Best Rat Poison reviews 2019(Oct.) – Find the right one That WORKS

One of the most irritating experiences to have in your home is an infestation by Rodents. These small and bothersome animals tend to destroy and eat up your leftovers and other things. They multiply quickly and before you know it, they will be in all corners of your home awaiting a slight chance to continue spoiling things in your kitchen, living room and bedroom. The best thing to do when you immediately spot one of them is to deal with them. Rat traps have been used in the past to catch these rodents but they sometimes become too smart for them. If you want a sure and certain way to catch and kill these rodents, then the best rat poison or Rat bait is the best way to do it.

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How to choose the powerful poison?

Rat poison and mouse bait has proven to be the best and sure way to kill these rodents without them evading. Sometimes, the rats become so smart to be caught by a rat trap and that’s why using a poison is a better way to do it. These baits or poisons are toxic and strategically positioned in the route of these pesky creatures which they feed on before they suffocate to death. Also, it is easier to catch several rats since when one of the rats consumes this poison the others will have a taste too. This way, you can kill many rats or mice at the same time unlike with a rat trap.

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The only trouble comes in when choosing the poisons or baits to use in your house. There are a few factors and tips to know before you buy a poison for your home. Our detailed review will help you through as it has highlighted different factors to view so that you can acquire the right rat bait for your rodents. With many brands and types to pick from, hope this review will greatly help you make an informed decision in the end.

How to identify a rodent in your home

  • If you see a path or small route that is a bit dusty, follow it closely it might lead you to their hideout or hole.
  • When you observe a blot on baseboards and other parts, know that you have a rat or mouse in your house.
  • Rats or mouse love gnawing wood, if you identify such a place around your house, it’s time to get the poison to get rid of them quickly.
  • Are you experiencing a deep musky smell in the house, don’t be confused, this is an indication of rodents in your home.
  • Another way of knowing if you have rodents in the house is through noticing their droppings. These are easy to identify and they vary from mice droppings, roof rat droppings and Norway rat droppings.

When you detect such signs in your home, just know it’s time to take action before it’s too late. Research and comprehend which type of rodent it is and get the ideal poison or rat bait for it. Don’t assume or wait to see the real cockroach or rat as they will continue destroying things.

How different Rodenticides perform in killing the rats

Each and every bait used in catching and killing of the rats or mice is very deadly. These poisons or baits should be handled with great care and no direct hand contact should be made. Also, children and other pets should be kept away from these poisons as it may harm them when they come into contact with it. Below are some of the common substances or ingredients found in the best rat poison:

  • Anticoagulants – this is one of the deadliest way of killing the rats or mice as anticoagulants work by disrupting the blood’s capability to clot which leads to internal bleeding. Later, the rodents suffocate from bleeding and they end up dying. Some of the common anticoagulants in the market are; diphacinone, warfarin and bromadioline, among others.
  • Non-anticoagulants – as well, non-anticoagulant are very lethal in that they affect the nervous system of the rodent which leads to heightened levels of calcium in the blood causing heart, kidney and liver difficulties. One of the examples of a non-anticoagulant is the bromethalin.
  • First generation poisons – this is one of the slowest methods of getting rid of the rodents as they kill slowly but sure. The rats or mice are required to eat the poison over and over again so that the poison can work effectively.
  • Second generation poisons – this is as well a very perfect way of eliminating the rodents as it kills on feeding. Some of the poisons in this category include; brodifacoum and bromadioline. This is a more sure way than the first generation poisons.
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N/B: Rodents, especially rats and mouse are really witty creatures. This is because they sample the food that they take by consuming it in small samples, if it’s not poisonous, they continue feeding on it. In addition, rats have a very sharp sense of vision, taste and smell. Thus, they can identify harmful poisonous substances very fast. That’s why when one of their own dies, they hastily figure out cause of death and will tend to avoid such cases in future.

To ensure that the best rat poison you’re buying is effective and able to kill many rats or mice; also ensure it is effective and smells just like food instead of poison. Try out different types to fully kill many rodents.

Tips for placing the rat bait safely and securely

  • To securely place these baits or poison, ensure they are not accessible or a distant from your pets like cats and dogs as a small lick may as well harm them devastatingly.
  • When placing the bait or disposing the dead mouse, don’t use your bare hands but wear gloves for proper handling.
  • Make sure that the dead rat or a mouse is well wrapped before being disposed as consumption by other animals may lead to harm.
  • Avoid placing the bait or keeping it in a place accessible by children as they may get in contact with it which is very dangerous when consumed or even tasted.

Types of Rat trap baits

  • Butter
  • Candy
  • Bacon
  • Marshmallows
  • Cheese
  • Bird seeds or nuts
  • Gumdrops
  • Pet foods

Actions to take if your rat trap bait isn’t functioning

  • If the current bait or rat trap you’re using isn’t working, try out another type. In most cases, try to get a more effective poison or rat trap such as one with anticoagulants. Avoid using secondary generation poison as it requires a rat or mouse to feed several times before killing it.
  • Maybe you haven’t placed the bait in the right location. Consider reviewing and identifying the new paths or route of the mice to ensure they’ve a taste of the bait. Try out several locations to get great results.

    If you have not only rat but also have lots of flea then buy the best flea bomb instead of poison.

Our Recommend top 5 best rat poison or rat bait

Since there are many poisons to choose from, we’ve highlighted some of the best rat poison available on the market that are very effective and will perform excellently to getting rid of the rodents from your home. These include;

Old Cobblers Farm Just one bite rat poison reviews

The Old cobblers farnam bait bar is one of the most effective rat and mouse poison to use. At a very favorable price, the Old cobblers farnam will ensure to get rid of all the mice and rats from your home instantly and will appear after 4 to 5 days of feeding. This effective poison contains poisonous chemicals such as bromadiolone which causes internal bleeding on feeding of the bait. Also, this bait can be placed on walls or posts where the mice or rats pass most of the tight.

Just one bite rat poisons reviews Check Price on Amazon

Furthermore, it has unique nibble ridges that rodents love to chew and will not avoid it but consume it immediately. Also, it comes packed in a weevil resistant fin-seal for secure storage when not in use. For proper elimination of roof rats, mice and Norway rats in your home, get the Old cobblers farnam bait for great results. If you are looking for the high quality poison that works then Old Cobblers Farm is the best one.

Main features:

  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Weevil resistant fin-seal packaging.
  • 16 o. bar.
  • Unique nibble ridges.


  • It kills both mice and rats.
  • You can use it in your home, office or outdoor.
  • Kills instantly on one feed.
  • It can be used several times and its durable as it comes packed in a weevil resistant pack.
  • It comes with unique nibble ridges that rodents like chewing.

Best mouse poison – D Con rat poison reviews

D-CON ready mix bait is one the most deadly rat poison on the market. This bait has 120Z D-CON ready mix poison that works very effectively. It comes with four bait trays which you can position in various locations that the mice or rats are situated. In addition, it has brodifacoum chemical which is very devastating and will kill the mice immediately after feeding.

Best mouse poisonYou will discover the dead rat or at 4 to 5 days after feeding on the bait. One of the best features of this rat poisons is that it also kills warfarin resistant mice or rats. If you want a high performing and very efficient rat poison to get rid of all the rodents on your farm, house or office, the D-Con ready mix is the perfect fit for you.

Main features:

  • Brodifacoum mice.
  • 4 bait trays.
  • 120Z D-CON ready mix.


  • Highly effective in killing both mice and rats.
  • Can be applied home, office or outdoor such as in a farm.
  • Kills at just one feeding and the can will be found after 4 to 5 days of feeding on it.
  • Contains brodifacoum which kills instantly and is very harmful.

Motomco tomcat rat poison reviews

The MOTOMCO Tomcat bait poison is ideal for use in homes and farms. The all weather poison is able to attract all mice and rats from their hideouts to come and have a taste of the poison as a result of their human food ingredients. This best rat poison kill instantly on just a small consumption and thus you won’t need to use most of it to eradicate all the rodents in your abode. Motomco tomcat rat poisons MOTOMCO Tomcat LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

It weighs only four pounds and contains bromethalin that will cause respiratory problems to the rodent. The moment the rodent taste the bait, it stops feeding as it suffocates instantly. So, if you’ve anticoagulant resistant roof rats, Norway rats and mice, acquire one of this and you will have a peace mind in your home or on your farm.

Main features:

  • Contains bromethalin.
  • Weighs 4 pounds.
  • Has human food ingredients.


  • It kills the rat more effectively.
  • Kills instantly with just a small portion.
  • Ideal for use in your home and outdoor.
  • Attracts the mouse from their hideouts to have a taste of the poison due to the human food ingredients it contains.
  • Can be used in different weather conditions such as during rain.

The best rat Bait JT eaton reviews

From the year 1932, JT Eaton Company has been operating and offering different rodent control products. From traps, to bait and poison, this is a known brand with outstanding products. The JT Eaton 709-PN bait is one of the most effective and reliable poisons in the market. The anticoagulant bait is best suited to be placed in a garage or basement where rodents tend to hide most of the time.

JT eaton rat bait JT Eaton 709-PN Bait LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

It comes with a pack of 72 which are just enough to get rid of almost all the rodents in your surroundings. It has a peanut butter flavor rodenticide that attracts the rodents and contains diphacinone chemical that causes bleeding of the rodent on consumption. With a one year limited warranty, expect great outcomes when you acquire one of these.

Main features:

  • Anticoagulant bait.
  • Peanut butter flavor.
  • 72 packs.
  • Diphacinone.
  • Resealable pail.
  • 1 year limited warranty.


  • Kills instantly on consumption.
  • Has a resealable pail for proper storage after use.
  • Comes with a peanut flavor to attract the mice and rats from all corners of your home.
  • Can be used in your home, garage, farm, basement and farm, among other areas.

The best rat killer – Tomcat rat killer reviews

This is one of the highly effective indoor rat poison on the market. It contains 2 blocks with each block having the ability to kill up to 6 rats or mice. In addition, it is child resistant refillable station secures it from the kids and is very safe for indoor use. With just a small taste by the rodents, they will suffocate and die instantly.

The best rat killer Tomcat Mouse Killer LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

As well, it has a one year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer on purchase. Are you having rodent bothers in your home? Buy the this Tomcat mouse killer for a free and secure home always.

Main features:

  • Kid resistant refillable station.
  • 32 bait refills.
  • Resistant to tampering.


  • Perfect for killing the rodents indoors.
  • Kills quickly and fast with just a small taste of the poison.
  • It is safe for use indoors with its kid resistant refillable station feature.
  • Has one year limited warranty.
  • One block is able to kill up to six mice or rats.


Rodents can be a nuisance in your home as they will spoil several things and give you sleepless nights as they run around your home at night. That’s why the moment you spot one, you’ve to instantly get rid of rats. Use of the best rat poison has proven to be a very effective method to eliminate these annoying creatures. Ensure you purchase the right poison for your home that will easily and quickly get rid of the rodents. Consider your environment and types of rodents that you’ve to completely decimate these witty animals.

Use poisons that will kill them instantly and doesn’t give you a hard task of climbing roofs or accessing tiny holes in your house to collect the dead rodents as they might bring about a bad smell. Hopefully, our detailed review has helped you come up with a great option as you look to purchase your next rat poison.

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