Select the strongest & Best Wood Glue! Reviews + Buying Guide 2019

Wood glue is very important when it comes to woodworking projects. It can be applied in DIY duties, small household applications and on large-scale woodworking applications. Wood glues come in different colors such as white and yellow. Unlike screws and nails, the best wood glue gives you the ideal adhesion that you need. So, whether you are a pro or a beginner in woodworking, you have to pick the best glue despite of the various brands and types available. For this reason, we decided to make things easier for you by researching and compiling data about glue.

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There are various wood glue types created for use in specific areas which you should identify to fully benefit from this product. A glue that functions well indoor may not be ideal outside. Also, wood glues are made with different properties that make them to have different levels of stickiness.

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How to find the best wood glue?

Begin by knowing where you want to apply the wood glue in whether it’s in your workshop, home or for outdoor. Proceed by finding out what properties the glue has that makes it to be outstanding from the other types. Most of the woodworking activities need a strong glue that can bond two different surfaces excellently and firmly. It can be PVA glue, epoxy glue or CA, whatever the type, know which one will enable you join two wood surfaces well and firmly.

This also greatly relies on the type of material you’re gluing up and the more knowledge you have about glue the higher chance of picking the most suitable one. Whatever your woodworking task that needs gluing, read this review further and you will be well informed on how to choose high quality wood glue.

Different Types of wood glues

As you search for your next glue for use on woods, ceramics, leather, metal, rubber and some plastics, you should know which types is ideal for use where. There are various types of wood glues worth knowing about which are as follows:

  1. PVA glue

  2. This is the most common type of all glue forms. The bottles that are labeled wood glue have a higher chance of being PVA glue with the inclusion of the white and yellow glue. Currently, there is a unique formulation like the Titebond-3 which is also waterproof.

    1. Epoxy glue

    2. Another famous type of glue is the epoxy glue. This is a two-part bonding system made up of resin and hardener. These two components come in liquid form but become hard when combined together. This form of glue is very suitable for filling in spaces in hardwoods and softwoods. In addition, it has a waterproof formulation but takes longer to cure.

      1. Hide glue

      2. This kind of glue has been in existence for many years. It is acquired from animal hides, while hot hide glues are normally produced through heating granules in a water pot where it liquefies, cools down, and turns into a solid content. The hot glues are normally used with a brush by dipping it in the pot and one the surface.

        1. Polyurethane glue

        2. This form of glue is sparked off by moisture, swelling as it activates and dries. In addition, it is waterproof, dries quickly and hard. The only downside of this glue is that the bond line it builds can mess with the finishes.

          1. Cyanoacrylate glue

          2. This is normally used to bond hard surfaces together. It is as well highly suitable for use on wood materials. The bond this glue creates tends to be extremely hard that it can be broken under great force.

            What to consider when looking for a wood glue?

            Picking the most suitable wood glue to carry out your tasks is no easy thing. You will need to know which glue is best suited to handle the job at hand as not all f them will work as needed. Also, they vary in properties and price too. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a glue.

            High strength wood glues?

            Strength of the wood glue – this is one of the most vital features to consider when searching for the best wood glue. Glues vary in psi which determines their strength. A glue with a higher psi means that it is stronger.

            A good number of wood glues have a range of around 2000 to 4000 psi. The glue with the highest psi is the epoxy which has around 4000psi. Glues used outdoors is stronger than that used indoors. They are waterproof, heat resistant and can defy UV rays.

            Non shrinking wood glue?

            Shrinkage – know the level of shrinkage of the glue. For instance, evaporative glues shrink the most. But if you are well versed in the art of excellent glue applying, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. In case you want to fill a gap that needs a strong bond, use a low shrinkage glue or non-shrink glue. Such kind of glue is epoxy and polyurethane.

            Tack – this is sometimes referred to as the stickiness of the glue. This should be highly regarded with high tack glues being best for use on joints that don’t clamp. Ensure you get the right tack for your job.

            Adhesive wood glue or hide wood glue?

            Moisture resistance – there are various types of glues created to suit specific areas. A glue that performs well indoor may not be suitable outdoor. For this reason, many outdoor woodworkers pick marine adhesives instead of other forms of glue. Yellow, white or hide glues are normally used for indoors.

            Safe wood glue?

            Safety – when you purchase a glue, ensure that you look at its safety. Some glues are not suitable to use at home as they might be toxic. When using glue on your furniture or indoor, use non-toxic and odorless glues to avoid harming your pets or family members.

            Best wood glue for furniture?

            Drying period – different glues take different period of time to cure. When applying glue to wood or furniture indoor or outdoor, you should know how long it will take to cure. Some take very long hours to cure and should be applied at the appropriate time. Depending on several factors, it might take a longer or shorter time for the glue to cure. Some have to be clamped to stick.

            Indoor outdoor wood glue?

            Indoor or outdoor – another important feature to consider when buying a wood glue is whether it’s suitable for use indoor or outdoor. Outdoor glues are a bit stronger than indoor glues. That’s why most outdoor glues have a higher psi than indoor glues.Ease of use – when buying a glue, consider whether applying it is easy or takes long. Pick a type of glue that is very easy and quick to apply. Some need clamping after being applied.


            Gluing accessories – gluing is a process that needs to be done with a lot of care and keenness. After getting the type of wood glue you desire, you need to have gluing accessories to help make this process easy and fast. Some of the tools used in gluing include; a brush, bottle with roller, comb and metal spatula. All these aid in making the whole gluing procedure a success.

            Best pva wood glues?

            Aesthetics – after gluing, you might need to prevent the lines of the glue from being seen so that they don’t ruin your furniture or wood. If you want to totally avoid such situations, you can use PVA glue as its stain-able wood glue.


            Brand – if you want the best wood glue, choose from the best brands with proven performance. Some brands pose as offering quality glues but they don’t. Ensure that you pick from the best brands so that you get the best.  Some of the famous and sought after brands include; Franklin, loctite, Gorilla and J-B, to just name but a few. Choose from one of these if you want quality results in your woodworking practices.

            Cheap wood glues?

            Price – different types of glues vary in prices. Depending on the quality you want, you can find moderately priced glues to highly priced ones.

            Always go for the best so that you can get the most suitable results.

            Our Recommend Top 5 best wood glue reviews

            Wood glues play a major role in woodworking and that’s why a pro or novice in woodworking needs a quality wood glue to carry out gluing tasks well. There are various types and brands of glue which makes it somehow hard to pick the best. With the above information, choosing a glue of your choice is easier than you think. After a thorough research on glue, we managed to come up with a list of the top wood glues discussed further below. These have all the qualities that you may need in the wood glues.

            Best glue for wood – Titebond wood glue review (Our Top Pick)

            Franklin International is a notable brand when it comes to glue making. The FranklinBest glue for woodInternational 1414 titebond – 3 ultimate glue comes in a 16 ounce bottle and has great properties that make it to be highly reliable glue for various woodworking activities. It is non-toxic and solvent free. This quality glue can be used both indoors and outdoors thus you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s joining furniture or fixing you window, use this glue for excellent results.  Also, it’s FDA certified and very suitable for home use. For a firm and stable wood fixing, acquire this glue and see how excellent it works. Titebond is one of the best wood glue for woodworking.

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            Main features:

            • Waterproof superior strength.
            • Can be used indoor or outdoor.
            • 16 ounce bottle.
            • Non-toxic.
            • Solvent free.
            • FDA certified.


            • Created for use in both exterior or interior surrounding.
            • Titebond provides superior bind strength and can be applied on different surfaces apart from wood.
            • It can withstand water, mildew, and other low temperatures.
            • It has a waterproof formula that cleans up with water and is not impacted by finishes.

            Best super glue for wood – Loctite super glue review

            The 20 gram bottle of Loctite liquid professional glue is highly effective in its use as it in heavyBest super glue for woodduty repairs and tasks. It is made of a very strong formula that can repair things like toys, jewelry, figurines, cameras, wiper blades and O-rings. In addition, it has a pinpoint nozzle that stays clog-free for continuous functioning.  The self piercing screw on cap makes using this glue to be easy and fast. If you’ve been using other types of glues without getting good results, this glue will ensure that your woods stick firmly and strongly.

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            Main features:

            • 20 gram bottle.
            • Super strong formula.
            • Self-piercing screw-on cap.
            • Pinpoint nozzle.


            • The glue can bond with various uses such as on metal, ceramic, wood, and fabric, etc.
            • It’s a high quality and very reliable wood glue.
            • It is very efficient and dependable as it can withstand moisture, most of the chemicals and very low temperatures.
            • It offers great strength by firmly joining two wood surfaces.

            Best wood adhesive – JB weld reviews

            J-B WELD 8251 epoxy adhesive is one of the strongest wood glues on the market. This 1.52Best wood adhesiveoz glue offers a strength like no other. It is considered as the strongest epoxy with psi strength of 1800. In just 6 minutes, get to set this glue and it cures to a light tan color just within 1 to 3 hours. Finally, this quality and sticky glue can be applied both indoors and outdoors.  If you want to join two pieces of wood, furniture, a window or door, acquire this glue for the finest bond. JB is one of the best epoxy for wood.

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            Main features:

            • Wood epoxy.
            • Sets in 6 minutes.
            • Strength of 1800 psi.
            • Woodweld cures to a light tan color.


            • It offers great strength.
            • Can be applied on various surfaces such as doors, windows, decks and furniture.
            • Can be applied in both indoor and outdoor.
            • Creates a bond that is more stronger than wood.

            Best waterproof glue for wood – Gorilla wood glue reviews

            Gorilla wood glue is popular among woodworkers, and carpenters due to its efficiency inBest waterproof glue for woodperformance. The water based adhesive has a gorilla powder that offers great bonding on two different wood surfaces adjoined together. It I suitable for repairing your windows, doors, decks and even furniture. This outstanding glue can be used both indoor and outdoor.  It dries well and quickly making it ideal for versatile application. After applying the glue within 20 to 30 minutes, it can be clamped. This PVA glue completes the project faster and effectively.

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            Main features:

            • Water based adhesive with gorilla holding powder.
            • Versatile use.
            • Applied indoors and outdoors.
            • 20 to 30 minutes to clamp.
            • PVA glue.
            • Dries natural color.
            • 18 0z.


            • It is very easy to use.
            • Can be used for various surfaces.
            • It is suitable both indoor and outdoor.

            Best glue for wood to wood – Franklin Strongest wood glue reviews

            The Franklin International 5066F is a quality wood glue that is easy to set and can beBest glue for wood to woodclamped within a very short period of time. It is non-toxic and ASTM D4236, VOC compliant. The highly durable glue is easy to use and offers a bond that is stronger than wood. Made in China, this product ahs outstanding sandability and is not affected by finishes.  If you are a woodworker, carpenter or hobbyist in need of a quality glue to perform various gluing tasks in your workshop or home, get this glue for excellent and strong bonds.

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            Main features:

            • Titebond original wood glue.
            • Non-toxic.
            • ASTM D4236, VOC compliant.
            • Solvent free.
            • Water clean up.


            • This glue is very easy to use.
            • It is highly durable.
            • Franklin International glue can be set fast and has a short clamp time.
            • It bonds stronger and better than wood.


            If you are in search for the most efficient wood glues on the market, our top five best wood glue have everything that you may desire quality in a glue. They can bond excellently with any wood to wood surface and offer the great stickiness. When looking for the best glues, ensure you buy from a well-known brand and one with proven performance. There are various types with varying properties.  From PVA to epoxy glues, every glue has its own pro’s and con’s.

            All you have to do is to identify which one serves your woodworking job well.  At this juncture, we hope you’ve been fully informed on wood glue and can easily make an informed decision in selecting the best.

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