Ultimate Guide – The Best Garbage Disposal Reviews 2019

Just think of what could happen after serving dinner to several friends and have a lot of food remains being spilled all over your sink and kitchen as you wash the dishes? This sounds really bad! It is a big mess and a hustle to tidy up your kitchen as you will have to take hours before you attain neatness. Also, the food remains might block the pipes and you will again be required to call a plumber to fix it before you proceed. But there is no need to worry anymore as the best garbage disposal will do a good job for you by breaking down the food remains into small particles that smoothly passes through the pipes. With a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you can greatly avoid this mess and keep it free from odors and other food waste.

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How to Select the Best Garbage Disposal?

The only challenge comes when picking the quality garbage disposal for your kitchen needs. There are several notable brands and models to pick from. They vary in sizes, horsepower, capacity and performance. In this detailed review and guide, we proudly make your work easier by discussing all the tips, features, factors and things you need to know before acquiring a garbage disposal for your kitchen needs.

What size garbage disposal do i need?

Size – know what size is ideal for your kitchen. Is it too small or too large? In addition, understand if the garbage disposal you’re buying will handle all your wastes. Does it take time to clear up the food remains or takes up less time? Know exactly what volume of waste it can handle to get the right one.

Garbage disposal with septic tank!

Septic tank compatible – are you using a septic system. Before you purchase a disposal, know if it is compatible and safe to use with your septic system. If not, don’t buy it and look for another model that is compatible.

Most quiet garbage disposal?

Quiet functioning – most of the people prefer disposals that are quiet or with low vibration. These operate soundly without disturbing your sleeping baby or neighbor across. The noise and vibrations occur when the grinder starts to function. If it’s made with sound proof material, it will be quiet enough. Ensure your garbage disposal is quiet enough for a smooth and fun operation.

Easy install garbage disposal

Installation – A good garbage disposal should be easy and quick to install. Since every new disposal comes with a manual, you shouldn’t think it’s hard to install as you can do it easily without the assistance of a plumber.  Take your time and follow step-by-step to properly install it.

Most powerful garbage disposal?

Durability – you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of cash on a machine that won’t serve you long enough. Look for a disposal that is very durable and excellently constructed. Some of the features to check for durability are its corrosion resistant ability.  Look for a garbage disposal made of stainless steel chamber and grinding components as steel is rust free. Another feature to look for is the jam sensor and auto-reverse grinding technology.

Best budget garbage disposal?

Budget – you can go for a lowly priced garbage disposal device and expect it to perform exceptionally in your kitchen. The disposal devices come at a bit higher cost but perform well in smashing the foods or waste in your kitchen. Work with an average budget to get a good disposal.

Features of the best garbage disposal

Garbage disposal horsepower recommendation

Horsepower ratings- Consider acquiring a disposal with high horsepower ratings. This will enable your device to handle both the hard stuffs like bones and the soft ones too with much ease. Garbage disposals have horsepower that ranges from ½HP, ¾ Hp, and 1Hp which is the most powerful. Also, the horsepower will determine how fast you can smash the waste in your device.

Stainless steel garbage disposal

Stainless steel grinding chamber- Greatly regard using garbage disposals with stainless steel grinding chamber. This is because they are very durable and long lasting. They are also corrosion resistant and most of today’s disposals come with this feature.

Garbage disposal electrical cord

Electric cord- Choose a disposal that has an electric cord so that you can easily connect it to a power outlet. If the device doesn’t have an electric cord, you will be required to fix a hard-wired which might be a bit costly to you.  Have this in mind as you look for your next garbage disposal.

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Auto reverse garbage disposal

Auto-reverse mode- One of the very common problems that garbage disposals undergo is jamming of garbage inside.  Look for a device with blades that can spin in reverse to clear any jammed waste. This feature as well boosts the longevity of the unit.

Garbage disposal mount

Quick neck mount- Most o the garbage disposals come with a quick neck mount which doesn’t need much help for installation. But if you’re acquiring a ¾ HP or 1HP, these tend to weigh too much and require two people to install it properly.

Garbage disposal warranty

Warranty- Not all products come with a warranty. But when buying the best garbage disposal, consider choosing one with a warranty of more than 1 year. Some offer a warranty of more than 2 years and just shows how confident the manufacturer is confident with their product.

Different types of garbage disposals

There are only two types of garbage disposals in the market and they include:

  • Batch feed garbage disposal

    The batch model needs you to fill it with food and waste. When it is completely full, you are required to turn down the stopper so that you can activate the blades. This model is regarded as the safest for families that have kids. Some of its shortcomings includes; takes a lot of time to execute the work, and it’s a bit expensive.

  • Continuous feed garbage disposal

    This is considered as the simple to use since you can add waste while it’s in operation. It is very good if you have a lot of waste and it’s also less expensive when compared to the batch feed model. The only shortcoming is that it requires running of cold water as it operates which will lead to higher water bill.

What do you need to know before purchasing a garbage disposal?

  • Find out if it’s appropriate to use a garbage disposal in your area. This applies to those who use a municipal sewer system.
  • Do you think it’s worth paying some extra water bills to properly get rid of your food waste.
  • What’s the size of your septic tank? Is it big enough to handle the load that the garbage disposal will release?
  • How efficient is your plumber? Does it clog now and then? If so, you shouldn’t add more waste in the pipes as it will continue to clog.

What are the best Garbage disposal brands?

As you start your journey of searching for the quality disposal, identify the best and reputable brands that have been highly recommended by many. Below are some of the top brands from which you can choose your next garbage disposal.

  • Waste King – this is a US based company that focuses on providing energy efficient and quality garbage disposals. They offer both residential and commercial garbage disposers and have some of the best warranties in the market.
  • InSinkErator – since 1927, the company has been known for creating top quality and well designed garbage disposers. They have a wide range of models and series to pick from.
  • Kitchen Aid – this brand is famously known for creating brands that excellently fit in your kitchen. The garbage disposers that they make are meant for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • General Electric (GE) – constructed in New York, USA, the GE brand is one of the best when it comes to creating durable and powerful motor garbage disposers. If you’re looking for a heavy duty and powerful device, the GE brand is the best.

Our Recommend Top 5 best garbage disposal reviews

After 100 hours research we have selected high quality garbage disposals list:

1. Best Quiet garbage disposal – Waste King disposal reviews

Waste king is one of the best brands. The waste king L 8000 garbage disposal is one of the best performing devices in terms of power and efficiency. It comes packed with features that will leave your kitchen clean by smashing all the wastes into the pipes easily. It operates on a high speed and energy efficient 2800 RPM vortex permanent magnetic motor. With the 1 HP, this garbage disposer will grind anything that you place inside it very well.

In addition, it has a stainless steel swivel impellers that hugely reduce jamming of the waste. It also comes with a sound insulated feature that minimizes noise and vibration during operation. It has a splash guard that can be easily removed to clean the device. With a lifetime mechanical and corrosion warranties, expect the best when you purchase this garbage disposer.

Key features:

  • Insulated stainless steel.
  • High speed motor.
  • Stainless steel swivel.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • L8000 grinding chamber.


  • Built to last long with the stainless steel.
  • Operates excellently with the high speed motor.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It is very quiet with the insulated stainless steel.

2. Best waste disposal – Insinkerator garbage disposal reviews

InSinkErator Badger 5 is a quality garbage disposer that every kitchen should have. This device is very simple to install once you purchase it and comes with some excellent features that will dispose waste easily. Made from one of the top brands, the Badger 5 is durably made with stainless steel to last long. It has ½ horsepower which is just suitable for crushing many wastes.

It as well has a one stage grinding technology that includes a grindshear ring that makes the hard to grind foods easy to crush. Other additional features that it comes with are; jam buster wrench, quick lock sink mount, stopper, and tailpipe with its gasket. Also, manufacturer offers 2 year in-home limited warranty.

Key features:

  • ½ HP dura drive induction motor.
  • Has a grind chamber with galvanized steel grind system.
  • One-stage grind.
  • Stainless steel construction.


  • Has a quiet operating system for lesser noise and vibrations.
  • Durably made to last longer.
  • Easy to install as it doesn’t need a plumber.
  • Offers limited 2 year in-home warranty.

3. Highest rated garbage disposal – Waste king 2600 review

Waste king legend L 2600 series is just one of the many outstanding models that Waste king have. This model is durably constructed to excellently perform in your kitchen as it gets rid of all the waste. It has a ½ HP which is strong and will crush even the hard foods. It as well comprises of sound insulated materials that reduces vibration and noise levels when grinding. It has a splash guard that is removable and makes washing this machine to be very easy and extra fast.

Furthermore, it has stainless steel swivel impellers which reduce jamming of waste in the unit. In addition to this, the device itself is a continuous feed and allows you to add waste as it performs. With a 5 year warranty on mechanical and a lifetime warranty on corrosion, expect this Waste king 2600 to serve the entire family.

Key features:

  • High speed motor.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • Compact design.
  • Stainless steel swivel.


  • Its excellently insulated to minimize noise and vibrations.
  • Is easy to clean with the removable splash guard.
  • It has a powerful motor with high speed of 2600 RPM.
  • It is extremely easy to set up.
  • Comes with a 5 year mechanical warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty.

4. Best home garbage disposal – Insinkerator evolution compact review

The InkSinkErator evolution garbage disposer performs well for both commercial and residential uses. It comes with a soundseal technology to heavily reduce the noise and vibration levels as you grind your waste. This device is very powerful with the ¾ HP motor and will do the job within a short time. It has a quick sink mount for easy installation and thus you won’t need the services of a plumber.

The multi-grin technology that it has is for grinding all types of waste be it hard or soft to finer and smoother particles. It comes with other features which include; jam buster wrench, anti-vibration tailpipe mount, and quick lock sink mount in the box. Also, you are awarded a 4 year in-house warranty on purchase.

Key features:

  • ¾ HP.
  • Soundseal technology.
  • Multi-grind technology.
  • Anti-vibration quick sink mount.
  • Stainless steel parts.


  • This garbage disposer is easy to install.
  • Comes with insulation features to lower noise and vibration levels.
  • It has a very powerful ¾ Hp to grind any kind of hard waste.
  • Offers 4 ears in-home warranty.

5. Best food disposal – GE garbage disposal reviews

General electric brand is among the best brands in the market. They create very powerful and highly efficient garbage disposers. This comes packed with feature that enable it be extremely efficient and very durable. It has a stainless steel jam resistant dual swivel impellers to remove all the grinded waste form the unit.

This GE GF520V model is a large capacity garbage disposer and can handle many wastes at the same time. It is easy to install and comes with a removable splashguard for easy installation. Other great features are; wall switch with a sink stopper, 2 level precutter, dishwasher drain connector and standard sound insulation package, to just name but a few.

Key features:

  • ½ HP.
  • Galvanized steel turntable.
  • Stainless steel dual swivel.
  • Anti-jamming grinding blades.
  • Removable splash guard.


  • The garbage disposer is easy to install.
  • Has a large capacity to handle a lot of waste.
  • It is a continuous feed can handle may waste at the same time.
  • Has a stainless steel jam resistant feature to ensure all the waste is transported after grinding.
  • Has an excellent design that can easily fit under your sink.


Garbage disposal play a vital role in helping keep our kitchen clean and free from food remains. They save on cash spent calling plumbers to fix blocked pipes and are as well eco-friendly. As you conduct the business of choosing the best garbage disposal, make sure you pick one that satisfies your requirements. Avoid selecting the ones branded as the best or highly priced. This doesn’t mean they will perform well in your home. Look for the ones within your budget and with the features you prefer most. Hope our review has helped you a great deal and you will make the best choice.

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