Best Cooling Pillow Reviews – Top Rated cool gel pillow 2019

A cooling pillow can play a huge role when it comes to having a great sleep at night. Unlike the normal pillows, these pillows come with a technology that makes them regulate heat as you sleep at night. Apart from offering comfort, they offer support to your neck, head and shoulders. If you sweat a lot at night, the cooling memory foam pillows are the best to use. The moment you own one of these, you won’t need to put your AC on. Though, there are different types and qualities to choose from, one that you feel is good for you may be bad for another person. Thus, it’s important to identify the best cooling pillow that meets your sleeping needs.

In addition, they have varying features such as being allergic free or machine washable. Select a type that fits your sleeping style so that you can get the comfort you desire.

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How to find the best stay cool pillow?

People get confused when it comes to selecting the best as there are various brands and types that offer different cooling pillows. In this review, we provide you with all the information that you require to help you identify the best cooling pillow. Consider choosing one with quality features so that you can receive the comfort and health benefit it offers. There are those with high density while others are durably made to last long. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, ensure you find a cooling pillow that not only offers you comfort but as well prevents you from experiencing pains and strains when you wake up in the morning. Read further to be fully informed on the different types of cooling pillows in order to come up with the best decision.

Factors to consider when looking for a Cooling Pillow

Getting the quality cooling pillow isn’t an easy thing. You have to know which features to identify so that you can get a high quality and comfortable cooling pillow. They differ in features and performance. Here are some of the best features to look out for in the best cooling pillows.

Best stay cool pillow?

Cooling capability – since the cooling pillows are slightly expensive than the normal types of pillows, you should look at their cooling features which makes them to be different. The cooling technology should be efficient so that you don’t feel the hotness or sweat when sleeping at night more so in summers.PolarGel Cooling Pillows Reviews Check Price on Amazon

Durability – a good cooling pillow should be durable enough to last you long. Look for one that has quality materials and doesn’t lose its density or firmness very fast. Why buy a pillow that will only last a year before needing another one? The high quality cooling pillows last for more than 3 years before they become less effective.

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What is the best pillow for support back, neck, shoulder pains?

Support – the main aim of buying such a quality pillow is to get rid of all the pain that you experience with the normal pillows. From back pains, neck pains or shoulder strains, a good cooling pillow will enable you have comfort in hot climates or during summer.

Size – look for a cooling pillow size that fits well on your bed. Whether it’s a standard, queen or king size bed, there is a cooling pillow for every type. As well, it should fit your bed exceptionally and sleeping style.

Cool pillow shapes

Shape – there are various shapes of cooling pillows. Know which pillow is ideal for you so that you can get the comfort and firmness you eagerly require. Most of them are rectangular shaped, while others are wedge and circular shaped.

Comfort –   one of the major reasons of buying for buying a cooling pillow is to get great comfort. Great deals of these pillows are made with quality materials such as synthetic, cotton and bamboo to offer the support that you need.

Hypoallergenic – if you suffer from certain ailments, identify a pillow that comes with protective features like prevention from allergies. A hypoallergenic cooling pillow is great as it secures you from contracting allergenic diseases.

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Pillow that stays cold

Density – different densities will offer you different results. Low density cooling pillows follows the contour of your body as you sleep and are more suited to give the user great comfort. High density pillows are stiff enough and will prevent you from experiencing pains in the neck or shoulders when the right type is chooses.Top Rated best cool gel pillows

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Ease of washing – select a cooling pillow that is very easy to wash and comes with a removable cover. Some can be hand washed while others are machine washable. This allows you to easily maintain hygiene for better comfort of the cooling pillow.

Top pillow brands

Brand – the best brands have the cooling pillow with high performing cooling technology to keep the user cool all the night. Such brands include: Iso-pedic, PharMeDoc, Sleep innovatins and sleep better, among other notable brands.

Price – there are various pillows with different features and qualities. The best pillows are highly priced and will need you to dig deeper to obtain them. But also, there are averagely priced cooling pillows that offer excellent comfort and cooling effects.  Avoid going for the lowly priced pillows as they are less effective and will not fully perform well.

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Warranty – consider searching for a cooling pillow with a warranty. This shows that the manufacturer has confident with their product and you should not worry in case of a defect or problem as you it can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer themselves.

Types of Cooling pillows

There are various types of cooling pillows which will perform differently for every person. Knowing which type is best for your sleeping needs is vital. There are three major types of cooling pillows that you’re likely to come about, these include:

  • Traditional cooling pillows

Most of these cooling pillows are similar to the normal pillows that we see on the market. The difference is the cooling properties of the cooling pillow that normal pillows don’t have. Cooling pillows are mostly made of gel and breathable material that makes them to be good for sleeping in very humid environments.

These are the normal memory foam pillows but come with a cooling technology that makes them offer great comfort and breathability to the user. These normally follow the contour of your body as you sleep.

  • Natural cooling pillows

Unlike the other two cooling pillows, these do not contain any cooling technology. As their name suggests, they’re made of natural components that are filled in the pillow.

It can be husks or shells which offer comfort and great breathability allowing free air circulation in and out of the cooling pillow.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Cooling Pillow Reviews

With a wide range of brands and models to pick from, choosing a cooling pillow can be really challenging. But when you’ve all the important information that you need to acquire the quality cooling pillow, the process of picking the best becomes easy. After a broad research on different cooling pillow brands in the market, we came up with a list of the best cooling pillows that have exceptional features and ensure that you sleep soundly without any interference from sweat or discomfort at night. These have been further explained below:

Best cool gel pillow – Pharmedoc cooling pillow review

The PharMeDoc cooling gel is an excellent cooling pillow great for side sleepers, back sleepers, and pregnancy support. It has a contoured design that enables the user sleep sound and comfortably. The high quality pillow has a cooling gel that controls the heat during summers and in hot climates for you to sleep without much trouble. When it comes to washing the pillow, it is made of a zippered lush aloe vera removable cover that can be easily washed for maintenance of the pillow. Best cool gel pillows Check Latest Price on Amazon

Other quality features include hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and its BPA free. If you’re tired of tossing and turning as you sleep at night, acquire this excellent cooling memory foam pillow for a perfect sleep.

Key features:

  • Cooling gel.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • Contoured design.
  • Premium quality.
  • Lush aloe vera removable cover.


  • It is very easy to clean with the removable lush aloe vera cover.
  • It has a contoured design to offer the user with great comfort.
  • Has cooling gel that ensures the heat is properly regulated as you sleep.
  • It is allergic free and great for all kinds of sleepers.

Best rated cooling pillow – Penguin Cooling best gel pillow review

This is one of the greatly designed cooling pillows that come with excellent features for diverse use. If you’ve been experiencing severe sweat, neck pain, headaches, and fevers, this pillow will relieve you of these challenges. It is durably made with seams on the edges. This easy to fold pillow comprises of high quality materials that makes it to last long than the normal pillows. The micro molecule cooling gel is a great cooling feature that maintains cool temperatures as you sleep soundly. Best rated cooling pillows Check Price on Amazon

If you are traveling or going camping and need a pillow to use, this is the best as it can be easily folded for storage. At just a fair price, get this durably made cooling pillow mat for a new and wonderful sleep experience wherever you go.

Key features:

  • High quality materials.
  • Cotton blend cover.
  • Macro-molecule cooling gel.
  • Durable seams.
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  • It is very easy to use and can be folded for those traveling.
  • It’s made with high quality materials that last long.
  • Is made up of a macro-molecule cooling gel for a cooler and comfortable pillow.
  • Has a soft flexible gel that offers you comfort and follows the contour of your head.

Best pillow for keeping cool – Isopedic classic memory foam cooling pillow reviews

The Iso-pedic is one of the best cooling pillow brands with excellent features. The pillow is made with an advanced design that offers you a comfort like no other during summer or in humid climates. It is created with high quality materials that last long and very comfortable. It comes with a high quality microfiber removable cover that is easy to wash. Being hypoallergenic, this pillow is good for all kinds of people and offers a comfort like no other. Best pillow for keeping cool Check Price on Amazon

With the advanced cooling and purifying technology, expect this cooling pillow to regulate heat well and prevent things like sweat, neck pains and headaches. At simply a good price, buy this excellent pillow for a sound sleep and to eradicate the pain you’ve been feeling. On purchase, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Key features:

  • Advanced cooling and purifying technology.
  • High quality microfiber removable cover.
  • Premium classic memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Made of high quality materials for longevity.
  • It has a high efficient cooling system for preventing sweat.
  • It is easy to wash with the high quality microfiber removable cover.
  • It is allergic free.
  • Available at a great price but with excellent features.

Best pillow that stays cold – PolarGel best cooling pillow reviews

PolarGel cool pillow is one of the high end cooling pillows that will rescue you from having sleepless nights due to discomfort from sweat or low quality materials. The exceptionally made cooling pillow is large enough to be placed inside your pillow case for a cool and sound sleep. It has a great technology that regulates the heat of your body to be cool and avoid sweating. In addition, it comprises of materials that offers you top comfort allowing you to sleep without changing or tossing in your bed. The high quality material that it’s made of softly follows the contour of your body to avoid things like neck pain and headaches witnessed from poor quality pillows.

Best pillow that stays cold Check Price on Amazon

For those who are looking for a good pillow to travel with, this is it. Last but not least, this cooling pillow is very easy to clean and maintaining it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Buy one today to start sleeping comfortably without any pains or sweat.

Key features:

  • High quality materials.
  • Extra large size.
  • Combats heat stress.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It’s ideal for travelling with as its simple to carry and store.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Extra large for better comfort and technology.
  • Made with top quality materials for longevity.

Best travel pillows – Smylls gel cool pillow reviews

This is one of the best travel cooling pillows on the market. As sleek as it looks, the SMYLLS cooling gel memory foam pillow has features that any travel enthusiasts will love. It is built with high quality materials that last long. The special cool silk surface offers great comfort as you sleep during summers or in humid surroundings. The coolinngel technology that this pillow comes with maintains cool temperatures making it ideal for people who love to sweat a lot. Best travel pillowsIt is very soft and follows the contour of your body for greater comfort. Whether you’re travelling or just seated in your office, this pillow will ensure that your neck and head are fully supported preventing them from feeling pain that results from bad posture.

Check Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Special cool silk surface.
  • High quality soft memory foam.
  • 90%memory foam and 10% coolinggel.
  • Excellent design for head and neck support.


  • Perfectly designed for travel.
  • Made of top quality materials to last long.
  • Has an excellent design to offer comfort to neck and head.
  • Has a cooling gel technology for cooler temperatures as you sleep.


If you want to change the way you sleep and have better sleep, you should own one of the best cooling pillow from a notable brand. There are various cooling pillows in the market to choose from and singling out the best is very crucial if you want to benefit fully from it. Some of them are made of durable materials and will last very long. The gel that most of these pillows have brings about the cooling effect. Consider choosing one with a removable cover and it should be machine washable for easy maintenance. Acquire a pillow that will secure your back, shoulder, neck and head as you take a nap. Also you can read this cooling pillow study.

This broad review has all the information that you need to make a well informed choice. The features that we’ve talked about should be highly regarded when picking a cooling pillow for sound sleeping. As well, our reviews comprise some of the best cooling pillows which you may consider choosing from.

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