How to Find The Best Rechargeable Flashlight? Review at 2019

If you are the kind of person that forgets buying batteries, lives or visit places where batteries are hard to find, or searching a flashlight considering economical aspect, then the rechargeable flashlight should be your thing. There are many flashlights of this kind; some product information may be helpful when looking for the best.

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The Best Rechargeable Flashlights main Features:

Rechargeable flashlights have some advance features.

Rechargeable batteries:

One factor to consider when buying a rechargeable flash light is the type and number of batteries used. There are three types of rechargeable batteries; Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal (Ni-MH) and Hydride Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). These batteries vary in cost and the more a flashlight requires the more expensive. The rechargeable flashlight can also use alternative batteries such as rechargeable alkaline batteries which are cheaper and readily available.

Our recommend top 5 Best Rechargeable Flashlights list:

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Flashlight Batteries Power Source:

Another factor is the type of charger; these are always included when buying these flashlights. The chargers are connected differently to sources of power, for example USB cables, solar panels and electric sockets. This is also important for extended battery life. Also the number of times the batteries can be recharged before they are completely drained, this varies between 500 and 1000 times.


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Rechargeable work light batteries:

Batteries also have different battery power that is measured in Milli Amperes. Flashlights are devices that use a lower amount of power, therefore the range is around 500mAh to 2,00mAh. Higher powered batteries could cause damage to the light.

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Brightest rechargeable flashlight:

In order to determine the brightness of the flashlight during the purchase, buyers should look for the number of lumens. This is a measure of light output. The number of lumens for the light should be from 100 up to 10000. Remember, high lumen means high power. For standard use 500 to 2000 lumens will be a great choice. The best types of bulbs are LEDs. Different flashlights have different technologies integrated for these LEDs. It is important to ask the sales people and compare these technologies when shopping for this kind lights.

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High beam flashlights:

The beam distance that the flashlight illuminates is important. This is measured in yards or meters. This goes hand in hand with viewing angle. The rechargeable torch should have a longer beam distance and wider viewing angle. As an additional feature, the focus have an adjustable feature for use as a flood light and also can be used as the best rechargeable spotlight. It also have zoom abilities. There should be a number of zooming options for a user to select from.

Brightness Level:

There is also the level of brightness and multiple modes available. Some of the rechargeable led flashlights have 5 levels of brightness that is high/turbo, medium and low plus strobe and SOS functions. These help to control the run time which is the number of hours the spotlight can stay on standby when in one of these modes. Run times vary from 1 and a half hours to 800 hours depending on modes and lumens.


Portable rechargeable flashlights:

Other general factors include size and weight which determines the portability of the device. These are measured in inches and ounces respectively. There is also versatility in areas where the light can be used such as residential and general use.

Finally, the material used to construct the device, whether plastic, aluminum alloy or titanium helps gauge durability. Accessories, add-ons and warranty included on the product shouldn’t be overlooked.

Our recommend top 5 best rechargeable flashlight reviews

Here is the top rated model list:

1. Solaray pro zx-1XL reviews : Best professional series flashlights kit

Solaray pro zx-1 reviewsIt is called the first class flashlight because of it’s popularity. If you have decided to buy a rechargeable flash light then solaray pro zx-1xl would be your first choice.

Brightness: The Solaray pro has an impressive brightness of 1600 lumens with a long run time. Its beam distance is long and the beam type can be adjusted to either fixed or focused. Solaray pro zx-1XL has enough power which can lighting up your entire room.

Batteries: Solaray pro uses 2 lithium ion 18650 batteries which are rechargeable. To purchase the kit comes with two batteries with a cordless direct plugin charger.

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Multi mode: It has five modes – Bright, medium, dim, strobe and SOS to choose from. Thus not only for general use you can use it for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, power interruption, security, car breakdown and others.

Multipurpose: This is a brightest rechargeable led flashlight which means it can be used by the police and military. It is also recommended for general use such as camping and lighting.

Dimensions: It is small in size and weight is very light. Weight 7oz and 8 inches long, head diameter 1 inches and 4 inches body diameter.

Waterproof: Aircraft grade aluminum body help to avoid water damage.

Accessories: Solaray pro zx-1XL comes (As bonus) with a mini pro flashlight which is very portable. Solaray Pro ZX-1 can be used as gift because Solaray comes with attractive Gift Packaging.

No doubt about that, Solaray pro zx-1 is one of the best rechargeable flashlight on the market.

2. Ecogear fx flashlight with rechargeable batteries

Ecogear fx TK120 review

Ecogear fx has a high light output of 1200 lumens and is capable of lighting a throw distance of 700 feet. The brightness is adjustable and viewing angle is perfect.

Ecogear fx uses a single 18650 rechargeable battery with a high voltage output of 3.7 V. But as an alternative can be used 3 AAA batteries which are easy to find.

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There are 5 zoom options and the buyer can operate the Ecogear TK120 in 5 different modes; high, medium, low, strobe and SOS signal.

It is constructed using aluminum, making it genuinely strong. It is also water resistant, therefore safe for use in outdoor activities like fishing.

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Due to its size, there is no chance of this rechargeable flashlight slipping from your hand when using it. The handle is 1.1 inches in diameter and it is only 6 inches long. It weighs 5oz.

3. Revtronic flashlight – Rechargeable cree xm l2 led review:

Revtronic light reviews

Retronic is an 800 lumens flashlight with a run time of 1 hour in high mode. Other modes lastlonger. Its lighting distance is 252m which comes in handy during those night walks.

It comes with one high capacity Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. This includes a charger which extended battery life for buyers.

The Revtronic is rust proof since it is made of aluminum. Its rugged shape is designed to prevent it from rolling over, however, there is no need to worry because it has an impact distance of 1m. In case it drops in the water, there is no cause for alarm given that it can survive for 30 minutes when 1m underwater.

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It has multiple modes and a tail switch for on and off.

4. Cheap OxyLED 800 lumens flashlights:

Cheap OxyLED review

Like other top performance LED flashlights, it has high intensity brightness of 800 lumens.The LED technology incorporated extends its life span to 50,000 hours.

It is powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery, although can also work with 3AAA batteries.

Oxyled CREE T6 LED is durable as it is made of aluminum alloy that resists scratches and works properly even when it rains.

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It could also be among the lightest and smallest rechargeable flashlight. You can get with dimensions of 2.1” long, head diameter of 8.3”, body diameter of 4.7” and 14.1oz.

5. 900 lumen flashlight review – Outlite E6 Outdoor torch:

Outlite E6 review

This is my personal favorite. Outlite E6 has a brightness of 900 lumens and a long and widebeam distance of 600 feet. You can also play around with the focus until you find the one that suits you.

It uses one 18650 battery that can be recharged, using a charger that is provided, when drained. The charger has an interface that lights with different colors (Green and Red) to indicate charging status.

The Outlite E6 torch light has an extendable body that reveals five zoom options. It also has multiple modes, three brightness modes plus strobe and SOS options.

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The body is genuine aluminum, making it super strong and also water resistant.

Its length is 145mm by 38mm and 22mm body and tail diameters. It weighs 130g!

The coolest thing about this light is the super mini LED flashlight that is the size of a key, 5cm long weighing 20g.


In conclusion apart from the general factors that are taken into consideration when buying any flashlight, buyers should look at type of chargers, battery types, shelf life and number of batteries when looking for the best rechargeable flashlight. If you want then you can build a micro rechargeable flashlight yourself. Although, It is not worth to spending too much to building such a flashlight.

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