Best EDC BackPack 2019 – 5 Everyday Carry Bags List Must Buy

As you prepare for the day, keep in mind about the key things that you should have with you. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry! Before you step out of the door, ensure that you have basic everyday carry items with you. This applies to me too! But, How to find the best edc backpack?

I always ensure that my edc backpack or everyday carry backpack has the key items; especially those that I may require at my place of work. But, How to find the top quality bag?

Our Recommend Top 5 Best EDC Backpack 2019 list

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How to find the best everyday carry backpack?

So, what items are you supposed to carry in your EDC bag? This varies from one person to another. After identifying your basic items, you need a bag that will keep them perfectly without revealing so much to the public or raise eyebrows. In this article, we are going to discuss about the crucial factors to consider before selecting your small EDC bag for day-to-day activities. Some of the crucial factors to look at are as follows.

  • What are the items that you intend to carry in your Everyday Carry Bags?

The choice of everyday carry items that you should have differs from one person to another. This is because we work in different places, live in varying residential areas and as well have separate hobbies. A mechanic and a Salesman are likely to have an everyday backpack with varying items. The most common every day carry items include; keys, wallet, knife, flashlight, phone, water bottle, documents, pen, multi-tool, and a lighter.

  • What kind of features should look before purchasing a EDC backpack?

    A everyday carry backpack is as good as it serves your more pressing needs. You wouldn’t want to go out with a tactical backpack that can’t secure your EDC items in case of adverse weather conditions such as rain. The material used to build should be tear resistant and durable at the same time. Since a backpack isn’t something that you would love go shopping for on daily basis, thus it is advisable to spend wisely and get the best edc backpack that will sustain with you for a long period.

  • How Big or Small do you want your EDC backpack to be?

The number of items we carry or intend to carry in our EDC bags vary drastically. Hence, when you pick out your every day carry backpack, think ahead and make a wise selection. Obtain a bag that is of a reasonable size with regards to the items you want to keep at it. Also, the size can be determined by various factors such as the jobs we do, the sport we play, and the level of risk we face in our respective environments.

  • Is that bag reliable and convenient to you?

This is a factor that most people overlook, but proves to be very significant. As you try your best to carry all the items or things you think you will require during the day or at night, try to be secretive by getting an EDC bag that does not openly show what you are carrying. Going with a military style backpack to work might instill fear in your colleagues. In addition, carrying an EDC bag that easily shows the items you’re carrying might even attract thieves or create attention on the streets.

As well, ensure your EDC backpack is comfortable to move around with and doesn’t weigh you down as you perform other duties. Unless you are going for a picnic or camping in the mountains, keep your light and simple. You can check Lightweight bag review here

Our Recommend Top 5 EDC BackPack reviews

From the factors above, you can easily come up with a decision in choosing your most ideal everyday carry bag. We have selected a few backpacks for you that we think are one of the best in the market.

1. Small EDC bag 3V gear Sling Pack for CCW

3V gear sling pack review

Considering the several backpacks that we have in the market today, I rate the 3V gear Slingas one of the best in the market. This bag has all the features that you require to survive in hard conditions and use in an urban area.

It is made of a 600 denier PVC backed polyester shell with the capability to sustain you through tough situations. It has a compact design with multiple pockets that make it fast and easy for you to access your different items.

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Other notable features of this bag include; front pocket, front slip pocket, main compartment big enough to hold several items and an internal zippered pouch for keys. All these features just make this backpack great to move around with.

2. Best edc sling bag –  Molle TravTac Stage II small backpack

Molle TravTac Stage II bags

I always like to categorize this bag as the best multipurpose backpack. With its compactdesign, this bag can be applied to anything such as bird watching, travel bag, hunting, fishing, first aid or even dog walking, to just name a few uses.

It has three different ways of carrying it; from the chest, to the shoulder or by hand. The padded shoulder gives you enough comfort as you carry your load. The backpack is not only rugged but made of high premium materials and upgraded 900D fabric.

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This makes it suitable for use both indoor and outdoor for activities such as camping, biking, hunting, sporting events, hiking and travel. It also has a highly reflective safety patch that enhances nighttime visibility.

3. Tactical sling Shangri-la Small edc gear bag

Tactical sling edc gear

This Shangri-la Small gear bag has one of the best designs for EDC backpacks. The Shangri-lais ideal in places where large packs are too big, too bulky and too heavy. The bag is very durable with the 900D fabric and a rugged premium made from upgraded fabric. It is easy to carry and move around with as it has three different ways to carry it. You can carry it on your shoulder, hand or chest.

It as well comprises of several dividers for easy arrangement of gear. Apart from being applied as an EDC backpack, the compact Shangri-la can be used for travel, sporting events, hiking, school supplies, camping and biking among others.

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In addition, the bag comes in a choice of four colors (black, khaki, ACU, & army green) from which you can select.

4. Best multipurpose backpack – Bastex edc carry

Bastex bags reviews

At this juncture, I can say this is my best backpack. As simple as this appears to be, it has allthe necessary features that a great backpack should have. The Bastex Universal multipurpose tactical backpack is constructed from premium materials and a durable 1000 denier waterproof nylon that makes it ideal to carry in different surroundings.

With its small size and classical design, this best edc backpack is suitable for keeping different accessories, key chain, small gadget, cell phone and various small items that you may need with you. The Bastex is compatible with several high profile phones, power bank, portable GPS devices, digital camera and medical supplies.

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This high quality bag is designed as a tactical molle camouflage backpack that can be used for different purposes at just a small initial cost but has a great positive rating from the users.

5. Best everyday carry Vertx EDC Gamut Bag

Vertx Gamut Bag review

Last but not least, the Vertx Gamut backpack is also a great bag. It has a unique design and is made of nylon which is a very durable material.

In addition, it has 1919 modular webbing on shoulder strap that offers several attachment points for different accessories.


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If you have multiple things to keep, the bag has five external zip pockets and three interior zip pockets for storage. Above all, it has all the essential features that you can wish for in a standard EDC backpack.

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