Best Random Orbital Sander! Reviews of 2019

If you’re a serious woodworker, a random orbital sander is a must have tool in your workshop. This tool is very crucial in finishing projects or prepping them for painting or coating. They leave the surface looking smooth and well sanded. So, whether you are an expert, novice or just a hobbyist in woodworking, you need the most ideal random orbital sander to efficiently and accurately complete your tasks.

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The only issue comes in when choosing the best from the rest. There are various models and types of sanders in the market that make selecting the best a bit difficult. They vary in performance with some being more powerful than others. Now that you’ve visited our site, you will be well informed on various aspects to know about before picking the best random orbital sander of your choice.

What is the best random orbital sander?

These tools are made by different manufacturers and you should consider buying from the best. Also, there are different types, size, power, variable speed, and sander grip. Know which features you greatly need to end up with the best sander for your job. Look for a portable and easy to operate design. The time of wandering from one site to another or testing several products is over with our detailed information in this review. Begin by knowing what you intend to do with the random orbital sander. Is it for finishing, blurring out or smoothening of your wood surface?

What kind of material do you intend to be using the machine on. To learn more about these sanders, continue reading our review below and you will end up making a good decision.

Different types of random orbital sanders

A random orbital sander is a very useful and essential tool for sanding. But before you buy a sander of your choice, it’s good to know which types are available so that you can choose an ideal randomorbital sander for your tasks.

  • Palm grip

This is one of the simplest and most efficient random orbital sanders. It offers great finishes and they are very easy to hold in your hand as you work.

  • Right angle

This type of random orbital sander gives the user more power though it’s overall sped is lower. In addition, it pushes harder to the surface without damaging it. It is very ideal for removing glue or paint from wood surfaces.

  • Large inline sander

This is very suitable for heavy duty tasks that require a very powerful motor. The user has to use two hands to operate it. Furthermore, they have variable speeds that give you total control.

Random orbital sander uses

The random orbit sanders can be applied for a wide range of purposes. Such uses include;

  • Random orbit sanders are widely used to smoothen surfaces for a better and quality finish.
  • This tool helps in blurring out two different types of woods combined together to give a smooth and even surface.
  • It also shapes the edges of a wood making it rounder with a nice finish.
  • This device helps prepare the wall or wood for painting, varnishing or coating. This ensures that the surface to be painted is smooth and even.
  • In some cases, a random orbit sander work so well that it can be used for finishing works.

Factors to look at when looking for a random orbital sander

These versatile tools are of great importance as they offer precision and accuracy in sanding. There are different types to choose from and knowing which qualities to look for in the most prominent randomorbital sander is important. When you identify the features you need in a quality random orbit sander, picking the best becomes easy and fast.

Most powerful random orbital sander?

Power – different types of random orbital sander come with varying power. The more powerful the motor is the heavier it can handle tasks. If the motor power is low, this means that you will carry out only the basic tasks. So, if you want a rando orbital sander for heavy duty jobs, get one with a powerful motor.

Best variable speed random orbital sander?

Variable speed – look for the sander that comes with a variable speed so that you can adjust according to application. This will control how fast you are able to undertake. Also, adjusting the speed of a sander ensures that you acquire a more accurate and fie finish. This feature varies from one type of randomorbital sander to another.

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Sander grip – pick a sander grip that is comfortable and firm in your hands. The tool shouldn’t be too heavy to hold. Also, it should have a nice soft grip so that you can use it for long hours without feeling tired or hurt.

Random orbital sander sizes?

Size – Orbital sanders come in different sizes and weight. Most of them have a size that range between 5 and 6 inches. When it comes to weight, pick a device that is not too heavy as a randomorbital sander is a handheld device. A heavy device may weigh you down as you perform various tasks.

Power cord length – these tools come with power cords. Ensure that the device you acquire has a longer power cord. If the power cord is short, working with the device won’t be convenient as it may take time adjusting or changing plug-ins or positions. Pick a device with a longer power cord for convenience while working.

Tracking adjustments – the sander come with a tracking adjustment feature. The knob and screws make tracking adjustments to be quick and easy. With this feature, using the random orbital sander becomes very easy and fast.

Sander dust collection?

Dust collector – one of the challenges of using a sander is the dust it leaves at your work area. This not only makes the workshop to be unkempt but also inconvenient to work in. Most of the latest random orbital sanders come with a dust collector that ensures all the dust removed from wood or other surfaces is well stored for disposal instead of dirtying the place.

Large random orbital sander or Portable?

Portability – depending on the purpose you want the randomorbital sander to perform, you can get a lighter or heavier device. If you want a portable device, ensure you get a light one. Also, for people with lots of tasks, they should opt for a light device so that they can work for long hours.

Some devices come with a handle while others having carrying cases. Such features aid in transportation of device from one work area to another.

Best orbital sander brand?

Brand – some people say brand doesn’t matter. This is very wrong. The brand that you buy from is as important as the device itself. This is because not all brands selling these tools offer the best. A few advertise as being the best but they don’t actually give exceptional devices. Make sure that you buy from the top brands to avoid having an inferior sander that won’t last for long before it wears out or spoils. Such brands include; Black & Decker, PORTER-CABLE, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Ryobi and SKIL.

Top rated random orbital sander?

Warranty – when you decide to spend to acquire a quality randomorbital sander, consider picking from a brand that offers warranty on its goods. Warranty ascertains the buyers of the quality of the product that they are buying so that in case it comes with a few defects, they can replace it or receive money back.

In addition, this shows that the manufacturer is very certain about their product and is even willing to go further to support the client in case they are faced with any challenge using it. Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty of more than one year.

Best budget random orbital sander?

Price – work with a budget so that you don’t end up buying a product you hadn’t planned for. With various randomorbital sellers on the market, you will find all qualities and prices.  There are lowly priced, averagely priced and highly priced tools.

If you want to carry out simple tasks, buy an averagely priced product but if it’s for heavy duty works, get the best quality as possible though most of them are costly.

Our Recommend Top five best random orbital sander reviews

Most of the people find it hard to select the most prominent random orbital sander because of the many types and models being offered on the market. With the information that we’ve offered you in this review, you should be in a position to easily pick one. They vary in performance, cost and price. If you’ve knowledge about randomorbital sanders, picking the best becomes very easy. After several days of research on random orbital sanders, our crew managed to assemble the top 5 random orbital sander as follows:

1. The best orbital sander – Makita random orbital sanders review

Makita BO5041K is an excellent device that will ensure that your wood is smooth and even. The variable speed control dial enables the user to change speed settings according to applications. For finer finishes, a lower speed is ideal. It is also powerful as it uses 3.0AMP motor that runs even bigger projects. The ergonomic rubberized palm drip offers the user with easy handling of the machine as the sand wood or other surfaces.

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Other features include; pad control system, large two finger trigger and a dust collector for keeping the working area clean. With a one year warranty, purchase this product and get excellent results in your workshop.

Major features:

  • Variable speed control dial.
  • Large two finger trigger.
  • 0 AMP motor.
  • Ergonomic rubberized palm grip.
  • Pad control system.
  • One year warranty.


  • It is very comfortable to use with an adjustable front handle.
  • Performs better with its pad brake feature.
  • Has an ergonomic handle for easy handling of the device.
  • Has a variable speed feature that allows the user to change speed with regard to use.

2. Best random orbital sander for woodworking – Bosch random orbital sanders review

The ergonomically designed Bosch makes sanding wood to be easy and fun. The device is very powerful as it uses 120volts and has a variable speed to change according to application.

It has a durable dust canister that stores the dirt and comes with an 8 feet cord length for easy usage. These and other excellent features make this randomorbital sander to perform well and offer great finishes.

Major features:

  • Variable speed control dial.
  • Durable and compact twist off dust canister.
  • Hoop and loop disc attachment.
  • 120 voltage.
  • 8 ft cord length.
  • Ergonomic soft grip top.
  • Microfilter system.
  • One year warranty.


  • It enables you to have more control with the variable speed.
  • Has an ergonomic top design for easy handling and use.
  • Has a microfilter dust canister system to store the dust for a cleaner working environment.

3. Best 5 inch random orbital sander – Black and Decker orbital sanders review

The sleek Black & Decker BDERO100 random orbit sander comes with outstanding features that make using it to be fun and easy. It has a hook and loop system that enables users to make quick and simple paper changes. The dust sealed switch keeps all the dust and debris from being dispersed in the work environment.

In addition, it has an ergonomic top with a soft grip for easy handling as you smoothen or prepare different surfaces. Get this sander and make your sanding job to be easy.

Major features:

  • Dust sealed switch.
  • Ergonomic top with soft grip.
  • Hook and loop system.
  • Sanding sheet.
  • 5-inch.


  • It has a hook and loop system that enables users make quick and easy paper changes.
  • The machine has a high removal rate and offers high quality finishes.
  • The dust sealed switch stores any dust and debris for a cleaner environment.
  • It is compact in design making it easy to move in tight places.

4. Best rated orbital sander – Dewalt random orbital sanders review

The variable speed of the Dewalt D26453K enables the user to change the speed of the device with regard to use. In addition, it has a cloth dust bag to keep all the dirt and debris acquired from sanding to keep the working environment clean.

With these and other great features, acquire this tool and you will receive a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Major features:

  • Variable speed.
  • Cloth dust bag.
  • Textured anti-slip top and body grip.
  • 0 AMP electronic.
  • 90 day money back guarantee and 3 year limited warranty.


  • It is durably made to last long.
  • It is lightweight and suitable for various applications.
  • Comes with a dust bag to store dust and debris.
  • Has a variable speed motor for various uses such as quick sanding and finer finishes.

5. Best orbital sander for furniture – Porter cable orbital sanders review

If your job entails a lot of sanding and finishing tasks, this is the most suitable random orbit sander for you. It comes with a controlled finishing system for perfect finishes. Furthermore, it has a dual pane counterbalanced fan to lower the fatigue over a long period of time.

In addition, it has a dust seal or canister which keeps the dust from being spread all over the work area. These and other features make this sander to be of exceptional performance. Get one today and have a new experience in woodworking.

Major features:

  • 100% ball bearing construction.
  • Dual plane counter.
  • Controlled finishing system.
  • Longer switch life.
  • Dust sealed switch.
  • 90 day money back guarantee and 3 Year limited warranty.


  • It is compact and lightweight for versatile use.
  • Has a dust sealed switch to keep the working surrounding clean.
  • It is durably made to last long.
  • Has an excellent controlled finishing system.


Our top five reviews of random orbital sanders are some of the best. They have their own pros and cons. Most of them perform excellently and will ensure that you acquire a surface of your likeness. Simply identify what you want the sander to do for you and pick a device that can excellently handle it. There are top brands that with great durability and efficiency. As long as you know which features to look at, you can compare them and decide which one mostsuits your woodworking and sanding needs. Don’t buy a sander because of its price but because it has all the features that you need to complete your tasks. With the above information, picking the best random orbital sander should be easy and simple.

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