Top Rated Best Hoverboard Reviews 2019

Personal transportation or as others refer to it Hoverboards have become very popular worldwide. The two wheel hoverboard has grown in popularity leading to the emergence of new and cheaper brands in the market. Initially, they were very costly and just a few could afford but as of now, they mostly range from 250 to 800 bucks. Before they returned to being famous again, hoverboards have undergone some unique history.

They started by trending all over the social media with most celebrities posting them. This was preceded by some hoverboards heating, catching fire and some brands being regarded as unsafe for use. So, how to find the best hoverboard for the money?

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How do you choose the best Hoverboard?

A few months now, hoverboards are back and most of the brands being sold pass UL certification. This certification ensures that the self balancing boards being constructed are safe and meet the required standards. You don’t have to worry anymore and you can select the best hoverboard of your choice and ride in recommended areas. As well, you can go with it to work or shopping. Our review enables you to come up with the best hoverboard.

High Quality hoverboard

Quality of the hoverboard – there are so many hoverboard brands in the market and thus you should choose wisely. They differ in materials used to construct them as some are constructed using plastics while others metal. In addition, the wheels, motors and sensors, among other hovaerboard parts vary as well. Look for a model or brand with the best features for great performance and durability.

Easy hoverboard

Simplicity of use – A hoverboard should be something that can be controlled easily with you leaning forward or by the movement of your feet.  The best hoverboard should come with a grip rubber foot board with enough space to place your foot on for easy control and stability. Furthermore, the user manual provided by the manufacturer should be easy to understand especially for beginners.

Hoverboard speed

Level of speed – when it comes to speed, different hoverboards almost have the same range. They usually have a speed that starts from 2mph to 10 mph. Most of them have 6mph. Generally, speed can as well be determined by the surface the hoverboard is being rode or with regard to the users preference and skill.

Lightweight hoverboard

Weight of the hoverboard – since you will have to carry your hoverboard in various places that you go to, it should be very light in weight so that it doesn’t turn out to be a burden. Though, this is very challenging as most of the hoverboards are really heavy. They normally range from 15 to 26 pounds. A big part of this weight is brought about by the lithium ion battery which is contained in the board.

Light up hoverboard

Smooth to move with and silent – when you use the best hoverboard, it should be silent enough and move with much ease. The self-balancing technology that they come with allows the rider to move smoothly with them.  Almost all hoverboards come with LED light that illuminates your path when in light or dark places.

Good hoverboard battery!

Strength of the battery– a good performing hoverboard should have quality batteries that can last the many hours. Actually, the batteries are the great determinant of how far the hoverboard can take you. Some batteries take long before they are recharged while others don’t last long. As well, some take several hours to be recharged while others take just a few moments. If you want a hoverboard with a strong battery, then you should be ready to spend. Low quality hoverboards have less strong batteries than high quality ones.

Use of hoverboard

Multipurpose use – similar to a skateboard or other moving gadgets, a hoverboard should be able to facilitate your various activities like shopping, strolling or just having fun. One thing to note is that hoverboards shouldn’t be used by small kids as it’s a tricky device. Acquire one today and tour your favorite mall with it at a speed of your choice.

Hoverboard range!

The distance or range of the hoverboard covers – not all manufacturers clearly give the range of coverage of their hoverboards. When purchasing a hoverboard that you want to take you to distant places, you should look at the distance it can cover before its battery runs low. Therefore, don’t be carried out by adverts but go through various reviews to ensure that you get a product that offers the best of your preference.

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Hoverboard safe!

Safety of the hoverboard – from the day the hoverboards image had been tarnished due to heating and catching fire of previous brands during riding or when charging, the UL 2272 certification now ensures that most of the boards being made meet these regulations. Hence today, the hoverboards being built are safe for use as they meet new UL 2272 certification. With such issues, we highly recommend you to purchase a hoverboard from a reputable brand. This will not only ensure that you are safe but can as well use them in any area as some states and countries have banned some brands.

Best cheap hoverboard? Best budget for hoverboard!

The initial cost – hoverboards come with almost similar features but differ slightly in design, make and other specifications. The highly priced self balancing boards come with sophisticated features like Bluetooth for listening to music, remote for locking the device when not in use and other amazing features that make them exceptional. If you want to enjoy a wide range of features and experience powerful performance, a high quality hoverboard is the one to go for. They are costly but make your experience to be memorable.

Hoverboard warranty

Warranty – Lastly, a warranty is something that you should always look out for. A brand that provides warranty on purchase gives you full confidence of the efficiency of the product. As well, you should ensure that the brand offers great customer satisfaction just in case you need to find out one or two things about the product. This can be done through reading different online reviews from previous users.

What is a Hoverboard and how does it function?

To begin with, a hoverboard is referred to with different names which include; self balancing scooter, swegway, balanced board, and smart balance wheel. Most people misplace hoverboards to have the capability to hover in the air or fly. But that’s not the case as these just hover over the ground and move on wheels.

Let’s define what a hoverboard is; a hoverboard is a board such as a skateboard that functions using a gyroscope to balance the user or rider on the two wheels. It works similar to the segway but has no handles. Powered by rechargeable batteries, they have sensors that detect the riders leaning or feet movement in a certain direction and in the end the electric motors spin the wheels to go in that particular direction.

This is why riding a hoverboard is really fun as they just seem to communicate with your brain by changing direction and moving as your body wishes to.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Hoverboard reviews

Our top 5 list of the best hoverboards currently was compiled after testing several hoverboards and researching on them keenly. They have wonderful features and are easy to use. In addition, they are the best brands and perform well over a long period of time. You can systematically read one-by-one to fully comprehend why we selected these to be the best among the many models and brands.

1. Best hoverboard brand – Segway hoverboard review

The Segway miniPro is one of the best personal transporters. The highly rated brand comes with features that leave the user with one in a lifetime experience. It has a mobile app that allows the user to easily control the self balancing wheel. The app is linked through Bluetooth to have access on all the features of the hoverboard. These include sped control for managing speed, remote control operation for locking the device, an antitheft alarm to alert you of an intruder and customizable lights to illuminate your path as you ride on it.

This hoverboard performs exceptionally well as it can reach up to 14 miles and a top speed of 10 mph which are all powered by 1600 watts of power from its quality lithium ion batteries. It is as well very safe to use as its UL 2272 certified and lightweight to move around with easily in case it runs out of battery. With the padded knee bar, you are assured of great comfort and provide accurate steering for more ergonomic control.


  • It is very comfortable to use with the ergonomic design.
  • Its lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Has amazing features that makes operating it to be easy and fun.
  • Comes with added security in form of antitheft security alarm.
  • Easy to use as doesn’t need much practice to learn.
  • Very durable with the magnesium frame.
  • Covers a wide range before running out of power.


  • Has a speed limit which is a hindrance to some.
  • They are very costly.

2. Best two wheel scooter – Powerboard hoverboard reviews

The sleek Powerboard by hoverboard is one of the top brands made in the USA. This self balancing wheel is a very safe product that doesn’t heat as its UL 2272 certified. So there is no need to worry about the hoverboard catching fire, spark, overheat or smoke. It is smooth and easy to accelerate which makes it easy to use. You can move to any direction by either leaning forward or backward to go in front or backwards.

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Furthermore, this hoverboard is very fast with a maximum speed of 10kmh. As well, it comes with a strong battery powered electric motor that makes it to perform excellently. In case you want to ride in dark places, there is nothing to worry about as the LED light will light your path as you ride. On top of these great features, the manufacturer offers a one year limited warranty and has a great customer support base.


  • They have LED lights that illuminate your path in dark areas.
  • They are safe to use as they are UL 2272 certified.
  • Are very fast with a top speed of 10kmh.
  • Are greatly designed for high performance.
  • Has one year limited warranty with a great customer support.


  • It has some charging problems.

3. Best self balancing electric scooter – Swagtron hoverboard reviews

Swagtron T1 balancing electric scooter is a powerful hoverboard with a strong battery that lasts for long hours. It meets all the required safety standards with the UL 2272 certification as well. The hoverboard comes with a motorized scooters lithium ion battery pack with charge duration of 2 to 3 hours. This highly powered hoverboard has a top speed of 8 plus mph and cover up to 12 miles while using 300 watt dual electric scooter motor. Its batteries are very powerful with patented Sentryshield battery technology and smart battery control system that tracks and secures the battery.

Other top features include a lightweight shell, rubber bumpers, battery indicators, and LED headlights. Such features make using this hoverboard to be fun and interesting. In addition, it comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Has very powerful batteries that last long.
  • It’s safe to use as its UL 2272 certified.
  • Has a great speed ad can travel a long distance of up to 12 miles.
  • It’s of a great design created for great performance.
  • Comes with a one year warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • It can’t go over cracks or bumps.

4. Best smart scooter – Razor hoverboard review

This is one of the highly rated hoverboard worldwide. It’s a great self balancing electric scooter and made by one of the leading brands in the market. This device has a great speed of 8 mph and above which allows the user to move fast. It is powered by lithium ion batteries with silent 350 watt motors. In case you want to ride it in dark lit areas, it has a new LED lighting that illuminates your riding path.

Also, it indicates when the battery is low or full and has fender bumpers. It comes with two riding modes where one is for training and the other for everyday use. When it comes to safety, this best hoverboard is UL 2272 certified and can’t catch fire or heat easily.


  • It is silent but very powerful in performance.
  • Its UL 2272 Certified thus safe to use.
  • Is of a high quality.
  • Can support riders with up to 220 pounds.


  • Its challenging to use and requires to learn well before riding.

5. Best safe hoverboard – Epikgo self balancing hoverboard review

The EPIKGO hoverboard is an all purpose and high quality product. It comes at a high cost but has great features that make it to be outstanding. It can be used on all terrains as it’s efficient and very powerful. This quality hoverboard is big enough and has enough space to hold any kind of foot. It is said to be 30% more large than the close competitor. It is easy to control as it has more stability with the great board space and grip.

It is very powerful as it uses 400W dual motors that can enable the hoverboard to climb steep places, move at a great speed and last longer or cover a long range. When it comes to different safety rules such as the UL 2272 Certification and others, it fully merits and you can heavily rely on it. With a one year limited warranty, this product is worth having for a longer and interesting experience.


  • It’s very powerful with 400W dual motors.
  • Can climb steep places.
  • It’s very stable and fast.
  • It’s very safe to use as meets almost all safety requirements.
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.


  • A bit costly.


Ultimately, hoverboards are a great thing to have, either for fun or to go to work with or shopping. They are easy to use as they require no unique skill to master them. There are various brands most of which are UL 2272 certified and are very safe to use. With this review, we excellently guide you on how to pick the best hoverboard. If you want to get the top hoverboard in the market, go through various online reviews and purchase the high quality ones. These are a bit costly but are worth the money. So, take your time and identify a hoverboard that has the right wheels for you, Bluetooth or remote settings, durable batteries and a great brand that has been proven by many. Hop our review has assisted you greatly.

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