What should consider before buying the Best Router Table? Reviews 2019

Any woodworker pro or enthusiast knows that having a router table is one of the best things when it comes to precise and accurate cutting. If you’ve never used a router table before, you’re definitely missing on something. Most of the people start by using their hands as they woodwork but when you start to advance and become very busy; a router table can be of great importance to you. Unlike free hands which are not very accurate and firm, a router table will ensure you carry out many tasks but still maintain a high level of accuracy. It is rigid and allows the user to cut whatever they want in their own designs. So, what is the best router table for the money?

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In this review, we’ve created tips and points that will help you understand more about the router table so that you can pick one that gets the job done well and smoothly.

What is the best router table?

How to find the best router table on the market? With various types and brands available, choosing the best is a bit difficult to many people. This is because they vary in features and quality. Identify your needs and features that you want so that you can end up selecting one that is suitable for you. Don’t be confused by the wide range of products being offered but simply come up with a list that is within your budget. As you read further, you will get to know more and understand why not all the router tables advertised as the best aren’t. Key features to look at are; the router top, fence, dust collection system and its rigidness.

Importance of using a router table

Using your free hands to woodwork is a great way of cutting or shaping your pieces. But when you use a this, things become easier, safe, and very accurate. Below are some of the benefits of using a router table instead of your hand.

  • These tables increase level of safety unlike when working with your free hands during woodworking.
  • They come with excellent tools that ensure you attain high precision and accuracy as you carry out different works.
  • These table also handle vibrations very well and this shouldn’t be a problem at all.
  • They as well provide high levels of stability and durability

Router tables give you total control over your work leading to attaining of high levels of craftsmanship.

  • It is a versatile tool that enables you to handle any kind of job presented to you thus making the work to be easier.
  • These tables are ergonomically built to offer you comfort and convenience as you conduct your woodworking activities.
  • They also maintain a clean workshop as they have a dust collection port where dust is kept during work.

Types of router table

Before you make up your mind to choose a particular table, get to know the different types available so that you pick one that will meet your needs well. Why buy a small or very big router table that you may not need in the long run. Here are some of the main types of different router tables on the market.

  1. Standalone router tables

  2. These are a bit large in size and costly. They carry out many woodworking jobs and handle vibrations very well. Also, they have excellent features and are found in most of the workshops.

    1. Benchtop router tables

    2. These are small in size and are mostly placed on top of a table when in use. They are mostly used for small woodworking jobs unlike the standalone type. In addition, they are very compact in size and great for home use or for fun woodworking.

      1. Extended router table

      2. This is a type of router table that increases the workspace for your existing table saw. When your woodworking activities expand, this is a very great table to have.

        1. Router and table combo

        2. This is best for those who want both the router and table. These come together and are way cheaper than getting a separate router and table. They are common in market and most people prefer these.

          Things to consider when buying a router table

          There certain features and points worth noting down as you set out to choose the best router table for your woodworking practices. Most of the people find it hard because they’ve no clue on what to pick. This is why we’ve compiled several factors below which will help you know how to distinguish between the best and the rest.


          Router fence – this is the part of the table that makes sure that you cut your pieces accurately and precise. It should be very firm and straight. Also, it should be in a position to enable you change positions easily as you cut pieces to your preferred design. Normally, there are two types of fences to use which are either a single or one piece fence or a split fence. Most of the people prefer a one piece fence. Also remember, you need a good wood glue to successfully finish a woodworking project.


          Router table top – pick a table with a flat top as this will ensure you attain accuracy every time you use it. If the top is not flat, there may be irregularities and this may lead to poor outcomes. Also, it should be rigid enough.

          Router table top insert?

          Router insert plate – similar to the router table top, the insert plate should be flat and rigid so that you get results that are very accurate and according to your measurements. This is because the piece being cut will pass through this area and if its nit flat and rigid attaining accurate results may be tricky.

          Router table with dust collection?

          Dust collection port – consider picking a table with a larger capacity dust collection system so that you don’t end up cleaning the table now and then. This features is mostly overlooked but should be greatly regarded. When you commence woodworking, you may start by experiencing little saw dust but as you get busy, all this changes and it fills up quickly.

          Best size for router table?

          Size of the router – depending on the available space you’ve set aside for placing the router, you will decide to either choose a benchtop table router, or standalone table router.

          If you’ve a lot of woodworking projects, a standalone type is suitable for you while if you’ve limited space and uses the router less often, then a benchtop router will do well for you.

          A firm base – if you are into woodworking a lot, a steady base is a must. This is because you do lots of cutting which need to be accurate. This can be made possible if the base is stable to withstand all types of works that it encounters.

          Best woodworking router tables?

          Compatibility with routers – before you just pick any table for your woodworking practices, you’ve to know whether the table you want to select is compatible with your wood router. Most of the tables can be adjusted to fit with the various types of wood routers on the market but this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Confirm to avoid wasting cash on a table that isn’t compatible with your router.

          Best brand router table?

          Brand – with so many brands in the market, knowing which ones to choose from is very crucial. There are some brands that promote their products as being the best but they aren’t. But there are some brands that are worth buying from as they are highly recommended by many users. Here are some of the brands worth mentioning about: Bosch, Kreg, Bench Dog, Skil and Craftsman. Choose from one of these if you want excellent results.

          Best router table for the money?

          Price – there are almost every router table for almost everyone. Choose a table that meets your needs and is of a great quality. With varying features and prices, work within your budget and get a router table that will assist you carry out your job well. If you have a lot of woodworking projects, pick the top router tables for great results, but if you want a table for just the basic house woodworking, choose one with simple features and of good quality.

          Warranty – acquiring a router table without a warranty is very risky. Ensure the table you want to purchase has a warranty of at least one or more years.

          A warranty is a surety of the quality of the product and care by the manufacturer in case the tool comes with a defect and needs to be replaced.

          Our Recommend Top 5 best router table reviews

          With so many types of router tables in the market, choosing the best is a must if you want to create high quality and exceptional work. Woodworking is a great practice which can be learned easily if you want to. If you’re a hobbyist, beginner or pro in woodworking, using the best tools will help you get wonderful and precise results. After several months of research on the best woodworking tables, our team came up with some of the best woodworking router tables as we will look further into them below:

          Best benchtop Bosch router table review (Our Top Pick)

          Bosch is a top brand and having one of their products on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table is one of the best benchtop models. It is durably made with an aluminum fence with a large work surface area.

          It has a dust collection port and 2 adjustable featherboards. These and other features make it to be versatile in use and a great choice to many.

          Major features:

          • Aluminum fence with MDF.
          • Benchtop router tables.
          • Dust collection port.
          • 2 adjustable featherboards.
          • Dual outlet switch.
          • Mounting hardware.
          • One year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.


          • It is compact in design to fit well on a table in your home or workshop.
          • Has adjustable featherboards for versatile use.
          • Bosch has a rigid mounting plate that ensures accurate cuts are acquired.
          • Has a broad aluminum work surface.

          Best portable Bench dog router table review

          Bench Dong brand has set its stride up there and dedicated in creating high quality products. Since its inception in 1995, this firm has been on the rise. The Bench Dog 40-001 protop router offers you accuracy that a hand router cannot offer. It is very rigid with a large working space.

          The dual fence enables you perform different woodworking projects easily. Generally, it has excellent features that will make your woodworking to be accurate and fun when you acquire it.

          Major features:

          • Extruded aluminum fence.
          • Ample 16 by 22 inch router table.
          • Melamine cabinet.
          • Accessory T-slots.
          • Aluminum miter accessory track.
          • Limited 2 year warranty.


          • It is durably made to last long.
          • Its compact in design and easy to lift from one area to another.
          • It is very rigid and provides accurate cuttings.
          • It offers great versatility.

          Best rated kreg router table review

          Kreg is considered by many as the best. Definitely, we can conform to this as this table looks simple but functions wonderfully. It is painted with a nice blue looking color and it’s compact. It has a durable and versatile fence that can handle different woodworking tasks.

          If you want a versatile and very accurate table router, go for this one and you will certainly get value for your money. This is one of the best wood router table for the money!

          Major features:

          • Heavy duty steel metal design.
          • T-square style fence.
          • Miter slot.
          • Dust storage system.
          • Large work surface area.


          • Its compatible with almost any type of router.
          • Extremely low noise as it minimizes vibrations.
          • Simple but elegant design for versatility.
          • Durably made with a great rigid design.

          Best cast iron router table extension – Bench Dog Tools router tables reviews

          This table router is compactly made for versatile use and ideal for both small scale and large scale use. In addition, it is sturdily made and gives you the firmness that you cannot get in a hand router. It is very accurate with its firm and rigid fence with a broad work area.

          On purchase, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty thus no need of worrying the product isn’t top quality. Acquire it and start enjoying the various benefits as you advance in woodworking field.

          Major features:

          • Cast iron router table.
          • Router top.
          • Contractor grade table saws.
          • Mounting hardware.
          • Fence.
          • Limited lifetime warranty.


          • It is compactly designed for versatility.
          • Can handle any form of woodworking projects.
          • It is as well very portable and great for use at home or in your workshop.

          Best router table combo – craftsman router tables review

          If you’ve been in search for the best router and router table combo, the Craftsman router combo is the best unit to acquire. This compactly designed table offers accuracy and rigidness that is unmatched. It has a big work area with adjustable fence that allows you perform different applications.

          As well, it has a dust extraction port that keeps your work station clean. With two in one table and router, this gives you a wide array of tools that make woodworking to be fast and easy. Buy one of these today and you will have a totally new experience in woodworking activities.

          Major features:

          • Double outlet power strip.
          • 5 amp router.
          • Dust extraction port.
          • Feather boards.
          • Fence.
          • Three insert rings.
          • Miter gauge.


          • It is sturdily made to last long.
          • Has a broad work station.
          • The dust extraction port keeps your work area clean.
          • It’s great for various applications.
          Final thoughts

          If you want the best router table, you will have to conduct a thorough research in various areas. You’ve made a great stride by clicking on our site as we’ve a lot of data concerning router tables. We understand it’s not an easy road picking the best table for your woodworking activities. That’s why we created this review to assist people like you come up with a solution quickly. With different types and brands in the market, this seems confusing but if you know what you want, everything becomes easier. For instance it can be a benchtop router table or a standalone one.

          Also, determine the type of fence or base you want, these and other features should be highly considered so that you end up picking a router table that makes woodworking to be easy, comfortable and very precise. Hopefully, this review has been of great importance to you and affected how you make your final selection.

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