A Professional Guide to Choosing the Best Saltwater Spinning Reel 2019 Reviews

Do you love fishing in saltwater? Are you thinking to buy the best saltwater spinning reel? This is a question that can be well answered by any Angler. Saltwater fishing is a wonderful sport that many get involved in. With increased fame of the sport, many manufacturers are creating reels that are meant for saltwater activities. There are different brands that come with diverse features. They vary in price and performance. The most common brands include Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, Daiwa, and Okuma, to just name but a few.

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Things to consider when buying the saltwater spinning reel

Today, manufacturers are creating strong, durable, easy to use and versatile saltwater spinning reels to meet the ever rising demands of Anglers. So if you want to purchase a quality reel, our guide below will support you to make a calculated decision and not just splashing money on a less efficient saltwater reel.

Lightweight saltwater spinning reels

Construction – saltwater fishing is a great sport and also requires a versatile and strong reel to sustain you through. The material of the reel should be lightweight and durable. Some of the common materials the reels are made of include aluminum, stainless steel, graphite and magnesium.

Most durable saltwater spinning reels?

Durability – a good saltwater reel should be durable enough to overcome the harsh conditions of the seas and oceans. While fishing, the reel might encounter sand, rocks and seaweed.

Best line for saltwater spinning reel?

Line capacity – this is a very vital feature of any reel. The line will determine which type of fish you can catch. If the fish you intend to catch is bigger, then you will need a bigger line capacity too. This is because a small line cannot hold well a larger fish as its faster and more powerful.

Fishing reel drag

Drag – saltwater fish are bigger and stronger than freshwater fish. The drag used in saltwater must have the ability to put more pressure on bigger fish and should as well let line out very easily.

Spinning reel bearings

Bearing count – the bearing of a reel is very important. The more bearing the reel has, the smoother the reel functions. Thus, obtain a reel with many bearing for great performance.

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Saltwater resistant spinning reels

Corrosion resistance – the material of the reel that you acquire should be able to resist corrosion. Some of the non-corrosive materials include; aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber. Choose the best material for your reel which is particularly created for saltwater.

Good saltwater spinning reels

Comfort of the reel – as you select a reel, ensure that it is very comfortable in your hand for easy operation.

A comfortable reel gives you confidence and enables you to make a great catch.

Our Recommend Top 5 best saltwater spinning reel reviews

With a hint on what to look for in a top quality spinning reel, the list below was well researched by us and brings you the top saltwater spinning reel found in the market.

1. Best baitrunner reels – Kastking reel review

The kastking sharky spinning reel is a versatile product that comes with a drive machined aluminum interchangeable right or left handle that make its operation to be easy. The reel has a very powerful gear ratio of 5.2:1 with a ball bearing that is corrosion resistant. The kastking sharky spinning reel is uniquely designed with a classic front and rear carbon fiber drag. The reel comes with corrosion resistant parts and it’s a trouble free bait feeder fishing. In addition, it has a one year warranty and great for use by Anglers.

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  • The reel is corrosive free.
  • It is well designed for high efficiency.
  • It is powerful and durable.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It comes with an extra spool.


  • It’s a bit heavier.

2. Top rated saltwater spinning reels – Penn spinfisher v review

Penn is one of the leading manufacturers of reel in the market. The penn spinfisher V spinning reel is constructed with a heavy metal body, a sideplate, and a techno balanced rotor for durability. It has 5 plus 1 bearings that ensure that the reel functions smoothly. It has an instant anti-reverse feature that avoids the reel from spinning behind. It also has an anodized aluminum superline spool with line capacity rings. This model is durably constructed, has high quality parts, has a smooth drag, is strong and is of a fully sealed make to avoid corrosion with salty water.

The Penn spinfisher V has 11 sizes to choose from with each having a different line capacity than the others. Because of it attractive features it is called one of the best saltwater reel.


  • Has 5 plus 1 bearings for smooth operation.
  • It fully protected from corrosion.
  • The reel is very durable.
  • It is of a high quality.


  • It’s a bit heavy and not ideal for heavy casting.

3. Best spinning reel saltwater reviews for Heavy duty

This is one of the best spinning reel for use in saltwater. The Withstand is built with heavy duty aluminum that is corrosion resistant. In addition, it uses stainless steel bail wire which does not corrode. For smoother operation, the reel has an anti reverse roller bearing. It is made with waterproof and corrosion free parts that make it ideal for fishing in the ocean, pond, lake, river, stream and reservoir, among other areas. Other additional features include; sideplate, rigid metal feet, metal line spooler ad body, and a sealed drag system.

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  • It is corrosive free.
  • Made from strong and durable materials.
  • It is very smooth in operation as it comes with 13 plus 1 no clearance bearings.
  • It is a high speed saltwater fishing reel.


  • Reel is not perfect.

4. Cheap saltwater Yoshikawa spinning reels review

Yoshikawa spinning reel is wonderful designed and is cut gearing. The reel is constructed from graphite which is a corrosive free material. Its spool is very durable as it’s made from machine aluminum that is two tone anodized. It as well comes with a oversized corrosion resistant wire and a quick set anti reverse roller bearing for a smother operation of the reel. You can be assured of other parts of the reel to be secured from rusting as it has a water tight drag seal which is at the front and rear.


  • The reel is corrosion resistant.
  • It beautiful designed and comfortable to operate with during fishing.
  • It is of a high quality.
  • It is durable as its constructed using strong materials.


  • Need to instruments improvement.

5. Goture fishing saltwater reel review

The Goture spinning reel is a top notch product with great features. The Goture is versatile and very powerful. It has right or left interchangeable handle for easy use. With 9 plus 1 bearing, catching fish is made easy with this reel. The Goture is very strong and durable as it is made up of a graphite body. The reel is desirable for carp fishing. One of the best features of this reel is that it has an aluminum alloy body metal rocker rubber handle that is comfortable and good for catching large fish.


  • The Goture reel is very durable.
  • It’s a versatile product and works efficiently.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not enough strength.


The factors that we have discussed above should be keenly considered when searching for the best saltwater spinning reel. If you are looking for a top spinning reel, we’ve mentioned them above. Most of the best spinning reels are a bit expensive but perform outstandingly. Grab yours today from the list we’ve provided above and have one in a lifetime fishing experience.

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