Best Keychain Flashlight Review 2019 – Surely You should buy this one

As the name suggests, these are flashlights that have a keychain that is meant to be clipped on a key holder together with a bunch of keys. Their small size, compactness and convenience are what set them apart from other flashlights. The Keychain flashlight should be smaller, brighter and lighter.

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Keychain Flashlight main features:

The first thing you may consider when buying this type of flashlight is the size. This is because it is supposed to be hocked together with your house keys or car keys and you may not want a bulky bunch. The right size will fit perfectly and is very convenient.

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Mini Batteries:

The size of Keychain flashlights is determined by the types of batteries used. Some uses button cells while others use low cost AA or AAA batteries which are bigger in size. The ones that use watch batteries are even smaller. Having a look at the weight and dimensions could come in handy in securing the right size that is convenient for a buyer.Mini Keychain Flashlights Check Here For Latest Price

Very Small size flashlight:

One unique feature is the Key chain itself. Its quality has to be worth the buyers money. A strong key chain ensures that the flashlight is safe and enhances the aesthetics. It is quite disappointing to have a good device with a poorly constructed keychain.


Another factor that is important is the shape and the construction material. These two features help determine the durability of the flashlight. For a strong gadget aluminum and Titanium alloys are good materials. A rugged shape also gives compactness and good grip while on the other hand a sleek shape makes them attractive.  The best micro flashlight may also be the one that is water and impact resistant.

Power of light:

Although these devices are small, the amount of light that they produce is not to be overlooked. With a thorough research a buyer should get a flashlight with enough power for the purpose they intend to use it for. A good look at the lumens is a good indicator of the power of the flashlight.

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Led light:

Modern LED technologies are optimized the performance of flashlights. They determine how long the LED can be used before they burn out. This could be a helpful pointer when choosing one flashlight over another.

Brightness levels:

The micro flashlight should have a variety of brightness levels and modes to choose from. An adjustable gadget offers great experience when using. It helps regulate light intensity and the run time. Also switching from one option to another one should be easy for convenience.

Rechargeable or non-rechargeable:

There are also have rechargeable keychain flashlights. This feature is desirable in cases where batteries are not readily available. For users who intend to use them often, then this type micro light for you. There are no worries about batteries getting drained and it takes quite some time before replacing them.

Cheap keychain flashlights:

Finally the cost of the flashlight is not too expensive. With a good budget buyer should be able to get good value for their money.

A multipurpose keychain flashlight can be purchased at a good bargain.

Top 5 best keychain flashlight reviews:

The following is a look at top 5 lights in terms of size & quality.

1. Streamlight 99110 Nano LED keychain flashlight review 

Streamlight nano review

This light comes in black, blue, pink, red or bronze color and weighs only 0.36+ ounces.It uses 4 button cell batteries that have a battery life of 8 hours. It measures 1.47 inches long with a nice keychain for carrying it around.

Its beam intensity is 10 lumens that illuminate for 8 hours non-stop. It has a switch located on its head, which is powered on and off by twisting the head.

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It is also resistant to water and shock, making it very durable.

2. Thrunite ti review – powerful small light on the market

Thrunite ti reviewThrunite has four modes of brightness, that is firefly, how, high and strobe. The high mode shines a beam of 162 lumens for an hour. This is a good light intensity for such a small flashlight. CREE XP-L LED technology gives the LEDs an extended lifespan.

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A single AAA battery is required and without the battery it weighs only 16 grams. It is 70mm long and has a keychain for easy portability.

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The titanium alloy that it is made of being responsible for its water resistance and mechanical strength. Switching it is easy and doesn’t require a lot of force.

3. Lumintop Led keychain flashlight review

lumintop light reviews Check Price on Amazon

This Lumintop tool titanium has three brightness settings. The highest settings outputs 80 lumens while the lowest settings outputs 3 lumens. Its longest runtime is 36 hours and its shortest is 30 minutes. An object that 32m away can be seen using this light. The LED technology is CRI Nichia 219BT.

lumintop keychain lightIt has dimensions of 2.91 inches long with 0.56 inches head and body diameters. It is made of copper and its water resistance is rated at a distance of 2m under water.

lumintop flashlights reviewsIt comes with accessories which include a key chain, O-rings and a reversible clip.

4. Keychain with light – iTP A3 EOS flashlight

Keychain with light

The light incorporates CREE GP-XP LED technology that boosts the lumen output to 150. It works with one AAA battery and has 4 brightness levels, including a strobe function. The strobe gives a light output of 150 lumens running for almost an hour. Other batteries such as lithium batteries can work in place of the AAA.

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At 66.5 mm long, it is arguably one of the smallest keychain flashlights. It is resistant to water and corrosion since it is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It has a pocket clip.

5. Surefire titan plus review – Ultra Compact Keychain Light

Surefire titan plus review

True to its name the Surefire titan has two output settings for high and low producing lightsof 300 lumens and 15 lumens respectively. It is powered by a single rechargeable battery and is bought together with a charger.

It has a sleek design with a keychain to match. It weighs less than 1.6 ounces and measures 4x1x7.5 inches. Its construction material is brass that is plated with nickel for durability.

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The flashlight can be easily clipped and unclipped from the pocket and is also not difficult to switch it on and off. For a Keychain flashlight, the manufacture of this gadget have outdone themselves.

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