Best Double Jogging Stroller 2019 – Depth Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Jogging is an activity that reduces stress and improves your fitness. But when you’ve toddlers around, this can be challenging as you can’t leave them behind. The good news is that you can jog together with your two kids comfortably and with much ease if you acquire a great double jogging stroller. They get to enjoy the sweet morning sun and fresh air while you work on your fitness. The only task present is to find the most suitable double jogging stroller. So, how to find the best double jogging stroller for your babies?

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What to look at when buying a double jogging stroller

Single jogging stroller and double jogging stroller is not same.There are several brands that create high quality double jogging strollers which might make getting the best to be tricky. They’ve varying features and you should identify your needs before settling on one. They are also available in different forms, sizes, weight, versatility, and prices. Understand your needs to make the right choice. Be careful to learn one or two things about the best double jogging stroller to ensure it’s a high performing stroller. Check our tips and reviews below to come up with a good selection.

Best double stroller for newborn twins

Age of your children – consult your pediatrician before taking your younger baby for a jog. The recommended age for kids to jog with lies between 1 to 5 years. A baby too young may not be fit for a jog because of unsteady neck and control of the head.

Lightweight double jogging stroller

Weight limitation – know the weight limitation of your jogging strollers. Most of the strollers recommend a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Also, ensure your kids together with the things you carry in the basket don’t exceed this weight.

Safety features – the safety of your child should always come first. Counter-check the double jogging stroller to ensure that it has all the safety features that will keep your kids safe. These include; harness, reclining seats and locking wheels.

What are your requirements?  –  comprehend what you need the stroller to have. This depends on the weight of your kids, their age, surrounding and type of terrain. Select with regard to these features.

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Storage – a good stroller should have a big basket to keep your drinks and kid’s foods or stuffs.

Design – the design of the stroller should be created for comfort and be easy to maneuver as you go jogging. Look for features such as height, handles, spacing and large tires.

Folding – a stroller should be easy to fold with one or two steps.

Budget – the double jogging stroller come at a high cost. Know what your requirements and budget are so that you aren’t driven by the price.

Different types of double stroller short description

Best tandem double stroller!

It is designed with one seat being in front of another. This is an economical design and has small to medium sized wheels. It works best on smooth surfaces with one seat that can be removed to make it single.

Best Twin or Best side by side double stroller!

This is the most common type of double stroller in the market. It comes with two seats facing the same direction and of the same size.  In addition, it is easy to store but a bit difficult to move around with in shopping malls.

Best sit and stand double stroller!

This is not very popular. It comes with a regular seat and a small bench seat in the back. The toddler sits in the regular seat while the older kid sits or stands on the back small bench. It is also lightweight and easy to move around with.

Best umbrella double stroller!

As well, this design is lightweight and can be folded easily. It comes with a few features and not ideal for long jogging.

This stroller is difficult to control and comes at a higher cost. It is considered the best for air travel.

Our Recommend Top 5 best Double Jogging stroller reviews

Take your time when picking the best jogging stroller as you wouldn’t want to put the life of your kids in jeopardy. We’ve made things simpler for you by researching and compiling the best double jogging stroller as follows:

Best double stroller for toddler and infant – Baby trend double jogging stroller reviews

This awesome stroller can be maneuvered easily as it has front swivel wheels. These wheels come with a locking mechanism for added safety. Also, it has a storage compartment, two cup holders and speakers for comfort. It has an effortless trigger that allows you to fold the seats easily and fast.

Best double stroller for toddler and infant Check Price on Amazon

It houses two baby trend infant car seats. Other features include; pneumatic bicycle tires, and padded seats. If you are looking for best cheap double jogging stroller then baby trend is the best.


  • It maneuvers easily with swivel wheels.
  • Comes with extra features such speakers and two cup holders.
  • It is very safe and comfortable as it has 5 pint harness.
  • Can be folded easily.


  • Doesn’t fit in standard doors.
  • It’s a bit heavy and not good to travel with.
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Best stroller for twins – Zoe stroller reviews

This is the best umbrella type jogging stroller. The super lightweight jogging stroller comes with storage pockets for keeping some of your stuffs and that of your kids. They have a peek a boo window that allows you to check on the kids as you jog. Furthermore, it’s compact and can be folded with much simplicity. Get a lifetime warranty on wheels when you buy it.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • Has a large basket for storage.
  • Great to travel with.
  • Folded with ease.


  • Doesn’t maneuver easily.

Best small double stroller – Joovy double stroller reviews

Joovy is a top brand with high quality strollers. The Joovy scooter X2 stroller has large wheels to glide on all terrains. It has reclining seats for added comfort and can be folded with one hand. It has a great design that can be pushed easily with a huge basket to store foods, drinks or other stuffs. As well, the seats are adjustable and come with a huge canopy that secures the kids from the sun.


  • Its lightweight and narrowly designed.
  • Has a large basket for keeping stuffs.
  • Easier to fold with one hand.
  • It’s very comfortable and safe.


  • Not good on harsh terrains like gravel

Best rated double stroller – Bob double stroller reviews

The BOB revolution duallie is a high quality stroller that comprises of wonderful features that will make your jogging experience to be fun and smooth. It has adjustable padded handle bar, swivel locking front wheel and high quality suspension mechanism that makes jogging easy. This double jogging stroller can be folded easily and it stylish too.


  • Easy to maneuver swivel wheels.
  • Adjustable padded handle bar for comfortable jogging.
  • Large wheels to move on different surfaces.


  • Its highly priced.

Best compact double stroller – Baby jogger reviews

This is an all terrain double jogging stroller. It comes with sophisticated features that ascertains you a smooth jog with the kids. It has a well build canopy to secure the kids from harsh sunlight and large wheels to ride on different surfaces. The adjustable handle bar is idea for parents of different heights. Other features include peek a boo window and patented quick fold technology for versatility.


  • It’s an all terrain double stroller.
  • Suitable for different heights.
  • Comfortable and safe.


  • Has a small storage basket to keep just a few things.
  • Doesn’t have any accessories.


Don’t be in a hurry to purchase a double jogging stroller. Read reviews online more so from previous users to know both their strengths and weaknesses. Consider safety features and quality when picking a nice jogging stroller for your toddlers. If need be, spend more to get the best quality. We hope our detailed review has helped you to make a good decision when you embark on purchasing the best double jogging stroller.

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