels ensure that the kid uses this bike on different terrains and it runs smoothly. Other features include; quick release clamps, and 2 year manufacturer warranty. If you’re looking for the quality balance bike, get this for your kid.

Key features:

  • Utralight wheels.
  • Adjustable seat and handle bars.
  • Frame integrated footrest.
  • Quick release clamps.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.


  • The bike is very easy to assemble.
  • It is lightweight ad shouldn’t be a burden to the kid.
  • Perfect design for easy handling.
  • Has adjustable seat to offer the best height for your child.
  • It can ride on all terrains with the ultralight wheels.
  • Has 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Best rated balance bike – Schwinn bikes reviews

Schwinn is as well a top brand and creates excellent balance bikes. This wonderfully designed Schwinn bikes will make it easy for your child to learn the basics of bike balancing with regard to the features that it offers. It has a foot to floor design that makes balancing of the bike to be fun and interesting. It has adjustable seat to change to a more favorable seat height for your kid.

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This bike is easy to assemble and measures 12 inch. Also, the bike has adjustable handle bars that can be changed to suit your kid well so that they can have perfect control of the bike. With the air tubes and air tires, expect this bike to ride on various terrains when you obtain it for your kid. Schwinn one of the top rated best balance bike in our list.

Key features:

  • Has foot to floor frame design.
  • Adjustable seat heights.
  • Air tires and tubes.
  • Adjustable handle bars.
  • Measures 12 inch.


  • Great design for easy balance by the kids.
  • Has an adjustable seat for setting ideal height for your kid.
  • Uses air tires and tubes which are good for balancing and can work on different terrains smoothly.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable handle bars for easy handling and control of the bike.

Best balance bike for kids – Kazam balance bikes reviews

Kazam is one of the latest brands that have gained fame after coming up with excellently designed balance bikes. This bike is durably made as it comprises of a steel frame that doesn’t rust easily. The patented frame comes attached a footrest where the kid can place their feet as they ride on top speed.

Also, the bike operates on air inflated tires which work effectively on different terrains. Other outstanding features include; quick release saddle adjustment, handle bar adjustment and adjustable seat.

Key features:

  • Patented frame design with footrest.
  • Air inflated tire.
  • Quick release saddle adjustment.
  • 12 inch steel metal.
  • Adjustable seat and handle bars.


  • Durably made with steel frame.
  • Can ride on all terrains with the air inflated tires.
  • Easy to change height with the adjustable seat.
  • Great comfort as it has a footrest.

Best balance bikes for toddlers – Cruzee balance bike review

The Cruzee ultralite balance bike is one of the perfect bikes that will enable your kid learn quickly how to balance a bike. This bike is constructed with high quality anodized aluminum that is not only lightweight but as well corrosion resistant. Furthermore, the bike is made with adjustable seat that allows the kids of different heights to fit well on it. Also, t has a soft grip for better handling of the bike.

Another great feature of this bike is that it is lightweight and can be pushed uphill as the kid learns how to balance it. If you’ve a kid within the age bracket of 1, 1/2 to 5 years, buy this balance to help your kid balance the bike at a very tender age.

Key features:

  • Anodized aluminum metal.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Soft grips.
  • lightweight.


  • It is the best bike for kids that lie within 1, ½ to 5 years of age.
  • It’s is extremely lightweight and easy to use.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • Has soft grips for better control of the bike.
  • Has adjustable seat to change to desirable seat.
  • High quality product.

The Best balance bike for 3 year old – Chicco balance bikes review

Last on our list is the Chicco red bullet balance training bike. The chicco has a simple appearance but performs exceptional. It is made of a lightweight frame that is well designed for easy balancing of the kids. As well, this training bike has an adjustable seat to fit different kid’s height and a padded seat for extra comfort.

In addition, it comes with adjustable handle bars for changing with regard to the height of the kid for easy handling and control as they ride. Finally, this Chicco-Bullet is made of soft puncture resistant tires that can be rode on various surfaces.

Key features:

  • Lightweight frame.
  • Soft puncture resistant tires.
  • Adjustable handle bar.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Padded saddle seat.


  • It is puncture resistant and thus very ideal for kids.
  • Has a very comfortable padded saddle seat.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry by the toddler.
  • High quality balance bike.
  • Has adjustable seat to change to desirable height.


They say “not all that glitter is gold”, to some extent, I completely agree with this term. This is because some of the balancing bikes that appear to be excellently made may not be the best. For instance, balance bikes made of plastic are one of the ineffective bikes to buy for your kid. When choosing the balance bike, ensure it does not only look good but also is sturdily made and has excellent features. You want to make your kid happy but at the same time ensure their safety. If need be, break the bank to get something of a high quality.

But if you’re working on the low, don’t be pushed away as you’re likely to find an excellent balance bike at your budget too. Hope our guidance and top 5 best balance bike reviews have helped you or affected on how you will choose a bike for your young generation.

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