Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2019 – Only Top Rated List

Having an excellent vacuum cleaner in your home not only keeps it clean but as well ensures you live in a healthy environment. Dust and dirt are a common thing in our homes. Also, the pets that we keep leave hairs which should be cleaned to avoid respiratory diseases. This is why it’s a great idea having a quality vacuum cleaner (like the best shark vacuum cleaner) to clean our floors and every corner of our house.

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Why you need best vacuum cleaner?

Sometimes cleaning can be a boring task but to others its fun. When you have a high quality vacuum cleaner that makes your work easier, this can be a whole new experience. Getting a good brand is not easy as there are many of them. Every brand comes with its unique features although they seem similar to one another. The best vacuum cleaners should be powerful, lightweight and maneuvers easily.

Why we you should use shark vacuum cleaner?

Whether you clean on a daily basis or once or twice a week, you need a high quality vacuum that will make your work easier. Shark vacuum cleaners do a wonderful job of keeping our homes neat and sporty. They have different great designs and models to pick from. When picking a vacuum cleaner, you should know what intended use you want it to perform as there are those that are better suited to play particular roles. It can be for dust, dirt or hairs. As well, you may want one that can clean under your chair, or on your roof. Another thing to have in mind is your budget. Shark vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners with middle range price to higher prices. If you want the best, be ready to break the bank.

Unique Features

Lightweight shark vacuum

Weight – The weight of the vacuum cleaner should be highly regarded. This is because you will be required to carry the vacuum cleaner around your house as you clean it. This applies mostly to people who need to clean upstairs and have to carry it all the way up. Such a situation can really turn out to be challenging. Therefore, as you go shopping for the best shark vacuum cleaner for your home, ensure its lightweight and can be moved around easily.

Motor power of the shark cleaner

Motor power – This is one of the most vital features to look out for in a vacuum cleaner. The power of the motor determines how strong your suction will be to pick out all the dirt in your leaving room or bedroom. If the motor is very powerful, then the machine won’t lose its suction and cleaning will be easy for you. So, choose a vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor that doesn’t lose its suction.

Corded vacuum cleaners or Cordless vacuum cleaners. Which one is better?

Corded or Cordless – Sometimes you may be confused between picking a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner. This highly depends on your own preference. A corded vacuum cleaner is not very efficient in use as it cannot be carried anywhere. But if you decide to acquire one, ensure it has a long cord so that you can be able to clean a large area. On the other hand, if you decide to pick the cordless which many people prefer, it will make cleaning to be easy and fast. In addition, you can carry it wherever you want to without much trouble.

Bagged vs Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagged or Bagless – When it comes to a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, this is your own choice to decide. If you decide to purchase a bagged vacuum cleaner, you will be required as well to purchase a replacement bag for it. Otherwise, a bagless vacuum cleaner doesn’t require a replacement bag. Though cleaning with a bagless vacuum can leave things messy. Hence, choose wisely as different models have different features.

Are you getting Pet Cleaning Tools too?

Not all vacuum cleaners come with pet cleaning tools. Thus, as you go by shopping for your vacuum cleaner, be sure to check if it has this feature. If you have pets in the house, a vacuum cleaner that comes with a pet cleaning machine is good for you. These tools perform by picking the pet’s hairs which leaves your house very neat and smelling fresh.

Best budget vacuum cleaner

Budget – Every person has their own budget. Similarly, buying any vacuum cleaner without considering how effective it will be while in use is a bad move. Before you purchase any vacuum, at least consider the features that you want in accordance to your needs. Definitely, a vacuum with great features and high performance will cost you more. But why purchase a low cost vacuum only to do half the job. Cleanliness is not something to joke with, you better sacrifice your pocket than to sacrifice your health. The best vacuum cleaners are durable, costly but at the same time leave your house exceptionally clean.

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Storage space of the vacuum

Storage space – Another key feature to look at when buying a vacuum cleaner is its storage space. Is the vacuum cleaner to big or small for your cupboard? A good vacuum cleaner should be of a medium height that can be easily stored in your cupboard or carried in the boot of your car in case you want to move it somewhere.

Easy clean vacuum cleaner

Ease of Use – Whether it’s a shark vacuum cleaner or any other type, it should be very easy to use. This means that the vacuum cleaner you acquire should be lightweight so that it can moved around easily, portable, easy to maneuver as you clean, have a great cord length, and emptying it should be as well easy. With such features, it can be said to be easy to operate.

Which Types vacuum cleaners perfect for you?

There are a wide of vacuum models and types. The most commonly used are cylinders and upright vacuums with the stick and handheld vacuums applied too.

  • Cylinder vacuum cleaners

If you are looking for a very flexible and multiple usage vacuum cleaner, a cylinder is good for you. It is lightweight and can be carried easily to clean in corners, stairs and below chairs. The long horse that it comes with is able to facilitate different cleaning areas besides just your carpet. Cylinder vacuums have a higher wattage as they depend on suction power to clean dust, dirt or pet hairs. The only shortcomings they have is that they take up much space when it comes to storage with their long horse and controlling then can be challenging due to the suction power.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners

Do you want to clean specific places in your house like carpets only? The upright vacuum model is the best for you. They as well use suction power to excellently clean the dust or dirt on your carpet. Unlike cylinders, the upright make uses less wattage to clean as the dirt travel a short distance. The only shortcoming with this kind of model is that it’s a bit heavy. But it’s the ideal model to use when cleaning in large areas like halls.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaners

These are smaller in use and are not suitable for use to clean large areas. They are cordless and very lightweight. Generally, this model can be used when you want to clean quickly or when in a hurry. The cylinder ad upright model performs better than the handheld model.

  • Stick vacuum cleaners

Last but not least, the stick vacuum model is lightweight and convenient to use. Most the stick vacuums are bagless and function with batteries. They can be stored easily but are not as efficient as cylinder or upright vacuum models.

Top 5 Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner reviews

So, which vacuum cleaner is best? A vacuum cleaner is not something to just decide and pick without considering how helpful it will be to you. Know what you desire most for the vacuum cleaner to perform exceptional in your home. From features to weight and ease of use, keenly regard these factors to pick the best vacuum appliance for your home. This review guides you on how to pick the best shark vacuum for your home. We came up with these top 5 shark vacuum reviews after a detailed research on different sites and users reviews. They offer explicit services at just a favorable cost. You will definitely love them.

1. Shark nv356e review – Shark navigator lift-away professional

The Shark Navigator professional NV356E is a high quality vacuum cleaner. It comes with a powerful suction that enables the user clean their home well. In addition to its performance, it has a great swivel steering that offers exceptional control during maneuvering in the entire house. The vacuum is lightweight and can be moved around with ease. As well this Shark nv356e has an extra-large capacity portable canister hat can be easily lifted to clean areas above the floor.

Shark nv356e review Check Price on Amazon

It has the anti-allergen complete seal technology that traps a lot of dust and different allergens inside the vacuum. This versatile cleaning vacuum works best on carpets and bare floors. Be guaranteed to effectively clean your home when you purchase this product as it comes with a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It is lightweight and easy to move around with during cleaning.
  • Performs well with the different attachments.
  • Has a very powerful suction power.
  • Has a great detachable roller brush.
  • It’s really durable with solid parts.


  • It is challenging to empty and clean it.
  • It tips over easily due to the heavy top and light unit.
  • Has a very long hose.
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2. Shark nv22l review – shark navigator vacuum  reviews

The large capacity Shark Navigator vacuum NV22L is one of the best. The vacuum is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered when cleaning. It is also very powerful as it doesn’t lose suction power when cleaning dirt from your carpet. If you intend cleaning in a large area, the vacuum has a large capacity bottom empty dust cup for keeping all the dirt, dust or pet hair on your carpet or floor.

One of the special features of this vacuum is the easy to access extended reach wand. If you’ve a pet in your abode, this is the cleaner to use. It comes at a fair price and o purchase you are awarded a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Its lightweight and easy to maneuver around.
  • Has a great suction power.
  • It’s very durable ad last long.
  • It’s a bit cheaper.


  • Has a long hose that takes time to collect when done.
  • The vacuum is somehow heavier.

3. Shark rocket hv302 reviews or shark rocket ultralight upright reviews

Are you looking for a very lightweight shark vacuum; this is the product for you. The shark rocket vacuum HV302 isn’t just light but as well operates smoothly. The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate as it can be maneuvered easily when cleaning. As elegant as it looks, the shark HV302 never loses any suction or power. That’s why it is able to clean your houses and leave it very clean and fresh.

It has a swivel steering which allows you to easily clean different areas of your home like the floor as well as the ceiling. With its versatility, be guaranteed that it will clean your carpets and bare floor very outstandingly. On purchase, you receive a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Definitely, this is a product that cleaning enthusiasts will love to have.


  • Doesn’t need any filters or bags for replacement.
  • The vacuum is light in weight.
  • A great product for pet hair removal.
  • It is very portable.
  • Can be used to clean beneath your furniture with much ease.


  • Cleaning it is a bit challenging especially on the edges.
  • Its dust cup fills up very speedily.

4. Shark nv352 reviews or Shark lift away vacuum reviews

Talking about the best shark vacuum without mentioning the Shark Navigator Vacuum NV352 doesn’t sound right. This product brings versatility in its performance and it’s considered one of the best vacuum cleaners. It has a very powerful suction technology that will assure you a clean and eat leaving room or bedroom. It comes with the anti-allergen complete seal plus HEPA which perfectly keeps the hairs and dust in the suction.

The product is lightweight hence can be moved easily when cleaning. Other additional features include swivel steering that is easy to maneuver and a portable canister with premium pet tools for cleaning pet hairs. With such features, be ascertained to get the best out of this vacuum which comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Has a good suction power.
  • Great attachments.
  • It is silent in operation.
  • Can be used on different surfaces.


  • Emptying the bean seems to be troublesome.
  • It lacks height adjustments for the roller.

5. Shark hv322 reviews or Shark rocket true pet vacuum

Shark being the leading brand in the market, almost all products they create are of a very great quality. This is very evident when you closely consider the different shark vacuums. But one of the most versatile and high performing shark vacuum cleaner is the Shark Rocket Vacuum HV322. This vacuum comes with LED headlights both in the hand and nozzle that illuminates the areas you’re cleaning.

Furthermore, it has a great suction power and can be applied to clean both the floor and ceiling. As well, it has an advanced swivel steering that makes work easier for you when cleaning. Other key features are the Truepet motorized brush for handheld deep cleaning and it’s lightweight to clean your floor or ceiling easily. On purchase of this versatile vacuum cleaner, you will receive a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The vacuum is very easy to use.
  • It has a wonderful suction power.
  • Its initial price is very fair.
  • It’s a versatile product with the different parts it comes with.


  • Not very effective on heavy duty carpets.
  • Doesn’t pick very little items easily.


Consumers have different needs and budget for different products. That’s why shark vacuums are created with the user in mind. They’ve different models available at specific prices. So, whatever your budget is, you can be guaranteed to find a vacuum for your home. Shark as a Company have specialized in creating high quality products which has set them above the rest. The Shark vacuums are versatile and leave your house as neat as you would want it to be. Getting a mid-range shark vacuum is not a bad idea if you’re on a tight budget but you should consider on going for the best as they last long and perform better.

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