Best Pack and Play Reviews – Top Pick pack n play for babies 2019(Oct.)

If you’re an expectant mother there are several things that you need to buy in preparation of your unborn child. When listing items to buy for your newborn, a pack n play should always be included. First time mothers find it hard to choose the best as they have no idea what it should look like when compared to mothers who have bought it before. But as well, due to changing technology there are features that one should look out for as they set out to buy the best pack and play for their young ones.

Thus, whether you are a first time mother or have bought this item before, knowing what’s the best in the market currently is crucial. A pack n play is very important in that it gives your newborn a safe place to play and sleep soundly as well. The Pack & play are made with quality materials that make them stable enough to offer great comfort to your child.

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Things to consider when buying a pack and play

The only trouble comes in when you want the best quality pack and play. With many models and styles to choose from, finding the best pack & play isn’t a simple thing. But with this review, you will be able to learn all the key information that will help you buy the best item for your kid. It doesn’t matter if you’ve twins or just one baby, there almost everything for every person. They as well vary in quality and price. We’ve highlighted some factors to look for when picking a pack n play of your choice. Choose a model with features that you like so that your child can be entertained and be comfortable at the same time.

A mother’s joy is seeing their child grow as they play joyfully and with excitement. The only challenge comes in at the time of finding the best pack n play that will comfort the child without being a danger to them. After researching on several brands and models, we noted down some of the important things to know before you start searching for the quality pack & play. These are as below:

Most comfortable pack and play?

Design – select a design that will fit comfortably in your nursery play area. Most of the pack and plays are made in a rectangular shape with a few being square or round.

Wheels – wheels make movement of the pack & play to be very easy and fast. Most of them have interlocking features so that it doesn’t move so fast for the safety of the child.

Fold ability – if you travel a lot, acquiring a pack n play that can be easily folded is a great advantage. This is very ideal for people who travel a lot so that they can easily fold it as they move with it from place to place. Some models are very easy to pack while others take a lot of time. When you decide to travel, don’t forget to take clean bottle for your breastfeed baby.

Best pack n play with bassinet?

Bassinet – the bassinet is a place where the baby can sleep and is mostly placed on top of the pack and play. In deluxe types, some contain two bassinets for placing twins. Ensure you don’t place a kid more who is more than the recommended weight for safety reasons. As well, don’t place your child for long hours in the bassinet as they aren’t very safe in that in case they tend to move.

Best lightweight pack and play?

Size and weight – Also, consider the size of the pack and play as you don’t one that is too big or too small in the designated location of your kid’s nursery. If you travel a lot, pick a compact and lightweight design so that it doesn’t weigh you down. Furthermore, it will be easy to fold it and keep it.

Best portable play yard?

Portability – know how portable the device you’re buying is. Basic types tend to be more foldable than deluxe types because of the few features they come with. In addition, consider how fast you can fold and unfold the pack and play. Look for one that you can set up easily and quick.Mesh – different brands use different materials on the sides of the pack and play. Look for a pack n play with a mesh and this is the best material that allows better ventilation and viewing of the kid as they play and entertain themselves. As well, they are very easy to clean and durable.

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Storage space – before picking on a pack & play, know the available space you have in your home for placing or setting up the device. As well, most of the pack and plays come with storage spaces for keeping other items for the baby.

Safest pack and plays?

Safety – as you pick a playard for your child, make sure they meet all the safety features needed so that you don’t buy a unit that is toxic to them. Countercheck these requirements and ensure they are fully meet before buying one.

Top pack and plays?

Accessories – look for pack n plays with extra accessories so that your kid can have a variety of features to better their experience and comfort. Deluxe types of playard are known to come with advanced features such as canopy, toys, music, light and other features. Though, you will have to pay more for this kind of model.

Best cheap pack n play?

Price – not all brands of pack and play cost the same. Some are highly priced while others are offered at a favorable cost. Get a pack & play that you are contended with. Avoid buying low quality brands as they may not provide the comfort you need for your child.

Warranty – buying an item with a warranty just shows how the manufacturer is fully contented and is confident in their brand. One or two year warranty is okay. Try not to buy a brand without a warranty as you may be throwing away your cash.

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Types of pack and plays

There are two different types of pack and plays which include:

  • Basic pack and plays

Basic pack and plays have all the standard features that you will expect to find in a play yard. These include: changing table, bassinet, and storage pockets. As well, they have a carrying bag and are lightweight. They are cheaper compared to deluxe types.

  • Deluxe pack and plays

This type of pack and play has got all the basic features that you can find in a standard park and play with some extras. These are a bit expensive and come with advanced features such as: bigger bassinets, luxuriant mattresses and sometimes massage chair.

Benefits of acquiring the best pack n plays

    • They are very portable and thus can be moved around with much ease
    • Pack and plays are safe for playing as you don’t have to watch your kid now and then
    • They have diverse uses as they come with changing stations and others have entertainments features.
    • They provide the kid with a safe playing area when you’re out of sight
    • It’s a great development tool for the kid as they play and interact with the toys placed on the pack and play.

Our Recommend Top 5 best pack and play reviews

With all the above information about pack and play picking the best brand should be easy for you. There are several brands and you should always consider getting this item from the best brands. Your child deserves nothing less than the best and that’s why you shouldn’t compromise by acquiring a low quality brand. Below are some of the highly recommended and are made by top manufacturers. They are also offered at a very great price. These have been explained further as below:

Best pack n play – Graco pack n play reviews (Our Top Pick)

Graco pack and play is a notable brand when it comes to the best playards. This model of Graco pack n play offers features that are unmatched and will give your baby great comfort as they keep them active. The portable unit is made up of feet and wheels that can be folded very easily when you want to travel. It is lightweight and carrying it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

In addition, it has a signature Graco push button that is makes setting up this unit to be really fast. The bassinet that it comes with can be removed for the child to play or used to take a nap. If you travel a lot and have been looking for a unit that can be folded easily and has a carry bad for storing it, then the Graco pack & play on the go playard is the best for you.

Key features:

  • Bassinet.
  • Toy bar.
  • Folding feet and wheels.
  • Signature Graco push button.
  • Convenient carrying bag.


  • The playard is lightweight and thus easy to carry.
  • It is very portable.
  • Comes with easy to fold and unfold parts with the push button.
  • Perfect design to fit comfortably anywhere you place it.
  • Has a toy bar to keep the child busy and active.

Best travel pack and play – Lotus travel crib review

Lotus travel crib is an excellent product that almost every parent would love to buy for their kids. This beautiful and simply designed unit is made of a mesh with a zippered door that gives your kid fun moments as they enter and leave at free will. Also, it is very easy to set up as it doesn’t come with many features like most of the playards.  Furthermore, this unit is very portable as it can be easily folded and kept in its bag ready for travel. With its lightness, carry it to friend’s places or visit family without worrying where your kid will play or take a nap. Lastly, this device is non-toxic and good for your kid and environment. Lotus travel is one of the best portable crib for baby!

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Key features:

  • Backpack portability.
  • Breathable clear view mesh.
  • Made of non-toxic materials.
  • Fun side door..
  • mattress.


  • It is lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • It’s very portable.
  • A perfect design for kids to have fun.
  • Has free circulation of air with the breathable mesh that is zippered.
  • Comes with mattress for sleeping on in case your kid wants to take a nap.

Best pack and play with bassinet – Graco pack n play playard reviews

If you’re looking for a comfortable pack and play for your kid, look no further as this model of Graco pack n play has all the features that you can desire. This playard is sturdily made and has wheels that make moving this playard around the house to be easy. Some of the outstanding features that this unit comes with are the bassinet changer and cuddle cove rocking seat that offer great comfort.  In addition, it has a lovely mesh that allows you view the child as they play and free circulation of air in and out. This mesh is easy to wash and breathable. Also, it has a baby changing table that allows you dress the baby anywhere you have gone to be it out camping or at a friend’s place.

Key features:

  • Bassinet changer.
  • Cuddle cove rocking seat.
  • Made of plastic material.
  • Mesh.
  • Wheels.
  • Convenient carrying bag.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Has a mesh for easy circulation of air in and out of the playard.
  • The wheels enables swift movements.
  • Offers great comfort to the kid with the bassinet and rocking seat.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag for storage and travel.

Best baby play yard – Disney sweet wonder play yard reviews

Disney is one of the stylishly designed playards with excellent features. This quality unit is compactly made and won’t take up much of you space when set it up. It comes with wheels which make it easy to move around the house as you transfer your baby from the living room to the bedroom.  In addition, it has a breathable mesh that allows free circulation of air and viewing of the kid as they play. Other additional features that it comes with include: bassinet, carry bag and storage space. All these features and its design make it to be an excellent pack and play.

Key features:

  • Breathable mesh.
  • Newborn bassinet.
  • Deluxe organizer.
  • Carry bag.
  • Wheels.


  • A great compact design.
  • Has an easy to clean changer.
  • Has wheels for easy moving of the playard within the house.
  • Disney sweet wonder has a carry bag for easy carry and storage.
  • Has a bassinet to put the baby to sleep.

Best portable pack and play – Summer infant pop n play reviews

Summer infant pop N’ play is one of the uniquely designed playard for your kids both indoors and outdoors. This wonderful freestanding design offers your kid a large play area as they develop. It is made up of folding metal frames that are durable and very easy to fold ready for travel. As well, its lightweight and great for travelling with. The weather resistant canvas it comes with is very durable and safe for the kids to play on.  One of the outstanding features of this playard is its mesh sides that are very visible for watching your kids as they play and allow free circulation of air. Acquire this one for a happy and jovial kid.

Key features:

  • Freestanding design.
  • Folding metal frame.
  • Mesh sides.
  • Weather resistant canvas.


  • Summer infant is very portable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • Can be folded easily for easy travel.
  • Offers great safety to the kid as they can’t move beyond the playard.


Keeping your newborn engaged all the time is one of the best ways of developing them. Especially for parents who travel a lot, having a pack and play can be a good way of ensuring they are happy and comfortable. As you search for the best pack n play, know what features you want it to have. It should be sturdily made, be of a great design and meet the safety standards. Don’t be carried away by brands that advertise as being the best.

You better spend more and get a brand that will offer your child the excitement and comfort they eagerly need. As well, a lightweight and portable pack n play is good for those who travel a lot. But if you stay home a lot, get one with a quality mesh. Hopefully, we’ve made your work easier as you venture to find the best pack and play.

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