Best Blender for Smoothies Reviews – Top Smoothie maker list 2019

Do you want to make a smooth drink for yourself after a busy hot day? Look no further! In this review we will guide you on how to select the best blender for smoothies. You don’t have to spend much on a product that doesn’t serve you well. The best blender smoothies can ensure that you’ve a nice drink made with much ease. Search for a blender you love and use it as you wish.

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To find the top blender in the market is a daunting task. That’s why there are several reviews to guide buyers to acquire the best blenders for a healthy and nutritious smoothie. To be honest, there are so many brands of blenders and knowing which one is the best is a bit challenging. Therefore, it’s good to narrow down your preference and choose a smoothie blender that will fit well on your kitchen counter-top and meet your blender demands.

How to select the Best Blender for Smoothies?

Are you ready to spend or you’re on a budget? Do you want a blender for just making a smoothie or with some additional roles too? Or are you looking for a powerful and high performing blender? Whatever your demand is, this review will aid you make a great decision and purchase a blender that will function exceptionally for you. Below are tips, advantages and some of the best blender reviews to check out before landing on any other type of blender for your smoothie.

High speed blender

The speed of the blender – choosing a blender that has multiple speed settings is a great idea. A powerful and high speed blender will enable you to get good smoothies, and frozen drinks that don’t have ice chunks as there is enough power to crush the ice. And for a great texture, you can just adjust the power settings.

Best size blender

Volume of the blender container – depending on how many people you want the blender to serve, a medium sized to large blender is very suitable. If you have a big family or want to invite friends, a large blender can serve you better. But if you want a durable and easily storable blender, then a small to medium sized blender will do well for you.

Low noise blender

Noise – this is a good feature to look out for in a blender. Some blenders are very noisy and may wake up the kid next door. So, when selecting a good blender for your home or kitchen, ensure it is not very noisy.

Easy clean blender

Cleaning the blender – a blender that you pick should be easy to wash. Some need to be dismantled and hand washed while others are just placed in a dishwasher and cleaned with ease. Thus, make sure you obtain a blender that doesn’t give you a hard time when it comes to clean up to save time.

Blender solid base

Solid base – when buying a blender choose the one with a stronger or heavier base as it will provide more stability during blending. This means that during blending, the heavy base will reduce the vibration and enable you make your smoothie peacefully.

Blender manufacturer – there are lots of brands of blenders in the market today. Most of them have similar features but some perform better than others. When buying a blender for your home, ensure it is a well known brand and has been used before by many. With this information, you can know whether it’s effective in use or it’s just junk. Know what you’re buying to avoid regrets later.

High quality blenders for smoothies

Consistence in performance – no person would want to purchase a blender that functions well for three months and then it start slowing down. Making smoothie on daily basis takes a toll on your blender and that’s why you need a very good blender to last long and perform better. For you to avoid such a scenario, go for the most powerful blender for smoothies and have a nice experience by always making great smoothies. Though costly, powerful blenders are the best!

Compare blenders

Versatility – what are the main reasons to buy blender? Is it for making smoothies only or to perform some additional purposes? A versatile blender performs more than just one role. They create salads, ice cream, and soups, among other functions. Know the extra purposes you want to sue the blender for before acquiring one.

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Best kitchen blender

Space for the blender – this is one of the major factors to consider when plan to buy a blender for smoothie. The blender that you purchase should fit well in your kitchen. You wouldn’t want a large blender that takes up too much space. As well, it should match with the decor of your kitchen or home. So, you should purchase a blender size that you are comfortable with in your kitchen.

Best budget blender for smoothies

Price – whatever your budget is, expect to find a blender that will meet your needs. But if you want the best, more powerful and high performing blender; you will need to spend a lot more. There are blenders that cost more than $250 and at the same time, there are those below $40. Sometimes, it’s good to sacrifice and a buy a high quality blender that will make your drink to be smooth and enjoyable than to buy a cheap blender that won’t last long.


Warranty – Another overlooked factor is the warranty of the blender you are obtaining. A blender with no warranty is worrying to possess. If a manufacturer offers more than two years or more warranty to their product, it means they are very confident of their product. Therefore, when buying a blender for your smoothie, look out for the warranty the manufacturer offers.

Why you should use the best smoothie blender?

    • First, blenders turn veggies and fruits into more enticing and tasty drinks and desserts.
    • Blenders prepare a wide variety of foods when compared to juicers and other types of machines.
    • The blender perfectly smoothen different foods and fruits into something nice to consume.
    • Blenders can be cleaned easily
    • Smoothie obtained from a blender is very nutritious and supports in fighting many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and increase energy level.
    • The blender has a dispensing cup that allows you to pour your smoothie directly from the jug to glass.
  • It has a steering stick that assists you mix the drinks in the jug.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Blender for Smoothies

If you want a highly performing blender, you will definitely have to spend a little bit more. Generally, the more expensive the blender is the more powerful it is. The best blenders that we’ve highlighted below are the best in the market and are highly rated. They are simple to use, long lasting, powerful and are offered at a favorable price.

1. Top rated blenders – Magic Bullet NutriBullet reviews

Thinking of buying a smoothie blender that offers you a very smooth and healthy drink? The Magic bullet nutribullet is the best bargain in the market. This quality blender is manufactured in line with the US and Canadian electrical standards. It is very powerful with a high torque power base and a 600 watt motor. This Magic Bullet effortlessly crushes vegetables, fruits, protein shakes and superfoods into smoothies. It is dishwasher safe and made of plastic BPA material. Also, it has a volume of 3 cups which it serves at a time. The strong blender has a patented blade design with a cyclonic action ad can fit well on your kitchen counter.

Other key features that accompany this blender are; 2 sealable lids, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, an extractor blade, a power base, pocket nutritionist and a manual with some recipes, among other items. In addition, the NutriBullet comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. One of the key functions that it performs is to break down the hardest ingredients to unleash the crucial nutrients inside them. No doubt, Magic bullet is one of the best blender for smoothie.


  • This blender is very easy to use.
  • It is simple to clean as it is dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a recipe.
  • It’s very powerful and durable.
  • Has a powerful motor with 600 watts.


  • Needs an extra shake when its full.
  • It’s a bit noisy.

2. Best blender for healthy smoothies – Nutri ninja pro reviews

Are you looking for a high performance blender at a very great price? The Nutri Ninja Pro is what you should go for. The Nutri ninja pro is very powerful as it operates using 900 watts. That’s why it is considered #1 the most powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction in the market. This Nutri ninja pro performs several roles for you such as crushing through ice and frozen fruit for cold, very healthy drinks and smoothies. The blender comes with parts that are dishwasher safe and thus it’s easy to clean after use.

It’s extremely ideal for frozen blending with such great power. Its blades breaks through seeds, ice, stems and skins for a smooth drink and maintains consistency. Other additional features that it comes with include; ninja pro extractor blades, instruction book, 12 0z. jar, 18 oz. jar, 24 oz. jar, 2 sip and seal lids, 30 recipe and wellness guide. Also, you get a one year warranty. When you buy this Nutri ninja, you can use it to crush vegetables and fruits for nutrient dense juices and smoothies.


  • It is really powerful with 900 watts.
  • It can crush vegetable, ice and fruits very well.
  • It comes with regular jumbo cups.
  • Its dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean up.
  • It’s ideal for frozen blending.
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  • Comprises of many plastic parts.
  • Produces a lot of noise.
  • It’s very stable when in use as it moves on the table.

3. Professional blender for smoothie – Vitamix 5200 reviews

The Vitamix 5200 blender is one of the best in the market. The blender has blades that attain speed very fast to build friction heat, which results to cold ingredients steaming hot within 6 minutes. It has easily adjustable speed setting that enables you to change the speed of the blender to your preference and control your smoothie perfectly. They’ve great power which allows them to crush any hard ingredient placed in the blender to a smooth and nice drink or smoothie.

It has a great design and fits well on your kitchen counter. As well, the 64 ounce blender has a nice shape ad good size which can be used to blend medium to large quantities. The Vitamix 5200 is built in the USA with a BPA free material and


  • It has easy to adjust speed settings.
  • It is a 64 ounce container thus good to serve many.
  • Has the ability to change cold ingredients to hot within a few minutes.
  • It completely liquefies the whole veggies or fruits.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Prepares smoothies within a few minutes.
  • It’s a high quality blender.


  • Doesn’t have a nice shape.
  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • A bit larger for some kitchen countertops.

4. Best cheap blender – Ninja master prep reviews

Ninja Master Prep is another top quality blender for smoothies. It has interchangeable 400 watts that makes it to be powerful. This Ninja master is unique in that it comes with a simple pour spout and slip base. It has a great capacity as it can hold up to 48 ounces. In addition, it comprises a 48 ounce master prep pitchers and a 16 ounce master prep bowl. The quad blade that the blender comes with has a special processing power that allows even cutting and ice crushing to take place in the jug.

This Ninja master prep is nice for frozen blending. Other additional features that it comes with are; no-slip bases, storage lids, dices, 2 cup processor minces, chops and purees. Ninja master one of the cheapest but best blender for smoothies. Finally, the blender is dishwasher safe, built with BPA free material, and comes with a one year warranty.


  • Its powerful with 400 watts.
  • Is suitable for frozen blending.
  • Has a good volume with 48 ounce pitcher.
  • It’s very dishwasher safe.
  • Has a unique quad blade technology that crashes the ingredients evenly.


  • Comes with one speed.
  • Sometimes blades are challenging to clean.
  • Does not have smoother blending observed in other units.

5. Heavy duty blenders – Oster blender reviews

The Oster Reverse crush blender is regarded as one of the best by many. Most of its users say it’s the best countertop blender to use in your kitchen. This Oster is very durables as it has a metal drive. It is a very powerful blender with 1000 power watts and 600 watts for blending. It has a dual direction blade technology that automatically propels stainless steel, 6 point blade in reverse to free the jar of particles that jump up. As well, it comes with a 7 speed setting that enables you to change the speed from low to high.

It comes with a special pre programmed smart settings technology that is easy to operate through a one touch control. The Oster can serve up to 6 cups. In addition, it is a 2 ounce filler cap with built in markings to quantify and pour the ingredients when blending. Lastly, the blender is dishwasher safe and the manufacturer offers a 10 year limited warranty.


  • It comes with 7 different speed settings.
  • The blender is dishwasher safe.
  • It is powerful with 1000 power watts and 600 watts for blending.
  • It comes with pre-programmed settings for easy use.
  • It has a long-term warranty of 10 years.
  • It is very durable.
  • It’s very easy to clean.


  • The blades have to be washed by hands.
  • The blender is very noisy.
  • The blade should be replaced regularly.
  • Not ideal for blending frozen ingredients.


To sum up: all blenders are not the same. High quality blenders are sold at a higher price than the normal blenders and they perform very well. They ensure that you get a smooth drink every time and perform extremely well from time to time. So, before you make any purchase, know what to expect from the blender in terms of performance. Read users reviews, and as well ask friends and family who have used the blender before for a calculated move. Our top five blender list just above; gives you a glimpse of the best blenders that you can find in the market. Hence, select a blender that is easy to use, durable performs really well, and has a warranty in case of any defects.

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