Best Ear Muffs 2019 – Top Quality Ear Protection Review

Why risk having a hearing problem if you can prevent it by wearing an ear muff? Depending on the practices that you engage in, it is very crucial to know the risks that you face. People who work in noisy places are required to wear protective gears from noise pollution. This applies to any area with excessive noise such as at the airport, steelworks, mechanical works or even at a construction site.

Having the right ear muffs to secure you from such noise is good for you. But differentiating the best ear muffs from the okay ones is a bit challenging. With this in mind, we decided to come up with a few factors for you to view before landing on the ear muff of your choice.

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Think reasons Why you need Ear Muffs?

Above all, before you pick out the ear muff of your choice know what you intend to do with it. Is it for listening to music? Or do you want to wear them as you shoot? Have a clear picture of your main cause for wanting to acquire them. Some of the uses of earmuffs are;for shooting, hunting, noise reduction, sleeping, studying, warmers, and swimming.

Must have best ear Protection capability

First, a good ear muff should be capable of protecting you from excess noise. Most of the quality earmuffs shut-off instantly when the noise exceeds 82dB. Also, they have noise reduction rating (NRR) of between 24dB and 34dB. This feature ensures that you are blocked from hearing sounds; that can cause harm to your ears.

Comfortable earmuffs

Another crucial element is the fit and comfort. Whatever the purpose of the ear muff, make sure it fits you very well and is comfortable. Manufacturers create adjustable ear muffs to fit different head sizes, sex and age groups. You wouldn’t love wearing an ear muff that doesn’t fit you for one or two reasons. So, ensure it’s your size before you purchase it.

Very Compact earmuffs

Furthermore, a great ear muff should be Convenient for you to move around with and keep. Most of the earmuffs come in a compact design that can be easily folded in case if you want to store it. In addition, the ear muff should be lightweight so that you can move around with it without much pressure.

And finally, check out the price. The price is not a big factor, but high quality ear muffs are a bit costly and if you want the best of the best, be ready to dig into your pocket. You might be interested to get eye protection glasses too with your ear muffs.

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Top 5 Best ear muffs review:

The ear muffs should be comfortable, protective to the ear and offer a favorable price in regards to its features. We have selected some of the best earmuffs in the market and discussed them as follows.

1. Howard leight impact sport review – Earmuffs r 01526

Highly recommended for hunters and shooters, the Howard Leight r 01526 impact sound is properly designed, stylish and has premier quality. An impact sound can be very disturbing to the ear, for instance, the sound of a gun. For this reason, these earmuffs have built-in directional microphones to amplify sounds to a safer 82dB. In turn, this offers more natural listening and improved communication, while at the same time blocking any sound above 82dB.

Howard leight impact sport review Check Price on Amazon

In addition to these great features, the Howard Leight Impact sound r 01526 earmuffs have low profile ear cups meant for stock clearance. It also has an adjustable headband for a good fit and a compact folding design for easy storage. The ear muff has an automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours of use to prolong battery life. To sum up, the number 1 ear muffs for hunting and shooting purposes. It uses 2 AAA batteries.

2. Electronic ear protection reviews – Howard leight impact pro review

If you are looking for maximum hearing protection, then Howard Leight Impact Pro sound ear muffs are ideal for you. They are made by Howard Leight; a top worldwide supplier of quality electronic and passive hearing devices. It comprises of a Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 30dB in both the on and off modes. As well, it has a built-in directional microphone that amplifies different sounds to a safer 82dB.

Electronic ear protection reviews Check Price on Amazon

As a result, it gives additional natural listening and better communication. It has an efficient noise protection feature that automatically blocks any loud noise above 82dB. Furthermore, it features a padded headband with a telescopic height that ensures the ear muffs fits you well and are comfortable. Finally, howard leight r-01902 uses 2 AAA batteries and comprises an automatic switch off feature after 4 hours of use to extend battery life.

3. Cleararmor safety ear muffs – Shooters hearing protection reviews

After keenly checking out various earmuffs from different manufacturers, I can gladly quote this as being the best. It has one of the best Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 34dB. Besides this, it possesses a noise canceling technology which provides better hearing protection in varying environments. With a compact folding design, the ear muff is very easy to store. In addition, it has an adjustable headband to give you a custom fit.

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Cleararmor safety earmuff Review Check Price on Amazon

The Cleararmor safety earmuffs are created using high quality materials that make them ideal for use in harsh surroundings. It has super soft foam that brings comfort and proper seal as you place them on your ears. They as well have a swivel cup design for a custom fit on your ears. These earmuffs are dubbed as the best hearing protection ear muffs in the market and have lots of positive feedback of the real users.

4. 3m peltor earmuff reviews – over the head ear protection

The 3M Peltor ear muffs come in a great design that properly fits you. They have a twin headband design that assists to reduce heat buildup with a comfortable fit and balance. Furthermore, it has over the head hearing protection with a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 31dB. It has tilted ear cups that provide you with a customized fit and comfort to its users. The electrically insulated wire headband assists to lower exposure to different electrical risks.

3m peltor earmuff reviews Check Price on Amazon

This ear muff is suitable to use in areas with high noise exposures like at a construction area, metal processing, at an automotive firm, heavy engineering, steelworks, quarrying or at the airport during takeoff.  Last but not least, it has an audio jack for plugging into your MP3 player or cell phone and uses 2 AAA batteries with an automatic shut-off when not in use.

5. Walker ear muffs reviews – Best hearing protection

For a greater sound quality, these earmuffs are the best pick. They comprise of two wind resistant, high frequency stereo microphones for a great sound directionality. As well, they provide 5X hearing enhancement and a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24 dB. It has 2 separate volume controls that you can change in accordance with your preferred level of volume.

Walker earmuffs reviews Check Price on Amazon

This Walker ear muffs can amplify sound up to 5X your normal hearing with the two microphones on each cup. It has a highly advanced technology placed inside the walker hearing protection that enables outstanding speech clarity, better hearing protection and sound sweetening. To sum up, Walkers alpha series power earmuffs are ideal for shooting, hunting or any other tasks and can as well be acquired at a favorable price.


When you obtain the best ear muffs, it will allow you to easily and effectively carry out your task. They reduce noise and are very comfortable to have on your ears. Make a wise selection and take one that serves your needs abundantly.

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