Best Longboard Brands of May 2019: Well Researched Buying Guide

Whether you’re a novice or pro skater, having a perfect longboard can make the sport very interesting. With so many longboard brands in the market, picking the best can be a bit challenging. Manufacturing firms have upped their game by creating quality products that make selecting the best longboard brands a bit challenge. But look for a brand name that is well known and proven by many users to function exceptionally.

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Why you need to select the best longboard brands?

Whatever your purpose for the best longboard, be it for the sport, transportation, or cruising, selecting the best brand is really vital. Check out people’s reviews and quality brands for you to fully enjoy and get a long lasting product. We clearly outline the top longboards that you should think of in this review. The different brands can be a bit confusing but with this review, we help you choose the best. We have compiled a list of longboard brands below which will enable you pick the quality longboard.

Why buy Atom Longboards brand?

Atom is one of the best longboard brand in the market. It started as a small brand but it has advanced as years roll by to become one of the best and leading brands in the market. This brand can be easily identified with the unique make and style that they are constructed with. They’ve the best styles and designs when contrasted to other brands. They are available in different colors and can be acquired at a very favorable price.

Why buy Quest Longboards brand?

The Quest brand of longboards has greatly been modified over the years to suit customer needs. They come with several quality features that make using them to be fun. This brand makes excellent longboards that have peculiar designs and of good quality. They can be acquired at a very nice price and used for various purposes.

Why buy Sector 9 Longboards brand?

The moment you mention longboards, the sector 9 brand is the first to come into picture. This brand is considered the best by many. It has been in existence from the year 1993 to date with its base being in California. It has been ranked by many as the best longboard for a while now. It is wonderfully built, performs exceptional, high quality, great performance, secure to use and of a high quality. In addition, the brand comes in many models which you can choose from. Also, they make great gears that accompany these awesome longboards. The only challenge is that they come at a bit higher price but are the best to use. If you are ready to break the bank, this is the best longboard brand to buy.

Why buy Santa Cruz Longboards brand?

This brand is known by many especially the old or ageing. It is one of the oldest longboard brand since it was discovered in 1973. Currently, they’ve emerged with new models which they are marketing and regarded as the next big thing. They come with great features and are very durable. As well, they are greatly designed and safe for use.

Why buy Yocaher Longboards brand?

Considered as the safest longboard brand in the market, the Yocaher comes compact with some amazing features that all skaters will love. They are created with an advanced design which is good for skaters of all ages with children included. From quality, to design and performance, this longboard brand is very amazing. If you’re looking for a top beginner longboard, the Yocaher brand is the best. As many top brands in the market, Yocaher offers longboard riders and other users longboarding equipments such as brakes and bearings among other items. The brand is available at a very good price.

How to choose a longboard? Longboard buying guide:

Select Top longboard brands

Brand – the brand that you select for any longboard is very crucial. There are many brands in the market and picking the one suitable for you is very significant. Different manufacturers are coming up with sophisticated brands that offer so much to ensure you’ve one in a lifetime experience.  Furthermore, different brands create longboards that are meant for some particular purposes. A reputed brand will ensure that you not only get a warranty but as well are assured of a good customer service. Choose a proven brand to totally enjoy your ride.

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Best longboard designs and style

Design & style – the design and style of the longboard brands should be looked at too. Various brands come with different designs that can be used for different purposes. Parts such as the wheels, bearings, trucks, and decks should be highly regarded. An awesome design will make using the longboard to be easy and fun. These should be chosen with regard to the style of riding that you prefer most.

Best bearings for longboard?

Bearings – bearings can sometimes determine the speed and efficiency of the longboard. If you acquire a longboard with quality bearings, it will be able to absorb shock and still be operational even if exposed to great pressure. Some of the common bearings used include; Abec 3, Abec 5, and Abec 7. Choose a longboard bearing of a high quality for great performance.

How much does a longboard cost?

Initial Cost – No matter your budget, expect to get something within your range. From low-priced brands to highly priced ones with sophisticated features and functions. Most of the best brands have a wide array of models to choose from which vary in prices. The longboards models are mostly sold at a high price. Thus, if you want the best, be ready to dig down in your pockets.

Best longboard wheels?

Wheels – wheels come in different diameters and form. As well, they are of different sizes. Hard wheels are faster but not smooth to ride, but when it comes to soft wheels, they are slower but with great stability.  In terms of the shape of the wheel, they determine grip and speed of the longboard.

Best longboard decks?

Deck – knowing what kind of deck is appropriate for can help a lot. There are two kinds of decks; these include a smooth deck and a stiff deck. When you always ride the longboard in hard terrains the flexible board is the best to use. But if you want great stability, the stiff deck will just do well.

High performance longboard

Role of the longboard – what do you intend to do with longboard. Is it for freeriding, cruising, slalom, carving, dancing or downhill, know your purpose to get a longboard brand that you will fully utilize. Some brands specialize in particular areas and that’s why it’s important to figure out what the longboard performs best. Don’t pick blindly to ensure you get the best out of your pick.

Durable longboards

Durability – A good longboard should be made sturdily and strong enough to last a while. A durable longboard is made with quality material and is a bit costly than the low quality longboards. Hence, check out the material of a longboard before just picking any brand.

Brands such as sector 9, Santa Cruz and Atom are known for creating very durable models.

Top 5 best Longboard brands review

Don’t be lost when selecting a longboard for your activity. After reading about some of the top brands and features they entail, we take you through some of the best longboards that they’ve to offer. This is our top 5 list of longboards after a rigorous research from different areas and online reviews. They come packed with some great features and are user friendly as well.

1. Best drop through longboard – Atom longboard review

The Atom drop through longboard is a stylish and well designed longboard that makes your riding or sport one to remember. The Atom is a top brand that has specialized in creating high quality products for its clients. The longboard is made of a peculiar perimeter shape that allows the board to easily turn in any direction without causing wheel bite.

In addition to its wonderful design, it is of a very low riding for great stability ad suitable for downhill carving. Other important features of this great longboard are; reverse king pin longboard trucks, Abec 9 bearings, full maple laminate deck,  and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, this is the best longboard brand can be pushed easily wherever you go with it which removes wear and tear.


  • It is well priced.
  • The wheels run smoothly in several areas.
  • It is very durable.
  • They have high stability for downhill carving.
  • It has high quality bearings for smooth rolling.
  • It has great speed.
  • With a solid construction the longboard can really last long.


  • Its bushings are a bit tighter.

2. Best longboard skateboard – Quest skateboards review

The multi-ply hardwood maple and the lovely artisan bamboo deck make the Quest skate board super cruiser one to admire. This high quality product is sturdily made and appealing to the eye. The 44-inch artisan bamboo longboard is of a great size and can be applied for different longboard riding activities. With the rugged 7 inch aluminum trucks and durable 70mm PU wheels, this longboard is very durable and can sustain you on different terrains.

It has a kick tail and quality bearing that makes it easy to turn and control speed of the longboard. With a great quality and sturdiness, expect the best when you purchase this longboard brands for the money.

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  • It is ideal for cruising all the time.
  • It has some top quality wheels and bearings that make it fun using them.
  • Are offered at a great price.
  • Made with a very classic design.
  • can be cleaned very easily.


  • The longboard lacks a flex.

3. Good longboard brands – Sector 9 longboard reviews

Sector 9 is one of the top brands in the market. It has paid attention on creating the top models with great features and performance. The sector 9 brand uses top quality materials to create amazing longboards. With a wide range of sector 9 models to pick from, the sector 9 blue wave longboard skateboard is one of the best. This longboard is greatly designed ad performs very well. It is made with 5 ply vertically laminated bamboo.

Also, it comes with great wheels that are colored differently. It is lightweight, durable and made from a very reputable brand. The Abec  5 bearings and drop through mounting of the lookout makes this board easy to use. With these and other wonderful features that this longboard entails, it can be used for various riding styles. Though, it comes at a bit higher cost than other top brands.


  • These are lightweight and can be carried with ease.
  • Ca be used for different riding purposes such as carving, cruising, drifting ad sliding.
  • It comes with a great design making it fun to use it.
  • It’s very durable.
  • It’s a high quality longboard made from a reputable brand.


  • It has low quality bearings.
  • It’s a bit expensive when compared to other top brands.

4. Best drop deck longboard for cruising – Santa cruz longboard review

Santa cruz is a notable brand in the market. It makes quality longboards that are well designed to give you a great skating experience. There are various colors offered from which you can select from. It is provided at a very favorable price making it affordable to many. In addition, the Santa cruz lion God rasta longboard has quality decks ad bearings that makes it to be fast and easy to control.

Other important features of this amazing longboard are road rider 180 trucks and 75mm 78a wheels which are of great quality too. As well, these longboards have a metallic ink drop down longboard deck with 10 inches and 40 inches that is good for different riding styles. The God rasta designed longboards are beautiful looking and greatly appealing to the eye.


  • They are available at a fair cost.
  • It is very durable ad long lasting.
  • It is a high quality longboard.
  • It has great wheels that make riding to be simple and fun.
  • Come in different colors to pick from.
  • Its trucks are of a great quality.


  • Work best for cruising and thus not ideal for other forms of riding style.

5. Best drop down longboards – Yocaher longboard review

Yocaher is one of the best brands that has stood in the market for a while. For many years, it has been creating quality products that meet customer demands and is widely used. Yocaher has several models that its clients can pick from. There are different colors as well as quality and sizes. It has a wheel base of 33 inches, a 9 ply maple, and high flex that make it a top longboard for easy use.

This high quality product is made with strong and durable products that make it last for years before it breaks down. Other crucial features that this longboard comes with are; black widow premium grade 80A black grip tape, HD7 duty trucks, aluminum alloy and Q-ball 70X52mm wheels 78A hardness. With a great design and quality, this longboard is suitable for professional longboard riders.


  • It has amazing bearings.
  • It is ideal for pro longboard riders.
  • Its available at a good price.
  • It is of a high quality.
  • Can sustain high speed very efficiently.
  • It can be operated very easily.
  • It is made with a great design to make riding be fun.


  • Most of the people complain about its weight.


When looks for purchasing the best longboard brands, its ideal to look at the brand name as well as the features it contains. Various brands are known to perform exceptionally in different areas and you should know which one will serve your role outstandingly. Let not the numerous reviews and online adverts lie to you on which brand to pick. Our review clearly explains to you the features and performance to expect from the different brands. Furthermore, the different longboards that we selected for you above are one of the best and can be used for various riding styles. You can decide to pick from our brand or use our guide to find the best longboard. Depending on your budget and use, there are many brands to choose from but do so wisely.

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