Best Bike Trainer Reviews 2019 – How to Pick top one?

If you’re a bike enthusiast and live in an area where you can’t ride your bike the entire year, we’ve a solution to enable you ride your bike anytime of the day or year. Though the experience isn’t exactly the same, but the results are very close. Embracing Indoor bike training is the way to go. When you purchase a bike trainer, you will be able to enjoy the ride in the convenience of your home.
Whether it’s raining or not, in winter or any other season? Get to fully enjoy a bike ride within your home. The best bike trainer has excellent features that will make the exercise very interesting & easy.

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Bike trainers work easily by connecting the rear wheel and you begin pedaling against a certain resistance offered by the trainer. As well, you can adjust the brakes and gears when you’re on a bike trainer similar to normal bike riding.

Features to consider in a bike trainer

Have you been searching for a quality bike trainer and don’t getting any success? Then, there is no need to panic anymore as this review will guide you precisely in knowing how to pick the best bike trainer for your gym. We are aware there several brands that offer great bike trainers. For beginners, selecting the best might be difficult. This shouldn’t be the case when you fully know your needs and the features you’re looking for. Take your time and review or check several top brands with the features you desire most and you will find a bike trainer available within your budget.

With the indoor trainers gaining huge popularity especially during winters, apps have been created to make training with these equipment inside your home to be fun and interesting. Follow our guide below on different ways to enjoy these bikes and you won’t miss the outdoor ride when you’ve the a bike trainer.

best smart bike trainer construction!

Construction – when buying a bike trainer, more than often you will need an equipment that is very durable and will last for several years. A sturdily built bike trainer is ideal for use and you can be certain it will hold your weight. Consider one that is built with materials such as stainless steel or aluminum parts. These metals are very strong and will defy all harsh conditions for longevity.

Design – you want a design that will make riding the bike indoor give you the same experience like outdoor. Choose a bike trainer that is ergonomically designed for greater performance. It should be comfortable enough to make your training easy and fun. Try to avoid poor designs with bad or low quality frames as it won’t offer the same experience.

Versatility – how effective is the bike trainer. Can it accommodate various bike sizes or just one. Consider acquiring a bike trainer that can fit several bike sizes for versatility and diverse uses.

Bike trainer power & stability!

Stability – one of the major features to look for in a bike trainer is its stability. If the trainer is not stable enough, this might not be safe for you. Ensure the bike trainer is very stable to allow you ride at your own speed and change gears as you wish. A broader base is highly recommended as it will be more stable than a narrow one. Other trainers come with a leveling feature to use on uneven grounds.

bike trainer performance

Performance – how does the trainer perform, is it efficient and very effective or requires more effort and skills to sue? Get the best bike trainer that will offer you the best experience similar to that of an outdoor bike riding.

Ease of use – does the trainer need any knowledge before you start using it or it can be used right away? A good trainer should be easy to install and use.

Portable bike trainer

Portability – you want a trainer that you can carry wherever you go with much ease. The best trainers are very portable and thus can be carried to your destination. Such trainers are lightweight but you should make sure they are sturdily built to last long. Storage – after use, you will have to keep the trainer where it’s safe. Therefore, ensure you acquire a trainer that is very easy to store by being folded with much ease.

Bike trainer noise?

Noise – try as much as possible to avoid very noisy trainers as this might be a nuisance to your neighbor or sleeping kids. Windy trainers are the loudest while fluid trainers produce the least sound. Make sure you get a trainer that is okay to use so that you are not scolded for making noise in the neighborhood.

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Good bike trainer accessories!

Accessories – what accessories does the trainer come with? Different trainers are built with different brands. Check out the accessories the trainer offers to fully utilize them. These include; floor mat, front wheel block, trainer tire, bike desk and sensors.

Best budget bike trainer?

Budget – What budget have you set aside for the best bike trainer? Most of the people become undecided because they don’t know what they want. But if you know what features you’re looking for and the budget you’ve, it’s easy to get a trainer of your choice instead of being swayed by the market variations of price and quality.

Warranty – consider purchasing a bike trainer with a warranty just in case it comes with defects or for assured service when need arises.

Types of Bike Trainers

  • Magnetic – this type of trainers perform by using a magnetic flywheel to give resistance to the rear tire. It is one of the best options to go for as its affordable, has an adjustable resistance though it has a limit, and are to some extent very quiet than other models on the market. The new versions also known as electromagnetic offer a number of options. One of the downside of thistrainer is that it’s not very durable when compared to other models.
  • Wind – this function through pedaling which in turn powers the fun to produce resistance. The faster you pedal the more resistance it will provide you. As well, the wind bike trainers are very affordable and easy to use. Not to forget, they are also very durable and won’t breakdown easily. One of the shortcomings of this type is that it’s the loudest and has a resistance level that cannot be adjusted.
  • Fluid – this works through mixing of the magnetic flywheel together with fluid chambers that create resistance. These are by far the most silent and common type of stationary trainers being offered on the market. They are as well complex and will give you a real outdoor experience, though, they breakdown easily as a result of heating and cooking of the fluid.
  • Roller – finally, rollers are one of the oldest types of bike trainers. They function by the bike being placed freely on the drums inside a frame, and the moment you pedal, the rollers turn themselves leading to resistance.
  • These aren’t the best to use as they are costly but allow you to effectively control resistance.

    Our Recommend Top 5 best bike trainer reviews

    Now that you’ve read our guide above regarding the different types of bike trainers available on the market and some of the vital features to look for when buying a bike, here are some of the best bike trainers that you should consider purchasing for a great experience. These are sturdily made from the best materials, have an ergonomic design, are versatile in operation, very efficient in use and will offer you more than just a ride experience. These are as follows;

    Top Rated Best indoor bike trainer – kinetic bike trainers reviews

    The Kinetic road machine is a fluid trainer that offers more than just a bike trainer. This bike is very perfect for use indoors as it’s very silent due to the fluid mechanism it uses for resistance. As well, it is durably made with both steel and aluminum parts to last long. It has kinetic knobs and trainer feet created from ABS material with rubber for easy and better handling of the machine.

    This easy to install bike trainer is able to fit several mountain bike wheels with a frame measurement of between 22 inches to 29 inches. With a lifetime warranty, be guaranteed of great customer support in case of any challenge when using this bike trainer.

    Key features:

    • Kinetic inRide compatible watt meter accessory.
    • Fluid trainer.
    • Steel and aluminum body.
    • Kinetic knobs.
    • Rubberized feet.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    • It is sturdily made for longevity with both steel and aluminum parts.
    • Greatly designed to perform better.
    • It’s very silent in operation as it uses fluid for resistance.
    • Has an ergonomic kinetic knob and rubberized feet for ease of use.
    • Has a lifetime warranty.

    Best indoor exercise bike – Bike lane pro trainer review

    Bike lane pro trainer bicycle is sturdily made to serve you for a long period of time. It has one of the best stands in the market which are broad and will give you stability like no other. The bike trainer uses a magnet trainer to create resistance thus it’s very durable and silent in operation. Its ergonomic design means that you will enjoy the indoor ride comfortably. This awesome bike rider is easy to set up and comes with simple to fold parts which makes storage to be fast and easy.

    Also, it’s lightweight and can be great to travel with. Moreover, the advanced technology that it comes with ensures that when you begin pedaling, you can easily raise resistance through change of gears on the bike. As well, when you purchase this trainer you’re guaranteed a 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Key features:

    • Riser block.
    • Durable construction.
    • Strong stands.
    • Magnet trainer.
    • Extremely light.


    • Has very broad stands which gives you full stability as you train.
    • It is very light and ideal for carrying from place to place.
    • It can be stored easily as it has many foldable parts.
    • Creates resistance with much ease due to the state of the art technology it comes with.

    Bike trainer stand – Gavin indoor bike trainers reviews

    As simple as it appears, the Indoor bike exercise stand is one of the stylish and effective bike trainers in the market. This bike is constructed with heavy duty materials so that it can sustain the user for a very long period. In addition, it has a magnetic mechanism which creates resistance and operates smoothly without making much noise. As well, the bike trainer has sturdy mounting cups and a riser block for greater performance.

    Furthermore, it has a wide stand or frame which provides greater stability and firmness when training. One of the best features of this Gavin indoor is that it’s compatible with various bikes that have a wheel measurement that lies within 26 to 27 inches and 700 c bikes.

    Key features:

    • Wide frame/stand.
    • Heavy duty body.
    • Riser block.
    • Sturdy mounting cups.
    • Magnetic model.


    • The bike trainer is durably made to last long.
    • It has wide stands to provide great stability to the trainer.
    • It is silent in use with the magnetic mechanism for resistance.
    • It is easy to store and set p with its foldable frames.

    Best magnetic Conquer indoor bike trainer review

    Just like its name states “conquer”, this bike trainer will definitely conquer your training indoor experience and take it to another level. The Conquer is sturdily made to withstand the test of time and serve you for a very long period. It has a wide frame which offers great stability as you ride at different speeds in your home. Furthermore, the frame can be easily folded for storage or to travel with anywhere you go.

    One of the best features of this Conquer Trainer is its magnetic resistance that produces less noise but gives great resistance. It has mounting cups and riser block to for a smoother and more fun riding. So, if your bike has 700 c or falls within 26 to 17 inches wheel size; get this bike trainer for a whole new experience.

    Key features:

    • Magnetic resistant.
    • Heavy duty body.
    • Compatible with 26”, 27” and 700 c bikes.
    • Sturdy mounting cups.
    • Riser block.


    • It is durably built with heavy duty materials for longevity.
    • Its compatible with a wide range of bikes.
    • It produces little noise during operation as a result of the magnetic resistance.
    • It’s easy to set up and store due to the foldable frame.

    Best indoor cycle trainer – Rad cycle bike trainer reviews

    This Rad cycle is greatly considered by many as the best indoor bike trainer. It is strongly built with heavy duty materials that will enable you to use it for a very long while. Moreover, it operates by creating resistance using magnetic mechanism which silent. It has a broad sturdy frame that offers great stability and comfort as you ride the bike in your gym. The trainer is extremely portable due to its lightweight and ideal for traveling with.

    Furthermore, the frames are foldable and storing it won’t be a problem. In addition, it is easy to set up and its elegant design means that it will perform exceptionally throughout. If your bike wheel measures around 26 inch, 27 inch or 700 c, then this best bike trainer will be very suitable for you.

    Key features:

    • Extremely durable body.
    • Magnetic resistance.
    • Separated legs.
    • Portable.
    • Sturdy frame.


    • The bike trainer is highly durable with a heavy duty construction.
    • Has wide and sturdy frames to give you great stability.
    • It is portable and can be carried to various places.
    • It functions very silently and offers great resistance.
    • Excellently designed to perform better.


    Days are gone when bike riders had to lock themselves indoors due to bad weather. The emergence of bike trainers really changed this and taken the sport of bike riding a notch higher. All you need to do if you are a bike enthusiast is to acquire a bike trainer of your choice. This means that you buy one of the best bike trainer that fits your mountain bike excellently and has the features that will make your indoor training memorable. There are various brands to pick from and they offer varying features. Not all bike trainers are versatile, so our detailed review has eased things for you by indicating the features that you should highly regard before obtaining a trainer bike of your choice. Consider one that is durable, portable, ergonomically designed and performs excellently to fully enjoy this indoor experience at the comfort of your home.

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