Best Lawn Fertilizer reviews – Top rated fertilizer for grass 2019

Are you looking for the best lawn fertilizer on the market? You are at the right site as we will help you achieve this. Whenever you see your neighbors or friends lawn looking greener and beautiful, just know they are doing something you aren’t. It can be the type of lawn grass you have planted or the fertilizer you are using. For a lawn to grow well without any trouble, all conditions should be favorable. The first thing to do is to get the right lawn grass seed. After this, acquiring the best lawn fertilizer will be a bold move. After planting grass, the next step to boost it is by applying fertilizer to it for rapid and healthy growth.

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One thing that baffles or confuses fertilizer users is the information provided on the bags. The numbers should be interpreted ell so that no mistake is made when purchasing fertilizer. When the best fertilizer is selected, your lawn will be healthy and protected from bugs, diseases and other pests. Consider picking a lawn fertilizer from a notable brand and the ideal one for your climate. In this review, we have compiled all the information you need to make a good decision in acquiring the best lawn fertilizer.

Key ingredients in fertilizer

For your lawn to grow well, you need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These have been explained further as below:

  • Nitrogen

The major ingredient that your lawn needs to flourish is nitrogen. When you lawn has the right amounts of nitrogen, it will have a rich green color, grow at a fast and steady rate, and also, it will have a dense and thick grass for an excellent lawn. All these conditions lead to a strong and healthy lawn which will naturally fight off bugs and pests, leading to a lovely environment in your homestead.

  • Potassium

Potassium works in conjunction with nitrogen to assist harden the roots and foliage. Grass leaves are foliage. Potassium improves your lawn capability to resist drought, wear and tear, cold weather and diseases. Apply the needed amount on the lawn for a vibrant and healthy grass.

  • Phosphorus

Another crucial ingredient required for quick and steady growth of the grass is phosphorous. This ingredients functions more under the surface to promote strong grass root development.


All these three ingredients should be contained in the fertilizer that you pick for an outstanding green, thick and disease free lawn.

Types of fertilizers

  • Granular fertilizers – this is one of the most famous fertilizers on the market. They are very easy to use and are long lasting. They come in bagged form and are available in two types which includes; slow release fertilizers and fast release fertilizers. So, when buying, one should take a look at the labels to ensure they are acquiring the right product.
  • Organic fertilizers – this form of fertilizer is created from one time living organisms and their bi-products. This kind of fertilizer tends to break down slowly when releasing nitrogen. They function by bettering the texture and density of the lawn, more so when amended to soil or sand. The only setback of organic fertilizers is foul smell with manures.
  • Liquid fertilizers – as the name suggests, this fertilizer is in form of liquid. It normally comes in concentrated liquid form. To apply the fertilizer, a hose and nozzle are attached to a spray bottle which is then applied on the lawn. Unlike other forms of fertilizers, liquid fertilizer is not long-term as the results are short-term, for your lawn to benefit from it, you will be required to apply more often for it to be effective.
  • Synthetic fertilizers – last on our list is the synthetic fertilizer. This form of fertilizer contains chemicals as it’s manufactured. Lawns are able to benefit from this fertilizer as it makes grass to be green with its instant release of minerals into the soil. Some of the setbacks of this fertilizer is that it’s not long term and your lawn might burn if not properly applied.

Things to consider when picking a lawn fertilizer

When you pick the best fertilizer for your lawn, the grass will grow thicker and greener. All you have to do is select the right fertilizer for your lawn. It can be a chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer. If it’s a chemical fertilizer, you will have to wait before coming in contact with the grass. But if it’s an organic fertilizer, you may be forced to try several times and see how the lawn responds. What should you base on when choosing a lawn fertilizer? Here are some few points to look at:

  • Consider whether your lawn has weeds or crab grass
  • Consider the place you live in and its climate. Is it hot or cold?
  • Determine the kind of soil. It can either be soft and absorptive or coarse
  • Do people and pets get in contact with the grass most of the time.
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These are some of the questions and issues to note before just picking any kind of fertilizer. The wrong fertilizer will be of less help to you. So, find out these factors and you will be well off.

10 Guidelines for fertilizing your lawn well

  • When to apply fertilizer

Applying fertilizer to your lawn depends on a number of things. Some grass types are very easy to maintain than others. Also, if you want to have dense and greener lawn, you will have to use fertilizer from time to time. The most crucial ingredient that every lawn should have is nitrogen and it is needed for quicker and stable growth of the grass. Different types demands different levels of nitrogen, so you should know this before choosing any lawn fertilizer. The way you apply fertilizer will impact the lawn appearance as well its maintenance level.

  • Apply a rotary or broadcast spreader

These works best if a person is fertilizing a large lawn. You have to fill the hopper and ensure it’s closed. Begin by applying the fertilizer on the perimeter prior to moving in front and back across the turf in an organized way. Repeat some areas to make sure that you cover the entire lawn.

  • Use a drop spreader

Another good equipment to use when spreading fertilizer is the drop spreader. This is good for controlled fertilizer distribution. When applying this fertilizer, overlap to ensure that the entire lawn is well covered. Fill the hopper when you come near the end of the pass. Then apply water so that you can help get the nitrogen down the soil.

  • How to use a handheld broadcast spreader

If you have a small lawn to fertilize, you can opt for a handheld broadcast spreader. When using this spreader, you will have to walk evenly and slowly so that the entire lawn is covered. Overlap to ensure no area is left without fertilizer. Also, if you have a different grass type such as that based in a shady place, you may need this spreader to apply a different kind of fertilizer from the entire lawn.

  • Fertilizer and water

To have fertilize your lawn excellently, you have to water your lawn before fertilizing. Also, after you fertilize, you have to apply water so that it can get the nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil. Another good way to fertilize your lawn is by doing so between rainfalls and allowing the rain water wash fertilizer into the soil.

  • Soil aeration

For those who plan to aerate their soil, they can follow it up with fertilization. Soil greatly benefit from sol aeration as the process creates holes in the soil and exposes the zones of grass plants. As a result, these holes let in water, air and fertilizer directly to the roots. If you want the best aeration, use a core aerator.

  • Grasscycling

Instead of buying fertilizer, you can decide to utilize the grass after cutting it. Grasscycling means allowing the grass clippings to remain on top of the lawn and act as the fertilizer. A study shows that when these clippings are left in large numbers, they form a great fertilizer as they can yield a lot of nitrogen. All you need to have is a mower with a mulching cutting option.

  • When to fertilize warm grass season

Depending on the area that you live in and its climate, you will be required to fertilize at different times. For individuals who live in warm season areas and have planted warm season grass, they should normally fertilize the grass in late spring or early summer for better results.

  • When to fertilize cold grass season

When you live in cold season places, you will have to fertilize before fall. Many experts say that people who live in such areas should just fertilize their lawns once in a year. Thus, they should apply fertilizer in October and November. Apply the fertilizer before the grass begins to discolor and the start of the cold season.

  • Use compost as fertilizer

Some people don’t like using chemical fertilizers due to their bad effect on the environment. A good option is to use compost as fertilizer.

This is very friendly to the environment as no harmful substances are left behind compost contains nitrogen which is made available to the grass to support their growth.

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1. The best 5 lawn fertilizers to use

Many people get confused when it comes to choosing the best lawn fertilizer. This is because there are various brands and types to choose from. Before a person chooses any lawn fertilizer, he or she has to know which one ill function well on their lawn. Also, the components of the lawn fertilizer are crucial as they will determine its rate of growth. After a thorough research, we managed to compile the best 5 lawn fertilizers on the market as follows:

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn food

This is one of the best lawn fertilizers today. It functions in any kind of climate and type of grass. It can cover up to 15, 000 sq ft which is amazing. After applying it on your lawn, you can re-enter it together with your pet and kid as it’s not harmful.

Main features:

  • Used on any season or grass type
  • Covers 15, 000 sq ft
  • It is kid and pet friendly


  • It creates strong and deep roots when applied
  • Can be applied in any season of type of grass
  • It feeds and protects the grass in order to protect it from future troubles
  • It’s not harmful as one can re-enter the lawn after applying

2. Safer Brand 9333 Ringer Lawn Fertilizer

The safer brand 9333 Ringer lawn fertilizer is an excellent product that will better your lawn some days after being applied. It covers an area of approximately 5, 000 sq ft and contains no any manure or odor. It weighs 25 pounds and is made up of plant nutrients. Use this brand to make your lawn greener.

Main features:

  • Covers up to 5, 000 sq ft
  • 25 pounds
  • Composed of plant based nutrients
  • Has no odors or manures


  • It is made up of plant based nutrients which makes it safe for use
  • It has no odors or manures
  • Lawn Fertilizer covers a wide area of 5, 000 sq ft

3. Miracle-Gro Soluble Lawn food

For people who want a quick, thick and green lawn, the Miracle-Gro Soluble lawn fertilizer will be ideal for them. This fertilizer bag covers an area of 4, 000 sq ft. it greatly promotes a soft green carpet when applied on your lawn. It can be used to fertilize any type of grass. When using this fertilizer, you are needed to combine it with miracle-Gro Garden feeder.

Main features:

  • Promotes a soft green carpet
  • Covers up to 4, 000 sq ft
  • Used for any kind of grass
  • Applied with miracle-Gro Garden feeder


  • It is one of the best lawn fertilizers for a quicker and greener lawn
  • Covers a broad area of 4, 000 sq ft
  • It can be applied on any kind of grass.

4. GreenView  Fall Lawn Food

GreenView Fall Lawn food covers up to 5, 000 sq ft. The fertilizer works best when it comes to helping speed root growth to better nutrient absorption. Weighing 16 pounds, this lawn fertilizer bag has no-phosphates enhanced efficiency fertilizer that promotes quick spring green-up. Acquire this fertilizer today and have a healthy and green lawn.

Main features:

  • Speed root growth for better nutrient absorption
  • No-phosphate enhanced efficiency fertilizer
  • Covers up to 5, 000 sq ft
  • 16 pounds


  • It promotes early spring green-up
  • It helps in making your lawn look healthy and green
  • Assists speed root growth to improve nutrient absorption

5. Jonathan Green 10458 Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Fertilizer

Jonathan is a notable brand when it comes to lawn practices. From lawn grass seed to fertilizer and other products, Jonathan Green offers one of the best lawn fertilizers. It has a slow release and a non-staining formula. In addition, this bag is able to cover up to 5, 000 sq ft. The lawn fertilizer offers nutrients that are suitable for growth of green grass. Also, it is an excellent preventer of crabgrass.

Main features:

  • Slow release formula
  • Non-staining formula
  • Covers 5, 000 sq ft
  • Provides nutrients ideal for green grass
  • Prevents crabgrass
  • Has a low use rate


  • It can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other crabgrass preventers
  • Controls crabgrass the whole season before and after it germinates
  • Is able to cover up to 5, 000 sq ft
  • Ha a non-staining formula


Every home deserves a lawn with thick and green grass most part of the year. But to achieve this, one has to acquire the right grass in their area and apply the right fertilizer for steady and healthy growth. Fertilizer are mainly made up of three components which include; nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. When the lawn in your home has all these 3 ingredients, it will grow fast and steadily most part of the year. This will leave your lawn looking greener and thick. You can also take a look of lawn fertilizer law. If you want to have such a lawn, the above information that we have gathered concerning the best fertilizer to apply will aid you to have a nice lawn.

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