Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews 2019 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Bringing a new life into this world comes with great joy that is unmatched. At the same time, there are challenges and battles that moms-to-be experience before they give birth. One of these struggles is by not having enough sleep due to the different sleep positions that leads to pain or strains to certain parts of the body. Before the discovery of the pregnancy pillows, pregnant women used to place several pillows on their back, legs and belly for great support.

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These didn’t offer full support because they needed constant adjustments at night in case they move out of position. But with the discovery of the best pregnancy pillow, pregnant women can now sleep soundly and wake up the next day feeling energetic and fresh as their day of birth gets closer and closer.

What to look for in the best pregnancy pillow

Some of the roles that a pregnancy pillow plays includes regulating breathe, lowers heartburn and helps you have a sound sleep all night. The top pillows will ease strain on your legs, back, neck and bump, among other parts of the body. Every design and model that you come across has its own advantages. Since some people sleep on the back, belly or others on the side, it’s good to know what your style is to get the best pillow for a quick and less stressful sleep. Different manufacturers offer different features. Compare and contrast to ensure you receive a good pillow for quality sleep. This review has all the information that you need to find the best pregnancy pillow.

Comfort pregnancy pillow?

Material – One of the key features of a pillow is the type of material they are made of. Whether the pillow is of a good design or not, the materials used to fill them or placed inside them will determine the comfort they will have to offer. Most of the pregnancy pillows are made of memory foam which is the best and has several advantages. Other common materials used include; polyester, hypoallergenic and organic fillings. Each filling has its own pros and cons. But if you want a material that highly considers the health of your unborn child, hypoallergenic pillows are the best.

C shaped pregnancy pillow or U shaped pregnancy pillow?

Body shape – The shape of your body should be closely taken into account. You can either have a slim, medium or large body. Different sizes of pillows will be identified for you that fit your body perfectly. Don’t just buy any as you might find it too big or too small to excellently suit you. C shape and U shape both work excellent but choose that one which feel more comfortable to you.

Right size – How big or small is your pillow? You want a pillow that will fit you well but as well consider the type of bed you’ve at home. If you choose a pillow that is too big, your husband may find it difficult to sleep due to the space it occupies. Ensure you get the right size to avoid such situations.

Weight – Different pillow fillings lead to different weight. Pillows made with polyester materials tend to be very light when contrasted with those that have microbeads. Ensure that you have the ideal weight that you can carry from your living room to the bedroom which less difficulty.

Pregnancy support pillow reviews?

Level of support – Before you buy a pillow, you’ve to know what areas you want to be covered most. Not all pillows will cover your entire body as some concentrates on particular parts. If you don’t want a pillow that covers the whole body, say a full length type, then you’ve to know which areas pains so much. It can be on your legs, back, neck, or even belly. Whatever the part, make sure you are relieved of the pain.

Sleeping position – If you highly want to lower the level of pain you experience in particular areas, ensure you acquire a pillow that serves your sleeping needs. It can be on the side, back or belly. Whatever your sleeping style, get a pillow that will help you sleep soundly with less stress and pain.

Firm pregnancy pillows or Soft pregnancy pillows?

Is it soft or firm? – Another feature to look is whether the pillow you’re buying is soft or firm. If you want a pillow that will give you great support, then a firm pillow is ideal though you will have to get used to it first. But if you want comfort, a soft type is the best for you.

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Ease of cleaning – For the purpose of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, you need a pillow that you can wash from now and then. Consider looking for one with a zippered cover that can be removed and is machine washable.

Cheapest pregnancy pillow?

Price – Price shouldn’t be a huge determinant when selecting the best pregnancy pillow. First, start by knowing which type you want before narrowing down to the features and work within your budget. There are low priced pillows as well as expensive ones. If you want the best quality, be ready to break the bank. Full length pillows are more expensive than pregnancy wedge pillows.

Customer reviews – Last but not least, customer reviews from previous users are very essential when it comes to selecting the best pillows. Check out their ratings and know which brands or models are the best to use.

Best type of pregnancy pillow!

  • Total body pregnancy pillow – these pillows cover the exterior part of your body and offers great comfort. They are normally long in feet ranging between 5 to 6 ft long and large enough to feet most of the moms-to-be. These come in various shapes and are named after the letter they represent such as C-shaped or U shaped pillows.
  • Full length pregnancy pillow – this is one of the most commonly used types of pregnancy pillows in the market. This pillow provides full comfort from your legs to head. In addition, you can wrap it around your entire body for maximum support and comfort. One of the downside of this type is that it’s as well the most expensive but offers unmatched comfort.
  • Pregnancy Wedge pillow – these form of pillows are created by targeting only certain parts of your body where you feel pain or discomfort. There appearance is similar to that of a wedge just like their name suggests. Most of them are triangular shaped and will provide support to ease strain on the back.

Importance of using the best pregnancy pillow

  • A pregnancy pillow betters the flow of blood in your body. Pregnant women are always encouraged to sleep on the side as this type of sleep slightly interrupts their blood circulation. With a big tummy, this kind of sleep can be tricky and a pregnancy pillow may be the solution to help you achieve it.
  • Pregnancy pillows not only lower but sometimes prevent body pain. This is because of the weight of the child they are carrying in the womb. The unborn causes stress to various parts of the body that leads to pain. A good pregnancy pillow will ease all of this and make the mother comfortable again.
  • Pregnancy pillows are created to offer a soothing and less stressful experience to the user. That’s why many women who sleep using pregnancy pillows tend to sleep quicker and easily due to the comfort they bring about.
  • Pregnancy pillows are built using special materials such as hypoallergenic that will prevent allergy inducing agents. Hence, it can help you have a healthy baby during the time of birth.

Our Recommend Top 5 best pregnancy pillow reviews

When it comes to finding quality pregnancy pillow, many pregnant mothers get confused on not knowing which one is best for them. But after going through this review, choosing a pregnancy pillow shouldn’t be much of a challenge when you know what to look for in a pillow. The pregnancy pillows that we are about to discuss have excellent features and positive reviews from past users. These are as follows;

1. Best rated pregnancy pillow – Leachco pregnancy pillows reviews

Leachco Snoogle total body pillow is one of the excellent pillows that you will find in the market. It is comfortably built with a lightweight polyester material that offers a soothing feeling to its users. The pillow has a patented design that follows the contour of your body ensuring that every part of your body is covered and doesn’t experience any strain as you sleep. Best rated pregnancy pillows Check Price on Amazon

In addition, it comes with a sham-style removable cover that makes washing of this pillow be easy. If you have been feeling some pain as a result of uncomfortable sleep, the Leachco snoogle total body pillow has you covered. Whether it’s your feet, neck, back, or tummy, this all comes to end with this quality product.

Key features:

  • Polyester material.
  • Patented design.
  • Sham-style removable cover.
  • Horseshoe shape.


  • Has a great horseshoe design for greater comfort as it follows the contour of your body.
  • A good relaxation and sleeping pillow.
  • Has a sham-style removable cover that makes washing to be very easy.

2. Best maternity pillow – Today’s mom pregnancy pillows review

This is one of the feature packed pregnancy pillows in the market. The Today’s Mom cozy comfort pregnancy pillow covers the entire body and makes sure the user doesn’t undergo any pain. It has a square pillow head to ensure that you sleep soundly without any neck pain. Also, this pillow is made up of cotton and polyester materials that are lightweight and very comfy.

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It has an inner curve that perfectly supports the belly and back relieving the user from pains associated with these places. It has also a zipper and can be easily cleaned as its machine washable. These and other features make this pillow to perform excellently.

Key features:

  • Cotton and polyester materials.
  • Shoulder comfort system.
  • Inner curve.
  • Square pillow head.
  • zipper.


  • Provides great comfort as it cover the entire body.
  • Its machine washable and thus easy to clean.
  • Has inner curves to fully support the belly and back.
  • Made with lightweight materials which are cotton and polyester.
  • It has a square pillow head for great sleep.

3. Most comfortable pregnancy pillow – Pharmedoc pillows review

The PharMeDoc Total body pillow offers unique features that offer a great comfort like no other. This pillow is made with cotton which is not only a lightweight material but very soft and great for comfort and relaxation.

This therapeutic pillow will ensure that you don’t feel any pain in the neck or joints as you sleep soundly the whole night. Other features include; C-shaped design, full contoured body, and 100% customer satisfaction. At least you can now understand why it’s rated as #1 by nurses.

Key features:

  • Cotton cover.
  • Therapeutic pillows.
  • Full contoured support system.
  • Zipper.
  • C-shaped design.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • #1 rated nursing pillows.


  • Offers great comfort with its soft quality cotton material.
  • Covers the entire body thus good for sleep and relaxation.
  • It is zippered with a cotton cover hence easy to clean.
  • Great design to effectively offer relief from pain to the whole body.

4. Best cheap pregnancy pillow – J shaped pregnancy pillows review

If you’re looking for something very unique, the J-shaped premium contoured pregnancy pillow is one of its kind on the market. This uniquely shaped pillow has a premium contoured design that will fully support your whole body without much trouble. This pillow comes with a zippered cover that is machine washable.

It’s of a great design and will excellently fit the different parts of your body for a comfortable and joyous moment. With a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee, acquire this J shaped pillow to avoid sciatica, back pain and heartburn. This is the cheapest pregnancy pillow in our list.

Key features:

  • Zippered cover.
  • Premium contoured body.
  • Unique design and shape.
  • 100% satisfaction or Money back guarantee.


  • Great shape to perfectly fit your body as you sleep or just relax.
  • It has a premium contoured body that will ensure you don’t experience any pains.
  • Has a zippered cover that makes it easy for washing.
  • You are guaranteed to be 100% happy or return the product.

5. The best pregnancy pillow – Naomi Home body pillows for pregnancy

Naomi home is a known brand when it comes to outstanding pregnancy pillows. The Naomi home cozy body pillow is perfectly designed to fit your entire body and not only offer you with great comfort but as well relieve you pain. It has inner curves that support your back and belly as you sleep soundly. Also, the pillow comes with a gusseted neck to offer a smooth transition of the neck from the pillow to mattress. It is made of 100% cotton material which is extremely lightweight and easy to clean.

The machine has a zippered cover making it easy to clean and it’s also machine washable. One of the unique features of this pillow is that it has smooth seams that offer you unparalleled comfort throughout the day or night as you relax or sleep on the pillow.

Key features:

  • 100% cotton material.
  • Zippered cover.
  • Gusseted neck.
  • Inner curve.
  • Smooth seams.
  • 300 thread count percale.


  • Lightweight as its made of 100% cotton material.
  • Provides great comfort to the entire body.
  • Has a zippered cover for easy cleaning and adjusting.
  • Has a gusseted neck for soothing change from pillow to mattress.
  • Contoured body to relive pain or strain on the whole body.
  • Has inner curves to offer excellent support to the tummy and back.


A pregnant woman goes through some hardships before they give birth and that’s why finding accessories or items that relieve or provide them with comfort is a bonus. One of the most important ways to ease the strain that moms-to-be witness is through buying them a pregnancy pillow. These pillows aren’t just ordinary pillows as they offer great comfort that will drastically reduce the challenges of sleep pregnant mothers’ face most of the time. The big headache comes when deciding on which one is the best pillow for pregnancy bed rest.

Not all mothers have the same type of sleep. As well, different pregnancy pillows offer varying features that some may need while others may not. Know what your pressing areas are so that you can acquire a pillow that not only helps you to sleep well but eases the strains in that particular region. With our detailed guide and reviews above, finding the best pregnancy pillow shouldn’t be a walk in the park.

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