Best electric lawn mower reviews 2019

Lawn mowers do a great job of keeping the lawn neat an attractive. But with the wide range of models and types on the market, finding an appropriate lawn mower can be a bit of a challenge. There are gas powered lawn mowers, and electric lawn mowers. Electric mowers are the most efficient and don’t emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere like the gas powered ones. Also, they are compactly designed for greater performance. When choosing an electric mower, you have to know that there are those that are corded and those that are cordless. They vary in power, performance, efficiency and also in price. Know what features to look for before buying the best electric lawn mower that won’t be effective for you.

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In this detailed review and guide, we have compiled all the information you need to know in order to choose an excellent electric lawn mower. Let not the various brands confuse you. As long as you know what kind of machine you want for your lawn, things become easier in narrowing down to just one. The lawn mower you select should be easy to operate, lightweight and easy to maintain too. Read our detailed review further to be more educated on electric lawn mowers and come up with the most suitable selection.

Types of electric lawn mowers

Before you pick a mower, you have to know there are those with a cord and those without. Depending of your convenience, you can decide to either pick a corded or cordless electric lawn mower.

  • Corded electric lawn mowers

These are one of the most common electric lawn mowers you will find on the market. They usually use a cord to draw power from the source. They are easy to use, are very efficient when working on a large lawn, are quiet in operation, and are both fairly priced and sound to the environment as they emit no harmful substances in the air. The only challenge with this kind of lawn mower is that the cable intertwines and it might not go beyond the length of the cable.

  • Cordless electric lawn mowers

This type of mower depends on battery power to carry out its operations. Currently, there are some solar models being sold on the market. Similar to the corded model, this design is quiet in operation, efficient, a bit cheaper than the corded design, and very easy to use as there is no cable required. The only shortcomings of this type of mower are that the maintenance costs are high and it isn’t as efficient as the corded type.

Features to look for in an electric lawn mower

Type of battery – when acquiring a cordless electric mower, you should know  the type of battery the mower is using as it might determine how long you will be able to utilize it. There are removable batteries and built-in lithium ion batteries. Built-in batteries last longer and can be recharged from time to time.

Cutting position – this is another crucial feature to look out for when picking an excellent mower. Acquiring a lawn mower with multiple cutting positions will enable the user get desirable cutting. Some have two, four or at times six. Choose the one that will ensure you cut well and best.

Cutting options – there are different cuttings option. These include mulching, discharge and bag. There are lawn mowers that just carry out one task. Some can perform all the three cutting options and are highly regarded by many. Choose a lawn mower that will offer you the cutting option that you want.

Grass collector – almost every mower comes with a grass collector. Though, they vary in size. Pick a lawn mower with a bigger grass collector so that you don’t have to empty it after a short while. Some have double but most of the designs have single collectors.

Things to consider in an electric lawn mower

  • Design – an ergonomic design is worth considering when choosing a lawn mower. Pick a lawn mower that is lightweight and easy to maneuver during application. Some designs are heavy and hard to push. The lawn mower shouldn’t be very big or small. The deck should be as well of the right size.
  • Run time – you want a lawn mower that will run continuously without making you go back to recharge before progressing. Ensure the electric mower you select has a longer run time. If you are going to cut grass on a large lawn, then you should consider acquiring a corded machine as it will ensure continuous power.
  • Performance – when picking a lawn mower, definitely one should consider its performance. You don’t want to get a lawn mower that runs out of battery quickly, or doesn’t cut grass to precision. Take your tie and find out which one is the best for your type of lawn and its precision in cutting of the grass.
  • Ease of use – cutting grass is fun. Everyone wants a machine that they will use easily without many complications. Most of the electric lawn mowers have simple features that operating them will be easy and fun. Though, some models are a bit complex and may require caution when handling them.
  • Handles – the handles of the lawn mower should be well positioned and of the ideal height. Why acquire a lawn mower that is too big or too small for you? This may lead to fatigue while working. Also, some come with some padding which increases comfort to the user.
  • Noise level – the level of noise produced by some lawn mowers is very irritating to the air and pollutes the environment. Look for a device that is silent or quiet in operation. A good number of corded and cordless electric lawn mowers are very silent in operation.
  • Maintenance –when buying a mower, it is important to look at the cost of maintenance. Some machines are very difficult to maintain and will cost you a hefty sum of money to do so. Look for devices that are easy to clean and don’t need much maintenance.
  • Brand – don’t just buy a lawn mower from any brand. Some brands have created a name for themselves and provide quality machines. They have amazing features and perform outstanding at a very fair cost. Avoid brands you know nothing about as they might turn out to be less effective. A good example of notable brands in the market are; Black & Decker, Greenworks, Sun Joe and EGO, to just name but a few.
  • Price – sometimes people are blinded by price. It doesn’t mean that if the machine is highly priced is very efficient. Look for features that you want in a lawn mower and consider picking a quality one too. Come up with a budget that you can work with and you will still get a machine that performs well.
  • Warranty – buy a lawn mower from a manufacturer that offers warranty or support.

    Customer service and warranty are two important things when buying such a device. A warranty of at least two years or more is good as one is assured of the quality of the product.

Our Recommend top 5 best electric lawn mower reviews

There are many types of electric mowers to choose from. They vary in performance, power and ease of use. After knowing the area you want to mow, your budget and type of mower you want, you can go ahead and compare the best within your price range. We sat down and conducted a thorough research before coming up with this top 5 list of the best electric lawn mowers. These have been discussed further as follows:

GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower

GreenWorks is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric lawn mowers. This model works effectively as it has a powerful motor with 12 Amp. It is also compact in design and can be easily stored after use. The single level height adjustment enables the user to choose an appropriate for cutting the grass. Unlike other kinds of lawn mowers, this one doesn’t produce ant harmful toxins into the air. It is a 3 in 1 machine that offers the user bagging, mulching and side discharge options. With a 4 year parts and labor warranty, this device is a top quality and worth using to cut grass in the lawn.

Key features:

  • 7 position height adjustment
  • Durable steel 20 inch cutting deck
  • Wide 10 inch rear wheels
  • 12 Amp electric motor
  • Grass collector
  • 4 years parts and labor warranty


  • It is easy to maneuver for precise cuttings
  • The 7 position single lever adjustment allows the user to change to desirable height
  • Has 3 in 1 cutting position of mulching, bag and discharge
  • It is made of durable steel 20 inch cutting deck to cover a wider area
  • Has a powerful motor for better cutting of different kinds of grass

Earthwise electric lawn mower

The single but elegant Earthwise electric mower has an 8 Amp motor. The 5.5 inch front wheels and 6.5 inch rear wheels makes moving of this lawn mower to be easy and fast. In addition, it has an adjustable comfort V handle with a cushion grip. The handle can be adjusted with regard to your height for easy use. When you acquire this machine, it has two options for cutting which include mulching and discharge. The handle of the device folds easily for easy storage. Such features make it to be an outstanding mower.

Key features:

  • Adjustable comfort V handle with cushion grip
  • 5 inch front wheels and 6.5 inch rear wheels
  • 3700 RPM with 2 in 1 side discharge and mulch
  • 8 Amp motor
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Poly deck


  • It is easy to use
  • Has an adjustable and comfortable V handle with cushion grip
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver as you cut grass
  • The single lever height adjustment allows the operator cut the grass level of choice
  • It has tow cutting options of mulch and discharge

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Electric lawn mower

For an environmentally friendly lawn mower, the Sun Joe Mow Joe is one of the best alternatives to take. This lawn mower is corded and very easy to operate. It is lightweight and can be maneuvered very easily around your yard as you cut the grass. In addition, it comes with a detachable grass catcher which can be emptied when it’s full. It has a 12 Amp motor which is powerful and supports the machine to get precise cuttings. Since its maintenance free, you won’t have to spend anything on maintaining the machine. Buyers are given a 2 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Key features:

  • Detachable grass catcher
  • Powerful 12 Amp motor
  • Tailor cutting height
  • 14 inch wide path
  • ETL approved
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 year warranty


  • The lawn mower is lightweight and compact
  • It is ETL approved and thus good for the environment
  • It comes with a large detachable grass collector
  • There is no need to maintain this lawn mower as its maintenance free
  • It is very easy to operate
  • Manufacturer offers 2 year warranty on the mower

Black+Decker MTE912 Electric mower

Black & Decker is one of the notable brands you will find on the market. This model performs excellently in ensuring your lawn looks spectacular and attractive. The lawn mower has a 6.5 Amp which is very powerful and tackles any grass the machine works on. It is a 3 in 1 device which gives the user various cutting options. With the adjustable height and pivoting handle positions, using this device is fun and easy. When it comes to cleaning, the detachable mower deck can be removed. Finally, the lawn mower is lightweight and very easy to work with on a large lawn.

Key features:

  • Easy conversion wheeled edging
  • AFS automatic feed system
  • 5 Amp motor
  • Gear drive transmission
  • 3 in 1 cutting options
  • Detachable mower deck
  • Adjustable height and pivoting handle positions


  • It is very easy to use
  • Can maneuver easily as its lightweight
  • Comes with adjustable height and pivoting handle positions
  • Has a detachable deck for easy cleaning
  • Excellent design and can be stored easily
  • The automatic feed spool makes sure of progressive work without bumping

GreenWorks 25142 Electric lawn mower

With its elegant appearance, the GreenWorks 25142 model is a high performing electric lawn mower. The device has a powerful 10Amp moor to run the lawn mower silently. The machine doesn’t emit any dangerous substances into the air thus its ideal for use and the environment. The 5 position height adjustment enables the user cut grass to likeable level. Also, it can be stored with much ease after use as it comes with fold over handles.

Key features:

  • 5 position height adjustment
  • Dual 16 inch cutting deck
  • 7 inch rear wheel and 6 inch front wheel
  • 10 Amp electric motor
  • Corded lawn mower
  • 2 in 1 feature for mulch and discharge
  • Push button for start
  • Fold over handles


  • The lawn mower is easy to operate with a push button for starting
  • It is easy to keep with its fold over handles
  • It comes with 5 position height adjustment to cut grass to preferred level
  • Has a 10 Amp powerful motor


Electric lawn mowers are some of the common lawn mowers on the market today. They do an excellent job of cutting grass on your lawn leaving it to look attractive. Unlike gas powered mowers, an electric mower is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t emit any harmful substances in the air. Also, it is quiet in operation and works effectively. Although there are many brands to choose from, knowing which features are vital to you is good. It can be the power, design, or weight, all these need to be keenly considered. Instead of starting a new search, you can as well choose from the above list that we have compiled for you. Hopefully, you have found this review to be of great help and very informative.

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