Best over the Counter Prenatal vitamins Reviews 2019

Are you planning to have a baby? Or are you already pregnant? If that’s the case, then you’re at the right site on finding out what are the best over the counter prenatal vitamins. When you get pregnant, Physicians recommend a wide range of foods to take with the inclusion of fruits, vegetables and other nutrient based foods.
In short, you need to eat a balanced diet so that you and the unborn can have all the nutrients you require in supporting you to give birth to a strong and healthy baby.


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The only challenge is that even after eating a balanced diet, pregnant mothers tend to be short of some minerals. For this reason, prenatal vitamins have indicated to supplement the lacking minerals by providing the needed amount to the body.
Thus, if you want to avoid the complications that come with giving birth to both you and your unborn baby, get a over the counter prenatal vitamins for a healthy and strong baby.

How to select the best over the Counter Prenatal vitamins?

Before you decide to visit a pharmacist, know what the best over counter prenatal vitamins contains. Talk to your doctor to help you make a wiser decision in choosing a brand that has all the nutrients that your baby needs. With so many brands in the market offering prenatal vitamins with varying ingredients, learn more about these tabs to find out which one is the best for you. In this review, we are going to educate you on a few things you need to know before you embark on obtaining over the counter prenatal vitamin that is best for your condition.

As well, you will know the importance of these over the counter prenatal vitamins and why you should regularly take them for a healthy and stronger baby. After that, we’ve underlined some of the best over the counter prenatal vitamins reviews that you can consider picking from or use our detailed information to pick one that you feel is best for you.

What are prenatal Vitamins made of?

Prenatal vitamins comprises of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed by your baby for a very healthy growth. These constituents are really essential in the sound growth and development of the baby. Lack of these constituents may lead to giving birth to a child with some complications or cause difficulty during birth.

At the time of pregnancy, you require a high intake of foods rich in iron, folic and vitamins and a balanced diet isn’t enough to give you all these nutrients in the required denominations.

When should one start taking a prenatal vitamin?

The best time to take prenatal vitamins is 3 months before one plans to conceive. This prepares the egg and nourishes it with all the essential nutrients needed at an early stage. Neural tube defects start one month after pregnancy and if you think you are pregnant, you should visit a pharmacy and start taking these prenatal vitamins.

Importance of taking prenatal vitamins

  • First, these vitamins contain folate which greatly lowers the risk of your baby having neural tube defects.
  • For your baby to grow and develop well, they need folic acid which is as well contained in these vitamins.
  • As your body divides, every single ell in your body uses folate. As well, your unborn needs folate for cell division as they develop.
  • Folic acid ensure that you give birth to a child that is of the right weight, at the right time and healthy
  • As the baby grows, they use almost all your vitamins leaving you with little. For you to remain healthy and support them, you as well need these vitamins to be fully nourished until the time of birth.
  • Prenatal vitamins help better your hair, skin and nails as you continue to take them.

What nutrients should you consider looking for in a prenatal vitamin?

There are several vitamins that you should learn about before just acquiring any type of over the counter prenatal vitamin. Some of the major nutrients that a pregnant mother shouldn’t miss out are explained further as below:

    1. Folic acid – another name for folic acid is vitamin B9. Folic acid is very vital when it comes to giving birth or when you discover that you are expectant. This acid helps to avoid the faults of the neural tube which occur in early pregnancy. Consider taking 600 mg on a daily basis.
    2. Calcium – calcium helps to build your child’s bones and teeth. In addition, it helps you stay strong while carrying your unborn. As well, consider taking 250mmg pr day.
    3. Iron – this is very crucial in getting rid of anemia. Furthermore, it assists the baby in growth and development.
    4. Other functions that it plays includes: helping the body to transport oxygen and prevent low birth weight in babies.
    5. Vitamin C – this vitamin plays a huge role of boosting the entire health and immune system and I addition, it helps absorb irons.
    6. Vitamin D – vitamin D is vital in supporting expectant mothers to digest the calcium and also help improve healthy blood pressure. Overall, some research indicates that taking a lot of vitamin D assist mothers give birth without complications.
    7. Iodine – iodine helps to improve your baby’s mentality in one of the new findings. As well, it helps in impacting the thyroid and highly encourages metabolism.
    8. Vitamin B12 – this vitamin is helps to produce new cells in the body, more so blood cells and as well develop a healthy nervous system.
    9. DHA – this vitamin helps in the development of the brain and vision of you unborn child. This is mostly contained in fish and if you don’t get enough of it, you can take prenatal vitamins to have it. Consider taking about 200 mg of this vitamin on a daily basis.
    10. Vitamin B6 – this plays an important role in the baby’s growth as it helps in the development of the baby’s brain and the nervous system. Furthermore, it can maintain the mother’s energy and mood. Consider consuming 2 mg of the vitamin every day. Though its recommend to take an intricate vitamin B.
    11. Magnesium – magnesium plays a very important role in both the body of the unborn and that of the mother. First, it helps in the growth of the baby’s bones. As well, it improves energy and greatly relives muscle pains. Consider consuming 400 mg on a daily basis.

          Our Recommend top 5 best over the counter prenatal vitamins

          Now that you already know what to look for in the over the counter prenatal drugs, choosing the best shouldn’t be a big problem. All you need to do is check out the ingredients and consider picking from the best brands to avoid counterfeits. Our list below is a good example of some of the top over the counter prenatal vitamins that have been highly recommended by many. You can select from our list or use our broad information to select the best tab for your pregnancy. These are as follows:

          The best prenatal vitamins – Garden of life prenatal review (Our Top Pick)

          Garden of life vegetarian prenatal multivitamin supplement is one of the highly recommended over the counter prenatal vitamin as it will ensure that you give birth to a healthy and strong baby. The vitamins contain 180 capsules which you have to take before and during pregnancy for good overall development of the unborn. It contains many essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins which facilitate healthy growth of the baby and maintains the mothers system as well. Some of the key vitamins to are folate which supports a healthy neural tube growth and vitamin A and C, iron and copper that supports skin health.

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          1. When you take this drug, you won’t experience the usual digestive difficulties normally faced by pregnant mothers. As well, it will support both the mother and child’s immune system before and during pregnancy. For a healthy and nourished child, get this over the counter prenatal vitamin today.
          2. Key features:

            • 180 capsules.
            • Probiotics.
            • Ginger vitamin D.
            • Zinc.
            • Iron.
            • Foltae.
            • Vitamins C, E and B complex.
            1. Pros:
              • They are really small in size and very simple to take.
              • They supports a healthy skin and hair.
              • Provides immune support both before and after pregnancy.
              • Helps in digestion as it contains probiotics, zinc, and vitamin D.
              • Helps in the development of a healthy neural tube with the folate.
              1. Best prenatal vitamin brand – Rainbow Light prenatal review

                Rainbow Light prenatal is an excellent vitamin that will give a mother a more humble time as they prepare to give birth. It comes with several essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help in the healthy development of both the child and the mother. If you are a Vegan, there is no need to worry as this vitamin is made from vegan formula and won’t have any bad effects on you. It has 150 tables which are to be consumed during pregnancy to get rid of all the negatives that follow pregnant women without the right nutrients.

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              3. Some of the major roles that this vitamin helps is to support the brain and spinal growth, aid in bone development, and reduce the stomach upsets associated with pregnant mothers. Made with 1005 natural ingredients, get one of this for a healthy baby and strong mother during pregnancy.
              4. Key features:

                • 100% natural ingredients.
                • Potent and science safe.
                • Enzymes.
                • Vegan formula.
                • Probiotics.
                • 150 tablets.
                • Folic acid.
                • Vitamin A,C and D12.
                • Iron.


                • It is very ideal for vegetarians.
                • It is very pure as its free from gluten, dairy, soy, yeast and nuts.
                • Has nourishing minerals, vitamins and nutrients to support your energy nutrition.
                • Greatly reduces the challenges faced during pregnancy.
                • It improves digestion without any stomach upsets.

                Best natural prenatal vitamins – New Chapter perfect prenatal reviews

                This is one of the highly natural prenatal vitamins on the market. It contains certified organic vegetables and herbs among other essential minerals and vitamins that keep the baby and mother both strong and healthy throughout. In addition, it is 100% made of digestible prenatal vitamins and thus you won’t feel like vomiting after taking this tab.

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                All the ingredients it comes with are of a high quality and perform different roles in the body such as brain development, spinal growth, blood building support, and to support the immune system of both the baby and mother. If you’re a mother and searching for the best vitamin for your unborn and yourself, buy this vitamin for strength and proper development of your unborn child.

                Key features:

                • 100% digestible prenatal.
                • Quality ingredients.
                • Certified organic vegetables and herbs.
                • 192 tablets.


                • It is made of quality ingredients that will ensure the mom and the unborn are both healthy.
                • It has 100% digestible prenatal vitamins hence simple to consume.
                • Is endowed with zinc, vitamin C, A and D3 for great development of the baby.
                • Has folate that supports the growth of the baby’s brain and spinal cord.

                Best prenatal vitamins before pregnancy – Megafood baby and me reviews

                Megafood – Baby and Me is a powerful prenatal vitamin that supplies the mother and baby with essential nutrients that they urgently need for a healthy and steady growth. In addition, it’s made of 100% natural whole foods which are very easy to digest and are safe for consumption. As well, if you’re a vegan, you don’t have to worry as the vitamin is also made with vegetarian digestive enzymes to make digestion easier for you.

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                Some of the key ingredients of this tab are folic acid which supports the growth of the baby in the early stages of pregnancy and iron nutrients for easy transportation of oxygen. If you want a great prenatal vitamin for your child and mother before and during pregnancy, get this for a healthy development of your unborn child.

                Key features:

                • Nutrients made from real food.
                • 800 mcg folate.
                • Folic acid and iron.
                • 120 tablets.


                • It is made of 100% whole food nutrients which is safe to take.
                • Has folic acid which ensure the baby develops well in the early stages.
                • Has vegetarian digestive enzymes for easy digestion by vegans.
                • It is gentle on stomach as it comprises of whole foods.

                Best prenatal multivitamin – Deva vegan prenatal reviews

                If you are looking for a fairly priced but quality prenatal vitamin, look no further than the Deva Vegan vitamins. Similar to other top prenatal vitamin brands, this one as well will supply the mother and unborn with the nutrients they will keep them healthy. It is very desirable for use by different people as it is 100% vegan. The dietary supplements support the child and mother in so many ways and ensure the baby develops as needed.

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                Unlike other brands of prenatal vitamins, the Deva Vegan prenatal vitamins canbbe acquired at a very favorable price but performs excellent. Acquire one of this for a healthy and nourished baby.

                Key features:

                • 100% vegan.
                • Dietary supplement.
                • Certified vegan.
                • 100% animal free.


                • Has excellent ingredients that for purity.
                • Made of 100% vegan and thus good for use by all people.
                • Supports healthy development of the child and mother.
                • It is very affordable and in reach by many people.
                • Contains natural non-toxic substances.


                Having the right nutrients in your body can be the difference between you giving birth to a healthy and strong baby or one that has issues. So, it’s important that you talk to your doctor for check up now and then. Also, you need to eat a balanced diet to ensure you have all the essential ingredients. One way to ensure that you’ve all the nutrients your body needs is by taking prenatal vitamins. These tabs contain all the nutrients that you need in order to keep you and your baby almost 100% safe during birth. Whether it’s your first time giving birth or not, knowing which over the counter prenatal vitamins to take is crucial.

                Hope our detailed review has helped you find the best over the counter prenatal vitamins for you. Be keen when buying these vitamins as some are counterfeit and will not offer the same nutrients as the original ones.  Pick from the best brands and trusted suppliers in order to ensure you’ve the real over the counter prenatal vitamins.
                N.B: We always recommend take advice from doctor before taking this kind vitamins.

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