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Most of the people currently love using the traditional thinking that the only time you have to reach for a flashlight is whenever there is a blackout. However, owning the best tactical flashlight is useful in many ways more than simply providing light in our homes. Many individuals depend on street light and mobile phones when they are out in the dark at night without considering how their level of safety is with every step they make.

It is true that modern trends in technology have incorporated spot lights on the gadgets, but it is important to stop and think how it can help when faced with danger. In this tactical flashlight reviews article, you will get complete buying guidelines.

Our recommend top 5 best tactical flashlight 2019 list:

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Why need top tactical flashlights?

First, it would throw your enemy off balance to find you prepared. Modern flashlights produce powerful light that can blind when throws directly to naked human eye. Furthermore, they are robust enough to give somebody a pretty good knock. Having a flash light in your possession enables you see danger coming from a mile away giving you enough time to access the situation and make quick decisions.

Secondly, it is not wise to gamble with your safety; even if you may not encounter an incident it is just good to feel protected. A tactical flashlight is your companion when stepping out of the house, with it you can hope for the best while expecting the worst of situations. As the saying goes, it is better safe than sorry.

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All outdoor activities have a recommended gear and one thing that is common is a flashlight. Every time that you are out in the woods camping, fishing, hiking or just taking a stroll you may discover, pick or notice something interesting that needs more light to see well.

What is the best tactical flashlight?

When talking about tactical flashlight I would like to think of a war zone environment. You would want to always be prepared for emergency and even just survival. Manufacturers have studied these scenarios and have come up with a top of the range features and specifications. They have not left anything to chance when making the best tactical flash light. Modern technology has been employed to produce devices that the lives of people in the military can depend on.

A tactical flashlight is a reliable lighting device that is durable with super strong brightness, military grade and can come in handy in providing security. There is a lot of information available in the form of product review and informative articles and this is one of them.

  • reliable flashlight
  • light weight
  • powerful light
  • long lasting

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How to select the Best Tactical Flashlight?

The market is flooded with this type of flashlight therefore before walking into a store or ordering online it is helps to be informed. As a prospective buyer one ought to know what to come across with regards to their budget and different requirements, what to compromise on or not to.

Flexible small flashlights:

Flashlights are not a new concept to us, we have probably grown up seeing our parent own one or two. The difference between now and then is the performance.  The older generation was prone to wear and tear coupled with dismal power output. They are mostly made of plastic and used those bulky types of batteries.

The type of bulbs was not LED shadows could be seen around the beam they produced. Also, it must have cost our parents more money in replacing them and the batteries frequently. For these reasons tactical flashlights are not a preserve for people in the military alone.


Modern Led flashlight:

Technological advancement over recent years has changed this. Modern flashlights include LED technologies that have optimized their performance. The LEDs used to produce light have longer life span because of this. The best tactical flashlight can go on lighting up to 50,000 hours non-stop. They also use lenses that have been shaped to guide the beams to an area of maximum concentration. The number of LEDs used and how they have been position is such as to increase beam distance and give a wide view angle.

Zooming and focusing option:

The new generation of flashlights has zoom lenses. The zoom options are adjustable up to five levels. What makes this more interesting is that this is done by just twisting the head without using a lot of effort. The control buttons are soft and require just a light touch, unlike the older models that would become faulty with time.

Highest lumen tactical flashlight:

The best tactical flashlights have higher brightness levels for normal situations and emergency. They are designed to give different light outputs at every mode suitable to the given situation. Theses modes are turbo, high, low, medium and strobe. As one switches to the lower modes, the level of brightness reduces but the run time increases. You find that at lower modes the flashlights can stay on for longer hours. The strobe function is mostly for emergency and in most cases, they are just as bright as the highest setting with longer run time of up to 9 hours.

In most cases you find that good flashlights that are brighter than other ordinary lights. Light output flux is measured in lumens and these gadgets have a number of lumens in the range of 100 to 5000. The light intensity has improved to these high levels for purposes of survival and defense. LED technologies such as chip on board where LED chips are connected directly to the circuit board are the reason behind this. The number of LEDs also plays a big role here. Some premium lights have as many LEDs as 100 this makes them ultra-bright. Such devices can be used in rooms that don’t have to be dark.

Best long range flashlight:

Apart from brightness there are qualities of the beam that are of importance. These are beam distance and intensity. Beam intensity is measured in Candelas while beam distance is measured in meters or yards. The two should play a big role in determining which flashlight to pick over another. Most of the time they are indicated on the box that the flashlight in packaged in.

The tactical flashlight beam distance is referred to as throw distance in some cases. It is the measure of how far the flashlight can illuminate or what is the farthest distance that an object can be seen using the particular light. A throw distance of around 20 feet away is impressive. The beam area is equally significant because if it is not wide enough it will require that you shift it back and forth when using it. Therefore the best beam is one which you don’t have to be too close to what you want to see and one that enable you to detect something easily.

Small flashlights with high lumens:

In the past flashlights are bulky and cumbersome to carry. They were not portable enough for everyday carry so they were left locked up in the house. Technology has changed this by reducing the sizes considerably. There are pocket size tactical flashlight and even smaller ones that can be clipped to a keychain. However, these are too small to provide adequate brightness. When you go shopping it is good to consider the size alongside the amount of light that is suitable.

Rechargeable flashlight or non rechargeable?

These flashlights also have two categories, rechargeable and non-rechargeable flashlight. The rechargeable ones are more desirable since their batteries can be reused in some cases up to 500 times before they are discarded. They are always sold together with their charger which have circuitry meant to give them a longer battery life. Extra batteries are often added as they could be hard to find. There are many types of batteries from the ordinary ones such as the AA and AAA to the expensive 1860 and CR23A battery types. The choice of battery, however, depends on users some might like the cheap and readily available non-rechargeable ones better.

Beam distance:

Another important feature is the type of beam. Common beam types are flood and spot; flood is usually fixed to a smaller area and has a wide beam width while the spot is narrow and has a longer throw distance. Mostly it is the lens reflector that determines this and therefore it is the thing to watch out for when looking for a beam type of your choice. The best flashlights have both options, thus allowing you to adjust whenever you feel like using either. These lenses are delicate and therefore need protection. The latest models have since taken this into consideration and manufacturers are including lens protectors.

Also, don’t miss out on the awesome accessories that are usually included when you purchase this type of flashlights. The extra batteries, battery holders, lanyard, holster, O-rings, mini-flashlights, key chains, pocket clips and battery organizers could go a long way a great experience. The mini flashlights are very cool and work just perfect on their own.


Top 3 tactical flashlight comparison for better understanding:

To get an idea of the best tactical flashlight, let’s have a head to head comparison of three of the top. These are Vizeri VZ230, Fenix PD35 and Oxyled LED flashlight. A look at their specification brings out the best out of each of the devices. This doesn’t mean the other flashlights are not the best, it is only a pointer in the right direction. It helps a buyer to view each gadget in terms of their strengths and weakness and see whether the price put out there are worth investing on the best tactical flashlight.

Light output:

Fenix emerges top here with brightness of 1000 lumen followed by Oxyled with 800 lumens and lastly Vizeri with 230 lumens. 1000 lumens is really good for self-defense.

Batteries use:

When it comes to battery type Vizeri wins, it provides more options. It can use AAA, lithium or Ni-MH which means it convenient because while some of these batteries are cheap and readily available others are reliable with longer lifespan. Both Fenix and oxyled use one 18650 or CR123A and 3 AAA batteries respectively as alternatives.


Oxyled has three brightness modes plus strobe and SOS functions. Vizeri has five modes which also include SOS and strobe. Fenix on the other hand has an outdoor mode that has six brightness levels. In this category all three are great, however Fenix has outdone them by being more tactical. All three devices have a zoom function.

Build Material:

The manufacturers have not taken a chance with the construction of these gadgets. All three are very compact and durable reason being that they are made of aluminum alloy. But, most of the best tactical flashlights are waterproof. However, their water resistance ratings vary slightly. Vizeri is rated IPX-7 whereas Oxyled is rated IPX-6. This means they can survive underwater for different amount of time at different distances. Vizeri once again carries the day.

Size and weight:

In terms of sizes oxyled is the smallest of the three it is 2.1 inches long and 4.7 inches wide in diameter followed by Vizeri which is 4.25 inches long and 1.6 inches wide in diameter. Fenix is the largest measuring 5.4 inches and 1.0 inches in length and diameter respectively.

Oxyled weighs more than the two at 41.1oz Vizeri is 3.7oz and Fenix is 3.1 oz.

Personally vizeri works for me because on top of these features in can be mounted on a weapon, has a remote switch and is accessorized with a holster for convenient portability. These unique features might sound like they only work for people in the military however Vizeri is multipurpose. It has very good reviews given the fact that its performance speaks for itself.

Why I like Solaray flashlight?

Special mention can also be given to Solaray pro ZX-1XL Professional Series and Law enforcement grade Fenix PD35 Ultra Bright CREE flashlights. These is the best tactical flashlights are similar in many ways. Let, compare with fenix pd 35. First, they are both rechargeable. This means they are still useful in bad weather and around water bodies. They are both very bright with lumens of 1600 and 1000 respectively. Solaray has 5 brightness levels including a strobe and SOS mode while Fenix Ultra bright flashlight has total 6 modes. Tactical modes are 3 and Outdoor modes are 6. Such features are admirable and should come top of your list of priorities. Extended battery life is a common feature together with robustness. Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy like other tactical flashlight they can be improvised to weapons when you are ambushed.

So, Best & bright flashlight winner is..

Generally the best tactical flashlight has lot of extra features and a top specification compared to any other category of flashlights. There are very few complaints from owners because they are made for the toughest situations imaginable. It is obvious that they are expensive, but this is because of the quality of service that they provide. They are reliable in the long run in terms of compactness, brightness and their lifespan.

So, who are the winners? If you able to afford then go with Fenix or Supernova flashlight but if you have very tight budget then go with Vizeri flashlight.

The Best Flashlight features:

When it comes to selecting the best Flashlight, every individual has their own selection. This hugely depends on the features and purpose you want the light to perform for you. With a wide range of light on the market today; picking the best flashlight for your preferred function is very important. The best flashlight makes work easier for you as they perform exceptionally well and can be heavily relied on in your hour of need.

As you go shopping around for a great flashlight for your use; be it for work, your sporting activity or for domestic application, consider the ones that have the key features that will assist you execute your duty better. Some of the great features to look out for are as follows:

Durable flashlight

The flashlight that you choose should not only be reliable, but also very durable. You can’t carry around a flashlight that keeps letting you down in terms of its performance. An amazing flashlight should be one with great functionality with less or no electrical troubles. It should also be durable, so as to withstand all the hard conditions that it may encounter while in harsh conditions.

Bright Flashlight

Another top feature to look out for in the best flashlights is their brightness or level of light output. Actually, light is one of the most vital characteristic of any flashlight. Whether the flashlight is for military, medical, hunting, or even domestic usage, light plays a major role in all of these. Hence, any best flashlight should be capable of emitting enough light for you to easily carry out your activity. The light brightness is measured in Lumens. The higher the lumens of a flashlight, the greater is the brightness. A very typical output for an ultra-high LED flashlight is around 500 plus lumens, while for the mid-range LED flashlight is approximately 80 to 250 lumens and a general purpose LED flashlight is around 20 to 80 Lumens. So choose wisely.

Flashlight batteries

The type of Battery that you use in your flashlight is really significant. Different kinds of batteries have different roles to play. After choosing your best flashlight, for it to work efficiently, you need to purchase the right batteries for it too. Although, most of the best flashlight provide battery for first purchase. Do you want a unique battery that gives you more light output, or the one that is easily rechargeable? Besides, you can opt for a battery that is durable and will last longer. The best batteries for great flashlights are AAA batteries orAA batteries and are the ones commonly used in the market.

Long range flashlight and long runtime flashlight

When selecting a flashlight, consider its run time. This is important because you are able to determine how long the flashlight can remain effective. Run time is measured in hours. The emitted light from the flashlight decreases over time from being very bright to dim. To hunters and workers, it is desirable for them to pick out a flashlight that has a long runtime, so that it can sustain them for a while as they conduct their duties. In addition to the runtime, beam distance is another wonderful feature for a great flashlight because one can evaluate how far the light will strike in their desired spot.

Best waterproof flashlight

No one wants to purchase a product that is less durable or very fragile. A flashlight should therefore have a great impact resistance. Impact resistance is the process by where a flashlight maintains its poise and overcomes accidents that may happen while in use such as falling down accidentally but still able to work properly. Flashlights with such features enable you work without fear of crashing or dropping them down. Furthermore, a good flashlight should be water resistant and as well function properly in case of rain, dust or other adverse weather conditions.

Top 5 the best flashlight reviews:

From the above features, you can now go ahead and purchase a great flashlight that will fully serve your more pressing demands.

Solaray pro zx-1 review – Best selling flashlight

The solary pro zx-1 is a wonderful flashlight with a reliable bright led light which can be applied for protection and other purposes. This Solaray pro zx-1 has a 18650 3.7v 3000mAh premium energy efficient high output lithium-ion battery with a long run time that makes it very special. The adjustable focus zoom lens allows you to change the brightness to your preference.Solaray pro zx-1 review SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Tactical Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

This flashlight is one of the best in the market as its ideal for security, camping or even fishing as it has 5 modes which you can easily adjust. And its battery is rechargeable on a high 500 times. It’s convenient to carry and walk around with due to its compact design and balanced weight to size.

Ecogear flashlight – 1200 lumen flashlight review

This is a complete flashlight as it comes with several accessories that are really essential to the user. The Ecogear Fx tactical Led comes with two rechargeable batteries, a charger, and a free keychain flashlight.Ecogear flashlight review EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Its body is made up of a highly durable aircraft grade aluminum alloy that enables it to withstand all adverse conditions. The hard-anodized finish enables it to be water resistant and it has a top quality CREE T6 LED chip producing a total of 1200 lumens of very bright light. It comes with gift wrapped box and durable storage box.

Flashlight gift ideas – lumintop Titanium Innovations flashlight review

It has a wonderful TC4 body with precision CNC, a diamond cut knurling and interweaving thin lines engraved, which provides a natural silvery feature and a great metallic touch.Flashlight gift ideas Review EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Furthermore, the two optical led (CREE XP-G2 or High CRI Nichia 219) selections that it comprises allow you to adjust to different levels of brightness. The lumintop Titanium Innovations is prompt and simple to use due to the patented electronic switch that features an anti-abrasion. If you are willing to gift someone then lumintop will be the best because of its High-end Gift Package.

Streamlight protac hl usb review

With a choice of three programs which include; high/strobe/low, high only, and low/high, the streamlight 88052 pro Tac Flashlight is just one of the best.Streamlight protac hl usb review Professional Tactical Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Other great characteristics of this Streamlight protac include; an adjustable battery cradle which removes battery rattle and allow multiple battery sizes, has a high maximum illumination that gives a total of 850 lumens and an option of recharging using the supplied USB Cord or the optional AC wall adapter. With such features, this is such an efficient flashlight to use.

J5 tactical flashlight review

Talk about the heavy duty, compact and tough condition to use flashlight and suitable for any adverse conditions, then you got the J5 tactical V1-Pro flashlight. It operates with a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable that gives you several hours of usage. It is also super bright with a maximum output of 300 lumens LED discharging an acute beam of light that strikes up to 600 feet.J5 flashlight review J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

The J5 tactical V1-Pro works very efficiently and that’s why it was picked as the official flashlight for Joe Gibbs Racing and as well the number 19 Toyota Camry driven by Carl Edwards.

Best military flashlight – Tactical Military Grade led flashlight

Every single military flashlight is made specifically for use in combat or for tactical type use. It is a tactical flashlight that is meant to be mounted on a weapon. Thus, that you can spot a target or a potential be attacker in the dark. The Best Military flashlights are rugged and robust so as to withstand rough treatment usually found in a war zone. They play a key role in ensuring that the user has a more accurate view of his opponent as they get to attack. So, it is the perfect flashlight who is working in military, police, law enforcement, security guard, etc. area even it can be used for self-defense for any type people.

Best military flashlight important Features:

There are a number of features that characterize the best military flashlight. These are the qualities that you need to look for when buying this kind of flashlight.

Military torch lumens output:

First, is the light output of the military flashlight. This is something that you cannot afford to compromise on because a powerful output could mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield. It is used for picking out targets easily and quickly before they see you. The maximum amount of light a gadget can provide is shown in lumens and is influenced by the lighting source together with the type of bulb used.Best military flashlight Tactical Led Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Bright military flashlight:

The best bulb for longevity and high intensity are the LEDs. They are recommended for their efficiency and uniform light output. The latest LEDs have a long life span of 50,000 hours and beyond and also produce a beam which can light up about three football fields. Their brightness is capable of blinding an opponent, thereby giving you the upper hand during a crisis. There is the option of xenon bulbs which are also bright, but have the undesirable nature of heating up so fast and consuming a lot of power from your flashlight.

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Military flashlight batteries:

The best military flashlights are well powered by high capacity batteries. Disposable batteries would not work really well with these devices because they would run drain fast therefore being costly in the long run. Rechargeable batteries with extended shelf life like the CR123A and 18650 are highly recommended.

Reflector of the light:

A reflector is an important addition to this type of flashlight. Its function is to focus and direct light and to do all, this is placed next to the source of light. The surface of a good reflector is usually textured so that it can smoother the beam.

Military light lenses:

Another feature is the type of lenses used in military flashlights. Zoom lenses are great for the kind of work that the flashlights do. Also, these lenses come in different colors for different conditions. They require replacing regularly and a bezel that come off easily when this needs to be done is perfect.

Military grade led light Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Aircraft grade aluminum flashlight:

The rugged nature of a military flashlight is something that cannot be over emphasized. In the face of danger they are used to strike for an attacker and they can only be effective if they are robust. A metallic body with a good case finishing can make a super strong flashlight. Manufacturers prefer aircraft grade aluminum and titanium with a finishing of type III hard anodized coating.

Determine the Brightness Levels:

Then there are brightness levels that have different setting to select from. Strobe and SOS functions find a lot of use with this flashlight for blinding and disorienting an assailant and emergency respectively.

Top 5 Best military flashlight Review:

With these pointers in mind selecting the best military flashlight is now a little easier. The next step is to have a look at the specifications of some of the best that are available. Here is the top five:

Outdoor Tactical Flashlight – Captink Waterproof LED

Captink Waterproof LED review Waterproof Tactical LED Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

This is an all-weather military flashlight. It is resistant to not only water, but to all kinds of adverse weather conditions. It has Cree LED that illuminates 700 lumens of light with a life span of 100,000 hours. Like other tactical flashlights it has 5 brightness levels to select from including strobe and SOS. Battery used is 18650 which comes with its charger.

It has a powerful head that can break an emergency window in extreme situations and military grade aluminum is used to construct its body. This light is excellent for outdoor sports.

Brightest led Tactical Flashlight- TotaLohan Camping Torch:

This Cree XML T6 tactical flashlight is powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries to provide 550 lumens of light. It has zoom option and adjustable focus that can bring an object that far away into perspective. It has an array of 5 modes and a tail cap switch for selecting the modes.

TotaLohan Camping Torch reviewComing in at 6.4 ounces and 6.2 inches it is portable and has a wrist strap which makes carrying it around easier.

Tactical Flashlight Military Grade Resistant LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

Smith & wesson galaxy pro led flashlight Review:

It makes use of a total of13 LED bulbs, 10 white and 3 red LEDs. It has a dual light output 10 lumens from white LEDs and 6.5 lumens from red LEDs. The two colors can be accessed easily using two switches on the body of the flashlight. It works with 3 AAA batteries that run for 30 and 80 hours for white and red LEDs respectively. There are different throw distances for the two types of LEDs 17.1 for the white and 16.5 for the Red.

Smith & wesson galaxy pro military flashlightAluminum construction gives it a powerful look perfect for a tactical flashlight and a deluxe holster is included as an accessory.

Smith Wesson Accessories 110226 Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

HP5R Rechargeable mini led flashlight review:

This light runs on one lithium ion battery which can be recharged through a USB cable. There is an alternative of alkaline batteries too. It gives maximum light output of 185 lumens for 4 and a half hours and a minimum of 19 lumens for 14 hours. A strobe mode is included together with slide focus. Its beam range is adjustable between 183 and 56 meters.

HP5R military flashlight reviewThe body is carefully constructed with aluminum to resist impact and is waterproof.

HP5R Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

ProTorch X1 800 lumen rechargeable flashlight review:

The ProTorch X1 comes with 10W LED bulb that outputs 800 lumens of bright light. It is recommended for use with just a single 18650 rechargeable batteries. Although, protac x1 is also compatible with CR123A and 3 AAA batteries. It is equipped with 5 modes which are high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. The beam distance is 500m and it is possible to shift its focus.

800 lumen ProTorch X1 reviewThe bezel is large and strong enough for self-defense while the body is lightweight made of aluminum.

Check Price on Amazon

Military grade led flashlight will be long lasting. A best military flashlight is not easy to pick. But if you follow above instructions then you will able to find best one.

Best Led Flashlight Reviews – Cheap LED flashlights 2019

An LED is a flashlight that uses LEDs bulbs as opposed to the traditional incandescent bulbs. In recent times manufacturers have shifted to this technology in order to provide flashlights that are brighter and have a longer lifespan than the older types. Competition in this area has become stiffer now because there are many options and improvement in features. So before looking at which flashlights are available as the best LED flashlight, we will start by looking at these features.

Why Best Led Flashlight reviews? Led light has any Advantages?

Apart from your budget what makes you leave one flashlight and opt for another; there are several unique key features that enable a person to come up with such a decision. One of the attractive features is dual output. A flashlight with variable outputs is good for energy conservation. It provides an option for maximum and minimum led lighting, which translates to lasting batteries.

Rechargeable led:

Most LED flashlights are rechargeable. They use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Chargers are included in the kit during the purchase. The chargers are made special for the types of batteries used to avoid destruction of the batteries. More advanced flashlights have magnetic USB chargers which makes charging much easier. With most of these flashlights there is an option of using ordinary alkaline batteries as alternatives during a crisis.

Best Led light Reviews Check Price on Amazon

Long range flashlight:

Another great feature is ability to light up a wide area. This is influenced by the arrangement of the LEDs and their number. A flashlight with a narrow viewing angle can be annoying and tiresome to use. It requires constant movement back and front when examining a broad area.

Adjustable focus led light:

Adjustable focus is a desirable addition to LED flashlights. It should be possible to shift focus from flood to spot quite often. When viewing a large place like the backyard flood beam really lights up the place, well in the same way when a spot beam is the best when you want to narrow down your focus.

Led light brightness levels:

The best LED flashlight should also have a range of select-able brightness levels. These settings are convenient for different situations and can’t miss a good flashlight. There are low modes for longer run time and energy saving and high modes for shorter run time but optimum use. Inclusion of strobe and SOS modes adds functionality to these devices.

Led light water and compact resistance:

Tactical grip and premium construction could also capture your attention when shopping for an LED flashlight. Anodized aircraft grade aluminum, titanium alloy and stainless steel are the way to go. Gadgets that make use of these materials are resistant to corrosion, impact and shock. They can also withstand certain depths of water for a given amount of time. Their water and impact resistance ratings are indicated on their packages.

Led light Beam Range:

There is also the question of beam range, which is equally important. You don’t want a flashlight with a beam distance that is too short for your liking. The flashlight should take advantage of the latest LED technology to optimize on the distance that it can throw its flash.

Top led flashlight review

This section takes a look at 5 best LED flashlight in details.

Surefire g2x pro review – best led torch:

This is one of the best LED flashlight that runs on two output levels. It gives 320 lumens for maximum settings and 15 lumens for minimum settings. Powered by two lithium ion batteries it weighs 4.5 ounces with batteries installed.Surefire g2x pro review Check Price on Amazon

It has a reflector that guides and improves the quality of its beam when in operation. The various outputs are totally controlled by a tail switch that is easy to use. Its body has a smooth texture made of NitroLon polymer and a diameter of 1.5 inches. Its bezel has the same diameter and is made of anodized aluminum. The full length of the Surefire g2x is 5.2 inches.

Raybek 1000 Lumen tactical flashlight review:

The Raybek TL 1000 has Cree XM-L U2 LED which illuminates 1000 lumens. The LEDs can serve for up to 100,000 hours. Its beam range is beyond 300m and an aluminum reflector is available to smoothen this beam.

Raybek 1000 Lumen review Check Price on Amazon

Its body is extendable, which gives alternative to the types of batteries that are compatible with the flashlight. At normal length it uses one lithium ion rechargeable battery or 2 CR123A lithium batteries. This configuration runs for one and a half hours. When fully extended it uses 2 of 18650 button top batteries has a run time of 3 hours.

It is made of anti-scratch aluminum and can survive 6.6 feet under water.

Compact led Nitecore EA41 review:

Nitecore comes with Cree XM-L U2 LED to give a powerful light of 1020 lumens. It runs on 4 AA batteries bought separately with the flashlight. It has a switch that shifts from spot to flood with a beam distance of 366 yards.

Nitecore EA41 reviewThe kit is very well accessorized with a diffuser, lanyard, holster, extra O-ring and a keychain flashlight of 25 lumens. Its compact size stands out.

Check Here For Latest Price

Compact led flashlights ReviewsFenix ld09 review – Waterproof led flashlight review:

This version of Fenix light produces 220 lumens uses Cree XP-E2 (R3). It works with one AA battery which comes with an extra supply. It has three modes and an SOS function accessed with a tactical switch. The brightness levels are 220, 50 and 3 lumens whose regulation is digital.Fenix ld09 review Check Latest Price on Amazon


Fenix ld09 is a tactical built light with anodized aluminum. Fenix ld09 has a water resistance capacity of IPX8. It has an anti-roll head and a stainless steel pocket clip.

Darkstar Best inexpensive flashlights:

Powered by a single 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, Darkstar makes use of Cree XML T6 LED to produce 1000 lumens. Rotating its head achieves zoom function and a throw distance of 300m. It has five brightness levels high, low, medium, strobe and SOS. It runs for 180 minutes, giving 1000 lumens at high mode and 10 hours at low mode with 300 lumens light output.

Best inexpensive light Check Price on Amazon

Made of aluminum its body is durable and has a tactical grip for self-defense. Its uses are versatile both indoor and outdoor. You can strap it on your wrist for easy carrying.

These are just some of the examples and features for selecting the best LED flashlight; they are quite a number and depend on the different tastes of consumers. However, the power output, battery type and the run time are most important. Don’t miss out on the accessories too!


You can choose high price or low price flashlight from above list. Don’t compromise with quality. Best flashlight will give you great experience. I hope you find this article incisive and informative. The best tactical flashlight is a abroad category and to be able to make a choice a buyer need to get more info from other websites like this. Customer reviews are also a good place where one can receive first hand experience. You will get an honest opinion and constructive criticism of various devices. Reviewers who have used some of these flashlights can vouch for them there and also point out areas where manufacturers can improve.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a tactical flashlight you can never go wrong will all this information. Finally the best flashlight will depend heavily on taste and preference.  The three highlighted here should be able to meet this.

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