Most Reliable the Best Tactical Backpack List 2019 Reviews

Backpacks have been a staple for many people who love the outdoors. You can use it to pack your things and go for a hike, travel, camping or climb a mountain. It’s true that you don’t need any special backpack when going outdoors, but if you’re of the extreme kind, then the best tactical backpack should be considered. This most reliable backpack reviews article will give you complete buying guidelines and our recommend top 5 backpack list.

Our recommend top 5 best tactical backpack list:

Our Top Pick 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Tactical Backpack Video Review

3V Gear Outlaw Backpack PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Tactical backpacks have been a thing for a while now. There are many tactical backpacks available in the market and you might think of going for a cheaper one, but remember cheap isn’t always best. But if you are looking for the best tactical backpack under 100 dollar then you have enough budget to get a best one.

Tactical backpack have military level rugged design, water-resistant coating, durability and adjustable flexible functionality.

These tactical backpacks could prove to be the difference during your time outdoors, so always go for one that you know is quality and one that is trusted by many. These  backpacks can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the activity that you’re going to do.

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Why you need to use tactical backpacks?

There are many reasons people choose to get the best tactical backpack for the money and here’s why:

Emergency preparedness backpacks:

One of the reasons to have a tactical backpack is so that you’re prepared for what you’re going to face. As said earlier they are best suited for people going to extreme environments. These kinds of situations require that you’re ready and well prepared. The rigid quality backpack can help you with just that. It can carry a large amount of equipment and material and can be your very own bug out bag.

Lightest backpack Makes your equipment lighter:

A tactical backpack is not like your everyday backpack. It has been especially designed to carry heavy loads and is meant to help its users have an easier time moving around with them. Many users of these backpacks are military personnel who carry a number of items during their missions.

Ultralight backpack 2-3 time more comfortable than traditional heavy backpack.

They use tactical backpacks to help take the load off slightly. One of the reasons that can be stated for the load being easier is the straps that keep things in place and hence controls the weight instead of having the weight shift as you move. Thus, ultralight backpack always recommend.

Firearm carrying Backpack:

If you’re a hunter or gun enthusiast, then you should consider having yourself a good backpack. Many hunters would go with quite a bit of equipment when hunting. You’ll need this kind of bag to fit them all in. These backpacks will help ensure that all your gear is in tow waiting to be used.

What to look out for in a military quality backpack?

A good tactical backpack will have some few features that will separate itself from the rest and here they are:

A good number of backpacking straps:

The best tactical backpack should have a good number of straps on it. One strap backpack or single strap backpack is not recommend to use. However, these straps will help keep the equipment’s in place whilst in the bag and in addition will keep the bag in place while in use. The last thing you want is in the backpack to move about as you’re on a mission or doing a sensitive activity. Be wary of one that has too many straps as it might get you caught on branches.

Material types – Cordura and Ripstop nylon:

Many military grade backpacks are made out of this material. The material makes it tactical so that the backpack is water resistant and doesn’t get affected when the rain hits. This adds to the durability of the backpacks. On top of that, the nylon helps increase the backpacks resistant, allowing for the user to go through extreme terrain such as caves without the backpack tearing up.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast who love traveling or going to places with extreme weathers/environment, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right backpack to keep you alive and moving.

Extra loops on backpack straps:

You can never have enough gear for whatever you’re going to do and this is why you need some extra loops around the bag. These loops will be the place you put any extra accessories that you need or you feel will be important for the task ahead.

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Comfortable Size:

A good backpack will be big, but not too big. There should be a balance in between. It should be big enough for you to be able to fit your necessary equipment, but not too big that it becomes more of a burden than anything to you.

Who uses these backpacks?

There are many beneficiaries of these backpacks. It just depends on what outdoor activity you are going to do. It has to be noted that the major beneficiaries of the best tactical backpack has always been the military. The men and women in the army always have to carry quite a bit of equipment for their missions and are always going through very rough environments. The Backpack suitable for Military use, Police, Security guard, Hikers, Campers, Cyclist, Bikers, Travelers, Mountaineers, Hunters and for everyday use.
This has always made the need for them to have durable backpacks from the start of the mission to the finish, thus the tactical backpacks. There have also been other people who have found the backpacks pretty helpful and they are firearm enthusiasts.
They have used these bags to carry their equipment when going to do activities such as hunting and things of the sort. The backpacks have proven useful to them to help them carry their guns and other accessories. Other notable mentions would be people who do extreme outdoor activities such as rock climbing and mountain climbing. These people have definitely found the tactical backpack to be a welcomed innovation.

Difference between a tactical backpack and a normal backpack:

A tactical backpack is definitely a lot different from a normal backpack. To start off, they have wider shoulder straps. These straps ensure ease of the user even though they are carrying heavy equipment’s.

In addition, they allow the user the ability to wear body armor or cold weather clothing without impeding on their comfortable shoulder placement. Another difference between the two is that the best tactical backpack also has a water source within it. It’s obvious that this is needed, one cannot go and do tough activities carrying so much without having a supply of water and these bags provide it. In addition, they have many compartments that are used to stash equipment’s. This is the case for military personnel as they have to carry a lot of things when going through their missions. These bags might also have quick release latches for when the soldier needs to engage in combat so that they can quickly drop the bag and pick it up once they are done.

Tactical backpacks body material, structure, versatility, pattern, molle straps, padding etc. much better than normal backpack.

Our Recommend Top 5 best tactical backpack reviews:

The tactical bags can be said to be modular that is customize-able and can adapt based on different environments. On top of that, they are durable and can be used in rough terrains such as deserts and jungles. After considering all this, here are some of the best tactical backpack in the market:

1. Military style Paratus 3v backpack review

Paratus 3v bag Review

This tactical military style backpack is the best for those who are going into extremeenvironments as it has features like the material which it’s made out of, which is a rugged 600 denier PVC backed nylon that adds to its durability.

In addition, it has features that make it customize-able for the user, such as 2 attached MOLLE pouches, 2 large zippered compartments and interior pockets and organizers to store extra equipment. The Paratus 3V backpack has also been well designed to meet the standards and requirements for air travel.


The material used to make the bag also makes it weather resistant still adding to its durability aspect.


  • It’s rugged weather resistance.
  • The modular design makes it easier to put more things inside it.
  • Heavy duty military PVC nylon used for Building.
  • MOLLE attachment compatible straps.
  • Great build Self-Healing Coil Zippers.


  • The MOLLE in some areas is too thin for the straps.


The backpack by 3V is good for those long hiking trips in extreme areas. The straps might have been made a little longer, but that isn’t much of a problem as you get a lot more advantages. The bag’s modular design allows for more materials to fit inside it. The material is also a definite plus as it allows the bag to be sturdy as well as durable.

2. The Mountain Top backpack review

Mountain top backpacks review

The mountain top backpack is amazing for those that love hiking and going for adventures. Ithas a front adjustable strap that can be used to hand a trekking pole or tripod. On top of that, the bag has 6 adjustable straps that work to your advantage and can be used for hanging sleeping bags and some select gear. Coating is Polyester fabric which makes mountaintop the best waterproof backpack.

The bag also has easy zippered access from the front that is you can use the zipper from the front to access the main compartment of the bag. The Mountain Top is also meant to provide as much comfort as it can to the user as it has padding in all the right places. The shoulder straps and hip belt have intense padding.

Mountaintop Water resistant Backpack LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

The back area also has the proper padding to make the bag as comfortable to carry as possible. The multiple pockets that the backpack allows for more materials to fit the bag plus make it easy to separate and organize the items in the bag.


  • The pack is well designed.
  • It has a large room for storage of equipment’s.
  • It’s sturdy.
  • Waterproof tactical backpack.


  • Some customers have complained about the size of the individual pockets.


The Mountain top is fine if you’re going for a hike or doing any outdoor activity. The zippered access is very convenient as it allows for you to go through your bag without fidgeting too much finding your stuff. The padding on the shoulders also bring a bit of comfort when carrying the bag and makes a difference in terms of the burden on your shoulders. Mountain top one of the cheapest tactical backpack.

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3. Compact fox outdoor backpacks review

fox outdoor backpacks Review

Fox outdoor backpacks might not be as huge as all the other backpacks on this list, but itcan meet the demands of any tactical bag. It’s made of polyester that although not as strong as the nylon, can be very sturdy as well.

It has a flexible, modular design to it, allowing for the user to have more space to carry their equipment’s. The product has a hydration pocket to which has the function of providing a safe place to store fluids for the user.

The design of the back allows for it to be expandable and it also aims to make it as comfortable as possible for the user with its stay-cool mesh backing.

Hydration Backpack LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

The Fox Outdoor has one large main compartment and a front pocket that has mesh accessory pockets. Thus, fox outdoor Modular Hydration is known as a compact backpack.


  • It’s durable.
  • It’s comfortable to use.
  • The straps are efficient at keeping the bag in place.


  • The strong plastic taste of the hydration bladder when it’s new.


The Fox Outdoor is definitely one you should consider having if you’re an outdoor kind of a guy. The plastic taste might be a problem, but nothing some lemon water won’t fix. The bag is comfortable to use for those long hikes and you don’t need to worry about weight shifts as the bag keeps it in place.

4. Military grade Direct action backpack egg review

Direct action egg review

This bag has been especially designed for law enforcement and military personnel with camocolor as well as other color options. Some provisions have been made for outdoor enthusiasts as well. The Direct Action has been designed well with a low profile look that helps the bag blend in as an everyday bag.

In addition, Direct action has a patented combat bent system that is aimed at providing comfort to the user when using the bag. It does this through the use of a contoured foam pattern that has air channels together with an airy mesh.

These two together allow for the bag to be off the user’s back and helps reduce the burden of the weight.

Direct Action LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

On top of that, the front pocket has an internal organizer that helps accommodate things such as GPS and other small essentials. For overall features, functionality Direct action backpack egg has gained reputation as the best military grade backpacks.


  • Top quality material and stitching
  • The MOLLE/PALS system is sturdy and looks sleek
  • It has a large enough storage room


  • The locks on the bag rattle when moving around.


Unless you’re on a very sensitive mission that requires nothing but quite, then this bag is good for you. The material and stitching are great, plus the patented venting system goes a long way in making the movement with the bag easier. If you’re an outdoor person, you can try this bag for your next trip. You might be surprised at how good and helpful it can be. It price is higher than any other of our list but it one of the best tactical backpack no doubt about that.

5. 3v gear outlaw sling pack review – best sling bag

3v gear outlaw sling bag

3V gear outlaw sling is the last bag on our list, this bag was made for the purpose of makingusers as prepared as possible. The 3v gear outlaw has a sling pack design that allows for the contents to be accessed easily when sitting. In addition, you could still carry the bag on the front and access the contents in the bag with no worries at all.

The 3V gear outlaw main compartment, as well as the hydration sleeves, can be used to carry accessories for your concealed weapon. The materials used to make the bag that is heavy duty 600D PVC nylon make it ideal for the rough terrains as well as use. This is perfect who are looking for small messenger bag.

3V Gear Outlaw Shoulder Bag Foliage LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

The 3v gear outlaw also aims to keep the thieves out using theft deterrent devices that are built in so as to secure the zippers. The product also has an extra stabilizer strap for those days carrying heavy equipment. This strap is meant to keep the bag steady and stable, making for an easier carry.


  • It’s comfortable.
  • OutLaw sling is sturdy.
  • It’s easy to access the contents of the bag due to the sling pack design.


  • It’s smaller than the standard backpack.


The 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack has a lot to offer. It might not be as big as the other bags. But the materials and stitching ensure that you get to use it for a long time. On top of that, the bag’s design allows you to easily access the contents of your bag when placed on the front and not the back. Thus, 3V outlaw is the best sling bag in my list.


In the end, it all comes down to personal taste and preferences. These are what we feel are probably the best tactical backpack that you can find online. Of course, there are many, but these are the ones that made our list. These bags did meet the standards for us. A good backpack can be used for those hiking trips that involve going through some tough terrains. The bags are durable and have a lot to offer.

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