Best Fillet Knife Review 2019 – Top 7 High quality knives

To do any kind of job efficiently, quickly and properly you must follow the right way and use the right equipment. For example, if you want to be a good cook, only having knowledge about the recipe is not enough.

You must have the necessary ingredients and equipment at your disposal. And the best fillet knife are nonpareil equipment to process food ingredients for cooking. There are varieties of knives available in the market and each of the specific type is suitable for performing specific functions. So, what is the best fillet knife for the money?

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For example, some knives are used as weapons, some are used as utensils, some are sports equipment etc.

So before buying a knife at first you should think about the main purpose of the knife? The Fillet knives normally use for fish cutting.

Our Recommend Top 7 Best Fillet Knife list

Our Top Pick Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife Video Review

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High quality kitchen knives

Suppose, you need a knife to perform your kitchen work. There are so many kitchen knives available in the market, such as – fillet knives, paring knives, chef’s knives, carving and slicing knives, bread knives, santoku knives, cleavers etc.

This article is concerned only about the quality knives. Different types of fillet knives are available in the market.

Among so many models of fillet knives which one is suitable for you? How will you choose the suitable product for you?

For your help this article contains complete buying guide about fillet knives; read it thoroughly and you will get proper direction. Then, you will be can choose the suitable knives for your kitchen work.

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What is Fillet Knife?

Knives that are used for separating skin and bones from meat, especially from fish are known as fillet knives. Fillet knives have some similarities with boning knives as boning knives are also used for separating meat from bones. But there are some differences also and that’s why one is called fillet knife and another is called boning knife.

Difference between boning knife and fillet knife:

Subject of differentiation Fillet knife Boning knife
Flexibility of blade Fillet knives are equipped with most flexible blades. Blades of boning knives are not as flexible as fillet knives.
Blade size Generally the blade –size of fillet knives range from (4-9)”. Generally the blade-size of boning knives range from (5-6)” but some companies extended this blade size to over 9 inch.
Thinness Blades of fillet knives are very thin. Typically, the blades of boning knives are not as thin as fillet knives.
Function Flexibility and the thinness of fillet knives are suitable for more precise cutting. That’s why it is used to cut delicate meats, such as fish. The thick and sturdier blades of boning knives allow to cut larger and tougher meats such as pork, beef, mutton etc.
Best Knife  Best Fillet Knife Review  Boning knife review

Best Fillet Knife Buying Guide

Before buying fillet knives you must have a clear idea about the following important factors, otherwise you may not able to take the right decision to buy the perfect one that is suitable for your work.

  • Blade size
  • Blade metal
  • Blade flex
  • Handle design
  • Knife cover
  • Knife sharpener
  • Blade size

I have already said that the blade size of fillet knives ranges from 4”-9”. The available standard size of blades are – 4”, 6”, 7.5” and 9” inches. And blade size has a correlation with your job – longer blade size is suitable for cutting big fishes because big fishes have the wider girth and extra surface area. On the other hand, smaller blade size is suitable for cutting small fishes for less over-killing and handling ease.

So, blade size is a very important factor to be considered before buying a knife.

But if you don’t want to keep more than one knife in your kitchen, in that case I will suggest you to use a fillet knife having 7.5” blade because this size lets you to cut both of large and small fish quite satisfactorily.

  • Blade metal – Stainless steel blades

Blade metal is very important for any kind of knife. Before buying you should check the following factors of its blade –

  • Metal type: The performance and durability of your knife largely depend on what type metal is used in its blade. A high quality blade metal will be longer lasting than a low quality blade.
  • Resistance to rust: Due to the nature of the job performed by the fillet knife; it frequently comes into contact with water and that’s why Stainless steel is the best material for this kind knife’s blade because stainless steel resists rusting.
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Although fillet knives consisting of stainless steel blade are available in the market, their quality varies. As the manufacturers do not express the full information about what type of stainless steel they used, so I shall suggest you to buy a knife which already have reputation in the market or have user satisfaction review on it. However, don’t worry, we have listed top fillet knives for you.

  • Blade flex

Flex depends on the following factors-

Blade thickness: The relationship of flex with blade thickness is vice-versa. A thick blade can hold less flex but a thin blade can hold more flex.

Blade length: Flex maintenance is very important for shorter blade. Shorter blade has more flex because we generally use a shorter blade to cut smaller fish which requires tighter angles and sharper cuts. On the other hand, longer blades have a certain degree of flex to them, but it is not as important to maintain as shorter blade.

  • Knife Handle designs

Handle design has a great effect on your job. A well designed handle does not mean the artistic beauty of it rather its engineering advantage. The following factors must be taken into consideration while designing the handle:

  • Convenience of gripping: Proper control and command over the chopping job would only be possible if the grip is perfect, non-slippery and comfortable. So design of a handle should be such that one can grip it easily while working.
  • Beveled area: Where the blade meets the handle there remains a beveled area for the safety of your index finger, actually it gives protection against slipping. So before buying your chosen the right product, make sure that whether it has a beveled area or not. Beveled area also provides extra leverage to make your job easier.
  • Material type: It is better to use coarse material to make knife handle, otherwise it may slip off your hand while dealing with wet and slipper fish skin. Generally, wood, rubber and plastic are used to make a knife handle.

Wood made handle has some disadvantage, for example – wood handles become very slippery when it comes into contact with water; wood soaks up fish odors and engrain it which is very difficult to remove. But plastic and rubber handle do not have such problems, they can be cleaned thoroughly and fish odor cannot cause non-hygienic situation.

  • Strength and flexible knife blade

Strength and flexibility of a knife blade must be in an optimal range. If it is very strong you will feel uncomfortable to remove the fish skin from its meat. On the other hand, you will face problems if the blade is very flexible, it may get bent or damaged easily. So both of flexibility & strength of the knife should remain in an optimal range.

Small size fillet knives are more flexible than large size fillet knives otherwise you will not be able to bent small fillet knives in a curved way. On the other hand, if the large size is not stiffer you will not be able to cut the fish easily.

  • Knife covers

If you want to keep your knife in a cupboard or tackle box or angle it with a belt you must need a knife cover. It is necessary not only to prevent accidents but also to keep your knife free from environmental effect such as –dirt, moisture, germ etc.

  • Knife sharpener

Over time, your knife will lose its sharpness and its cutting surface becomes dull and ineffective. Some knives come with a small hand-held sharpener which is suitable for the specific blade of that knife. If you give your knife a few swipes through the sharpener before using each time, it will never be dull and ineffective.

Our recommend Top 7 Best Fillet Knives Reviews

Don’t take too much stress if you don’t know much about this. Here, our pick top rated fillet knives list.

1. Bubba blade knife reviews – 9 inch fillet knives

The Bubba Blade 9″ Flex Fillet Knife is made of high carbon stainless steel and its edge is sharpened by using a good quality diamond blade. Rockwell hardness rating of its blade ranges from 56-58. The important features of Bubba Blade 9 inch knife are listed below:Bubba blade knife reviews Check Price on Amazon


  • Tang: Tang of Bubba Blade 9″ Flex is constructed from a single piece of steel which provides good strength, stability and balancing the knife.
  • Handle: Large patented textured no-slip-grip handles of Bubba Blade 9″ Flex BB1-9F is made from thermoplastic polymer, and then wrapped with a special synthetic rubber and that’s why it provides outstanding grip security. Not only that, the trigger grip of this knife allows you to put some heat on the knife if necessary
  • Blade surface: Blade surface is non-stick and it contains Titanium. That’s why Bubba Blade is very resistive to rusting and pitting.
  • Thumb & finger pads: Thumb and finger pads provide you comfort and total control during catering fish.
  • Sheath: It comes with a nice black sheath
  • Safety guards: Bubba Blade 9 inch Flex BB1-9F has safety guards for providing protection from the blade and spines of fish.
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  • Blade length: 9”
  • Handle length: 6”
  • Total length: 15”

Price Alert: Medium.

2. Best fillet knife for fish – Rapala fillet knives reviews

Rapala fish’n fillet knife is made from high quality swedish stainless steel. Rapala’s ideal extra sharp blade made it a unique knife. It has the following useful features:Rapala knives reviews Check Price on Amazon


  • Grip: Rapala fish’n have a beautiful birch varnished grip that allows you to do your filleting task comfortably.
  • Sheath: Rapala comes with a leather sheath.
  • Sharpener: A single stage sharpener is provided with the knife packet. You can exploit it later to sharpen your Rapala fish’n.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance: The high quality Swedish stainless steel that is used to make Rapala’s blade is very resistive to rust and corrosion.


Rapala Fish’n has 4, 6 or 7 inches long and flexible blade.

Price Alert: Low.

3. American angler electric fillet knife reviews – 8 inch blade

It is clear from the name – American Angler PRO electric fillet Knife that it works with the help of electricity. It is a semi-automatic knife gives you the highest comfort to cater fish just like a hot knife in butter; And it saves your time, effort and patience. This powerful and resourceful equipment has the following features:

American angler knives reviews Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • Grip: American Angler PRO Knives have a convenient grip which not only gives you comfort while filleting, but also allows you to do a long filleting session.
  • Motor and gear: This is equipped with a motor which requires 110V power input to work on. Its powerful motor system and gear provides 2X torque.
  • Sheath: The knife comes with a beautiful sheath.
  • Blade release button: It has a blade release button on the top.
  • Warranty: American Angler PRO has 2 year warranty period.


American Angler PRO Electric has a 8 inch long sharp blade.

Price Alert: Medium.

4. Folding fishing fillet knives – Buck 220 knife reviews

Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife is popular among fisherman because it does not get corroded while dealing with salt water for a long time.  Moreover, you don’t have to sharpen its edge frequently.  Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Fishing Knife has the following features:

Folding fishing fillet knives Check Price on Amazon


  • Blade: Blade of Silver Creek Fillet Knives are coated with titanium and very resistant to corrosion.
  • Handle: It has a rubberized handle which makes you feel comfortable while working
  • Lock: Silver Creek is equipped with a lock on its back, which provides you extra security.


Silver Creek Fillet Knives have a 6 and ½ inch blade.

Price Alert: Low.

5. Shun fillet knife DM0743 review – 6 Inch knives

Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo is a Japanese product. It is unique compared to other knives. You can perform both of filleting and boning job with this single knife. Moreover,  its curved shape blade not only allows you to cut and trim meat but also slice vegetables. This multipurpose knife has the following features:

6 Inch knives reviews Check Price on Amazon


  • Blade: World famous blade manufacturer company KAI has manufactured Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo’s blade using VG-10 stainless steel. This 33 layer stainless steel is developed between the two sides of the blade.
  • Handle: Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo has a D-shaped Pakkawood handle which is easy to grip.
  • Rust resistant: VG-10 stainless steel is very resistant to rust.
  • Warranty: It has limited lifetime warranty

Price Alert: High.

6. 5 inch blade folding knife – Havalon fillet knife review

Havalon Baracuta is an edge folding knife. Its blade is replaceable; when it gets dull you just have to replace it with a new one, but don’t worry – you don’t have to buy a new blade. When you buy Havalon Baracuta it comes with 5 blades in a packet. This lightweight best fillet knife is very popular for fishing trip. It has the following features:

Havalon knife review Check Price on Amazon


Blade: Blade is made of micro-honed Japanese stainless steel.

Handle: Handle is made from rugged black Zytel plastic with orange rubber. It is better for gripping and causes less slippage.

Back side: Havalon Baracuta has an open back that allows you to clean it easily.

Thumb studs: Its ambidextrous thumb studs give you convenience while working.


  • Blade length = 5”
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 5 inches

Price Alert: Medium.

7. Dexter knife review – P94812 narrow 7 inch knife

Dexter P94812 is popular among chefs. This Chaina origin knife has a very good quality because of the following features:

Dexter knife review Check Price on Amazon


  • Blade: Stain-free, high carbon steel is used to make the blade.
  • Handle: Handle of Dexter P94812 is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is resistant to slip. Dexter P94812 Fillet is available with white handles.
  • Finger guard: It has finger guard for the convenience of gripping.


Blade length = 7 inche

Price Alert: Lowest.


Now, decision is yours. But, always try to select the best quality fillet knife which will meet your requirements.

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