Best Biometric Gun safe reviews – Don’t buy without reading this

Today, many people own firearms and the need to protect them from intruders or outsiders which has risen too. Many manufacturers of gun safes have advanced their products to match different client’s demands. That’s why there are various forms of gun safes on the market.
Biometric safes use biometric technology such as fingerprint, hand scan, iris scan, facial scan, facial scan and voice recognition. The most applied biometric technology is the fingerprint. Despite being costly, a biometric gun safe offers great protection for your gun and other valuables.

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Key features of the Biometric Gun safes

Looking for a very secure and reliable biometric safe can be challenging. The key features that you should search for in a biometric safe, includes; type of lock, great material, storage space, durability, fire protection and guarantee, among other features. But before we take you through the top biometric gun safes on the market, it’s important to know what to expect from them.

That’s why we have researched some advantages and disadvantages to look at before you decide to select a biometric gun safe of your choice. As much as they play a very vital role in protecting your firearm and other valuables, they also have a few shortcomings. But generally, they are fast and very secure when compared to other forms of gun safes such as those with a mechanical lock or a combination.

What is the advantages of a biometric safe

  • When it comes to the safest or most secure gun safes, biometric gun safes are on top of that list. They have a unique identification feature which provides access to only authorized persons. This is the fingerprint technology.
  • Limit number of people who can access it. After buying your safe, you can determine how many people can gain access of your safe. Most of the safe allows entry of up to 30 individuals. This feature is crucial as you hinder intruders or children from access to the valuables of the gun safe.
  • The biometric safe can be opened quickly and easily, unlike other gun safes on the market. This is so because you only need to place your fingerprint on them and they open. In most cases, you can place your finger anyhow as long as the fingerprints are on the designated place.
  • Another great advantage of this type safes is that they are easy to use as they don’t require learning any combination or monitoring keys. Your fingerprint is enough and in case of an attack or theft, you just place your finger to access your gun.
  • Due to their smaller size, these gun safes can be placed in your car as they are convenient to carry and move around with. But they should be carried secretly without arousing attention.
  • Besides having the fingerprint locking mechanism, several biometric safes have an alternative lock which might be a combination, or key coding. This provides an alternative just in case the fingerprint scan fails to work.
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  • Every biometric safe requires a source of power for them to function. Most of them are powered by batteries and if it runs out, you cannot access the safe until it’s recharged. Some have backup such as an AC adapter.
  • Price is another shortcoming. Biometric gun safes come at a very high cost. They range from economy quality which has low-quality sensors, then to commercial quality which is very reliable and extremely accurate and last but not least, the military quality which uses iris sensors and is more technical than the first two.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best biometric gun safe Reviews

Here is the top biometric safes list that we think are one of the best list in the market to buy. They have outstanding features and come at very favorable prices. That’s why most of them are highly rated by their users.

Best Sentry pistol safe review

When you mention the best gun security safes on the market, the Sentry biometric quick access pistol safe is one of them. It has many great features that any top quality gun safe should have. It is constructed with pry resistant solid steel that offers maximum protection. Best pistol safes Check Price on Amazon

It has a biometric fingerprint lock to limit the number of persons that can access it. As unique as it looks, it is created with whisper quiet hardware and thus, you can open it without being heard. Finally, it has gas struts that open the door and keep it open until you shut it.

Gunvault MicroVault Biometric fingerprint gun safe reviews

As executive as it looks, the Gunvault Mircovault is very outstanding. It is made of 18-gauge steel with a protective foam-lined interior. The moment you buy it, you shouldn’t worry about its installation as it can be mounted anywhere. Its fingerprint scanner can hold up to 120 different fingerprints which is very excellent.

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The high strength locking mechanism that it has functioned perfectly. Other features include; precise fittings which are hard to pry open with simple tools and a protective foam-lined interior that comprises additional storage space.

Verifi S6000 Smart Biometric fast access gun safes

This is one of the most expensive but the best biometric gun safe on the market. Though it is costly, you can be assured of protecting your gun and valuables. The Verifi S6000 smart safe features an F.B.I certified fingerprint sensor with 3D technology. If you are looking for a fast access gun safe, then this will do excellently.

For quality protection of your valuables, the gun safe is made of solid steel body. Additional features are such as LCD display, LED NiteLite which illuminates the interior, Autolock and Tamper alerts. Lastly, it has built-in tutorials and is powered by 4 AA batteries which operate for many years.

Barska biometric safe review – Best fingerprint gun safe

This awesome safe is constructed using steel and is very strong. It comes ready with pre-drilled holes for mounting into the floor or wall. The most outstanding feature of this gun is safe that it has a fingerprint control and can hold up to 30 different users.

It has a heavy protection feature through the deadbolt lock. As well, it can be accessed easily via its top opening drawer safe. Other important features are emergency backup keys and protective floor mat. When you purchase this Barska biometric safe, the manufacturer gives you a one year limited warranty.

Viking security safe review – Biometric fingerprint gun safe

The Viking security safe VS-25BL is quick to access as it opens almost instantly. It is constructed using steel and cannot be broken into easily by unauthorized persons. This Viking security can alert you when you forget to close the door as it can be programmed. Its major and top feature is the biometric fingerprint scanner which allows access to only authorized individuals.

It has an LED light which illuminates the interior. For quality security, it has a deadbolt locking with two anti-pry insertion slots. In conclusion, it is fully carpeted and comes with four pre-drilled holes with anchor bolts for secure installation.


With the ever increasing crime rates and insecurity around the world, having a gun as a protection weapon is very important. But as you possess a gun, ensure that you keep it away from obtaining a secure and reliable gun safe such as the biometric type. Not only the biometric gun safe is secure, but it’s also convenient to carry with you as you drive to work or home.


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