Best Trail Camera Reviews 2019 – Top Rated Game cameras List

What is a trail camera? A trail camera, also known as ‘game camera’ is a camera constructed in tough design with motion triggered characteristics for capturing images and videos of wildlife. These cameras play a major role for hunters as they capture animal patterns and take photos which can be used by hunters in gaming.

But choosing the quality trail camera can be very challenging, especially for beginners. As well, those who want to upgrade their cameras to new one that is more reliable and efficient; picking out from the rest is not easy. So, what is the best trail camera for the money?

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This review will help you to identify the best and show you the key aspects to check out before buying a trail camera. Furthermore, we will not only help you acquire the best trail camera, but at the same time we will ensure it is great for your task.

Why you buy trail cameras?

Trail cameras do a great job for hunters as they are placed in an area where they take images or record videos from which you can assemble all the data about the animals in your field. They reduce the burden of having to climb trees, or staying up late night and wait for the animal to take its picture or video. Thus, when it comes to purchasing a camera of your choice, ensure the features the camera has are exactly what you require. Some may expensive, but select the best trail camera for the money.

Must have features for the Best trail camera or best game camera!

To have an outstanding gaming experience, you need a great camera with you. It should have wonderful features and serve all your different demands. With lots of amazing brands in the market, selecting the best can be very tricky. That’s why we came up with the best trail camera in the market which we will expound further below after looking at different features to consider.

Batteries Life

Battery life – a game may take hours or days to be monitored. Hence, you need a camera with a powerful battery life which can sustain it for a while. Since you will mount a camera in a hidden place and just leave it there for days, having a battery that is long lasting is very important. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you leave the camera only to come back and find its battery dead. This is very embarrassing and a setback in game hunting. Numerous trail cameras have a lifespan ranging from 6 months to one year. Battery consumption is determined by usage of different features of the trail cameras. The best batteries to use are rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and alkaline batteries.

Solar powered trail camera for hunter?

Power – alternatively, you can have other power options especially if you live far away and can’t change the battery regularly. In this case, you will be required to own a trail camera that has a plug in option to connect to a power source in case the battery runs out. Some people connect their cameras to solar power while hunting in faraway places.

Design of cameras

Design – the design of trail cameras is different from that of the normal cameras that we are used to. Many trail cameras want to resemble in design as they serve almost the same purpose. They are created in a camouflage design which cannot be easily detected by animals. Also, they come in different sizes from which you can choose from.

Black flash or no flash?

Flash – this is another vital feature to look out for when selecting your game camera. The flash feature is mainly featured on the camera to capture images at night or when there is darkness. The camera automatically switches to this mode at night or in darkness. The flash can either be incandescent or infrared. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, select the one that best suits your desires. When it comes to incandescent trail cameras, they provide a clear color image displaying the type and size of the game. For the Infrared flash trail camera, it takes photos during the night without emitting a bright white flash.

Pictures quality

Picture quality – the main essence of acquiring the camera is to capture quality images. As a result, before you decide on picking any trail camera, you should consider the quality of its pictures. Photo quality is measured in megapixels (MP). Therefore, the higher the mp the better the quality of the photo is. Most of the trail cameras come with mp that range between 5 to 7 MP’s.  Game cameras with megapixels of more than 10 mps tend to cost more when compared to those with 4mps or below.

If you intend to use your game camera for night game hunting, then a higher resolution of 8 or more megapixels is highly regarded. Also, when looking at the quality of the images, consider the degree of view. The higher the degree of view is, the larger the coverage. The standard degree is 50 but if you get a camera with a larger degree is even better.

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Memory cards?

Memory and video – In most cases, the memory used to store the images that your camera captures is the external memory. Unlike the internal memory, the external memory can be removed and placed in your computer or digital camera to view the photos that the camera has taken. As well, you can adjust to a larger capacity SD card slot if you feel you have a lot to capture or when the old one is filled up. Internal memory cannot be expanded unless you acquire a new camera with a larger storage capacity.

For a big storage, you will find cameras that are compatible with a 32 GB SD card or even more. All cameras come with external SD slots but they vary mostly with regard to price. Some can only allow up to 8GB and are cheap. Go for a bigger storage capacity instead of the small one as it can as well store your videos and several images at once.

Fastest trigger speed camera

Trigger Speed – the trigger speed is the time between the period when the trail camera picks up the heat and the motion required for activating the shot and when it really photographed the image. Buy a game camera that can capture the image within less than one second. This is because, if its take longer than that, the game might be out of sight. Cameras with a quick trigger speed are a bit costly when compared to those with a lower trigger speed. The quickest trigger speed that can be found in the market is 0.14 seconds. It’s good to spend and get the best out of your game camera than be sorry.

Detection range

Detection circuit – the detection circuit of the camera means the distance within which the camera’s sensors can determine the movement and trigger the camera for taking the image of the animal. It consists of the detection range, trigger time and recovery time. When it comes to hunting, long range cameras should be used. Currently, there are trail cameras with a detection distance of around 100 feet available in the market. Most of the cameras come with a range of between 50 to 70 feet. Counter check the specifications of the trail camera to ensure that they’ve the range that is being advertised. This is because some brands say to have a certain range which they don’t. A camera with a detection range of more than 80 feet is ideal.

Best game camera for security or Trail camera security systems

Security – the initial cost of trail cameras is a bit high. Therefore, these cameras should be handled with great care when in use. Since most of them are left out in the woods, field or just outside, they should be secured properly to avoid spoiled or being stolen. There are security boxes in the market meant to protect these cameras. They are mostly made of steel and are hard to break. A good security box should have a lock system and be foolproof. In addition, most of the security boxes come in a camouflage design which is hard to notice. To give a difficult time to thieves, hence they should be placed in higher places where they cannot be easily detected. Trail cameras can be used for home security.

Trail camera types

Types – selecting the best trail camera is no joke. That’s why we have narrowed down for you the different types of camera to consider. We’ve have cellular cameras, infrared cameras, security cameras, flash cameras, and wireless cameras. These are explained as follows:

  • Cellular camera – they capture images and send them to your phone and computer through the internet.
  • Infrared camera – they are high resolution cameras which are suitable for use at night to capture images with clarity.
  • Security camera – if you require a trail camera to survey the game that criss-crosses your compound at night or while you’re away hunting, a surveillance camera is the best.
  • Flash camera – for better night shots, the flash camera is the best to use. The flash feature functions either during the day or at night as long as there is darkness.
  • Wireless camera – these types of cameras have built-in transmitters which sends photos using a wireless network.

Best budget trail cameras

Price – every person has his or her own budget set aside for acquiring a trail camera. With your price in mind, view all the cameras available at that price before deciding. Though, it’s advisable to spend some more cash to get the high quality trail camera that will serve you reliably and effectively for a long time. Don’t settle for less but go for the best. A cheaper camera has lesser features when compared to costly ones. As an option you can check popular Moultrie camera list here.

Do you want the trail camera for hunting?

Lastly, know what you intend to do with the trail camera. Is it for hunting game in the field or just for surveillance in your compound? Do you have intentions of hunting at night or only during the day? Is the area you want to cover large or just a small fraction?

Think about the most significant role that you want the trail camera to perform for you before acquiring one. By doing so, you will attain the quality camera for your needs.

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Our Recommend Top 5 Best Trail Camera reviews

When picking out your trail camera, you can begin by figuring out whether it has the ideal features for your hunting needs. Make a wise decision as a good camera will ensure that you capture quality images and record quality videos. For a better game hunting experience, take a look at the top trail cameras that we selected for you after a thorough research.

1. Best no glow trail camera – Stealth cam g42 reviews

The stealth Can N0-Glo trail cam G42 has a triad 3 in 1 technology that photographs still images with high definition videos and time lapse shots. It has a quick set up which makes it easy for use by experts or beginners. The 4 resolution changes from 2mp to 10 mp allow you to select the quality that you prefer for your image. The fast reflexer trigger system enables the cam to snap a picture within half a second. In addition, this camera can record a video with audio between 5 to 180 seconds. If you want to use it at night for your game hunting activities, the matrix advanced blur reduction technology ensures that you get clear images. Other amazing features of this camera are; secure locking system, uses 8 AA batteries, durable weather proof housing, and can accommodate an external SD card of up to 32GB.Best no glow trail cameras review Check Price on Amazon


  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Secure lock protection.
  • Very fast trigger speed of less than 1.5 seconds.


  • Uses a lot of power.

2. Browning strike force trail camera reviews – long battery life game camera

Browning camera is regarded as one of the best trail camera producer in the market. On our list, we consider it with the same regard. It has the capability to detect a moving image or game within a flash range of 100 feet. The quality of its pictures is one of the best with a high 10mp. If you want a camera that will capture quick shots, this is the camera to buy. It has a trigger speed of 0.67 seconds. Furthermore, it has the ability to record videos with sound up to duration of 5 seconds to 2 minutes. As well, it has an outstanding battery life as it uses 6 AA batteries. Despite being one of the smallest game cameras in the industry, it performs very well.Browning strike force reviews Check Price on Amazon


  • Simple to set up.
  • Favorable price.


  • Hard to remove SD card from camera.

3. Outdoor game camera reviews – plotwatcher pro reviews

Are you looking for a trail camera for hunting? The Day 6 Plotwatcher pro HD is the best for you. This camera has the capability of capturing up to 1 million images, which is very fascinating. It has a high video resolution and takes images every 5 to 10 seconds the whole day. It is easy to set up for use with its one-single button design and has a camouflage design that cannot be easily detected by animals or human. The game finder software enables you check files forward or backwards or scroll frame by frame. With this camera, you can be assured to track the game patterns in your field.Outdoor game camera reviews Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • Can take picture every 5 seconds.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Can capture multiple images of up to 1 million.


  • It lacks night mode.

4. Stealth cam g30 review – Best stealth camera

Stealth cam G3O is one of the best trail camera in the market. When you purchase this cam, be guaranteed to capture games within a range of 80 feet. This awesome trail camera comes with 3 different megapixels which are; 2mp/4mp and 8mp. These allow you to capture high to low quality images. It has a quick flash shot that is triggered within 5 seconds. In addition to the amazing features that the Stealth Cam G30 has, it comprises of a secure locking system and can enable up to 32GB SD card slot. Lastly, the camera is able to record a HD video between 5 to 180 seconds with audio.Stealth cam g30 review the best Game camera

Check Price on Amazon


  • Has an amazing trigger speed.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Produces high quality videos with sound.


  • It consumes a lot of power.

5. Best game camera reviews – Crenova Hunting Camera

It might be the cheapest on our list but comes with various great features that lift it among the best. If you’re a hunter with a low budget, this is the most suitable trail camera for you. It can detect images for a maximum of 120 degrees. With this cam, you can be assured of a high quality photo as it has up to 12mp color resolution. After placing it in the woods or in your field to monitor game pattern, you don’t have to worry about the power as it uses long life 8 AA batteries. Other features include; password protection system, USB output and supports up to 32GB SD card slot.Best game cameras reviews for the money Check Price on Amazon


  • High quality images with 12MP.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Captures outstanding photos.


  • Uses a lot of power.


With the information about the best trail camera or best game camera in the market, definitely you can make a better decision by selecting one that meets all your demands. Choose wisely in accordance with the intended use of the trail camera and the features that it has to help you facilitate your major purpose.

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