Best Massage Chair Reviews 2019 – Unbeatable Buying Guide

After a long day of work, getting a massage relaxes your mind and loosens up your muscles. Most of the people are forced to visit a spa where they have to book a session and spend cash to receive massage services. With the ever changing technology and the dynamic world we live in, this should be a thing of the past.

Massage chairs are here to assist you relieve your straining muscles and lower stress at the comfort of your bedroom. Massage chairs just perform a good massage similar to a health therapist. The difference is that you no longer have to waste money and time visiting a therapist when you own one of the best massage chair.

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Why and how to find the Best chair massager?

When it comes to acquiring a massage chair of your own, know there are many brands and models with different features and performance. With this in mind, selecting the best can be somehow difficult. For this reason, we compiled a review after several people enquiring us on what the best massage chair? There are several top brands like Shiastu, inada and Panasonic to just name but a few. Not all chairs are the same. They have different features that perform different functions. We’ve full body massage chairs and others partly.

There almost every chair for your budget but most of the full massage chairs range from medium to high price. Generally, these chairs save you the stress of having to visit a therapist now and then as you can do it at the convenience of your home.

What to consider before picking the best massage chair?

Not every person has the same pressing problems. Some many need to relax their mind, others their muscles or blood pressure. Depending on your more pressing needs, there are massage chairs for every person.

Why you need a quality massage chair?

Know what you need – this factor comes in several ways. People buy massage chairs for different reasons and you should thoroughly think of your requirements first before landing on any chair. It might be meant for relaxing your muscles and mind, treating your health concern such as blood pressure or just for general relaxing after a hectic day of work. There is every chair for every need. Just recognize your more pressing demands to fully capitalize on this great technology.

Best budget massage chair!

What’s your budget – setting aside a budget to work with is a good move. Not everyone can afford the costly and most advanced massage chairs. But this doesn’t mean that the low to medium priced chairs aren’t efficient. If you know how much you intend to spend on a massage chair, it becomes easier to pick the best chair in that category. You can easily compare features and pick the one that meets your different demands. But if you are ready to spend, go for the best brands with advanced features as they perform better. Though, you should keenly check as not all can be very effective just because they are pricey.

Best brand massage chair!

Identify the brand – A brand of the chair you pick is very crucial. There are many brands with some known to perform exceptional than others. Pick a brand that is proven and many recommend it. A brand that you select should be top quality, has great features and offers good customer care so that in case of any issue, you can easily reach them.

Compare massage chairs

Research on the best Massage chairs – the best way to get the massage chair is by conducting a thorough research on your preferred price range or quality. This can be done through online research by visiting the best brands ad checking out customer reviews on different sites. With this information, you can easily know the highs and lows to expect when you purchase a particular chair.

Best warranty massage chair

Check warranty – a warranty provides you a surety just in case things don’t go as planned, let’s say a part breaks during shipping or a similar case. Also, a massage chair with a warranty shows that the manufacturer are confident with their product and are willing to bet on replacement in case things go wrong.

Main Features to look for in a massage chair

Massage chair price is not very cheap. So, you cannot compromise with the features.

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Most reliable massage chair

Construction: most of the massage chairs are costly. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a chair at a high cost only to break or not function properly. Therefore, as you prepare to acquire one of these, make sure the chair you obtain is very durable and long lasting. It should be made with strong ad sturdy parts and excellently built structure.


Design: Another key feature to consider is the design of the massage chair. The chair you buy should be perfectly designed to make the whole massage experience awesome. In addition, the color and size of the chair should blend and fit well with your home decor. Some chairs are very big and occupy a lot of space. So, if you have enough space, you can go for the large ones or just stick to the slim or medium sized chairs.

Best full body massage chair?

Extent of the massage coverage: massage chairs work differently. There are those that perform a massage on the whole body while others concentrate on some just some parts. Is the thighs or shoulders you want to massage? Or is it the lower back or head? Whatever your preference, there is a massage chair for every section of your body.

Stylish massage chair

Massage styles: Different models provide different massage styles. Pick a model that gives the massage style you want. In most cases, massage chairs provide vibrations with others giving a wide range of varieties to pick from.

Adjustable massage chair

Settings: Last but not least, the massage chair come with their own settings which can be adjusted by the user. For instance, a chair may be set to give you a particular part massage or whole body massage. Look out for such chairs as they are very efficient in use and allows you to select the more pressing needs.

Advantages of using a massage chair

  • Lowers the level of anxiety you might be experiencing
  • Helps you have a great posture
  • Rejuvenates and relaxes sore muscles
  • Lowers the level of stress you might be having and tension as well
  • It betters your immunity
  • Betters your blood flow
  • They act on the pain you might be incurring
  • Heals migraine headache
  • Facilitates in breathing smoothly

A good massage chair will enable you have a relaxed mind and muscles. In simple terms, it makes you feel more energetic and ready to face this modern hectic life once again.

The only problem is during that time when you’ve to identify the best massage chair for your bedroom.

Our Recommend Top 5 best massage chair reviews

With many brands and models in the market, this is not an easy thing for many especially first time buyers. But you don’t have to worry anymore as our tips above and the top 5 reviews below will aid you come up with the massage chair with the best features or for your budget.

1. Full body Electric massage chair reviews

Shiatsu is a brand well-known when it comes to massage chairs. It is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of massage chairs in the field with top selling models worldwide. The Electric full body Shiatsu massage chair is just one of the many quality models available. This chair is excellently constructed with a great design that easily relaxes your muscles and entire body. It is fully packed with high quality features that facilitate its functioning.

Full body massage chairs reviews Check Latest Price on Amazon

This robotic chair improves your flexibility and posture. It has a head massage feature that helps lower your stress together with the neck massage. In addition, it comprises of recovery program, extend program, relax program, refresh program, and 30 air bags created in heat intelligent roller system and to easily facilitate different massage coverage. Other key features include the power rollers which relax the muscles, lower fatigue and restore the mind and entire body. The manufacturer as well gives a one year warranty on purchase of the chair.


  • Excellently designed for durability.
  • Has adjustable settings for full or single part massage.
  • Relives stress and rejuvenates body muscles.
  • High quality chair with great features.


  • It’s noisy during airbag massage.
  • The warranty excludes labor.
  • Not ideal for short people.

2. Best shiatsu Luxury massage chair review

What a great product with high quality features! The best valued shiatsu massage chair comes with everything you might think of in a high end massage chair. It is beautifully designed and sturdy for longevity. The shiatsu chair comes with 4 awesome auto programmed feature that allows the user to adjust settings as they prefer. These include; kneading, shiatsu, vibrating and spinal rolling.

It operates silently but it is very effective for whatever kind of massage you want be it thigh, shoulder, back or neck massage, expect great comfort and relaxation.  The built-in heat therapy in the back of the chair helps relax the muscles and theraputic airbags aid in relaxing shoulders, arms, calves and foot. A unique feature of this chair is the 3 true zero gravity placement at the press of a button for comfort and great massage. The manufacturer offers 3 year warranty on the product.

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  • Ergonomic design for comfort and great relaxation.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Provides heat therapy.
  • High quality shiatsu chair.
  • Comes with 4 auto programmed feature for great performance.


  • It big thus occupies a lot of space.
  • Has balls in the legs section instead of rollers.
  • Has a poor neck support.
  • Somehow a bit noisier.

3. Zero gravity Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review

When you talk about the best massage chair in the market, the Kahuna LM6800 should definitely be included. Like many high-end massage chairs, it is wonderfully designed and it comes packed with amazing features. The Kahuna has 3 levels zero gravity feature for a great massage performance. Furthermore, it is FDA registered as a medical device which means can be used for massage and as well to treat other ailments like blood pressure.

At the foot, it has dual foot rollers which are detachable and washable for cleanliness purpose. Other key features include; 2 stages zero gravity, air massage technology, L-track massage system, and computer body scan technology. In addition, the manufacturer gives a 3 year limited warranty on all parts, labor and structural framework of the massage chair.


  • Greatly designed for efficiency.
  • Offers a computerized body scan.
  • Has a 2 and 3 zero gravity technology.
  • It is very durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It is very big and needs a big space for placing it.
  • The rollers on the feet hurt a bit during operation.

4. Full body Real relax massage chair reviews

If you are looking for a mid-range priced quality chair, the real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is what you should go for. This simple but elegant chair is beautifully designed and very sturdy. It has 35 air bags which are positioned in the arms, shoulder, legs and seat cushion parts. One of the unique features of this chair is the 2 preset automatic massage programs that gives you the greatest massage experience.

With different 8 massage points, expect to receive different body massage with regard to where you feel more pressing to massage. Other features are the rollers for feet massage and airbags constructed inside to provide great comfort. The manufacturer awards a three year warranty on purchase of this zero gravity shiatsu massage chair. Though favorably priced, expect to get similar services offered by top quality brands.


  • Comes with a 2 preset automatic program for ne in a lifetime massage experience.
  • It is well designed and sturdy.
  • Offers great comfort and relaxation to your arms, feet, and neck.
  • Comes with a three year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Fairly priced when compared to its great features.
  • Improves circulation of blood and metabolism.


  • Head and leg features cannot be changed at own will.
  • Its somehow challenging to set up.

5. Affordable Relaxzen massage chair reviews

This is the best massage chair for those on a budget. As simple and good looking as the chair appears to be, it functions very well. This chair can be acquired at a very great price but has many useful features that will make you relax and be comfortable. This chair provides a soothing heat treatment and recline tension adjustment.

In addition, it comes with 8 vibration massage motors that help in comforting and relaxing your back, calves and thighs. This high quality massage chair has 9 pre-programmed different modes and 5 intensity level for easy adjustment to the massage of your choice. The chair is built with simulated leather and it’s lightweight for easy placement in your room or office.


  • Has a simple wonderful design for comfort.
  • Lightweight and can be placed anywhere.
  • Comes with 9 pre-programmed modes for comfort and relaxing your muscles and mind.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • Not a good chair for sitting in for long hours as it gets uncomfortable.
  • The chair is a bit noisy.

Which one best massage chair for the money?

Generally, the above top 5 list of chair is just amazing. We highlighted these chairs after a thorough research and other online reviews from past users. Our best pick is the best valued luxury shiatsu massage chair, followed closely by the Kahuna LMG800. When it comes to a great massage chair for the budget, pick Relaxzen 60-425111 leisure Recliner chair. It is sturdily constructed with a great design. The high end chair comes packed with many quality features that play different massage roles. Though expensive, it is worth every single penny.


When you make up your mind to acquire a massage chair instead of spending time visiting a massage therapist or spa, know you’ve a task to select the best chair with the best features under your budget. Sometimes people get locked with the enticing but less effective features. Our guide clearly explains to you every detail that will assist you make a good choice in the long run. Don’t be carried away easily with the price as expensive isn’t always the best. From budget massage chairs, to feature packed chairs and high quality chairs, we help you find the best chair to fully serve your different massage needs for comfort and relaxation.

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