Best Driveway Sealer reviews 2019 – Guide of Finding the Top concrete sealer

Keeping your driveway clean and in good condition is a top priority for many homes. This is the main way through which you access your residence on a daily basis and having it in a poor condition just seems not to be right. The moment you notice your driveway to have cracks, potholes, or even stains, just know it’s time to get it sealed. Such conditions are caused by change in weather, mold, road salts, grease, oils, algae or by other dangerous substances. Detecting the poor condition of your driveway is crucial in repairing it in time. So, what is the best driveway sealer of 2019?

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All you need to do is take measures to prepare the concrete way for sealing and then carry out the practice. Ensure you use the best driveway sealer so that it can stay in a great condition for years to come before needing another sealing job.

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How to find the best driveway sealer?

There are varying types of sealers which you should learn about before setting out to pick your preferred type. They come in different quantities and perform different duties.  Most of them provide the user with different types of finishes as they contain different substances. Select a sealer with quality resin as it will determine how long it lasts. Not all of the concrete sealers are high performing and you should pick the best. This review contains all the information you need to come up with in picking the top driveway sealer.

Benefits of applying driveway sealer

Most of the driveways are made of concrete which is a very durable substance. But as time goes by and it comes into contact with adverse weather condition and other factors, it starts to spoil by having cracks or holes in it. To maintain and avoid the expense it comes with repairing it, a driveway sealer can be of great importance.

  • First, a driveway sealer not only prolongs the life of the concrete but as well changes its appearance to a better one. This is because it adds color and gloss to it.
  • Another factor is that using a driveway sealer is way cheaper than wait for the entire driveway to be impassable to repair it.
  • It is also very easy to sue as it doesn’t need any skills to be exhibited during application. All you need is to follow the manual instructions and you are good to go.
  • Applying a driveway sealer is not costly as it doesn’t require any machine and just takes a day to be done. This mostly applies to in residential places.

Types of driveway sealer

Not all driveway sealers are made the same. They vary from one manufacturer to another as they are built with different ingredients. Before choosing any type of sealer, know what components it’s made of and how it they will perform on your driveway. Here are the three different forms of driveway sealers to use on your concrete.


Coal tar driveway sealers

This is mainly created from refined coal and other additives. It has great ability repel oil, gasoline and water. In addition, it protects the concrete from ultraviolent rays which makes the driveway to crack and get damaged quickly. These are longer lasting than the asphalt driveway sealers. Their shortcomings are that they are smelly, very volatile and not good for the environment.

Asphalt driveway sealers

These are created from crude oil and other additives. These repel well against water but not efficient in protecting concrete against oil, gasoline and as well ultraviolent rays. Also, they need to be applied from time to time unlike coal tar sealers. Some of the asphalt advantages is that it’s environmentally friendly and produce less odor.

Acrylic driveway sealers

Finally, we’ve the acrylic driveway sealer which is mostly comprises of artificial chemical ingredients. It functions in the same way as coal by offering protection against oil, gasoline, water and ultraviolent rays. In addition they have lower emissions and last longer than both the two above.

You also might be interested to know about the granite sealer and grout sealer.

Factors to look at when choosing the best driveway sealer

Appearance – how do you want your driveway to appear after it’s sealed? There are numerous kinds of finishes to choose form which includes: matte, gloss, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss and no gloss. Most of the people choose a high gloss and it leaves the driveway shinning and looking good.  Also, there are some sealers that enhance the color of the concrete making it to appear darker and better.

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Safe driveway sealer?

Safety – choose the best driveway sealer that is safe to use. Some sealers appear to be shinny after being applied. They may not be slippery when the weather is dry but during wet weather, such surfaces tend to slide making them dangerous to walk on. Therefore, ensure the sealer you acquire has great properties that make it ideal for use in all types of weather.

Quantity of the sealer – determine the size of your driveway so that you get a sealer that will be applied on it all. A few sealers come in small quantities or your driveway may be too big for them. Ensure you get the right quantity for your driveway so that you don’t leave other areas unattended to.

Most durable driveway sealer?

Durability – not all driveway sealers will last for long. Choose one that is created to last so that if it remains after use, you can keep for future application. As well, pick a sealer that won’t require you to reapply it after a short while on your driveway.  There are low quality sealers and one should stay away from them.

Long lasting driveway sealer?

Performance – depending on the type of resin in the sealer, it will determine where the sealer lasts for long or not. The exposure to things like UV rays and other conditions ensure its longevity. A good sealer should stay at least three years before requiring another application.


Brand – consider buying your driveway sealer from a notable brand. Different brands contain varying components and it’s crucial to select one that has been proven in the past.  Simply choose from the top brand and you will be good to go. Don’t waste money on brands that you’ve never heard about as this will be a big risk.

Cheap driveway sealer?

Price – with regard to quality and type of sealer, they will vary in price with acrylic sealers being the most expensive followed by asphalt, then coal tar. Work within your budget and select the right quantity. If you want the best, you will have to spend more but there is no much difference.

Company warranty?

Warranty – look for sealers that come with warranties of at least one year or more. Not all products are worth trusting in but if you find one with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee, you can give it a try.

How to inspect your driveway before preparing to seal it

As you prepare to seal your driveway, there are certain factors to note before you get started. These help in readying your driveway for sealing. These have been discussed further as follows:

    • Search for areas that need to be sealed – begin by inspecting your entire driveway for any hole, crack, spills or even places that are crumbling. In addition, pay a keen eye on areas that are likely to be damaged very soon.
    • Get rid of stains on the driveway – then, look for stains on the driveway and scrub them thoroughly. Also, if there is grease, these should be removed using hot water so that the driveway is free from such substances.
    • Repair cracks – another important area to look for is cracks that start small and expand to be big. Ensure that you take note of all the cracks on the driveway and repair them by filling them to prepare the driveway for sealing.
    • Repair potholes – if there are potholes on your driveway, ensure that you fill and repair them so that they are no longer visible. These makes the process cumbersome but you have to repair them before starting to seal the driveway.
    • Ready the driveway for sealing – after all the above issues have been tackles, now it’s time to start cleaning the entire driveway thoroughly. Use brooms to sweep, brushes and mops to ensure that it’s free of any stains, dirt or other harmful substances that may shorten the life of the concrete.
    • Lastly, you can now seal the concrete after identifying which one is the best for your driveway. There are several brands to pick from and ensure you pick the best. Follow instructions and apply as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want one with a glossy finish, you can for enhancers or color type and if you want a durable one, penetrators are the best.

Our Recommend Top 5 best driveway sealer reviews

Driveway sealers are a nightmare when it comes to choosing the best. This is because there is a slight difference in types and confusion with brands. If you don’t have enough knowledge concerning driveway sealers, you may end up picking one that is less effective or not appropriate for your driveway concrete. After going through various reviews online, we came up with a list of the 5 driveway sealers. This has been explained further as follows:

Best rated driveway sealer – Foundation Armor driveway sealer reviews

Best rated driveway sealers

This sealer is very powerful I that it assist you to prevent your concrete from oil spills, waterspills, grease and other harmful substances from penetrating into your driveway and causing damage. It is very durable with a lifeline of up to 10 years which is really amazing.  With a capability to cover up to 500 ft in two coats, this sealer can ensure a clean and safe driveway in your residence.

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Key features:

  • Water repellent.
  • Lasts up to 10 years.
  • Solvent based.
  • 5 gallons.
  • Cover up to 500 ft in two coats.


  • It is very durable as it last up to 10 years.
  • Covers a wide area of up to 500 ft in two coats.
  • It is water and solvent based formula which ensures that all the oils or water substances are prevented from entering the concrete.

Best Dryway concrete driveway sealer reviews

Best concrete driveway sealers

This is one of the best penetrating sealers on the market. It performs well by preventingvarious harmful substances like oil spills, water and UV rays from penetrating into the concrete o your driveway.  In addition, it is a water repellent and thus very good to the environment with less odor and toxins. Use this concrete sealer on your driveway and rest for 5 years before needing another application.

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Key features:

  • Penetrating sealer.
  • Water repellent.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Covers 750 to 1000 ft.
  • Service life of up to 5 years.


  • It is very long lasting.
  • It conducts a wonderful job of repelling water, oils, UV rays and other harmful substances.
  • Dryway covers a wide range that ranges between 750 to 10 ft.

Best blacktop sealer – Rustoleum blacktop coating reviews

Best blacktop sealers

This product offers the user with excellent features that cannot be easily found in otherconcrete sealers. It comes in a gallon of two enough to be applied on your driveway. It is very easy to use and doesn’t need any expert. After applying, it can dry within 4 hours and the driveway will be ready for use.  A unique feature of this sealer is its formula which is made with recycled rubber tires. Acquire this product and start protecting your concrete way from deteriorating very fast.

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Key features:

  • Formulated with recycled rubber tires.
  • Fast drying.
  • 2 gallon bucket.
  • 10 year warranty.


  • It is very simple to use as it stirs like paint.
  • Rustoleum dries very fast unlike other sealants.
  • It lasts long.

Best concrete sealer for driveway – Armor ar350 driveway sealers

Best concrete sealers for driveway

The foundation armor AR350 is another top concrete sealer that has components that willensure your driveway is kept secure from substances like mild, algae, oils, water substances and gasoline for longevity. This sealer is very durable and after application, it will take time before requiring sealing your driveway. As well it has an excellent finish which makes your driveway to glow after being applied.  In addition, you can use it on garage floors, basement floors, stamped walkways and on paver patios. With a high penetration solid, you will have a clean and well maintained concrete way for a very long time.

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Key features:

  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Great sealer.
  • Penetrating solid.
  • Satin acrylic coating.


  • It highly lowers cracking and pitting.
  • It is a very durable and long lasting sealer.
  • Offers a great low gloss finish.
  • Secures the concrete from harmful substances like oils UV rays and gasolines.

Best asphalt sealer – Henry Company driveway sealers reviews

Being an asphalt sealer, the E-Z stir driveway filler does not emit any harmful odors. It contains ingredients that prevent water and other harmful substances from penetrating into the concrete for durability. It is a 5 gallon sealer and will cover an area of 250 to 500 sq ft. Furthermore, it dries up quickly and won’t have to keep you from using the driveway 4 hours after application. Best asphalt driveway sealersWith 4 years of surety of support and maintenance from the manufacturer, this is a great sealer to have for protecting your pavement, garage or pathways.

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Key features:

  • Asphalt filler.
  • 5 gallons.
  • Dries within 4 hours.
  • Cover an area of 250 to 500 sq ft.
  • 4 year warranty.


  • It is very easy to stir and apply on your concrete way or path or basement.
  • This driveway sealer dries very fast as it can be ready for use after 4 hours of application.
  • It is an asphalt filler hence good for the environment as its not smelly.
  • Comes with a 4 year warranty for surety in case of any defect.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best driveway sealer is not an easy thing. You need to have the right information to make a good decision; since, there are different types which vary in functioning and properties. From the above information, you can clearly see the difference. As long as you know your needs and compounds you want the sealer to have, the procedure of picking the best becomes very easy. Look at the safety features, its performance as well as durability.

You don’t want to purchase a sealer that will be spoiled tomorrow and not in a position to prevent oil, dirt or UV rays from reaching the concrete shortening its life. Hopefully, you’ve be fully benefited from our review.

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