Best Jogging Stroller Reviews 2019 – How to Pick the Top one?

After several months of not exercising due to pregnancy, you earnestly need a good exercise to be back on your feet and ready for work. As a new parent, you definitely require a jogging stroller to keep you fit and healthy once more. That’s why you are finding the best jogging stroller is what you should have to exercise routinely. Jogging strollers are different from other strollers as they comprise of features which not only make the baby comfortable as you run but as well make your jogging be fun and stress free. Look for a stroller that is very comfortable, sleek and safe.

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What to look at when buying a jogging stroller?

I know right now your mind is being crisscrossed with many questions such as how to find the best jogging stroller for your new family addition? Worry no more!! Our team has already done the homework for you. As you progress reading this review, you will learn more about the jogging stroller in the market and in the end it will help you make a perfect selection. All of the guidelines and product reviews below were compiled after we carried out thorough research on different users of the jogging strollers. No matter the numerous brands in the market, when you follow this guide, it will make your process a bit easier and accurate.

Best stroller for newborn baby only?

Number of children to carry; before you buy the jogging stroller, know the exact number of children you will have to carry. There is different capacity jogging strollers in the market with the common ones being one and two capacity strollers.

Best lightweight stroller?

Weight; note that as you purchase your jogging stroller, it should be light so that it doesn’t tire you up. In addition, you should consider the weight of your child. With such factors, ensure your stroller is 20 lbs or less.

Find the best baby jogging stroller not for young kinds!

Age of the child; this is one of the first things to check out, which means that very young children cannot be taken out for jogging. Liaise with your baby doctor to know if your child is fit to go out for jogging or not. Don’t risk at all!

Best portable stroller?

Portability; a stroller you acquire should be transported easily. Search for a stroller that you can easily fold in the trunk of your car. But if you love running just around your home, then portability shouldn’t be an issue.

Durable  stroller!

Type of run; where do you intend to run with the stroller. Is it on a flat surface or in an even surrounding? Is it a steep place or paved area?

Not all strollers can perform well on all surfaces but there are those with excellent features to withstand harsh environments.

Best jogging stroller travel system?

Purpose; what kind of runner are you? Is the jogging going to take long (like travel) or just within the estate. Knowing what kind of runner you’re will help you get the ideal stroller for your baby.

Safe baby strollers?

How safe is the jogging stroller; safety of your child comes first. A stroller should be safe and secure in case anything goes wrong. From the brakes to safety straps, make sure that these are in place and work well.

Best budget jogging stroller?

Budget; superior quality always comes at a great cost. If you want to get a jogging stroller with advanced features that not only add safety but as well comfort as you run, be ready to dig deeper in your pockets. There are several top brands that offer stroller at a wonderful price if you’re on a budget. If you are looking for the best affordable jogging stroller check our top 5 list.

If you have two children then you need a double jogging stroller.

Features to highly consider when purchasing a joggling stroller

Fixed wheel jogging stroller or jogging stroller with swivel wheel?

Fixed or swivel front wheels – a jogging stroller has three wheels unlike the conventional strollers which comprise of four wheels. Furthermore, the front wheel controls making it to maneuver easily. It is further categorized into fixed or swivel front wheel. The difference between the tow is that a fixed wheel stays in one position and cannot maneuver as you wish.

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This is great for serious joggers as it moves easily over all forms of terrain that it encounters. When it comes to swivel wheels, it gives you total control of the stroller as you can maneuver with it easily. It’s good for those who love jogging and shopping too.

Small or big wheel jogging stroller?

Size of the wheel – for a great experience, get a jogging stroller with larger wheels that can smoothly glide over grass, gravel and other type of surfaces. The wheels should be checked before jogging to ensure they are filled with air or if they have a puncture.

Jogging stroller tires width?

Tire width – the width of the tire is very important as well especially when you jog through different terrains or when you’re off-road. Acquire a stroller with wide and big tires which will enable you move easily on different surfaces.

Jogging stroller brakes?

Brakes – brake is a vital feature that every stroller comes with. Jogging strollers have two kinds of brakes which include the hand brake and parking brake. The parking brake is applied when you want to take a breathe or drink water. It stops the stroller from moving and every stroller has it. Then again, a hand brake can only be found on jogging strollers. It enables you take full control of the stroller while jogging on the steep area or slope.

Stroller with suspension?

Suspension – exposing a lot of bouncing on your baby can be detrimental to their health. For this reason, a jogging stroller is constructed with shock absorbers to ensure the toddlers are safe and secure.

Comfortable Seat!

Seat – for you to jog peacefully, you will have to make sure your baby is comfortable enough not to disturb. Thus, the seat of the jogging stroller should be well made with features such as great padding, a safety harness to keep the baby in their seats and a reclined seat to reduce shock that the baby might go through on rough terrains.

When you at home a baby swing or a pack n play can keep your baby happy and clam.

Jogging stroller with adjustable handle?

Handle bar – a good handle bar is vital. There are adjustable and non adjustable handle bars. An adjustable handle bar allows you to adjust the height and share your stroller with another person. Though, it will keep on changing to some extent. While a fixed handle bar doesn’t move and is ideal for serious joggers.

Jogging stroller with large canopy?

Canopy – every single jogging stroller comes with a canopy which protects your child from the scorching sun. There are those that are separate from the seat and fixed ones. The separate one can be moved forward to cover the child if need arises. Choose wisely.

Compact folding stroller?

Type of folding – Unlike normal strollers, jogging strollers are a bit larger and not easy to fold. Most of them can be folded in two ways which are either through a folding mechanism or compact folding. With compact folding, you need to use your hand to fold the stroller to a small size. But if you want one with a folding mechanism, you just have to press a button for it to fold.

Stroller Storage!

Storage of the jogging stroller – many strollers come with a basket located under the baby’s seat. The basket should be large enough to store all the requirements for you and your baby. In addition, they have pocket and some have mesh for securing the items from spilling or falling while jogging.

Peek boo window!

Peek a boo window – the canopy should have a peek a boo window that enables you examine your child as you jog from one place to another.

Jogging stroller safety strap!

Safety strap – a safety strap is an additional safety measure that jogging strollers come with. This can be applied when just in case brakes fail to work or in the situation where the strap has no hand brakes. The strap should of a great length so that you can hold it well enough to stop the stroller from moving.

Additional features – as well, the following features are not a must have on jogging strollers but may be there for greater comfort.

These include; speakers, cup holders, and baby tray among others.

Our Recommend Top 5 best jogging stroller reviews

Don’t be drawn easily to a certain brand of jogging stroller by adverts or sales promotion. Make an effort yourself to read various reviews online especially from previous users to get the best stroller. By doing this, you will be able to know what to expect from your potential buy. Our list below contains top 5 jogging strollers compiled by our team after great research and usage by some of us.

1. Top rated Baby trend jogging stroller reviews

The baby trend expedition stroller is one of the best jogging stroller in the market. It comes packed with great features that will make your jogging experience to be one in a lifetime. The stroller has large tires that glide easily on different terrains. In addition, it has swivel front tires for easy maneuvering and control of the stroller. After jogging, you can fold this stroller easily for travel. The stroller has an adjustable canopy that secures the child from sunlight.

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If you’ve many things to carry, it comes with a large basket for your particulars and that of the child. Other key features include an ergonomically shaped handle and lightweight steel construction for portability. For the child’s comfort, it comes with a reclining seat and a harness. No doubt that it is the top jogging stroller for the money.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • Has a good storage basket.
  • It’s fairly priced.
  • Can move on different terrains.
  • It’s highly durable as its constructed with stainless steel.


  • It is really heavy.
  • The tires lose air very fast.
  • Child seat is a bit smaller.

2. Best running stroller – Thule stroller reviews

The Thule urban jogging stroller is a high quality stroller with great features. It has a one handed compact fold for storage and to travel. Jogging with this stroller is very easy as it has a swivel wheel which can be turned easily in any direction. In addition, it has a rear suspension for a smooth and stress free ride for the baby. The design is sleek for great performance.

As well, it’s durably constructed and lightweight to jog with distant places without getting tired. The wheels are stylish and rugged to glide o different terrains. For a stress free jogging and secure ride for the child, the Thule urban stroller is the stroller to buy.


  • It can be maneuvered easily with the swivel wheel.
  • Folding is easy.
  • Large wheels to easily glide over different terrains.
  • Can be stored easily.
  • It is sleek and lightweight.


  • Seats are not large enough for great comfort.
  • It is loud and rough.

3. Best folding stroller – Graco jogging stroller reviews

The lightweight jogging stroller is very ideal for parents who want to use the stroller for jogging and shopping. As well it has swivel wheels which can be easily maneuverable in any direction of your wish. It has a large canopy that offers your child enough shade from harsh weather like the sun or wind.

When you carry your child in this stroller, you don’t have to worry about their comfort as padded and reclining seats for greater comfort. It is very compatible with the graco click connect infant car seats. For proper storage, it has a large basket for keeping your items and that of your kid.


  • Folding is done one time.
  • Easy to unfold.
  • It’s very comfortable and easy to move around with.
  • It’s very secure.


  • It’s a bit heavier.
  • Not good for all terrains as it has small tire tube.

4. Best travel stroller – Bob jogging stroller reviews

BOB is one of the top brands when it comes to the jogging stroller. The BOB revolution flex is one to admire. This is because it has features such as swivel wheels with a lock which allows you to move it in any direction with ease. Also, it enables you apply the lock where necessary as an added security.

Other features include a high quality suspension for great comfort of the child and large tires to glide on any terrain that you might ride on. When it comes to folding, this can be done easily for storage or travel. Acquire this stroller for easy maneuverability wherever you go jogging.


  • It’s very easy to push when jogging.
  • Has padded seats for securing the child.
  • It can be folded with a one hand release action.
  • Has swivel wheels for easy maneuvering.


  • It’s very heavy.

5. Best lightweight Jogging stroller – Joovy stroller reviews

For convenience and quick storage, the Joovy zoom 360 high quality jogging stroller is the perfect stroller for you. It is made of an aluminum frame with high shock absorbing suspension. These ensure that your baby is safe from bouncing or rough terrains while jogging. After use or when traveling, you don’t have to worry about folding as you can do so with much ease. Other amazing features that this stroller comprises are a lightweight design for easy movement.

Also, it has a large seat for comfort to your baby and comes with a wide canopy to protect the child from the harsh sun. In case you want to keep your drinks or other babies valuables, it has a large basket where you can keep such items. Last but not least, this awesome stroller has swivel wheels that can maneuver easily in any direction as you jog your baby slowly and smoothly.


  • It is lightweight and easy to move around with.
  • Has a great design for comfort.
  • It is easy to fold.
  • The seat is large enough to provide comfort for the child.


  • A bit highly priced.
  • Has a fixed handle bar.


A jogging stroller is not just anything you pick at your own free will without considering the safety of your child. Be prepared to research on and spend to get the best jogging stroller. A good jogging stroller should be comfortable enough for both you and the child, safe, easy to maneuver, and to exercise with. In addition to this, search for the one that has your preferred features and compare them to land the best. This seems to be tricky but our review has made things a walk in the park for you. Spend more to get a very reliable and more soothing jogging stroller.

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