Best Mouse Trap Reviews 2019(Sept.): Perfect Solution for your Home & Kitchen

Having a mouse in your home can be very disgusting regarding the kind of damage or harm they can bring in your kitchen and other areas. A mouse maybe feasting on your bread or any other food kept in the drawers. Different people use different methods of getting rid of these pets in their homes. Finding the most effective and efficient process to use is key in successfully having peace and knowing your foodstuffs are safe and sound from mouse destruction. One of the best methods to use is through a mouse trap or quality rat poisons. So, how to find the best mouse trap of 2019?

For a long while now, mouse traps have been a major process of catching these tricky animals in various homesteads. But, how to find the best mouse trap for kitchen or home?

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Factors to consider when picking the best Mouse trap

Though, getting a trap that are very strong, durable, safe, effective and accurate can be very challenging. Different people have different needs and that’s why you’ve to know what you prefer most to get the mouse trap for your home. This review has made things easier for you by highlighting some of the features to look for, what to consider and what’s the best trap present today. Our panel sat down and conducted a broad research before coming up with the detailed information that you will learn as you continue reading. Ensure you keenly read our review to be well informed as you prepare to make a move on acquiring your next trap for perfect mouse elimination in your residence.


– the construction of the trap matters a lot. The mouse trap that you get should be well constructed with strong materials. The parts should be excellently made to resist rust and other harsh environmental conditions. As well, the wires should be strong to hold the mouse firmly without escape.


– a good design will make things easier for you. It will be easier to set up and get rid of the mouse easily after catching it.

In addition, the design should be effective in such a way that it doesn’t continue to injure the animal once it’s trapped or caught.

Standard Size

– the size of the trap should be greatly considered. This is because a small size will be easy to hide in corners and other tight places like under or behind furniture. As well, a small design is perfect in that it is away from your kids whom may get injured if they come in contact with the trap. But if your mouse is large in size, you will need a larger size to catch it well without escaping.

Weight – for better performance and ease of handling, you need a lightweight mouse trap that is easy to setup and change position from one place to another. Also, you require a lightweight design so that you can easily dispose-off the mouse after it’s killed or trapped in the trap.

Easy install trap?

Safe to operate – you wouldn’t want a trap that hurts your fingers during set up or when disposing the mouse. An ideal mouse trap should be simple to install and very secure to use without getting injured. It should have some safety features which enable you to operate it without any fear.

Mouse licks trap clean!

Easy to clean – if you aren’t afraid of seeing blood or killing a mouse, choose a trap that you can clean after trapping the mouse. It should be easy to clean and be re-useable. If you are a person who dislikes blood or doesn’t kill animals, get a disposable type and avoid re-usable types of mouse traps.

Effective mouse trap

Effectiveness – How effective is the mouse trap or roach killer? Look for a trap that an accurately catch a mouse without escaping. Some traps are not made effectively and will kind of let go a stubborn mouse. Make sure you acquire a reliable mouse trap that firmly holds the catch.

Reusable mouse trap or disposable mouse trap?

Disposable or Reusable? – Depending on how long you want to use the trap, this will determine whether you will go for a disposable or reusable one. A disposable mouse trap is just used once and thrown away, while a reusable one is used over and over again. A reusable trap can be used over and over again as it comes with features that enable you dispose or release the trapped mouse with great ease. Normally Flea bomb is not reusable but works great for killing insects.

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Powerful mousetrap?

Durability – you want a mouse trap that will not only be effective but used over and over again. Search for one that is durably constructed to last you for a long while. It should be well designed and created with durable materials. Wood is a good option as well as metal parts.

Cheap mouse traps?

Price – Not all traps cost the same. Disposable mouse traps are less costly when compared to reusable ones. This is because reusable mouse traps come with extra features that make them more efficient and effective. If you want the best mouse trap, get the electric type or snap type.

Warranty – The mouse traps come with a warranty. This not only shows how reliable they are but as well assures replacement of your trap in case it comes with any defect.

Types of mouse traps

There are different types of mouse traps which target certain people with regard to their diverse requirements.

Mouse trap that work best? Snap mouse trap!

This is one of the common traps that have been used for over a long period of time. It works by placing bait on the trap which catches the mouse when it sets foot on it. This hurts and weakens the mouse until you arrive to go and dump it. Also, it doesn’t use any chemical or poison as the bait is enough. The snap mouse trap needs much care when handling it as it might injure your fingers.

Glue mouse trap!

The glue trap is one of the cheapest and easiest to use. It uses a sticky substance that firmly holds the mouse when it sets foot on it. The trap doesn’t completely kill the mouse but holds it until you get rid of it. When dealing with this trap, you should be very carefully to avoid the substance coming in contact with your skin.

Best Humane mouse trap?

If you don’t want to kill the mouse, this is the best trap for catching it. It is one of the best. This trap works through trapping the mouse inside so that you can transfer it to your place of choice. When using the humane mouse trap, you’ve to perfectly know which route they pass so that you can trap them easily. You should be very careful with this trap as it might catch your pet as well.

Electric mouse trap review!

This is one of the most efficient and effective mouse traps in the market. It is powered by battery and uses a very intelligent technology that instantly notices a mouse when it gets into the trap. The mouse is then exposed to high voltage that suffocates them to death. If you dislike killing or seeing a bloody mess, then you shouldn’t go for this trap.

Ways of selecting the best Mouse trap ever!

There are a wide range of mouse traps on the market and before you decide to just buy any type, there are some factors to consider which will enable you get a favorable mouse trap for your home and environment. These are follows:

  • What type of trap is ideal for you? If you are a person who is away most of the time, you need a mouse trap that doesn’t kill the mouse or mice as you will find a foul smell in your home.
  • One of the best types of mouse traps is one that kills the mouse and leaves the area messy with blood. If you aren’t afraid of cleaning the mess, then reusable traps are great over disposable ones. But if you are afraid of such mess, you need to get effective types of traps without any bloody mess.
  • Traps such as glue traps, and snap traps are for people who aren’t afraid of killing the mouse. If you’re, then you better use a multiple trap which doesn’t kill but only holds them firm until you remove or call experts to do so.
  • If you feel animals shouldn’t be killed and just want to trap and not kill the mouse, then you should acquire a multiple trap which allows you to release the mouse easily at place of disposal.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Mouse trap

Here is the list of our top five mouse traps compiled after a thorough research. They have excellent features and come at a very favorable price. These are as follows:

Most effective Kness Snap E mouse trap review

Kness snap E mouse trap is one of the best. This stylish and simple to use trap comes in a pack of 6. It is sturdily made to last long and is very durable. The body of this trap is made with a high quality polystyrene and steel body for longevity and to resist rust. In addition, it has an extremely large trip paddle and strike bar that is able to trap the rodents from the front, back and sideways. As well, it has a preformed bait cup that enables easy baiting. Furthermore, it can be reused many times and is one of the most regarded in the market.

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Most effective mice Traps Check Price on Amazon

Main features:

  • Strong polystyrene and steel body.
  • Has bait cup.
  • Has extra large trip paddle and strike bar.
  • Vertical strike bar.


  • This trap is very quick.
  • It is really affordable.
  • Kness snap e trap is simple to set up and use.
  • It can be re-used several times.
  • It is very durable and made with sturdy parts.

The better mousetrap – Intruder mouse trap reviews

If you are looking for a very effective and excellently designed mouse trap, this is it! The Intruder 30442 is wonderfully designed and can fit in any place in your home. The Intruder 30442 is made with a strong stainless steel spring that firmly holds the catch. It’s hard to find stolen bait when using this trap. Also, the trap is reusable and can be excellently used without removing any odors or blood mess. With a great design created to suffocate the mouse to death, this is a very great mouse trap for use over a long period of time.

Main features:

  • Precision stainless steel spring.
  • A pack of 6.
  • Mechanical body.
  • Lipped handle back.
  • Large bait area.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Simple to clean after catching and disposing the mouse.
  • Can be reused.
  • Has a great design for better performance.
  • Durably made with mechanical parts.

Best Metal Victor mouse trap review

Victor is one of the best brands when it comes to the best mouse trap. This brand has been in the market for over 100 years and it’s popularly known for producing excellent results. The Victor M154 metal pedal comes in a pack of 10. It is easy to clean and can be reused. It is very effective in use as once it traps the mouse it can’t escape. Also, the trap is suitable to use where kids are as it is safe. It is as well durably made to last long and has no any chemicals or poisons. For an easy set up and quick mouse catch, acquire the Victor M154 mouse trap for great results.

Main features:

  • Metal trip metal.
  • Wood based wired strap.
  • Pack of 10.


  • It can be reused or disposed.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Has no any chemicals or poison.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Ideal for use in the vicinity with kids.

Best plastic JT eaton mouse trap review

The JT Eaton 409bulk Jawz is one of the excellently designed mouse traps for greater performance. The small sized mouse strap can fit perfectly in various places with much ease. It is very easy to set up and clean. This is because it can be easily installed with foot or hand with a red label that shows when the trap is properly placed. It features a high tension spring that accurately suffocates the mouse without a chance of escaping. This trap works best with solid or liquid bait. With a one year limited warranty, expect greatness when you buy this trap.

Main features:

  • Comes in a pack of 24.
  • High tension spring.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Red label.
  • 1 year limited warranty.


  • It is reusable.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Has a red label to show when the trap is well set up.
  • Small in size and thus can fit in any place in your home.

Best mouse catcher – Kat Sense mouse traps review

Kat Sense trap is one of the best in the market when it comes to efficiency. The rodents in your home will be perfectly caught with this trap as it has a powerful trigger mechanism that will catch the mouse easily and quick. In addition, the trap is easy to install and can be cleaned with great ease. With a pack of 4, the bait cup is large enough and perfectly positioned to trap the mouse. Other excellent features include; killer bar handle and durable plastic body.

Main features:

  • A pack of 4.
  • Trigger mechanism.
  • Bait cup.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Killer bar handle.


  • Durably made with strong plastic material.
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • Very effective in use with the trigger mechanism.
  • Can be reused and is easy to clean.


A mouse trap can help reduce the stress of these witty rodents in your home. Not all traps are the same! Some completely kill the mouse while others just hold it. Before acquiring the best mouse trap for your home, know what features you want so that you don’t receive a trap that isn’t suitable to you. Consider looking at the different types available in the market and their efficiency. Also, ensure a trap that you buy gets the job done well. With various brands and varying prices, conduct a good research and find out which ones are the best from which you can choose from. This review has deeply educated you on the various things that you should look at and the top mouse trap examples worth purchasing. Hope you’ve been fully informed.

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