Best Synthetic Oil reviews – Top Rated best motor oil 2019

What is the best synthetic oil? Most of the time, drivers or motorists argue about which brand of synthetic oil is the best? In most cases, they end up with no specific answer as there are different brands that offer exceptional high performance oil. The cars that we drive need oil in order to keep the engines in check and to function well for over a long period of time. This is highly used in commercial vehicles because of the several advantages that it offers. It can effectively function in extreme environments like in very warm or cold conditions without any problem due to its stable viscosity.

Despite being more expensive than conventional oil, this has been scientifically proven to save on total fuel used annually. Unlike conventional oil that runs for up to 3000 miles before you change it, synthetic oil can drive you for over 7000 miles before you change.

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Features to look for in a synthetic oil

Have you been using conventional oil and want to change to synthetic oil? Don’t worry you are not alone. In the past, I always used conventional oils because it was cheaper but never did I know I was wrong. When I changed to synthetic oil, my car run smoother, I covered several miles before changing the oil and the engine operated more silent than ever. Selecting the best motor oil can be challenging, but if you read this guide and reviews at the bottom, you will find it to be easier than before. Just know what your demands are, the viscosity of oil, additives it contains, how fuel efficient it is and of course its initial cost. Get to know and understand more about the type of synthetic oil you are about to buy so that you can make a very wise choice in choosing the best.

Which synthetic oil is best?

If you want your car engine to have a long life and operate smoothly throughout, consider buying a synthetic oil that has most of the features that we are about to discuss below.

High performance synthetic oil?

Fuel efficiency – select oil that greatly lowers friction. When the engine parts come into less contact with each other, the lesser the fuel will be used and the greater the engine performance. Look for oils that will enable you save on fuel costs as you enjoy your ride.

High viscosity oil Or Low viscosity oil?

Viscosity – the type of oil that you select should be in line with the atmospheric conditions of your region. If you drive or live in very cold areas, low viscosity oil is ideal for use. While if you stay in areas that are warm, choose high viscosity oil.

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Oil additive to clean sludge?

Special additives – consider picking with great additives that will avoid leakage, sludge, and deposit formation. Some of the common additive ingredients found in synthetic oils include; anti-wear agents, pour-point depressants, friction modifiers, antioxidants, detergents and dispersants.

Synthetic lubricating oil?

Lubrication & frictional properties – look for the top synthetic oils that gives the best lubrication on the moving parts of the engine. Many of the top brands offer a long lasting lubrication and greatly reduce friction in the engine.

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Change of interval – different oils will give you different change intervals. Consider selecting quality car oil with a long change interval. Some cover 7,000 plus miles while others cover 10,000 plus miles. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best oil for my car?

Look at the demands of your car – one thing to have in mind as you search the oil for your car is the needs of your engine. Different manufacturers recommend different synthetic oils for various cars. Ensure the engine oil you’re buying is meant for your car.

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Best synthetic oil brand?

Brand – If you’re stuck in choosing the best synthetic engine oil, think of selecting from the best brands available. The top brands offer the best quality which you can heavily rely on to give you excellent outcomes. Many users highly recommend them and as you go through different online searches, you are likely to meet most of these. Such brands include: Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Royal Purple, Amsoil, Castrol and Valvoline.

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Is it good to buy cheap oil?

Price – simply don’t be swayed by the price. Some brands are advertised as being the best at a very costly rate. Don’t fall for these but look ones that have qualities that you want for a great overall engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Different types of synthetic oils

  • Fully synthetic oils

    – this type of oil is created for high-tech engines and comes with lots of benefits. First, it provides better and long lasting performance than the conventional type. Also, they flow very well at low temperatures and maintain great lubrication at high temperatures. Beware that this type of oil is more expensive than the conventional type and cannot be used by all cars.

  • Conventional oils

    – this type of oil is regarded as the very high standard for brand new cars. Every top brand gives one for the service level. Top Rated motor oils Check Price on Amazon

    In addition, the oil is present in various viscosities and has three ratings which include; 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 which are for low temperatures and high ambient temperatures in that order. It requires changing after every 4, 000 miles of coverage.

  • Synthetic blend oils?

    – this type comprises a mixture of synthetic and organic oils. This is specifically blended to offer protection against heavier loads and high temperatures. Furthermore, synthetic blend oil is less volatile, thus they tend to evaporate less and decrease loss of oil. These are cheaper than synthetic oil but more expensive than conventional oils.

  • High mileage synthetic oil?

    – last but not least is the high mileage. Just like its name suggests, this oil is applied mostly to vehicles that cover many mileage. So, if you’ve a vehicle that has a great mileage cover, you can opt to use this type of oil. Also, if you’ve an older car, this will be the ideal type to use.

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    What is the car engine Benefits of using this

    • Leads to better wear protection; it serves as protection barrier for the frictional movements of your engine parts. This helps to retain the wear protection properties of your engine in a very longer time when compared to conventional oils.
    • Keeps the engine in good condition; this oil resists sludge formation in the engine leading to a more efficient and long life engine. As it moves, it picks up deposits that may damage the engine.
    • They are environmentally friendly; this has been scientifically proven to be less hazardous to people and the environment.
    • They are cheap to maintain; this is because synthetic oils can cover 7000 miles without refilling unlike the conventional oils that only need to be refilled after every 3000 miles.

      Also, they save on fuel use which is lowers the total cost.

    Our Recommend Top 5 best synthetic oil reviews

    With several manufacturers coming up with adverts that entice people to buy their brands with no solid reasons, you should be wary and set out to find the best rated synthetic oil through research. These will enable you save on fuel, run for longer miles and have a smooth operating engine. Our top 5 list below comprises of the best synthetic oils at the moment and have been proven from time-to-time as being the best by many. These are as follows:

    Best synthetic motor oil – Royal Purple 51530 High Performance oil

    Royal purple is one of the notable brands in the market when it comes to synthetic oils. Many of the previous users of this oil highly recommend it to function powerfully and keep your engine in check throughout. The oil is API licensed which means it’s good for use to the environment and not harmful on people. It also reduces the level of fuel usage as its very fuel efficient. Furthermore, Royal purple perfectly offers wear protection enabling your engine to be stronger and serve you for a very long period of time. Royal Purple reviews Check Price on Amazon

    If you’ve been using another type of oil and are adjusting to royal purple, this shouldn’t be a problem as it will proceed to function well. A unique feature of this synthetic fuel is its wonderful corrosion resistance ability that protects your engine. Want a smooth and high performing engine, get the Royal purple 5130 oils.

    Major features:

    • SAE 5W-30 high.
    • Best motor oil for high mileage engine.
    • API licensed.
    • 5 Quart.


    • It provides an excellent corrosion protection.
    • It greatly improves fuel efficiency.
    • Prevents sludge from forming in the engine.
    • Provides wonderful wear protection.
    • Has a better compatibility with fuels that have ethanol.
    • It gives greater protection to the expensive catalytic emission system.

    Best oil for diesel engines – Mobil 1 5W-30 reviews

    If you are looking for a wide range of vehicles, then the Mobil 1 94001 is the best. This quality oil ensures that your car covers several miles (at least 70000) before you can think of refilling it. The Mobil 1 5W-30 has great viscosity of SAE 5W-30 that ensures a smooth ride whether in hot or cold environments. Also, it provides great wear protection and cleanliness to the engine. Best oils for diesel engines Check Price on Amazon

    Moreover, it will prevent sludge or other deposits from forming in your car engine. Not only is it API approved but it will also aid you save fuel unlike conventional oils. Whether your car is a supercharged gasoline, high-performance turbo charged or a multivalve fuel, get this high mileage oil to start covering long miles without refilling.

    Major features:

    • Full Synthetic motor oils.
    • SAE 5W-30.
    • API approved.
    • 1 Quart.


    • The oil protects the engine throughout its operation.
    • Provides an exceptional fuel efficiency.
    • Offers great wear protection to the engine.
    • Maintains top engine cleanliness.
    • Has wonderful thermal and oxidation capacity.
    • Leads to great engine performance like that of a new car.
    • Performs well under all good and extreme weather conditions.
    • Secures the engine from sludge and other dangerous deposits.

    Best motor oil brand – Castrol 5W-40 engine oil

    Castrol is one of the best oil brands. The Castrol 06249 synthetic motor oil will enable you have a smooth running engine that will save you on fuel. It is API and SAE approved making it a good choice for many. When you start using this quality synthetic oil, you will not experience sludge or deposit formation in the engine that lowers its performance. It maintains great cleanliness that enables your engine to function for many years exceptionally well. Castrol engine oils Check Price on Amazon

    It comes in a pack of 6 which will last you a while before you purchase another set. Being full a synthetic engine oils, expect it to perform way better than synthetic blend and conventional oils. One of the unique features of this oil is the proprietary formula that lowers volatility and offers superior protection for critical engine parts for greater efficiency.

    Major features:

    • 5W-40.
    • Pack of 6.
    • Best high mileage oil.
    • 1 Quart.
    • API approved.


    • It is an excellent wear protector oil.
    • Prevents deposits and sludge from building in the engine.
    • Offers better gas mileage due to excellent fuel efficiency.
    • Provides superior mechanical performance.
    • It has SAE viscosity rating thus good for use in cold and normal temperatures without having problems.
    • Greater engine protection that makes it last long.

    Best 5w30 synthetic oil – Pennzoil Platinum full Motor Oils

    Pennzoil 550038221 is a top quality synthetic oil that is highly recommended by many. The Pennzoil Platinum has superior and very active cleansing agents that keep the engine clean. It protects the engine always for greater performance. The API approved brand exceeds many of the stringent car manufacturers needs for cleanliness and protection. If you live in humid or cold environments, you don’t have to worry as the oil still performs excellent in all areas. Best 5w30 oils Check Price on Amazon

    Unlike some other types of oils, it makes the engine run smoothly and perfectly without making loud noises. As well, it protects sludge and other deposit formation in the car engine for longevity. Buy one of these today and you will greatly save on fuel as you cover several miles before needing a refill.

    Major features:

    • Full synthetic motor oil.
    • SAE 5W-30.
    • 5 Quart.
    • API approved.


    • It cleans the engine better than conventional and synthetic blend oils.
    • Protects the engine excellently from wear.
    • Offers great engine protection no matter the temperature.
    • It greatly lowers the level of noise the engine produces.
    • It’s great for use in different conditions whether extreme or not.

    Best full synthetic oil – Shell rotella oil reviews

    Shell Rotella is a full synthetic oil that will enable your car run smoothly for a very long time. This quality product works perfect for different motorists more so those who cover many miles. It has an additive technology that is in the synthetic base oil created to offer great protection that continuously gets used to your different driving conditions. Be it cold or warm condition, it will perform excellent. Shell rotella oilsAlso, it prevents sludge and several other deposits from forming in the engine for it operate smoothly and well. If you’ve been looking for a synthetic oil that will enable you cover several miles before refilling to no avail, acquire the shell Rotella for a new and amazing experience.

    Check Price on Amazon

    Major features:

    • 5W-40.
    • Heavy duty diesel engine oil.
    • Full synthetic oil.
    • 1 gallon.


    • Provides great protection to the engine for a longer life.
    • Offers great wear protection.
    • Prevents sludge and other deposits from building up.
    • Has greater multifunctional dispersant additives mixed with synthetic base oils that give an improved level of protection from dirt and other deposits.
    • Functions excellently in different conditions.


    If you want to enjoy your ride, choosing the best synthetic motor oil is mandatory. This will enable you save on the total fuel consumption annually and drive for longer mileages. As well, you will have a smooth running and high performance engine. With different brands to choose from, this will not be an issue if you know what the needs of your car engine are. Look for the best synthetic oil brand with stable viscosity, good lubrication, and fuel efficiency. Don’t let the price deter you from coming up with the best product. Though tricky, don’t land for the cheapest brands too as they may be less effective. Oil is important for your engine health. With our guide and top five reviews above, hope we had made this hectic process very simple for you.

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