Best Straight Razor for Men Reviews 2019

The straight razors have been in the market for long to offer more than just a shave. Before electric shavers and other forms of shaving became popular, straight razors were the best and continue to thrive in this modern era. They give a man the best shave carried out in a skillful way. These razors are also referred to as “cut throat razors”, “true razor’” or sometimes “barber razor”. Whatever name you call by them in your region, these razors have a great history and continue to give the best shaves. But, how to choose the best straight razor?

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What should consider before buying a straight razor?

If you’re a straight razor enthusiast or just a beginner who would love using them, the only challenge lies in mastering how to effectively use the straight razor. Unlike other forms of razor, this requires you to learn how to use it so that you can avoid nicks and cuts when shaving. It needs a lot of patience and experience to master, and after that you can enjoy perfect shave every morning. Therefore, if you’re a beginner and want to learn the art of shaving with the straight razor, be ready to take time and study how it’s done before you can embrace it.

High quality straight razor!

Material – First and foremost, the material used to create the straight razor is very crucial. Some brands advertise their products as high quality but after purchase you find out that you were duped. This shouldn’t be the case when you check and ensure that you’re getting value for your money. The best material to consider is steel. This is a quality material that will last long even after its stropped and honed several times. You can choose from either carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel can be easily honed to obtain a really sharp edge, is cheaper, and offers you a more close shave. Though, the sharp edge wears away very fast when contrasted to stainless steel razor.

In the case of stainless steel, its sharp edge lasts longer, have a great resistance to rust and stronger than carbon steel. The only shortcoming it has is that it’s a bit expensive and it takes time to strop and hone it.

You also need a good shaving soap for smooth shave.


Design of the straight razor – Understanding the different parts of the razor is vital. This is because buying parts that are not properly constructed for easy use will be a great challenge to you. So, take your time and know which form of straight razor construction will give you the best shave. A good design will be easier to handle when shaving.


Handle – Different straight razor brands come with different types of handles. Know which handle is more preferred to you before picking the brand of your choice. Great razors should comprise of high quality handles that don’t break easily. Some of the commonly used scales/handles are wood, celluloid, and plastic. Wood scales are the most used.  If you choose wood, it should be a hard wood with an excellent finish. Celluloid handles are very sturdy and can last a lifetime unlike wood which might break or swell. Lastly, plastic is another good handle to use. Though, ensure the plastic is of a very high quality for efficiency. All-in-all, the best material for a handle should be wood as it has many advantages.


Type of grind – The best grind to use is a hollow one which has tow concave sides. Such a grind will make sure that your blade is lightweight, sharp and easy to use. But you should as well know a razor with a hollow can cut you easily. If you want to avoid this, you can use a razor with a half hollow which is straighter when compared to the hollow one.

Razor Size

Blade size – Another crucial feature to look for in a straight razor is its blade width or size. Different brands have different blade sizes. In most cases, a standard blade width of 5/8 inches is recommended or for use. But if you’re an expert in shaving with straight razors, a longer blade can be just okay for use.

Pivot – The pivot of the razor is where the narrow end of the blade rotates on. Depending on the construction, you will get a good or bad experience with the razor. Thus, ensure that the pivot and the overall design of the blade is well put together to avoid cuts and nicks.

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Best budget straight razor?

Cost – A straight razor shouldn’t be something of low quality. Mostly, they range from as low as $5 to as high as $150 or even more. Get something from around $60 and above to fully enjoy shaving with a razor. A cheaper product will mean less effectiveness, risk of cutting and low quality material. This can’t last for long and will leave you regretting after sometime. The best brands are made from countries such as Germany, Japan, USA, and United Kingdom.

Best straight razor brands!

Being one of the oldest shaving equipment in the world, straight shaving enthusiasts can openly argue that it’s the best razor to give you a close shave. So, Who makes the best straight razor? Some of the top brands of razors currently are; Thiers-Issard, Boker, Dovo, Solingen, feather, and Classic Samurai to just name but a few. Knowing which brand to by is very important as they are made with varying features. As you read further, you’ll discover that our review has expounded on various things about the straight razor which will aid you make a great decision in selecting the best razor. With sneak preview, ensure you absorb our points to purchase a straight razor. But, where to buy a quality razor? You can buy from local market or any other store but we recommend buy it from amazon.

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Best type of straight razor!

  • Round point blade – for beginners, this is the best straight razor to use. This is because they don’t have sharp edges as they around. Although, if you want the best shave with a high performing razor type, you shouldn’t go for the round point razor.
  • Square point blade – this is great for the experts. It has very sharp edges and gives you a more accurate shave than the round point razor. As well, it’s very ideal for application in very small concentrated areas. You should be extremely keen when using this type of razor.
  • French point blade – this razor is also very sharp. It is great for using while shaving in parts such as under the chin or nose. They should also be handled with care.

Why use a straight razor?

  • They are really long lasting and can be used for years before they break or wear out.
  • They are easy to maintain since you only need a strop and hone to ensure they are in good condition.
  • They function under different conditions as they don’t use power but just oil to keep them away from rusting.
  • They give accurate sharp shaves with no irritation or scratching like other forms of razors.

Our Recommend Top 5 best straight razor reviews

As the saying goes, “Old is gold” has never been very true when it comes to the straight razors. Since they were discovered 100 of years back, the straight razors have evolved to become one of the best shaving devices of all time. With a few changes in design and quality, they’re able to give you an elegant and gentleman look every time you apply them as your shaving equipment. With such a notion, we soundly searched all over the internet and examined several users’ reviews to assemble a list of the best straight razor in the market.

1. Best cheap Utopia Care straight razor review

Utopia care professional straight razor gives you a perfect shave like never before. It is made up of high quality stainless steel material that ensures the razor is strong and lasts long enough. As well, the stainless steel is rust resistant and protects the razor from such conditions for durability. Another great feature is the flip able cover and an amazing metal grip for great comfort and easy movement when performing a close shave.

It is made with a classic design for easy handling and to ensure that you acquire a shave of your likeness. In addition to these wonderful features, this quality straight razor comes together with 100 derby blades that are personally well secured in a waxed paper.


  • It’s very durable.
  • Its rust resistant with the brass body.
  • Has a classic design to give you a great shave.
  • High quality razor made of stainless steel.
  • Greatly priced.


  • It’s has low quality blades.
  • Not long lasting.

2. Best disposable Equinox straight razor review

If you’re a barber looking for a great straight razor, the equinox professional is good for you. Being an old brand with great reputation, expect the equinox to provide you with quality shave every time you apply it. This high quality razor is made of stainless steel material which doesn’t rust or tarnish after a long use. Furthermore, the razor is comes with 100 derby blades which of a high quality and well kept for a long use.

One of the peculiar features of this amazing Equinox razor is its design which is perfectly made to make the barbers work easier during shaving. It has an easy to open blade guard that enables you change blades easily and fast. At an inexpensive price, you can get this high quality razor. Equinox is the best affordable straight razor.

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  • Gives you super quality shaves.
  • It’s a high quality razor constructed from stainless steel.
  • Its highly durable and can last long.
  • Doesn’t rust.
  • Has a great design for a comfortable shave.


  • The blades are bit dull.
  • Poor handle built from plastic.

3. Best starter Parker SRI straight razor review

Parker is one of the best straight razor brands in the market. The parker S1 is one of their best products and comes with outstanding features that any professional barber would love. This high quality straight edge razor has a rounded edge to offer great shave with less cuts. As well, it is made with high quality material which is stainless steel. As a result, the straight razor is rust free and doesn’t tarnish.

Unlike many great straight razors, it comes with half blades which can be used by either a novice or pro. The snap/lock blade holder makes it easy to change blades. With an experience of more than 25 years, you can bet this product to perform exceptionally for you.


  • It’s made up of high quality stainless steel material.
  • Very easy to use as you can change blades using the snap blade holder.
  • Has a round edge which means less cuts.
  • Can use different types of blades.


  • Low quality handle made from plastic.
  • Not the best design for great performance.

4. Best straight razor for barbers: Classic Samurai review

At just a fair cost, the Classic samurai CS-102 gives you exceptional features that will making your shaving experience great. It has very smooth handles that reduces cuts. Also, it’s wonderfully made to compliment its quality and perform exceptionally well. It has exchangeable blade technology that makes using this razor simple and fast. If you’re are looking for a durable and long lasting straight razor, this is made from genuine surgical grade stainless steel and guarantees you longevity.

In addition, when you purchase this razor you receive 100 derby blades which are of a high quality too. Whether you are a barber or just need it for home use, it will do for you great wonders.


  • It’s a high quality razor as its made up of stainless steel.
  • Long lasting product with a plastic storage case.
  • Easy to use especially when changing blades.
  • It has a round edge which reduces cuts.
  • Suitable for use by professional barbers and at home.


  • Its somehow heavier.
  • Extremely sharp.

5. Best Classic Necessity straight razor for beginners

When you talk of a high quality, the classic necessity straight edge razor is worth mentioning. It is constructed using stainless steel material which is very strong and durable. Moreover, it is rust resistant and doesn’t tarnish even after a long use. With this razor, you will get the best closest shave possible just like an expert. The razor comprises of a kit that comes with 100 shark razor blades and 2 from 50 double edge blades. Its design is one of a kind and will ensure you are very comfortable as you undertake this great art of straight razor shaving.

The shave that you get from this tool is very smooth and classic that gives you that gentleman look. And what’s more, when you aren’t satisfied with the product, the manufacturer gives you a total customer satisfaction which allows you to return the product or be provided a refund. Definitely, with such great features and customer satisfaction, this is just one of the quality straight razor to have at a fair price.


  • It’s a high quality razor.
  • Gives you an outstanding shave every time.
  • It’s enormously durable.
  • Rust resistant as its made from stainless steel material.


  • Not for beginners as its very sharp.
  • Poorly designed and a bit tricky to handle.


There is no razor that shaves excellently like a straight razor. It gives you very smooth shave without any cut or nick experienced with other forms of razors. It is long lasting and just requires you to master the art to fully utilize it. When buying a straight razor, consider its features and quality so that it doesn’t mess with you. Always maintain it by stropping the blade before and after use with a strop and hone. This will in turn ensure its longevity and efficiency in use. Last but not least, go for the top quality brands as a cheap one may break easily or cause cuts.

With our guideline from above, you can certainly select a top quality straight razor with much ease. Whatever your budget is, just ensure the razor you select has all the constituents that you desire. Don’t forget to view previous customer’s responses on the straight razor you’re about to buy to know the shortcomings that you might encounter.

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