Best handheld flashlight review – Cheap handheld led light 2019

Since the world is a dynamic place, new technologies are taking over the old ones and our lives are as well changed in so many ways. The flashlight industry is also adapting and creating products that meet the customers demand every single day. In the past, flashlights used to be big in size and less brighter, but today, most of the flashlights are small in size but very bright. The handheld flashlights are a good example of modern day flashlights and their performance is very amazing which makes them ideal for several purposes such as in the military, hunting, camping and even by mechanics to just name a few. So, how to find the best handheld flashlight?

Features of best handheld flashlight

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There are a great number of best handheld flashlight on the market. For you to make the right selection below are some of the features you can look out for:

Handheld flashlights size

The size of the flashlight is very important. This is because a small flashlight will be convenient to carry in your palm and execute your duties at the same time, while a big flashlight may be uncomfortable to hold and heavy making it hard to work conveniently. Also, a handheld flashlight should have a good grip and sleek ergonomic design for ease of handling.

Bright handheld light

Most flashlights are rated according to how bright they can light an area. Light output is measured in Lumens of the flashlight. The higher the lumens comprised in a flashlight the brighter it becomes. A good handheld flashlight should have a light setting switch where you can adjust different modes of light as per the need at that time. The normal lighting modes include; low, medium and high. Other flashlights have the strobe and SOS modes.

Waterproof and impact resistant flashlights

A great handheld flashlight is one that can sustain you in all conditions whether favorable or unfavorable. Impact resistance best handheld flashlight are ideal for several purposes as they can survive extreme situations like when you crash them on the wall or fall down accidentally. Moreover, the flashlight should also be water resistant and corrosion proof to withstand adverse weather conditions that you may encounter while operating.

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Quality Design & Structure:

It is very heartbreaking to buy a high quality and costly flashlight which breaks down the next day. When purchasing a handheld flashlight, ensure that it is very durable and can sustain you for a long while.

Most of the handheld flashlights are made up of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which is a very excellent material.

Top 5 best handheld flashlight reviews:

With such features, you can go ahead and pick out your most desirable handheld flashlight. As well, you can take a look at some of the best handheld flashlights as selected by us below.

1. Fenix pd35 review – rechargeable batteries flashlights

The amazing PD35 flashlight is handheld with greater performance and concentrates on tactical usage. The Fenix pd35 is a 1000 lumen maximum utilizing Cree XP-L (V5) LED and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It also has a tactical tail switch with momentary-on function which makes it to be very versatile.

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It is powered by 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or alternatively two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. It is digitally regulated, thus able to keep continuous brightness. A great feature of this Fenix pd35 is that it has two unique modes which are tactical and outdoor mode. The tactical mode comprises of turbo, low and strobe while the outdoor mode is made up of turbo, high, mid, low, eco and strobe modes. The modes setting help in ease of usage.

The flashlight as well has a bundle which comes with the following; two fenix ARB-L2S 3400mAh 18650 batteries, smart digital charger and two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.

2. Fenix uc35 review – 960 Lumens Flashlights

This is a very great flashlight with some amazing features. It has a maximum output of 960 lumens and applies Cree XM-L2 U2 LED technology with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It has a protective circuit created to safeguard against over-charge and over-heating of the flashlight. Furthermore, it is powered by 18650 rechargeable battery or a two CR123 batteries. When you install the battery inappropriately, the reverse polarity protection comes to your rescue.

The Fenix uc35 is capable of entering the last used brightness level when you switch it on through the intelligent memory circuit. It also has a low-power warning function that alerts you when the battery is low. It is able to maintain constant brightness as its output is digitally regulated.  For easy operation, it comes with 5 different brightness levels, which are high, low, turbo, mid and eco.

When you purchase this quality best handheld flashlight, you will get a holster, Micro-USB cable, Fenix ARBL2P 18650 battery, and spare o-rings.

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3 .Surefire g2x tactical review – single output led flashlights

Surefire G2X is one of the best handheld flashlights on the market today. It is made up of a tough nitrolon, anodized aluminum bezel and compact body which is extremely powerful and makes it suitable for tactical applications. As simple as it appears, the Surefire G2X tactical flashlight is easy to use but produces an excellent, sharp and perfectly focused 320 lumen beam in your desired area.

It is powered by two lithium ion batteries which are included when you purchase it. It is also made of 4.5 ounces weigh. In addition, it has a great design which makes it easy for handling while carrying out your respective duties.

4. Suaoki Rechargeable bright flashlight review

The Suaoki 4-in-1 flashlight offers you more than just an ordinary flashlight. When you purchase this Suaoki, you will receive the flashlight itself, a power bank, glass smashing hammer and seatbelt cutter all put together in the Suaoki TC6. It is desirable for searching objects, self defense, emergency glass breaking and any other outdoor survival occurrence.

It is easy to operate as it comes with 4 lighting modes which are; focus, strong, weak and SOS. It has a maximum of 280 lumens and is also water resistant. The Suaoki is very powerful with its great USB charging port which has a high capacity of 10400mAh. It is safe with the smart chip which assists it from over-heating, over-voltage and short circuit. Moreover, the Suaoki is lightweight, portable and ergonomic in shape for convenience in usage and also making it ideal to move around with.

5. Tansoren Tactical Handheld Flashlight review

The ultra-bright handheld LED flashlight uses CREE XM-L T6 LED bulbs with a maximum output of 900 lumens. The maximum beam distance is 500 meters, which is just awesome for such a flashlight.

It comprises of five lighting modes which are; high, low, medium, strobe and SOS which makes the flashlight easy to operate. It is powered by an 18650 rechargeable battery or alternatively 3 AAA batteries. The Tansoren TC6 is also desirable for use in adverse weather conditions as it is water resistant. The body of the Tansoren is strong and durable as it is made from aluminum alloy shell. When you buy this light, you will receive 18650 rechargeable battery, battery charger, car charger and 18-month warranty. Tansoren is the best handheld flashlight under 50 bucks.

If you don’t much technical matter about the light, then I will suggest go with a popular brand flashlight like fenix or surefire. They will provide you the best handheld flashlight no doubt that.

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