Best handheld shower head reviews 2019 – Buying Guidelines

We all love a good shower. It’s the part of the day apart from bed time that we get to truly relax. Some might argue that the hand-held shower head is one of the best parts of the shower. This is because of the convenience and versatility that it offers in the shower.

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You could leave a shower head attached to the wall to clean your entire body or you could hold it in your hand to wash a specific part of the body. We just simply described the best handheld shower head so, let’s define it.

What is the best handheld shower head?

This guide is meant to help you make the right choice when getting your handheld shower head. Many people already know what this instrument is, but let’s assume that there are people who don’t. This instrument is normally used in the shower and is normally attached to a bar. It normally is quite easy to install and mount onto the wall.

It makes the showering experience a lot better for you, your pets and your kids if you have any. The shower heads are meant to be moved around as they aren’t mounted to be static. It’s because of this that they are normally attached to a long hose that can span the length of the shower.

This hose is normally made out of stainless steel for the sake of durability. It has to be pointed out that you can find thin, plastic ones that are probably cheaper. There are some benefits of having a handheld shower.

Benefits of having a handheld shower head

The best handheld shower head does offer its benefits to the user and they are as follows:

  • You’ll have a cleaner shower

Showers are pretty hard to clean. This is more so the case in the corners of the shower where the water doesn’t reach. Using a hand-held shower head will eliminate the problem as the flexible hose can normally span the length of the shower. Having one of these units will ensure that you have a cleaner shower.

  • You’ll save water

The best part about having one of these is that you’ll get to save water tremendously. There is no need to adjust water pressure in order to save water. You can still get to enjoy the same shower experience, but with less water.

  • It’s relaxing

There is no doubt that using the best handheld shower head provides a more relaxing experience to the user.

Many of the luxurious spas and resorts have these units in their showers. Choosing to use them will give you a spa like experience at home.

  • Shower time for kids and pets will be easier

We generally agree that there’s no time that’s worse for your kids/pet than shower time. This is especially true if you’re using a traditional shower head. With the handheld shower heads, you get to have more control during shower time. Using one makes shower time quick and almost effortless.

The types of handheld shower heads

Like any other product in the market. There are also types of hand-held shower heads that you can get to choose from. Some of the few choices that you’ll commonly find in the market are such as low flow hand-held shower heads, adjustable handheld shower heads and combinations shower heads. The difference between these types is almost minimal at times.

Low flow hand-held shower heads are one of the most efficient ones in the market. They are great for those looking to reduce their water bill and still enjoy some good shower time. Adjustable handheld shower heads are great as they offer you a number of options that you can use.

There are different spray settings as well as other functions. Combination Shower head is basically a dual model that tries to offer you the best of both worlds. You get a mounted shower head as well as a hand-held version with these models.

What to look out for in a handheld shower head?

Now that you know all there is to know about handheld shower heads, it’s time to make the purchase. Before you make the purchase, there are some considerations that you need to make to ensure that you get a product that’s right for you. Here are what you should look for:

Shower head size!

The size of the hose – We didn’t know whether to say size or length of the hose, but either way you need to look out for that. It’s important that you get the right size that ensures flexibility for you, but is also compact enough to fit in the shower.

Best wall mount shower heads?

Mounting options – This is for when you aren’t using the shower head. How do you want it to be mounted? Should it be fixed or would you like a sliding bar so that its height can be adjusted depending on the user? All this needs to be thought of before you get the shower head.

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Best adjustable shower heads?

Settings available – This is mostly personal preference. What settings would you like to have in your shower head?

What would you like to be adjusted as you use the shower head? These are just some of the few questions you should ask yourself before getting the shower head.

High quality shower heads!

Material used – This here determines the finish as well as durability of the shower head that you use. You need to check for the material used to make the shower head as you’ll want one that would last for some time.

Best budget shower heads?

Price – This isn’t really something to worry about, but a great thing to consider when getting a shower head. The good news is that there are a plethora of hand-held shower heads in the market for you to choose from.

You can check the market and see which one fits your price range.

Our Recommend top 5 best handheld shower head reviews

Now that you have all this information at hand, let’s move on to what we consider to be the best products in the market today:

1. Best rain shower head – Vida Alegria best low flow shower heads reviews

To kick off our list, we start with one of the best shower heads in the market. It takes this position because of a myriad of reasons/factors. The accessories like the free Teflon tape are a lifesaver as they save you a trip to the hardware store when installing the shower head.

On top of that, the shower head is made to comply with U.S. Standards, but with a twist. You can easily remove the flow restrictor if you have low water pressure or just need a bit more power. The hose that comes with the shower head is also very stretchy and well-built too. You’re bound to enjoy using this shower head. Here are some more features that might interest you.

Vida Alegria shower head review & Features:

  • Easy to remove flow restrictor

If you don’t know, the United States Government had placed a limit on the GPM rate when it comes to shower heads. This lead to the flow restrictor being used more often to meet this demand.

The only problem is this becomes a problem when the water pressure is low. This part is normally hard to remove on other shower heads, but that isn’t a problem with the Vidia Alegria handheld shower head.

  • Stainless steel construction

The product is made out of stainless steel. The main aim of this is to ensure durability when in use. You can rest assured that the build of this shower head is good enough to ensure that no new one is needed anytime soon.

  • The shower hose stretches pretty well

The hose attached to the shower head on this particular product is stretchy and long (about 5 to 7 feet). This ensures that you can clean almost every single corner of your bathroom.


  • It’s durable.
  • It comes with a long warranty.
  • The flow restrictor is easy to remove.


  • It’s a bit noisy when not turned on to full capacity.


This showerhead is what we consider to be the best for now. It’s not expensive as some of the others in the market and offers more as well. The easy to remove flow restrictor is a great plus and the Teflon tape has helped many. A great addition to any bathroom really.

2. The Best hand held shower heads – Ana Bath ss5450cbn reviews

This is a different kind of shower head than the one mentioned previously. Here we have a combo shower system that offers 3 different settings. There are two shower heads that can be used simultaneously or one at a time, it’s all up to you.

On top of that, you can also adjust the dual shower head to point at whatever direction you want, which is awesome. Here are some other features that you might enjoy. Ana bathe is one of the best rated shower heads in our list.

Ana bath shower heads reviews & main Features:

  • It’s made of ABS Plastic

The material used to make this shower head ensures that there’s a great design to the product. On top of that, it also ensures that the product still looks good even after long periods of use.

  • It’s a dual shower head system

This combo shower system gives you a unique experience as it allows two people to use the shower at the same time. You can also use one shower head thus getting increased water pressure due to the water flowing through one hose. You could also use them both at the same time. It gives you more options.

  • It has a 60-inch stainless steel hose

The hose that comes with this shower head is made of stainless steel, which is known for its durability. In addition, the length is also great as it’s long enough and can be stretched farther as well.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s sturdy.
  • It comes with accessories like the thread seal tape.


  • The water pressure tends to be lower die to the dual shower head system.


The Ana Bath Hand held is still a great option as it’s sturdy and easy to install. The thread tape that comes with the purchase is pretty helpful if you don’t have one yourself. The hose is also long enough for those with big bathrooms and don’t worry the water pressure is still high enough for you to enjoy a good shower. It is one of the best handheld shower head in our list.

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3. Best cheap Aquabliss shower head reviews

Like every other shower head, you can get this one with a hose and a mount. Aquabliss handheld has a chrome finish that can work well in a home using the contemporary design style. This Aquabliss is a great option for those that really care about aesthetics.

The Aquabliss has been designed to be efficient with its different settings that work with different water pressure levels. There are other features this product has, let’s have a look at them.

Aquabliss shower head review & Features

  • Anti-clog nozzles

Some of the shower heads can suffer due to hard water build up that tends to clog the nozzles. This shower head from Aqua bliss has been designed to avoid that problem. The nozzles are made so that there is no build-up of hard water.

  • Ergonomic handles

This Aquabliss has been made to be efficient. The handle has an ergonomic design to ensure that you can have a good grip on the shower head while using it. This makes it a great option for those with pets and little kids.

  • Long Flexible Hose

At 6.5 feet, the hose on this shower head is pretty long. You can stretch it and use it to help clean the bathroom or have a more comfortable shower. The hose is also made of stainless steel for that extra level of durability.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It has a beautiful finish.
  • The long flexible hose is a plus.


  • There have been issues with leaking if you hand tighten the piece.
  • It’s hard to switch between the different modes.


This shower head is awesome and it does have a lot to offer. It’s beautiful and functional too. The only reason it’s not higher on our list is because of the issues it has. If you don’t use a tool to tighten it, then there is a possibility of leaking. On top of that, it’s not great for people that love switching between the different modes as it’s hard to switch.

4. Best massage shower head – Waterpik shower head review

Waterpik has been known for making some amazing shower heads so, we can add this one to the list. This Waterpik 653CG in the budget range comes with a 5-foot shower hose and 6 spray settings as well.

It also utilizes optiflow technology to ensure that there is maximum water flow whenever the shower head is used.

Waterpik best shower head review & main Features:

  • Optiflow technology

This Waterpik 653CG is equipped with the optiflow technology that ensures maximum water flow whenever the shower head is used. This technology ensures up to 30 percent more water force, which is great as this means there’ll be no issues like low water pressure.

  • Adjustable settings

This is a staple with many shower heads and hasn’t been missed with this one. There are up to 6 settings to choose from. One can use the original shower massage or a high-powered pulsating massage. The choice is yours.

  • Chrome finish

The shower head also has a chrome finish to ensure that you get a shower head that matches the contemporary style of your house. In short, it looks beautiful and adds to the style of the room.


  • It’s good quality.
  • It’s durable.
  • The settings are easy to switch.


  • The rubber hose has a funny smell to it.


The good news is that the smell tends to dissipate once out of the package. It’ll only last for a few hours. The shower head in itself is a reliable one and can get the job done. This best handheld shower head not as fancy as some on this list, but this is no surprise considering the price.

5. Best dual shower head – Dreamspa shower head reviews

To close off the list, we have another dual shower head system. This combo system is versatile as it uses a shower slide bar to adjust to your height. The system is also pretty easy to mount and can be done in a matter of minutes.

It also offers 30 single and mixed water patterns for your enjoyment. The patented 3-way diverter also makes it different and it also comes with an anti-swivel lock nut so that it’s stable.

Dreamspa shower head review & main Features:

  • It has a 3-way diverter

This patented technology ensures that you can add another component to the dual shower head system if you wish. It’s a great feature to have.

  • It comes with a shower slide bar

The shower slide bar ensures that the system is versatile. This is because it allows you to adjust the height of the shower head depending on your height. This makes it very convenient for you and anyone else using the shower.

  • It’s easy to mount

This handheld shower head is pretty easy to mount. There is no need for any kind of drilling or plumbing required.


  • Easy to install.
  • It feels sturdy.
  • The water settings work fine.


  • It’s made out of plastic and this has deterred some people.


There are people that have complained about the material used, but this is really a non-issue. It’s still sturdy and durable as well. The different water settings as well as the ease of installation make it a great choice for your bathroom.


There are many shower heads in the market, but these ones were what we viewed to be among the best. When buying one of the best handheld shower head, it’s important to consider comfort as well as user control. It’s also not bad to ensure that it has water saving options and is eco-friendly.

Best Handheld Shower Heads 2019 – Buyer’s Guide
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