Best Induction Cooktop 2019 Reviews

There has been great advancement in the way we prepare food today as a result of the ever changing technology. The electric and gas methods of cooking have been diversified and led to the introduction of induction cooking. This method is very efficient and many people have embraced it. This is because it cooks the food faster than the other methods and is one of the safest, be it while cooking indoor/outdoor. If you’ve been looking for the best induction cooktop to no avail, you’re at the right site? We’ve all the information that you need to make a great choice in choosing the best induction stovetop.

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Though, there are different types of induction cooktops to select from and knowing which one is the best is very significant. It also has several types with some cooktops being portable while others are highly modernized allowing the user to cook more than 4 different types of foods at once.

How to find the best induction cooktop?

Simply start by reading our guide and reviews below to know what to look at when searching for the best. There are several types and models to choose but these shouldn’t confuse you. Have a vivid picture of your needs and the features that you want most so that you don’t end up spending cash on a product that isn’t meeting your cooking needs. They come with different technologies with some meant for high end use while others are for simple demands. When you acquire one of these appliances, you will cook your food very fast and in the safest way possible.

So, if you’re a hunter, hiker or camper, this item could be suitable for you as you crisscross the woods or forest. Read further to know more about the induction cooktop before picking one that you feel is the best.

Benefits of induction cooktops

These cooking devices have several advantages over their counterparts like the gas and electricity cooktops which are as follows:

  • This is considered by many as the safest cooking technology when compare to gas and electricity cooktops.
  • It is also the fastest method as it cooks food within a short period of time.
  • In addition, it is very easy to clean like other methods as the surface is flat and foods can be cleaned off it easily.
  • It requires very little ventilation as it give off very little residual heat.

Types of induction cooktops

Before choosing any type of cooktop out there, it’s great knowing which types are available so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. In most cases, there are three types that are talked about mainly which include:

  • Built-in induction cooktops

These are the most common types and can be installed into your kitchen countertop. They are normally flat in nature with sculptured ceramic glass. They as well come in a wide range of colors such as black, and white. Furthermore, they are available in different zone layouts and are sturdily made.

  • Portable induction cooktops

This is a very efficient and versatile instrument. A good deal of these induction cooktops come in either single or double units. It has very few features and less cooking power when compared to other types. It’s great for campers and hikers.

  • Freestanding induction cooktops

This is another outstanding type of induction cooktop. It is available in different zones, and layouts. They are normally made with stainless steel and in black color. There are different sizes to choose from and it all depends on your needs and space you’ve set aside.

What to consider when looking for a induction cooktop?

There are some few major factors to consider when searching for a quality cooktop. With different types, sizes and power, identifying the best induction cooktop is very important. If you want a high quality cooktop, here are some factors to consider:

Top induction cooktops?

Quality – one of the first things to look at when buying a great induction cooktop is its quality. Check out if the appliance is durably made with strong materials. A common material used in creating cooktops is stainless steel which is a very quality material and has great properties.

Speed of induction cooktop!

Speed – different cooktops come with different levels of speed. Determine which speed you want so that you can choose the right cooktop.  If you want to cook fast, choose a device with a high speed.

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High power induction cooktops?

Power – look for the devices specifications to know which power it needs. Some are meant for just basic needs while others are meant for multipurpose needs. Look out for one that meets your cooking needs so as to benefit fully. Most of them are very efficient and will cook the food very fast.

Is induction cooking safe?

Safety senor – the best induction cooktop come with safety sensors. This acts as a precautionary or safety feature that prevents the appliance from overheating and leading to damage. It performs this by adjusting power output to prevent damage to the cooking utensil.

Child lock – a child lock is another safety measure more so intended to prevent kids from getting damaged when the unit is in operation. Check this feature and ensure that the device that you acquire has it as a safety measure.

Cooking space – depending on the cooking space that you want, there are various sizes of stovetops in the market to select from. Most of them have either two or more cooking stovetops with others having up to five. Choose an induction cooktop that will be able to serve your family well and without much problem.

Standard cooktop sizes?

Pan size recognition and adaptation – this is a wonderful feature that enables you know whether the pan has not be placed well on the heated area or when it’s not suitable for the pan. The pan detection feature functions by a sign appearing when the pan is place on and another sign appears when the pan is placed off. This feature is very vital in that it makes sure the cooktop works as required.

Induction cooktop settings!

Control panel – every cootktop comes with its own control panel. Look for a cooktop with settings that make using this device to be easy. Some of the usual features found on the cpntrol panel include on/off button, programmable timers, auto switch off and auto heat up.

Induction cooktop with lcd display?

LED/LCD indicators – having a clear LCD indicators is a plus as it allows you to read the settings changes you make on the appliance. Whether it’s about temperature or heat of the cooktop, the display can show you clearly the changes you make.  Thus, if your cooktop has various settings, the read out should be clear so as not to make mistakes when changing settings.

Efficiency of induction cooktops?

Ease of use – there is a wide range of cooktops in the market and most of them come with settings that either makes them easy or challenging to use. Select a cookware that is very simple to use. Portable induction cooktops are the best due to their efficiency and simple features.

Best budget induction cooktop?

Budget – how much does the induction cooktop that you’ve selected cost? With varying qualities and types, these devices differ in prices as others cost very high while others are excellently priced. Work with a budget that you’re okay with so that you can end up with an induction cooktop that not only meets your needs but you’re okay financially with.

Warranty – another important thing to consider when buying an induction cooktop is its warranty. Not all manufacturers offer warranty on their goods. But if you want the best, its good searching for one with a warranty of at least 12 months or more.

The best brands offer warranty of one or more years.

Our Recommend Top 5 best induction cooktop reviews

Since there are many brands and types of induction cooktops in the market, choosing the best is a hard task for many. From time to time, people find it hard to just identify a particular cooktop as being the best. But if you know features that you want and quality, this becomes a very simple task. So, which is the best induction cooktop? After carrying out a thorough research on various types and brands of cooktops, we came up with our top 5 list which has been expounded on below:

1. Best electric cooktop – Secura duxtop induction cooktops review

Secura is among the top brands when it comes to induction stovetops. Most of the secura brands are of a high quality and are highly recommended by previous users. The Secura 8100MC countertop burner is just one among several models. This is a high quality burner with excellent features that enable your food to be cooked fast and well. It is very lightweight and compact or easy handling. Best electric cooktopsIn addition, it has an auto pan detection that’s shuts off when the pan is not detected after 60 seconds. Other wonderful features include; low and high voltage warning system, digital sensor touch control panel and built-in countdown digital timer. Acquire this burner today for quick and tasty meals.

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Key features:

  • Auto pan detection.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Low and high voltage warning.
  • Utilizes 120 volts and 15 amps of electricity.
  • ETL approved.


  • It is lightweight and good for travelling with.
  • It is of a high quality with great power.
  • Secura is easy to control and clean up.
  • It is very safe to use with the auto pan detection feature.
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2. Best rated induction cooktop – NuWave cooktop reviews

When you want the best, picking this portable and durably made burner is a great choice. It comes with all the features that you can wish for in the best cooktops. It is sturdily made with surgical stainless steel which is a very durable metal and lasts long. In addition, it has a digital control panel that makes using this appliance to be seamless and very fast.  With the non-stick duralon coating, expect this burner to withstand all the hardships that it may encounter. If you’ve been looking for an induction cooktop to cook your food very fast while using less heat, get this one today and start reaping its benefits.

Key features:

  • Non-stick duralon coating.
  • 18/10 surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Vented tempered lid.


  • It is durably made to last long.
  • NuWave is lightweight and thus easy to handle.
  • It heats up very fast.
  • Has great ventilation.

3. Best induction burner  – Cooktop Cuisinart reviews

If you are looking for the best double induction cooktop, look no further than the Cuisinart ICT-60 double induction burner. This compactly made cooktop fits very well on your counter in the kitchen using little space. It comes with two induction burners that enable you to cook two different types of foods at the same time. As well, it has dual heat settings that enables you set them separately with regard to the type of food you’re cooking.

Other amazing features are the digital control settings that make operating this device to be easy and the auto turn off features that turns itself off when the pan is removed after 30 seconds. Acquire this unit today and start cooking efficiently and fast.

Key features:

  • Double induction cooktop.
  • Dual heat settings.
  • Digital control panel.
  • Auto turnoff.
  • On/off switch.
  • 150minute timer.


  • Offers two cooking options at the same time.
  • It is sturdily made for longevity.
  • Has an easy to use control panel.
  • Has an auto shut off feature that acts as a safety procedure when not in use.

4. Best portable induction cooktop – Secura 9100MC induction cooktops reviews

Just like the other secura models, the secura 9100MC cooktop is one of the best. This amazing model has features that will not only cook your food fast but as well in a more secure way. It comes with a digital control panel for easy operation.  Other great features include; auto pan detection, 15 power levels and low & high voltage warning systems. With its portability, this burner can be of great use for both indoor and outdoor.

Key features:

  • Digital control panel.
  • 15 power levels from 200-1800 watts.
  • Built-in count-down digital timer.
  • Low and high voltage warning system.
  • Has diagnostic error message system.
  • Auto pan detection.


  • It is very easy to operate with the digital control panel.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried easily from place to place.
  • Secura 9100MC saves a lot of energy.
  • It is very safe to use with the auto shutoff feature.

5. Rosewill rhai-13001 review induction cooktop

Rosewill makes very advanced cooktops and is regarded by many as one of the best. The Rosewill RHAI-13001 induction cooker cooktop is just one of the many great models. It has a great look and shiny surface. This appliance is very easy to clean and operate. It comes with an easy to control panel and has a polished surface that is easy to clean.

In addition, it has 8 different temperature settings and an hour timer setting for efficiency. If you want a highly efficient burner, this is another great choice to have on your kitchen counter or travel with it as you go camping. Rosewill is one of the cheap best induction cooktop on the market.

Key features:

  • Touching control panel.
  • Polished crystal plate surface.
  • Hour timer settings.
  • 8 temperature settings.
  • LED large screen display.


  • It is of a sleek design.
  • It is highly portable.
  • Rosewill cooktop is easy to handle and lightweight.
  • It is very easy to control with the digital control panel.


Having an induction cooktop for cooking food in your home or while out is a great method. This is because it’s fast and very safe to use this form of cooking. Unlike other methods, its’ also easy to clean and requires less ventilation. As you prepare to search for the best induction cooktop, it’s good to know which features to look at so that it can fit all your cooking needs. You can decide to acquire a portable device, a freestanding one or built-in type. Depending on your needs and budget, pick an induction stovetop that is of a great quality and is very easy to use and control.

We’ve offered you all the crucial information that you may require to make a great decision in choosing the best. Hopefully, you have found this guide and review to be useful and have helped you in the way you will make your next purchase of this outstanding cooking appliance

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