Best Food Dehydrator Reviews 2019 – Top Rated Dehydrator

Currently, many people are switching to healthier ways of feeding and preserving foods as a result of the risk posed by commercially processed foods that have chemicals which may lead to disease such as cancer. Food dehydrators are quickly becoming famous because of the various benefits. This machine will enable you preserve your own food such vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts and herbs, and at the same time save a lot of cash as they are economical.

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The food dehydrator not only dries up your food but as well stores up the nutrients composed in these foods up to the time of consumption. No matter what food you want to dehydrate for the coming season, getting a good dehydrator that is well rated is important.

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What is the best food dehydrator on the Market? Buying Guide!

Are you a hunter, gardener or just want to preserve food for your entire family? This review will assist you get the quality food dehydrator for preserving your food the healthy way. As food dehydrators continue to become popular, many people rush looking for these products without knowing what to consider in order for them to make the right decision. Several brands have emanated and if you are new in this area you may choose the wrong dehydrator that may turn out to be less effective. As you read further, you will learn different things to consider as you plan on acquiring your next food drier.

Good dehydrator?

Materials – When looking for a good food dehydrator, ensure that it is sturdily made so that it can serve you efficiently. They are either made of plastic or metal material.  Whatever type of dehydrator you acquire, ensure it meets FDA requirements. Metal food dehydrators will last longer than plastic metals if properly maintained.

Large food dehydrators or compact food dehydrators?

Size – consider the space you have for keeping the food dehydrator. Some are very large and will take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. If you want an easy to fit dehydrator, think of the stacked type which is more compact. As well, large food dehydrators have several trays and will allow you stack up a lot of foods. If you’ve enough space, a box and shelf dehydrator is ideal for you.

Fastest food dehydrator?

Heat distribution – food dehydrators either come with vertical or horizontal fans. Every fan has its own way of functioning as they distribute heat inside the dehydrator. Horizontal fans are considered the best as they will evenly dry food throughout the food dehydrator, though; they are slow and take a lot of time. For vertical fans, they quickly dehydrate food that is placed on the lower trays and may need to shift the trays after some time. This is a good method for those who are in a hurry or just need to dry a few things.

Adjustable food dehydrators?

Adjustable thermostat – the best machine should come with an automatic thermostat that allows you to set the temperature and carry on with other activities. The process will go on and as the set time elapses, it shut offs automatically.

High capacity food dehydrators!

Capacity – what do you intend to preserve with your food dehydrator? If you have lots of foods to dehydrate for the entire family, you will need a bigger size. But if you only want to dry a few foods, a small to medium sized thermostat is ideal for you. Some of the best dehydrator has over 20 trays to place foods for dehydration.

Simple dehydrator!

Simplicity of use – you want a device that isn’t complicated to operate. It should have the right settings with an even heat circulation. Some food dehydrators require trays to be rotated due to even uneven heat distribution. Avoid these kinds of dehydrators as they involve a lot of work. Versatility – consider acquiring a dehydrator with removable stacks so that if you have large foods that need enough space, you can easily remove stacks. Also, even distribution of heat will allow you dry several foods at the same time which is a good thing.

Portable dehydrator?

Portability – most of the devices built are heavy and not easy to move them from one place to another. If you want a food dehydrator to travel with, look at the smaller models with lesser stacks. As well, consider those made with high quality plastics as metal is a bit heavy.

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Food dehydrator brands!

Brand – with the growing popularity of these devices, many players have entered into this field with the motive to sell more. Be sure to look at the brand and view previous user’s comments before proceeding to buy one. Some of the best brands include; Nesco, Presto, Excalibur, L’Equipe, and Aroma. Select from one of these or ensure that you properly search for the best quality.

Cheap food dehydrators?

Price – bigger food dehydrators are more expensive than smaller sizes. The stacked type is a bit cheaper when compared to the box and shelf type. Always look at features that you want in a dehydrator instead of going by the price. The best qualities are expensive but avoid the low quality food dehydrators as they won’t perform well.

Warranty – consider getting a dehydrator with a warranty of at least one or more years. A warranty is a guarantee of better service in case the machine comes with some defects or need replacement.

How to use a food dehydrator

  • Start by arranging the foods into the trays. Ensure the foods are cut into small pieces to avoid overlapping and as well get rid of any water that may be left in them.
  • After excellently positioning the foods or pieces on the trays, close and set the right temperature which can lie between 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • View from time to time to see whether the foods have dried up, say after one hour. Meat tends to take up a lot of time while fruits and vegetables can consume 2 to 3 hours.
  • Lastly, check and see if the food has completely dehydrated and remove them for storage. Make sure you keep it in an air tight place for better conservation.

Benefits of a food dehydrator

  • A dehydrator preserves food the healthy way. No nutrients are lost as nothing is added to preserve them.
  • These machines ensure that you have a constant supply of foods that will not be available during a particular season. You get to preserve foods that aren’t available in summer or winter by drying them up.
  • Food dehydrators enable a family save a lot as they can buy foods at a very cheap price during their high season and consume them during low season.
  • Another important factor of dehydrating food is that they save so much space. The preserved food is shrinks and can be kept in tight a place which isn’t the case with fresh produces.
  • Unlike processed foods, dehydrators maintain their nutrients and there are several recipes that can be made to ensure that they taste better.
  • A food dehydrator supports preserving of foods as the food that could have been turned to junk is preserved and kept for another day.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best food dehydrator reviews

When looking for a food dehydrator, always take your time so that you choose one with all the features that you like. Read several customer reviews and know which ones have been proven to perform well and which ones don’t. A few people fail and regret later because they don’t carry out enough research before buying this machine. We managed to combine a list of top dehydrators in the market after thorough research. These are as follows;

1. Top rated dehydrator – Nesco food dehydrator reviews

Nesco is among the top brands and in our opinion the first to be looked at by many when searching for the top food dehydrator. The Nesco FD-75A snack master pro is one of their best models and has outstanding features. This device is compact and will fit very well on top of your kitchen counter without taking up much space. It has a top mounted fan that ensures your food dries up evenly and properly. It uses a 600 watt unit that ensures this machine performs excellently. The adjustable thermostat allows the user to change temperatures between 95 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Other things it comes with include; 2 solid sheets, recipe book, and 3 jerky spice packets.

Key features:

  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Top mounted fan.
  • 600 watts unit.
  • Opaque exterior.
  • FD – 75A certified.


  • Quality built with a compact design that can fit well on your kitchen counter.
  • Has a top mounted fan that will ensure the food heats evenly and dries perfectly.
  • The adjustable thermostat enables the user to set their preferred time for particular foods.
  • It is FD-75A permitted and very ideal for use in your home and to preserve your food well.

2. Best dehydrator for the money – Excalibur food dehydrator reviews

The Excalibur 3926TB food dehydrator is one of the quality dehydrator that you can get for your family. It is strongly built to last long and compact to fit well on your kitchen counter. It comes with 9 large trays that make it easy to place foods for drying. As well, it’s easy to use and very safe. With even heat distribution in the dehydrator, you don’t need to change or rotate the trays. Set a timer and ensure that your vegetables, fruits or meat dries well and evenly. It operates with 600 watts and will effectively dehydrate all foods placed in it. With an easy to operate switch, get to preserve your food the healthy way with this amazing dehydrator.

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Key features:

  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 9 trays.
  • Has 26 hour timer.
  • Has 7-inch fan.
  • Built in on/off switch.
  • 600 watts.


  • It is really safe and simple to use.
  • Has adjustable thermostat to set ideal temperature for different foods.
  • Has a 7-inch fan to effectively heat the food stacked in the dehydrator.
  • Has a total of 9 large trays that will excellently dry different foods.
  • Has a timer to automatically switch off when the set time elapses.

3. Best home dehydrator – Nesco fd 1040 review

The Nesco FD-1040 is a beautifully designed food dehydrator that will give you excellent results always. This machine has a sleek design that will fit perfectly on your kitchen counter for easy operation. In addition, it has adjustable temperature control that allows you select a suitable temperature for various foods. It operates on 1000 watts of power and requires no rotation of trays as there is even distribution of heat. As well, you can expand the trays up to a maximum of 20. Acquire this garden master food dehydrator to properly dry your foods for preservation. Other accessories it has include; recipe book and patented converge flow.

Key features:

  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Expandable to a maximum of 20 trays.
  • Programmable digital timer.
  • Patented converge flow air flow.
  • 1000 watts of drying power.
  • Opaque vista save exterior.
  • No tray rotation.


  • Excellent design that will match the décor of your kitchen.
  • Has a programmable digital timer to set the desired temperature for drying different foods.
  • Easy to use as you don’t have to rotate trays.
  • It’s very powerful as it utilizes 1000 watts of power during operation.

4. Best food dehydrator for jerky – Nesco fd 61 review

If you are looking for a portable and medium sized food dehydrator, this is the best quality to get. It is compactly designed to fit on top of many kitchen counters and has a jerky gun. This device has 5 trays which you can place 5 different types of food at the same time for an even drying. As well, it has an adjustable thermostat that enables you change the temperature accordingly. The patented converga flow system for drying foods is one of the unique features of this device. Acquire this dishwasher safe machine to preserve your foods well.

Key features:

  • Top mounted fun.
  • Patented converga flow drying system.
  • Jerky gun.
  • 5 trays.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 500 watts.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Has even heat distribution with its top mounted fun.
  • Has 5 trays to place different types of foods.
  • Has adjustable thermostat to easily change desirable temperatures for different foods.
  • It’s easy to wash as its dishwasher safe.

5. Ivation the best dehydrator – Electric food dehydrator reviews

The Ivation is excellently built for diverse usage. It is has a digital control temperature to adjust the temperatures for different foods. As well, it comes with 6 drying racks for drying different foods at the same time. In addition, it has an overheating safety protection system to prevent too much heat form spoiling the foods in the dehydrator. Lastly, this wonderful fan has a rear mounted fan to ensure there is even heat distribution as you dry different foods. Other features include; 400 watts, timer with automatic shut off, one solid and one sheet mess, among other items.

Key features:

  • Digital control temperature.
  • Timer with automatic shut off.
  • 6 drying racks.
  • Rear mounted fan.
  • Overheating safety protection.
  • 400 watts.


  • Durably made to last long.
  • Its compact to fit on most kitchen counters.
  • Easy to operate with its automatic shut off feature.
  • Heats or dries the food evenly.
  • 6 removable racks for lacing different types of foods.


Buying a food dehydrator should be taken with a keen eye as it’s a very vital machine to have if you want to preserve your food the healthy way. With the various brands and types being offered, choosing the best is always an advantage for great results. There are several factors to consider as you set out on picking the best food dehydrator. Some of them include; size of the dehydrator, heat distribution, construction, ease of washing, ease of use, performance and overall quality of the dehydrator. Different people have different needs, thus know what your pressing demands are to obtain the a dehydrator.

Food dehydrators are very economical and one of the best modern ways to preserve food. As you can view from our tips and reviews, they all vary in features and price. So, carry out enough research before you finally decide on buying a food dehydrator of your choice. You can as well select from our top 5 reviews above or use the information in this review to make a good purchase.

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