Best Deer Attractant reviews 2019 – Find the Quality deer feed scent

Just like many other mammals, deer have a great sense of sound and smell that makes capturing them to be somehow tricky. You may have the best hunting bows or a rifle and other excellent hunting accessories, but still this animal might outwit you. You have to take a chance luring the deer to your trap. But, for this you need more than these weapons or hunting accessories.
And this brings us to deer attractants. You have to tempt and entice the deer to follow your bait so that you can increase your chances of capturing one if not many. When they are in a crowd, it can be to some extent challenging to get a target. But with the best deer attractant, you will have yourself a clear target.

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What to look at when buying the deer attractant?

I know you’re now wondering which one is the best deer attractant since there are various brands that offer similar products. With the experience I’ve had during hunting of deer in my area, there are several factors to learn about before you can choose any attractant. A deer attractant that works in my region may be different from what you need. This is because different places have different types of deer and seasons.

 Before you embark on this tricky quest, know some of these tips to help you get the top attractant to lure a deer into your trap. We have highlighted various factors to consider below for you to have a picture of what I am talking about.

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Best way to attract deers?

The type of deer you are hunting – Before you set out to acquire a deer attractant, know which deer you want to hunt specifically. There are three common types of deer that are mostly hunted which include; blacktail, mule and whitetail deer. Different manufacturers create different attractants for different types of deer. If you want to fully utilize the deer attractant, find out which one works best for every type. The wrong attractant will be just a waste of time as it will not work. The mule deer is the largest of the three types with forked out antlers and a black-tipped tail. The whitetail deer has a whitetail just like its name suggests with antlers that grow from a single stem. It is found in North America. Finally, the blacktail deer is a sub-species of the mule deer and is mostly found in the pacific coast.

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Best deers lure?

Area you are hunting in – Research and know a few deer facts about the area you intend to hunt in. This will not only assist you know which types of deer are in the area but as well get to know if the food you’re planning to use as bait is in plenty. Ensure the attractant or food being used as bait is on high demand or greatly desired by the deer so as not to waste your funds by not having any deer come near your lure.

Best deer hunting times!

The season you are hunting – Every season has its own lure that will attract the deer to them. Make sure you know the season and type of lure to use during that season. The four main seasons of hunting are; early stage, pre-rut, rut and post-rut. All these seasons have a lure that works best during their phase. So, ensure you’ve the right lure for the right season to effectively attract the deer to your trap.

Regulation – To begin with, not all places allow hunting of deer. Others allow but prohibit use of certain lures to hunt deer. As well, some refuse to use lure during certain times of the year. You have to fully comprehend the laws that govern hunting in your region. Because USA all state laws are not same. Just like Indiana, California, Ohio deer hunting laws are different.

Brands Reputation!

Brand – Consider getting deer attractants from the best brands in the market. Imagine spending cash on a attractant only to wait for the whole day without spotting any deer. This is frustrating and at the same time wastage of money. When you buy from a reputable brand, you always get the best attractants which have been proven to lure deer to your traps or area of choice. But there are some brands known to have less effective products that will leave you guessing and don’t know what to do next.

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Best type of deer attractant

Deer attractants are available in different forms which we have explained further as follows;

  • Attractant liquids – this contains a scent of real life deer. The scent is attached to a wick with one side out and the other in the scent. The outer wick is then dragged on the ground and used as trail for the deer to follow. As a result, it creates a false smell which the deer follows closely.
  • Attractant scent or spray – this is usually the scent gathered from a real deer. What you have to do is to spread the scent or spray in the deer’s area or on its food. As well, you have an option of spraying the scent in the air and leave it to spread out in the area you want to lure the deer.
  • Attractant powder – in most cases, these are mineral salts that have been broken down into powder form. They are mixed with food or as well you can create a trap where you mix the powder with soil to trap the deer into a hole.
  • Attractant minerals – these are minerals mostly found in solids or blocks. They are strategically positioned where you can easily lure the deer to have a taste of the block before you attack it with a bow or rifle.
  • Attractant food – there are various foods that deer love to eat. These are manufactured and kept in ready form. They can be applied instantly and they don’t need any addition. Place them in your hunting location and start to lure the deer your way.
  • Here are some of the tips to help you to fully utilize deer attractants

    • Constantly apply attractants that are similar to your deer hunting requirements. These will easily lure them to your trap.
    • As you plant your lure, know which season it is so that you can identify the best deer attractor to use.
    • As well, try as much as you can to be alternating the type of attractant you use. Continued use of the same deer might fail to work in the long run.
    • For excellent outcomes, combine attractants with other forms of hunting to acquire better results.
    • Consider the various types of deer in your area and ensure you set the best baits or deer attractant in their path.
    • You can also take trail camera to monitor the deer.

    Our Recommend Top 5 best deer attractant

    Every year new deer attractants are created to help hunters easily lure deer into their traps to easily capture or hit them. There are several manufacturers in the market who create different attractants with excellent features. Deciding on which one is the best can be a challenge especially if you’re new in the field of hunting. After testing several brands, we came up with a list of our top deer attractants in the market which are as follows;

    Best deers scent – Conquest deer scent reviews

    Best deers scentConquest scents evercalm deer scent performs very well with its excellent properties. This attractant comes with different scents and smells collected from deer beddings and will easily attract them to your trap.

    The scent can be applied in various areas such as on trees, boots, clothing, scent pad, camera and other areas which make it suitable for use in different areas. As well, it has weather resistant properties that enable it work excellently in different weather conditions.

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    Furthermore, it can be used in different seasons and it doesn’t stick, leak or mess when applied to your area of choice. If you want to attract deer close to your hunting area, use this scent for an easy and quick hunt.

    Key features:

    • Scent stick.
    • Wax stick formula.
    • Has various scents and smells from deer bedding areas.
    • No spills, mess or leaks.
    • Weather resistant.
    • EverCalm scent.


    • Can be applied in all weather as its weather resistant.
    • It can be used in different seasons whether its rut or post rut.
    • Has a calm an evercalm scent that will attract the deer to your trap.
    • Doesn’t stick, leak or mess hence the best to use.
    • Can be place in different areas like on your jacket, boots, camera, scent pad or trees to just name a few.

    The best deer attractant – Lucky buck mineral reviews

    Lucky Buck deer mineral and attractant is one of the best deer attractant with excellent ingredients. The attractant can be used to feed the deer all year round despite of the different seasons. As well, it contains ingredients that limit the amount of minerals the deer can take so as to avoid overeating. One of the best features of this attractant is its apple flavored mineral that deer love a lot and will always come back for more. Lucky Buck attractants Check Price on Amazon

    So, if you want to increase the size of your deer or grow them, the Lucky buck deer mineral and attractant is a great choice to use to lure these animals to your desired location.

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    Key features:

    • Apple flavored deer mineral.
    • 20 pound bucket.


    • It contains an apple flavor highly loved by the deers.
    • It is of a good quantity as it comes in a 20 pound bucket for a longer feed.
    • Can be used to feed deer all year round.
    • It is made of ingredients that limit the quantity the deer consume.

    Best deer mineral – Antler king mineral reviews

    The Antler King Trophy deer mineral is one of the best deer mineral to use as a decoy to catch a deer or grow it. This mineral contains an amazing 27 different minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Thus, expect the deer to grow steadily all year round as you continue feeding them on this healthy mineral. In addition, it can be used the entire year or if you want it to work best use it from February to September. Also, it has easy to digest chelated minerals. Best deers mineral Check Price on Amazon

    One of the special components of this attractant is a special yeast culture that gives a humble time to the deer as they eat and digest food. Finally, this mineral works best when combined with one bag of power rack. Get your bag of antler trophy deer mineral to start growing or attracting the deer in your area.

    Key features:

    • Digestible chelated minerals.
    • Comprises of 27 different antler building major minerals.
    • Trophy deer minera.
    • Trace minerals.
    • Amino acids.
    • Vitamins.


    • It can be used to feed deer all year round with the best season being between February to September.
    • It is very healthy for the deer to consume with 27 different minerals , amino acids and vitamins.
    • Antler king works best when mixed with one bag of power rack.
    • Deer can easily eat and digest food with a special yeast culture they come with.

    Best buck lure – Buck nut deer scents reviews

    If you’ve been looking for a deer attractant that you can apply all year long, then this is the attractant for you. The Buck Nut deer scents comes in a combo pack of 3 which will serve you during the various hunting seasons. They as well contain a natural 100% urine deer hunting scent that will attract deer to your location without much trouble. The three packs serve the standing estrous season, peak estrous season and peak rut seasons. Best buck lure Check Latest Price on Amazon

    Furthermore, it’s easy to use but can as well be mixed with bombs, pads or drags for better results. This is considered by many as one of the best deer attractant as it will lure deer to your direction and greatly improve your hunting triumph. Get this combo pack and experience a new hunting.

    Key features:

    • Long lasting deers attractant scent.
    • All natural 100% urine deers hunting scents.
    • Combo pack.


    • Comes with a combo pack of 3 to serve different seasons.
    • Contains a 100% urine to attract the deer around your place.
    • They last long as you are taken care of every season.

    Best deer feed attractant – Mad Buck Innovations best natural deers attractant

    The mad buck Innovations is one of the best deer attractant in the market. Created by a top brand, this attractant will falsify many deer to come in your direction once applied on a tree or ground blind. It has 8 gallons of the concentrated attractant that will sustain you the whole year. Also, it has an easy to measure bottle as you plant the bait in different areas where you hunt. There are various scents on offer with this one having a peanut butter scent. Best deers feed attractant Check Price on Amazon

    Other common scents used in the mad buck Innovations concentrated attractants are; apple, acorn, and berry. The manufacturer highly recommends this attractant to be used to lure whitetail and mule deer. Get your bottle today and experience a new decoy to capture the deer that have been escaping your previous deer attractants or traps.

    Key features:

    • 8 gallons.
    • Easy to measure bottle.
    • Peanut butter scent.


    • It is very ideal for hunting mule and whitetail.
    • Has a great peanut butter scent that deers love.
    • It’s enough to lure several deer all year round.
    • Has an easy to measure bottle for right quantity bait.


    The best deer attractant will help you to easily capture a deer in your region. Knowing which attractant is best for you is important during your hunting expedition. From time-to-time, people make mistakes of just buying a attractant because it’s advertised as being the best without knowing if it will work well in their area. Also, you’ve to understand if it’s legal to hunt for deer in your area or not. You can select a attractant that is in either a liquid form, mineral, spray or even food. With the deer attractant, luring a deer to your trap is easy than you can think.

    Our broad review has clearly interpreted different deer attractants to look for and what to consider when searching for a attractant. Make sure you get one that is suitable for you to get better results.


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