Best Lawn Sprinkler Reviews 2019 – Top Rated the best garden sprinkler

Watering your lawn using your own hands or manually can be tiresome and inaccurate. Then, why waste your time using such a method when you can apply an easy, quicker and most effective way to water your lawn? Lawn sprinklers have made things easy as they sprinkle the whole lawn evenly and excellently. These devices can be set and left to sprinkle water at the ideal time. Thus, you have to select the best lawn sprinkler to get effective results.

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A lawn sprinkler ensures that the lawn attains the appropriate watering system for their continued health, freshness and to maintain their green color all year round. Instead of using up your energy and watering unevenly on your lawn, get a lawn sprinkler to make things easier for you. There are different types and models to choose from. Pick one that works perfect on your lawn for a healthy grass and beautiful environment. In addition, you will be in a position to save water and as well customize your watering system.

The information we’ve assembled in this review and guide should help you find the best lawn sprinkler for your lawn. Read further to be educated more and take a look at our best 5 lawn sprinkler reviews.

Types of sprinklers

  • Rotating sprinklers

These usually spin 360 degrees as they release water on your lawn. It usually has two or more arms that spin while in use. The rotating sprinklers are sometimes referred to as rotary sprinklers.

  • Stationery sprinklers

These are one of the most common ones on the market. They are available in different designs offering a range to choose from. It functions by connecting it to your hose and sprays water in the same area until it is changed. This covers a small area and thus it’s suitable for small yards.

  • Oscillating sprinklers

This works by using a row of several openings to disperse water in a semicircular spray. The sprinkler head and also the resulting fan of water then moves from one side to another. This covers a wide area than a good number of stationary types.

  • Sprinkler hoses

Just like their name suggests, these are rubber hoses with small holes lined along the top that emit a controlled spray. These sprinklers have an ideal length and flexibility suitable for watering long, even and irregularly curved patches of grass as they stretch out of your property.

  • Traveling sprinklers

This kind of lawn sprinkler rolls through your yard watering the entire lawn. It does so in a programmed pattern. This is similar to a miniature lawnmower, only that it just waters your lawn instead of cutting grass.

  • In ground sprinkler systems

Last but not least is the in ground sprinkler. This is one of the best sprinklers to use if you are busy and have no watering time. It functions at set times and it is normally connected to your home water system. The sprinkler can be programmed for water to emerge from the ground at particular times.

Types of sprinkler heads

When you talk about a sprinkler, it’s really hard to go without talking about its head. The head is the main part of a sprinkler as it will determine how the device waters your garden. It is usually connected to the hose or pipe end. Here are some of the common types of sprinkler heads:

  • Pop-up heads

People with large lawns should opt for this kind of sprinkler head as it covers a wider area. The pop up head functions with the upper part being risen above the lawn’s ground. The moment the sprinkler is activated, the water will be discharged to water the lawn. This is very ideal for open lawns, curbs and sidewalks.

  • Spray heads

This is the best sprinkler head for people with small lawns. Also, this is one of the most common sprinkler heads as it throws water in a particular radius and is very suitable for target watering.

  • Bubbler heads

For those with the aim of watering the roots and leaving the foliage alone, they can decide to use this kind of sprinkler head. This works by water being let directly to the roots thus in turn benefiting them.

  • Rotor heads

This is one of the best sprinkler heads on the market to use. This is because it covers a wide and open area. When this sprinkler sprays water, the distance that it covers is referred as throw. One of the advantages of the rotor head is that the user can adjust the distance of the throw to a favorable one.

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Benefits of using a lawn sprinkler

  • Efficient and continuous watering of the lawn – using a sprinkler or irrigation system will aid you water your lawn regularly, efficiently and consistently. This is as a result of the water being limited to simply an inch every single moment.
  • Lawn care atomization – one of the reason people love lawn sprinklers is that they enable a person have an ample time when away. It’s not a must to be present during the watering time as long as you set the sprinkler. When you are on a vacation or holiday, you no longer have to worry about the lawn being watered as the sprinkler will do that for you.
  • Assists in conserving water – another advantage of using a lawn sprinkler is that it enables you conserve water as it waters the lawn at night when the temperatures are cool and less water is used up. Also, set it right during dry seasons for less water usage.
  • Watering the whole backyard – watering your lawn with a sprinkler means that the lawn and other parts in your home benefits. Places like flower beds, trees and garden will all benefit if you water the lawn.
  • Customize watering – people prefer using lawn sprinklers because they allow a person to customize how they want to water their lawn. This relies on the type of sprinkler and nature of your lawn. There are several settings that can be applied to excellently sprinkle your lawn.

What to consider when purchasing a lawn sprinkler

  • Materials – one of the things to consider when picking a lawn sprinkler is the material of the sprinkler. Some are made of metal while others are made from hard plastic. Make sure you get the best for longevity. A lawn sprinkler made from metal is more durable than that made from plastic.
  • Ease of use – how to apply the water sprinkler? Some sprinklers are very difficult to use as they need assembling and or cumbersome installation. Choose a device that is simple to use so that you don’t waste time every time you want to water your lawn.
  • Size and style of the lawn – not every lawn sprinkler will function well on your lawn. As you go around looking for a lawn sprinkler, consider if the one you are picking will water your lawn well. Also, the size of the lawn should be thought about when picking a lawn sprinkler. If it’s too big, get the right lawn sprinkler that can cover that area.
  • Performance – check out previous reviews of some of the lawn sprinklers and find out how they have been performing. When you pick a device that isn’t of great quality, your lawn won’t be watered well.
  • Maintenance – also, hen searching for the best lawn sprinkler, consider its maintenance cost. Some are very challenging to maintain and will cost you a fortune, while others are very easy to maintain.
  • Brand – which brand is the lawn sprinkler made from? Consider buying from brands that have proven to offer efficiently and highly effective devices. Not every brand that possess as being great is so. Before you decide, go through some of the top brands and pick one that has features that you love.
  • Price – another important factor to look at is the price. Since there are various lawn sprinklers on the market, buying a quality one matters. Avoid just picking any device because it’s lowly price or highly priced. Work with a budget and choose the best lawn sprinkler that meets your needs within that budget.
  • Warranty – manufacturers that offer warranty have total confidence in their products.

    Thus, check for warranty before spending your cash on any lawn sprinkler. This may help you from buying an inferior sprinkler.

Our Recommend top 5 best lawn sprinkler reviews

Choosing a sprinkler for your lawn is not a walk in the park. With the various brands and models present, this might be harder than you think. This is mostly right for first time buyers as they may not know what to look for. But with our guide and detailed information in this review, this shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Our panel sat down and took hours sorting out the best lawn sprinklers on the market. Below is what they managed to come up with as the best.

1. Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

Nelson 1865 is an excellent traveling lawn sprinkler that will leave your lawn watered well. It has cast-iron body which is very durable. The lawn sprinkler can travel up to 200 ft and the furthest it can sprinkle water is 13, 500 sq ft. Also, the device comes with 3 different speeds of high, low and neutral that enables the user apply the water as needed. With its simple design, this sprinkler is easy to maintain and can help keep your garden or lawn watered excellently for a lovely environment.

Key features:

  • Adjustable aluminum spray arms
  • Covers a maximum of 13, 500 sq ft
  • Can travel up to 200 ft
  • Cast-iron body
  • Has 3 speeds of high, low and neutral


  • It can cover a wide area of up to 13, 500 sq ft
  • It comes with 3 speeds of high, low and neutral that the user can choose from
  • The adjustable aluminum spray arms makes it boosts its coverage and performance
  • It has a cast-iron body for longevity

2. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Sprinkler

Are you tired of chasing dogs, deer, birds and other close animals from your lawn? Worry no more as the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer will deter these animals away from your lawn. The device comes with a sensing technology that detects animals from 40 ft and deters them away. It also has 3 detection modes which are night, day and animals. These and other excellent features make this lawn sprinkler great to use o your lawn.

Key features:

  • Heavy duty construction with metal dual step spike and brass hose
  • 120 degree arc motion sensor
  • 35 foot adjustable impact sprinkler and 30 minute timed setting
  • Intelligent sensing technology
  • Over 7, 500 activation cycles on 4 AAA batteries


  • Has three detection modes of day, night and animals
  • Has superior coverage with a wide viewing of 120 degrees
  • It doubles as a sprinkler
  • Has a smart sensing technology for detecting animals as far as 40 ft

3. GARDENA 1975 Aquazoom 3900-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler with Fully Adjustable Width Control

The Gardena 1975 oscillating sprinkler is a quality product that wonderfully waters a lawn for a healthy and nourished grass. It comes with adjustable width and length for better coverage of the lawn. It can cover up to 3900 sq ft which is excellent. With 12 months warranty on parts and labor, this product is worth having to water you lawn.

Key features:

  • Adjustable length of spray 23-feet to 69-feet
  • Fully adjustable width control
  • 2 pounds
  • Covers 3900 sq ft
  • 12 months parts and labor warranty


  • It is durably made
  • It is very easy to use
  • Covers up to 3900 sq ft
  • Has an adjustable width and length for entire coverage of the lawn

4. Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

This lawn sprinkler is one of the best when it comes to deterring away animals like rabbits, skunk, deer, goose and cats. It has a heat and motion activated sensor that recognizes these animals from a distance before scaring them off. In addition, it functions both day and night thus there is no need to worry. When the battery gets low, it comes with an intuitive low battery indicator that will alert you in time.

Key features:

  • Covers 1200 sq ft
  • Heat and motion activated sensor
  • Intuitive low battery indicator
  • Protects day and night


  • It is suitable to cover larger areas with a maximum coverage of 1200 sq ft
  • Deters away animals such as skunk, deer, rabbits and cats.
  • Has a battery low indicator.
  • Can be used to scare away the animals both during the day and at night

5. Gilmour Medium Duty Sprinkler

Finally, the Gilmour medium duty sprinkler is another top lawn sprinkler that we couldn’t miss to discus about. This sprinkler is suitable for circular lawns and covers an area of up to 5, 80 sq ft. It has adjustable pattern and collar. The built-in programming disk allows the user to customize the sprinkler to preference. In addition, the device is durably made and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

Key features:

  • Adjustable collar
  • Built-in programming disk
  • Covers up to 5, 800 sq ft
  • Adjustable pattern
  • 86 feet diameter circular spray
  • Medium duty
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It is very easy to use
  • It is durably made for longevity with its impact resistant and rust-proof polmer
  • Covers around 5, 800 sq ft
  • It is suitable for big circular lawns
  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Has an adjustable pattern for increased efficiency


Lawn sprinklers play a major role of keeping our grass greener, thick, healthy and fresh. A beautiful lawn is nice for playing with your pets and kids. But to do so, a lot of effort is required to keep it well maintained the whole year. One of the ways to make this possible is acquiring the best lawn sprinkler that will water it on a daily basis for steady and healthy growth. With the broad types on the market, one has to identify the best through its features, function, ease of use and maintenance levels. Also, before you pick lawn sprinkler, know if it’s ideal for your lawn size, soil and pattern. The information we have provided above should have enough data to aid you make a calculated move.

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