Our Recommend Best Wheelbarrow list, Reviews & Buying guide 2019(May)

When it comes to construction or garden works, one of the most important tools to have is a wheelbarrow. A wheel-barrow plays a major role in carrying different loads to and from one place to another. It makes work easier and it doesn’t require any skills to use it. As simple as the wheelbarrow appears to be, it has several features that a person is supposed to learn about before acquiring one. These include; wheels, handles, grip, tray, frame and design. Not all wheel barrows perform the same task and that’s why it’s important to discover one that is suitable for you. So, what is the best wheelbarrow for the money?

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Though being a challenge to quickly land on the best, but small study can make the difference between you buying a highly efficient model to an average one. The information that we’ve compiled on this page is very essential and will help you know more about wheel barrows. In turn, you will be in a position to select the best wheelbarrow. Read on to be educated on this important garden tool.

Different types of wheelbarrows

There are various kinds of wheelbarrows to choose from. We’ve categorized them in three where you can choose from. Wheelbarrows differ in many things and choosing the ideal one for the job is extremely crucial. These are the different types:

Hybrid wheelbarrows

The old fashioned wheelbarrows have been in use for a very long period of time. Usually, these had shallow load tubs and a single wheel. Currently, there are wheelbarrows with this kind of design, though a lot has been modified. The current hybrid wheelbarrows have 2 to 4 wheels and possess several features of a classic wheelbarrow. This gives wheel barrow users a wide variety to choose from as they are not limited to one wheeled wheelbarrow.

Electric wheelbarrows

These are a bit expensive than the traditional wheelbarrow type. Furthermore, electric wheelbarrows are linked with high maintenance costs that should be included in the budget when purchasing. The electric wheelbarrows are not very famous because they have so many alterations to the traditional model that people don’t like. But there are some who prefer this type of wheel barrow. This wheelbarrow functions more like a miniature ump truck than a traditional wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows for use on hills

If you know that a good number of your tasks will involve tasks that need climbing a hill, then you should pick a wheel barrow that is created to handle the hill easily. Consider picking a wheelbarrow with a lightweight frame, lubricated ball bearings and well positioned and comfortable handles so that you don’t tire yourself.

Factors to consider when choosing a wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows come in different models and designs and most of them handle varying jobs. So, before you pick any type of wheelbarrow, consider taking a look at some of these factors:

  • Materials – the material that the wheelbarrow is made of is really vital. Most of the wheelbarrows on the market are built using galvanized steel. This is mainly the frame and barrow. This steel is very strong and will last. It is also rust resistant and expect it to stay longer as it’s usually treated. Another option to go for is a wheelbarrow made of powdered steel. This is also rust resistant and durable. Try to avoid wheelbarrows made from bare steel as this will rust quickly due to lack of a protective coating. The stronger and rust resistant the material is the better. There are also some stainless steel wheelbarrows but their price is higher than steel barrows.
  • Weight – while buying a wheelbarrow, consider its weight too. A very heavy wheelbarrow will give you hard times when it comes to lifting something from the garage or pushing some loads up hill. Also, avoid very light wheelbarrows as they may be a sign of low quality construction. Always go for a wheel barrow that is not too heavy but still durable and of great quality. It should be able to perform almost all kinds of tasks without much trouble or force.
  • Handles – don’t forget to look at the handles or grip of the wheelbarrow. For your work to be easier, ensure the handles are well positioned as different wheelbarrows have different kinds of handles. The handle should have nice grip which ensures that you push the loads easily and stably. Look for wheelbarrows with rubber or well made plastic handles. Also, ensure the handles are comfortable so that you don’t get exhausted while working.
  • Type of wheels – usually, there are three kinds of wheels for wheelbarrows; pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and non-pneumatic. To begin with, pneumatic wheels need some kind of maintenance as they have to be pumped from time to time for better functionality. These are suitable to use on hills, rocky and on uneven surfaces. Also, it is very effective in absorbing shock unlike the other types. The pneumatic type also needs minimal maintenance and provides less shock absorption. Finally, the non-pneumatic type provides minimal absorption and works best on flat surfaces. It doesn’t need any maintenance like the other types.
  • Number of wheels – wheel barrows can have one, two, three or four tire wheels. The number of wheel determines how the wheel barrow should be applied. Those that have one wheel are easy to move around but can’t be applied to carry heavier loads. Those with two wheel barrows are ideal for carrying heavier loads as they are evenly distributed. Choose a wheel type that suits well your job at hand. But if you carry light loads most of the time, you can opt for one wheeled wheelbarrows.
  • Balance – another excellent feature to look at is the balance of the wheel barrow. For you to move easily and quick, you need a well balanced wheel barrow. A two wheeled wheelbarrow is well balanced unlike the single wheeled wheelbarrow. So, when buying a single wheeled wheelbarrow, ensure it balances well so that you can move it with much ease during sue. For heavier loads, you can stick with the two wheeled wheelbarrow as it will make your work easier.
  • Capacity – don’t forget to check the capacity of the wheelbarrow. Ensure that the load tray is large enough for your goods. Not all wheelbarrows have the same size of load tray. If you want to carry a lot of things at ago, a larger tray is ideal for you. But if it’s for carrying light and small loads, a medium sized load tray is good.
  • Maintenance – look for a wheelbarrow that you will not have to struggle maintaining from time to time. A wheelbarrow with a pneumatic or semi-pneumatic tire will have to be pumped when it flattens or for better functioning. You can avoid this by going for the non-pneumatic tires which require no any form of maintenance. But this will heavily rely on where you are working from. Also, choose on of the best wheel barrow with strong bearings so that you don’t need to replace them often.
  • Rust resistance – when it comes to durability of the wheelbarrow, consider acquiring a wheelbarrow that is rust resistant. Chose one with a powdered coating or galvanized steel. When you buy a wheel barrow with bare steel, you can be assured it will rust quickly and you will experience problems early. So, go for galvanized steel wheelbarrows as they are not only rust resistant but as well durable.
  • Purpose – select a wheelbarrow according to the job you want it to play. Is it for garden use, construction or carrying loads from your vehicle to garage? Whatever it is, ensure you get the right wheelbarrow for the job. For construction works, choose a two wheeled wheelbarrow and a heavy duty one. But for garden jobs or preparing your lawn, you can use a medium duty and one wheeled wheelbarrow. This is much lighter and won’t weigh you down as you perform several tasks.
  • Brand – there are various brands of wheelbarrows to choose from. Some are very famous and can be seen almost in every homestead. Pick a wheelbarrow brand that has positive reviews and one that is highly recommended by previous users. Avoid the buying from brands that have received bad reviews with little information about the company. Some of the notable brands include; WORX, Marathon, Jackson, Gorilla carts, Lifetime and True Temper to just name a few.
  • Price – before you start comparing prices, come up with your own budget so that you don’t get buried in the various offers on the market. Some brands are cheaper but not the best of qualities, while other brands are costly and may not be useful to you. Take your time and choose a wheelbarrow that meets your needs and price.
  • Warranty – with a number of manufacturers offering different models and types of wheelbarrows, it is a good decision to pick from a maker that is offering a warranty.

    Here, you will be assured of the quality of the wheelbarrow.

The best top 5 wheelbarrow reviews of 2019

Now that you’ve been educated on the different features to look at when picking a quality wheelbarrow, it’s time to vie some of the best wheelbarrows. After days of research, we managed to identify the best five wheelbarrows on the market. We compared several features, functionality, maintenance and cost, among other factors. These are as follows:

Worx wheelbarrow reviews – Aerocart Multi-function 2 wheel yard cart (Our Top Pick)

The Worx is a top brand with several quality wheelbarrows. This model is one of the best small wheel barrow with excellent features. It is made with steel metal throughout which means it will last long. The two patented wheel that the wheel barrow comes with help carry heavy loads. It has flat tires which don’t need maintenance and suitable for use on a flat surface. These and other useful features makes this model to be outstanding and a good choice.

Key features:

  • All steel construction.
  • Turbo easy lift design.
  • Fold out extension arm to carry straw bales, mulch bags etc.
  • Patented two wheel design.
  • Approximately 3 cubic volume capacity.
  • Flat free tires.


  • It doesn’t need any maintenance as its made of flat free tires
  • It is durably made with an all steel construction
  • Has two tires suitable for carrying heavy loads
  • It is a versatile wheelbarrow as it can be changed to a yard cart, dolly, and bag holder

Marathon Dual wheel Wheelbarrows Residential yard cart

The simply designed Marathon dual wheeled small wheelbarrow and yard cart can carry huge loads. It is also lightweight and won’t weight down when you carry heavy loads. The two air-filled tires that the wheelbarrow has are for great balance and use in rocky areas. It is comfortable to use as its handles are cushioned. Acquire this Marathon double wheel wheelbarrow for all your heavy and light workloads on the garden or lawn. If you are looking for small garden wheelbarrow then Marathon rover will be on the top!

Key features:

  • Rust proof 5 cubic foot poly tray and 300 pound load capacity
  • Two air filled wheels
  • 29 pounds
  • Cushion grip loop handle


  • It is lightweight wheel barrows.
  • Has a large wheel barrow load tray.
  • Has two air filled wheels for excellent balance.
  • Simple design for easy use.

Best Choice products 650LB Garden wheelbarrow reviews

If you are looking for the best wheelbarrow ever to carry loads on different terrains, this is it. This wheel barrow has four wheels that easily move on different surfaces. Also, it comes with a handle for easy pulling. When it comes to durability, the wheelbarrow is made of heavy duty poly carbonate and steel frames which are very long lasting. Thus, this could be used as the best commercial wheelbarrow.

Key features:

  • Loads of up to 650 pounds
  • Constructed with 10 inch tires
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate and steel frames.
  • Four wheels
  • handle


  • The model is durable and one of the best heavy duty wheelbarrow.
  • It is easy to use with a pull handle
  • has four wheels to easily carry heavy loads on different terrains
  • the load tray is large enough to carry several loads

Jackson wheelbarrow reviews – M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor

Jackson is another famous brand when it comes to wheelbarrows. The Jackson M6T22 is durable as it’s made with heavy duty steel in most of its parts. Also, it has a large capacity load tray for carrying many loads. In addition, it is lightweight and balances well with its 16 inch tubed tire. Acquire this Jackson M6T22 for simple and heavy duty works in your garden or at a construction site. This is one of the best wheelbarrow for concrete.

Key features:

  • 16 inch tubed tire.
  • The best contractor wheelbarrow.
  • 6 cubic foot capacity heavy duty steel tray.
  • H brace, steel cross strips and leg shoes.
  • Heavy gauge seamless steel tray.


  • It is durably made with steel.
  • Has a 16 inch tubed tire for greater balance when in use.
  • Has a large capacity steel tray to hold many loads.
  • It is lightweight child size wheelbarrow.

True Temper wheelbarrow reviews of KPWB10 model

For individuals looking for a simple yet versatile wheelbarrow, then the True Temper KPWB10 is a great selection. This wheelbarrow is made of steel metal on most of its parts which makes it durable. It has a large capacity tray that is as well corrosion resistant. The solid rubber tire not only gives a great balance to the wheelbarrow but as well doesn’t need to be maintained. The sealed hardwood handles are for easy use of the wheelbarrow and as well last long. At just 8 pounds, this True Temper is lightweight and nice to work with in the garden.

Key features:

  • kid size wheelbarrow.
  • Corrosion proof poly tray wheel barrow.
  • Steel axle and ball bearings
  • Solid rubber tire wheelbarrow.
  • Sealed hardwood handles
  • Large capacity load tray


  • Simple design for versatile use
  • Large capacity tray for loading a lot of contents
  • Made of solid tire that doesn’t need maintenance
  • Quality corrosion proof tray for longevity
  • Made of steel for durability

Bottom Line

To get your garden job done, or carry a load from your car, you need the top rated wheelbarrows to make work easier. But with the various brands and models on the market, this can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look at. In this review, we’ve highlight all the key points that a person needs to find the best wheelbarrow for their respective task. Some of the factors to consider when picking a wheelbarrow are the type of wheel, terrain, maintenance, tray size, design and number of wheels. When all these factors are combined well, it’s easier to find a wheelbarrow that will serve your purpose excellently. Hopefully, you’ve found this review to be helpful.

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