Best Stethoscope Reviews 2019 for Nurses, Doctor, Student

There is a wide range of stethoscope brands and models to choose from in the market. This shouldn’t deter you if you’re determined to find the best stethoscope for your particular use. Are you a medical student, doctor or nurse? There is no need to panic as this review will support you get the quality stethoscope for your needs. Before we get to the top stethoscope to buy in the market, we will elaborate for you a few factors that you should be aware of as you embark on acquiring a stethoscope.

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Good stethoscope? Features to look for in the best stethoscope

Whether it’s your first time buying a stethoscope or not, our deeply researched review will guide you appropriately and help you make an informed choice in the end. All the information in the review was compiled by a panel of experts after sitting down with different medical practitioners, medical students and other user’s reviews to come up with a very informed content.

Best Lightweight stethoscope?

Weight – a stethoscope is something that you will be wearing around your neck all week. Therefore, when selecting the best stethoscope for your intended purpose, ensure it is lightweight and comfortable to wear all the time. Though, if you want one with a quality sound a heavy one is ideal for you. Generally, a lightweight stethoscope is greatly recommended for use.

Stethoscope chest piece!

Chest piece – these are available in different sizes and quality. Choose a stethoscope made from titanium or stainless steel as they are of high quality. Other materials used to create chest pieces are aluminum and plastic which are lighter but low quality. The heavier and larger the stethoscope the better its sound is. So, pick stainless steel or titanium chest piece for greater outcome.

Stethoscope with bell and diaphragm

Bell and Diaphragm – these two parts perform in conjunction with one another and should be highly regarded when picking a great stethoscope. They are both contained in the chest piece with an option of the diaphragm being based in both sides of the chest piece or one, while the bell is located in one side. A diaphragm that is found on the both sides of the chest piece tends to be small and ideal for smaller patients. When it comes to hearing different sounds, the bell does this well than the diaphragm.

Earpieces for stethoscope

Ear pieces – acquiring a stethoscope with the right ear piece for you is vital. This is because if you pick a low quality or poor earpieces they will irritate you and result to discomfort. Some are soft, hard or even gel made.

They should be able to fit your ears well and lower the acoustic sounds. Some of the materials used to create earpieces are rubber seals, thread, and snap tight. Know which type is suitable and comfortable to your ears.

Double tube stethoscope!

Tube – not all the stethoscope tubes are the same. Some are created using high quality materials for longevity while others are double lined to lower friction noise creation. As well, consider tubes with the ideal length for you and they should be flexible. For the best stethoscope tubes, look for one that is built with a strong material and double liner inside.

What is the best stethoscope to buy?

Best stethoscope for Medical Students?

Medical students – The career of medicine is not an easy path. Students have to learn and have the right equipments for them to excel at all costs. Thus, a medical student should have a desirable stethoscope for them to practice the discipline outstandingly and get acquainted in the field early on.  A good stethoscope will enable them carry out their assignments, classes and practicals efficiently.

Best stethoscopes for Nurses?

Nurses – Every nurse needs a good quality stethoscope to give the best to their patients. A good stethoscope will guarantee accurate results every time they use the device on their patients. If you’re a nurse, settle for nothing but acquire a quality stethoscope you can find on the market.

Best stethoscope for Nursing Students?

Nursing students – Just like a nurse, a nursing student greatly needs a stethoscope that will perform outstanding as they practice to become nurses. With loads of work that need use of this equipment, selecting the best within your budget range is highly recommended. As well, they can have different makes to carry out different roles.

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Best stethoscopes for Respiratory Therapist?

Respiratory therapists – To properly check the respiratory systems of a person, you definitely need a top rated stethoscope for great results. Respiratory therapist use stethoscopes to auscultate breathing treatments and checking tube positioning, among other roles. If you want to hear the sound of lungs correctly, get a stethoscope to efficiently do the job for you.

Best stethoscope for Doctors?

Doctors – Every doctor should have a stethoscope for treating their patients with. Good quality stethoscopes last long and provide precise solutions. For the doctor to perfectly test their patients heartbeat or any other body sound, they need to have a good stethoscope with them.

Best stethoscope for EMT and Paramedics?

EMT and paramedics – With the harsh environments and urgency they experience, paramedics and EMT’s should possess high quality stethoscopes to conduct their job excellently. The stethoscopes they acquire should be highly efficient, with great sounds and quality.

Whatever your duty in the medical profession, be certain to get a good stethoscope that will give you quality results within your budget. Know the features that you want so that you can get the best.

How to choose a stethoscope? Tips on choosing the best stethoscope

Purpose of stethoscope?

Purpose – begin by knowing what you intend to do with the stethoscope. There are stethoscopes meant for various uses and identifying yours makes choosing a bit easier. Are you a nurse, doctor, or medical student?

Stethoscopes for medical students can be anything from low to middle ranged price but those for nurses should be of a very high quality.

What type work you will use?

Type – there are different types of stethoscopes that play different roles. There are those meant for infants, pregnant women and some for respiratory treatments. Choose a stethoscope that falls within what you specifically want to specialize in.

Top quality stethoscope?

Construction – quality is what you should look for when you want long lasting and durable equipment. Different stethoscope brands are constructed differently. Check the material or composition of the material to select the best. Choose one that is made of stainless steel or titanium for longevity. Though expensive, you are certain of their efficiency and performance as well.

Durable stethoscope

Durability – buying a cheap and low quality stethoscope might mean discomfort and short life. A good stethoscope should be able to last long and offer you great comfort as you go about your treatment business. Go for the best quality for durableness and to use the stethoscope for a long time.

How much does a stethoscope cost?

Cost – price is another factor. What is the budget you’ve set aside for the stethoscope? Do you want a quality stethoscope or don’t have the cash? After setting your budget for the equipment, sit down and choose with regard to the features that you heavily need. Not all highly priced stethoscopes perform exceptionally. Some of the middle-range priced stethoscopes will give you great comfort and offer similar performance as the highly priced ones. Ensure you get the best for your money.

Best type of stethoscope?

  • Infant Pediatric stethoscope – the infant stethoscope are primarily designed for the children. They comprise a very little head and thus cannot be used on adults. In addition, they have a little chest piece that will get rid of the ambient noises and deliver high quality sound.
  • Electronic stethoscope – an electronic stethoscope is great in that it allows you to amplify the sound. Also, you can filter it. This ensures that ambient noise doesn’t distort the actual sound.
  • Doppler stethoscope – this is desirable for those who want to hear special sounds like the heartbeat of a child or baby in the womb. So, it’s good for pregnant mothers.
  • Cardiac stethoscope – these are specifically designed for you to listen to the heartbeat. They are very special and needs you to have some knowledge or experience to listen to the heartbeat and interpret it accurately.
  • Lightweight stethoscope – these are the commonly used stethoscope by physicians, doctors, and nurses. They are lightweight and very comfortable to hang on your neck all day. In addition, they come with outstanding features that will give you an overall great experience
  • Amplified stethoscope – amplified stethoscopes are made for special use. This is so because they are meant for use by those who need some boost in sound.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Stethoscope reviews

After reading the above tips you can easily obtain a stethoscope; you can now merrily search on the internet or visit other shops to acquire a stethoscope of your purpose. With diverse brands to pick from, it might sound confusing but our well researched data has made things easier for you. Similarly, you can select from our top five list which is very detailed and has some of the best stethoscopes you can find in the market.

1. Top rated stethoscope – 3M littmann stethoscope reviews

The Littman brand is one of the leading stethoscope makers in the market. They create several high quality products that are widely used all over the world. This amazing stethoscope has a tear drop design to easily fit under blood pressure cuff. It is lightweight and very comfortable to work with for long hours without your neck tiring. It provides a reliable and very clear acoustic response to the user. Other comfort features include a quality diaphragm and nonchill rim.

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Top rated stethoscope littmann reviews Check Price on Amazon

It is also available in a wide range of colors from which you can pick. It is as well sturdily constructed to last long. Another unique feature of this stethoscope is the tunable diaphragm that responds with a small change in pressure to record low and high frequency sounds. Lastly, it fits well in your ears with the anatomic built headset.


  • Available at a very fair price.
  • Very easy to use with the tear drop design.
  • Its lightweight and comfortable to use all day.
  • Its latex free in case you’re allergic to latex.
  • It’s very sturdily made.
  • Manufacturer offers 2 years warranty.


  • Not very durable with the plastic parts.
  • Doesn’t has extra earpieces.

2. High quality MDF stethoscope reviews

MDF is one of the greatly styled stethoscopes in the market. The stainless steel made equipment is a high quality product with excellent features. It is durable and comes with a dual head stethoscope. In addition, it has acoustically superior stainless steel that enables you hear clearly. For added longevity, it has secured twice dual leaf spring construction.

Other great features include a patented safety lock eartip adaptors that are non-invasive and safeguards punctured ear drums. If you are allergic from latex, there is no need to worry as its latex free. It comes with 3 pairs of MDF comfortable seal eartips that range from small, medium and large. The company has been in existence since 1971 and they handcraft their designs. On purchase, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty.


  • Offered at a really great price.
  • Has great sounds unlike other low quality brands.
  • Provides a wide range of colors to pick from.
  • Perfectly designed for efficiency.


  • It’s a low quality stethoscope.

3. Best Tactical ADC Professional stethoscope review

For the best sound quality, the ADC Adscope 615 stethoscope is the best to use. They come with an adjustable frequency design that offers great acoustic response. On top of this, it comprises of two extra pairs of Adsoft plus eartips. The equipment is made of lightweight materials which enable the doctor or nurse use it the entire day without having neck problems. Thus, offers great comfort.

The chest piece of this stethoscope is one of kind with the beautiful satin finish for great performance and handling. With a great construction from stainless material, this stethoscope is ideal for serving professional clinicians and other people in the medical field. On registration and purchase of this product, you receive a lifetime warranty and free consumables such as eartips and the diaphragms.


  • Has very clear acoustics that enables you hear well.
  • It’s very comfortable for both the user and their patient.
  • Has a rugged construction for durability.
  • Has one of the best chest piece which is extremely accurate and gives you excellent results.
  • Ideal for use by different people such as doctors, nurses and medical students to just name a few.
  • Great for use with the adjustable frequency design.
  • Manufacturer offers lifetime warranty on purchase.


  • It’s a bit heavier.
  • Has low quality ear piece that falls off after some use.

4. Most popular Dixie ems stethoscope reviews

The Dixie EMS is one of the best low priced stethoscopes. It is very suitable for use by both medical and nursing students as it comes with few features that are very important. It comes with an automatic blood pressure unit with a nylon cuff. The Sprague appaport style stethoscope offers a wide range of colors to pick from.

Other accessories that you receive on purchase include; 2 pair of eartips, 2 diaphragms, and 3 bells. As well, it’s comfortable and comes with a nylon zippered case.


  • It is very affordable.
  • Has a nice design for comfort.
  • Various colors to pick from.
  • Great for use by nursing or medical students.
  • Has automatic blood pressure meters.


  • Has poor sound.
  • Low quality equipment which is not ideal for longevity.

5. Good cheap Omron stethoscope review

If you want the best quality at an inexpensive cost, the Omron stethoscope is a great choice. The latex free equipment is well designed for comfort and great performance.

It has a chrome plated chest piece that offers you great sounds. On purchase, you receive other accessories such as 2 diaphragms, 2 pairs of eartips and 3 bells.


  • It is really inexpensive for its quality.
  • Has a great design.
  • It’s a high quality equipment.
  • Highly desirable for medical students.


  • Poor sound as it needs total silence to hear well.
  • It is a bit longer and not suitable for everyone.


The moment you decide to buy a stethoscope, you shouldn’t go for a lesser quality. The best stethoscopes provide medical students, nurses and doctors with accurate results every time they use it. Ensure the stethoscope you buy has all the features you require to meet all your various needs. Choosing the top stethoscope is important because they are very effective, comfortable, lightweight and durable. Whatever your role, make sure that you always have the ideal stethoscope to auscultate your patients with. Hopefully, our review has done a good job of aiding you arrive at the best stethoscope of your choice.

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