Best Grout Sealer Reviews 2019

What is the best grout sealer on the market? This is a question that lingers on the minds of many after installing tiles in their home. If you want your floor to last for a long time and be clean at the same time, applying grout alone is not sufficient. That’s why you need to look the high quality grout sealer for a better and durable surface.

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This sealer prevents substances like water, oil and dirt from penetrating the grout and shortening its life. In this review, we’ve elaborated on the different types of grout sealer that you need to know about, how to apply them and factors to consider before buying a particular type of sealer. You shouldn’t be in haste to acquire any type of sealer as they contain different formulations.

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What is the best grout sealer?

Begin by understanding what kind of grout sealer you want for a particular area. Also, methods of application differ from one brand to another. Consider choosing from the best qualities if you want your floor to remain clean without any penetration of either oil or water for a long time. You should as well know that penetrating sealers are very costly when compared to color sealers. Coatings are the most economical and are available in two forms which we will look into further below. With such detailed information that you are about to go through, you should be in a position to select the top sealer that meets your tiling or floor demands at the end of this page.

Different Types of grout sealer

There are various formulation used to create sealers. Knowing which type of sealer to apply to your tiles is very crucial. Here are a few of the types found on the market.

Water based grout sealer Or Solvent based grout sealer?

Water based VS. Solvent based sealers – these are just components in the grout sealer. The water and solvents are simply the carriers of the sealant material. These only last a while which is when the sealer dries up they evaporate leaving behind the sealant to secure the grout. Many people are advised to use solvent based sealants as they penetrate deep in dense natural stones unlike water. But when it comes to grout, water based sealant is the best as it’s porous and water can penetrate through it with much ease.

Some of the disadvantages of these two components is that solvent based sealants sparks off a strong odor which is a bit hard to get rid of. While water based sealants tend to leave water marks which should be wiped out immediately. If you’ve children, a water based sealant is the best to use as its less dangerous.

Different categories of grout sealers

If it’s your first time acquiring a sealer, you might think that all perform the same way. This is very wrong as not all sealers you see out there are for sealing only. Some specialize in preventing penetration of water, others oil and some stains. We’ve helped to differentiate them below so that you can easily understand which one you need.

  • Coatings grout sealers

This is a type of sealer with a thin layer that protects oil, dirt and water from entering into the grout. They are further subdivided into two which includes; a permanent sealer and strippable sealer. Just like their names state, a permanent sealer is very hard to remove while a strippable can be removed with much ease. Many contractors recommend use of strippable sealers as they are can be removed easily from the grout surface.

  • Colored grout sealers

Secondly, we’ve color sealers. These work similar to other sealers by preventing oil and water from penetrating into the grout. They have an additional feature which is color that blends well with your tile after applying the sealer.

  • Penetrating grout sealers

Another amazing type of grout sealer is the penetrating ones. They are created in such a way that they can penetrate into the grout surface and then place particles that offers protection to the grout from substances like oil and water. It is as well subdivided into two: oilophobic and hydrophobic. Oilophobic repels both water and oil based substances while hydrophobic rejects water based chemicals only.

NB: of all these three categories of grout sealers, the coatings are more economical than the other two. The color sealers are great for beautifying your floor and house generally while the penetrators are the best to use.

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A step by step guide of applying a grout sealer

  • Then, clean and dry the tiles as a way of preparing to apply the grout sealer. Whether it’s your first time applying grout or not, make sure the tiles are very clean as particles may be hidden that may cause your sealer not to function excellently
  • Start by reading the instructions on the bottle for proper application of the sealer. Every grout sealer is created different and its application differs from one another. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions keenly so that you don’t commit a mistake.
  • Proceed by applying the grout sealer using a brush or mop all over the floor. Ensure you apply it evenly. The best sealers are created in such a way that they don’t stick on the tiles nor damage them.
  • After applying the sealer, clean up the entire floor. Ensure it is evenly applied and no sealer should remain on the tiles as it may bring some unevenness when it dries. Wait for some few minutes for it to dry and then remove the excess sealant on the grout by use of a brush.
  • Finally, test the sealer and determine if you acquired the best or have to apply more. Use water and see if it penetrates the sealer or not. If it does, you’ll have to add another layer of the sealant.

This installation process can be applied the driveway sealer or granite sealer too.

What to consider when sealing grout

After being educated about the different types of grout sealers available, it’s ideal knowing what things to consider so that you end up with the best sealant for your floor, wall or bathroom tiles.

Best quality grout sealers?

Quality of the sealer – every sealer is created with a different formulation and compounds as we’ve just discussed above. If you are laying tiles in your bathroom, a water based grout sealer is the best to use while an oil based sealant may be great for kitchen tiles. Choose with regard to performance as some brands simply don’t offer the best qualities.

Best penetrating grout sealers?

Method of application – how is the sealant you’re buying supposed to be applied. If it’s a penetrator, it should be applied differently from a color sealer. Ensure you apply it the right way so that you can avoid doing the job shadily. You don’t want to see water or oil penetrating into your grout sealant just after few days of application.

Type of tile or stone used – depending on the type of tile or stone you’ve installed in your home, you can use a water based or solvent based sealant for a great tile installation. But if you just want to concentrate on the grout, a water based sealer is the best.

Grout sealer best customer reviews?

Customer reviews – check out various customer reviews online to be informed on which grout sealants perform best so that you don’t buy a low quality or less effective sealer. Also, view the advantages and disadvantages of different grout sealants before buying one.

Grout sealer price?

Price – what price have you set aside for a grout sealer? Work within your budget and ensure that you get the best for it. You can start by highlighting those that you want and compare them. Some of the best sealants are a bit costly but doesn’t mean that they are the best.

Look at their formulations to pick one that has components that you want.

Our Recommend Top five best grout sealer reviews

There various types of grout sealers in the market and many people get confused on the way. You don’t have to be one of these people now that you’ve read our detailed information above. Below are some of the best sealers that we identified which you can choose from or likewise use our lead to search for the one you feel is the best. These were identified after a rigorous research on various sites and by talking to previous users.

1. Best tile Aqua Mix grout sealer reviews

Aqua mix choice gold sealer is an excellent grout sealer that can be used in various areas. It can be in your bathroom, kitchen or leaving room. It has a natural look and it’s less hazardous due to its water based components. When you apply this sealer on the grouts on your floor, you prevent water from penetrating into them which allows the floor to last long.

In addition, it works well on both tiles and other natural stones. Last but not least, this quality sealer can be used both in the interior or exterior of your home. If you’ve just installed your tiles, buy this bottle and get to seal your grout for longevity.

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Key features:

  • Water based penetrating sealer.
  • Natural look.
  • Lasts for 15 years.


  • It works excellent on different surfaces such as tiles, and natural stones.
  • Its suitable for both interior and exterior application.
  • It’s perfect for use in food preparation areas like in the kitchen.
  • It’s not hazardous as its water based.
  • Can last for a maximum of 15 years before it expires.
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2. Best grout sealer for floors – Stonetech sealer review

Stone Tech heavy duty grout sealer ensures no water based or oil based substances penetrates into your grout after installing the tiles. This sealer is very easy to clean as it doesn’t stick on your tiles. In addition, it can be applied both on the interior or exterior of your home. After applying this sealer, you will have a glossy finish.  Also, this sealer works perfectly as it doesn’t harm your tiles after being applied. Another wonderful thing about this sealer is that it can be applied to tiles and ceramic. For a clean and long lasting grout, get this sealer.

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Key features:

  • Water based low solids coating.
  • Heavy duty natural look protection.
  • 1 quart.


  • Can be applied both in the interior or exterior.
  • Makes cleaning the grout to be very easy and stays longer.
  • It prevents penetration of oil based and water based substances.
  • Has a glossy finish after applying.
  • It doesn’t damage your tiles after application.

3. Best grout sealer for shower – Rocklinite Labs top rated grout sealers reviews

This Rocklinite Labs sealer contains a very active formulation that ensures your grout is excellently protected from water substances for longevity. It is a penetrating sealer thus very excellent in sealing the grout. Furthermore, it has a non-acidic formula which makes it ideal for using on any part of your floor be it in the kitchen or bathroom.

On applying this sealer, it is great as it does not damage your tiles leaving the floor as clean as you want it. Get one of these today for a long lasting grout and clean floor.

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Key features:

  • Penetrating sealer.
  • Non-acidic formula.
  • Water based formula.


  • It is perfect for use on granite, marble, grout, limestone, concrete, travertine ad slate.
  • Offers protection of up to 3 years on exterior floors and 5 years on interior floors.
  • Covers a wide area of up to 200 square feet.
  • It does not damage the surface being applied on like your tiles.
  • It has a very active ingredient that ensures sufficient protection.

4. Best sealer for grout – Tuff Duck the best tile & grout sealers

Tuff Duck is a top brand and so is this product. This works best for different types of surfaces making it ideal for use on various types of floors. It is water based thus prevents water from entering into the grout.

In addition, it has a non-acidic formula which makes it suitable for applying in any place. Also, it leaves your floor clean and not damaged at all after application.

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Key features:

  • Non-acidic formula.
  • Covers a maximum of 800 sq ft.
  • Penetrating sealer.
  • Water based sealer.


  • It covers an area of up to 800 sq ft.
  • Tuff Duck does not harm your floor after application.
  • It does a great job of preventing water substances from penetrating into the grout.
  • It is a high quality sealer that lasts long with 5 years in the interior and 3 years on the exterior.

5. Best grout brand – Dupont grout sealers reviews

Last on our list is the DuPont sealer. This water based sealer performs a good job of sealing your grout away from dirt, oil or as well water substances. It doesn’t harm your tile or floor as you apply it but leaves it clean. It can be used on the exterior or interior of your home without any problem. Purchase this Dupont sealer if you intended installing new tiles or ceramics in your home by sealing the grouts for a long lasting and very clean floor.

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Key features:

  • Deep sealing formula.
  • Water based formula.
  • 8 pounds.


  • It is suitable for use both in the interior and exterior.
  • Dupont simply doesn’t harm the tiles or your floor.
  • It makes cleaning be easy and the grout to last longer.
  • It prevents oil substances, water substances and dirt from penetrating to the grout.


Whether it’s your first time looking for a grout sealer or not, acquiring the best is no exception. There are various types of grout sealers in the market and simply landing on the best proves to be headache. As you embark on this cumbersome journey, know which components and formulation you require the sealer to have so that you can end up with the best. There isn’t an all applicable sealer. One that is suitable for the floor might not be ideal for the wall or bathroom. Understand which type should be applied where so that you can do a good job. You don’t want repeating the same process after you realize that water is penetrating in certain area.

Our broad review has all the details that you need to make this selection. You can make your work easy by selecting form one of our top 5 best grout sealer list above or use our information. Now you can go ahead and select a sealer that will meet your needs.

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