Best Wood router for Woodworking: Reviews & buying guide 2019

One of the most important tools to have for wood working is a router. A wood router is a very essential tool that every carpenter or woodworker hobbyist should have. This tool plays a major role in shaping and cutting of wood to your desired shape. That’s why choosing the best quality should be highly considered.

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Whether you’re a pro in woodworking or just a beginner, you’ve to choose a very efficient and excellent wood router for better results. With a wide range of types and brands to choose from, always go for the best. We purposefully created this review to aid individuals like you easily identify the best wood router from the many available.

What is the best wood router?

If you know what features you need and the use of your wood router, the process becomes easier than you can think of. Just read our guide further and you will get to be educated more about the different types, sizes and bases of wood routers being provided. In addition, there are some crucial features that should be highly regarded when looking for this amazing tool. Don’t rush into buying a wood router simply because it’s advertised as being great because you may end up buying a tool that doesn’t match your needs. Take your time and know what to look at by reading our detailed guide and review below.

Different wood router types

As you set out to pick the top wood router for your various needs, you should be aware of the different types available so that you choose a size that is meets your needs. It shouldn’t be too small or large for your woodworking activities. These are as follows:

  • Trim routers

  • These are the smallest routers when it comes to woodworking. In most cases, they have a light horsepower and normally lack a plunge base at the bottom. Trim routers are suitable for edge work and are a great tool for a beginner in this field of woodworking.

    1. Medium sized routers

    2. Secondly, we’ve the mid or medium sized wood routers. Usually, these are applied for use to a medium range of things and they are very ideal for applying around the house or for workshop use. Some of the best usage of these routers is table mounting and other larger works that a small wood router cannot handle.

      1. Full sized routers

      2. Third and last on our list is the full sized router. These are very large in size and most of them cannot be applied freely by hand and need a table to be mounted on. They are a bit heavy and the best for use by experts in woodworking.

        Different Types of bases

        Fixed bases

        This is one of the best bases to work with if you want accuracy. They are normally used when shaping the edges of your work piece. With a fixed work base, you will have the perfect settings which provide accurate cuts all the time. In addition, they are very compact making them to be suitable for all types of routing works.

        Interchangeable bases

        This is suitable for woodworkers who require multiple bases and different handles styles. Also, they are easy to move and work best for people who are have no perfect clue of the projects they will undertake.

        Plunge bases

        Another base to use in woodworking is the plunge base. These are mostly used for interior woodworking and are great for depth cutting. They are a bit tricky to use when compared to the two types we’ve talked about above. Some of the usual jobs that this base carries out include; deep groves, mortises and stopped dadoes.

        Factors to look at when searching for a top quality wood router

        If you’re new in this field of woodworking there are various points to note before embarking on your quest to discover the best router on the market to get the job done exceptionally. These are as follows:

        Most durable wood router?

        Durability – of course this should be one of the main reasons why you’re buy a particular brand or type of router. Always consider one of the durably made devices as it involves strenuous works. Choose a router made with one of the best metals such as military grade aluminum or stainless steel. This ensures the longevity of the wood router as well as its efficiency to perform the job well.

        Powerful wood router?

        Horsepower – another important feature to look at is the horsepower that the wood router comes with. Pick a device with a higher horsepower as this will mean more power during operation. A horsepower of at least 2 or more power is ideal for heavy jobs. Also, a higher horsepower means the router will be a bit heavier and will have more torque.

        Good wood router speed?

        Variable speed – if you’re a woodworker who deals with different types of wood, you need variable speed to help you operate easily. Also, newbies in this area should use a router that has variable speed. But if you’re experienced, you can use one speed and still get accurate results.


        Router bits – there are various kinds of router bits that assist in getting various designs. Also, router bits are available in varying materials which you should know about. Some of the router bits are; straight, dado, dovetail, rabbeting, beading, cove, chamfer and round over among many others. Normally, router bits are found in three different materials which are: carbide tipped, high speed steel and solid carbide.

        Ergonomic handles – look for routers with the best handles. Some have two handles which make them very easy to use and handle. In addition, some come with nice grips which you can hold firmly as you carry out various wood works. Thus, ensure the router that you select is very comfortable so that it can sustain you through many jobs.

        Best wood router for beginner?

        Soft start – this is a very crucial feature more so to the newbies as it gives the user time to prepare to begin working. The soft start begins by running at a lower speed when you turn on the router and then accelerates slowly up to full speed.

        Wood router with led light?

        LED backlight – this is not a must have features but makes work easier for you. LED lights illuminate the pieces you are cutting and enable you to be more accurate as you clearly view the wood in the bit. Not all routers come with an LED light and you should check out this feature before you purchase.

        Wood router spindle lock?

        Spindle lock – this is a very convenient feature in that it enables you change the bits quickly and with much ease. Instead of picking a router that uses two wrenches to change the bits, a router with a spindle lock can make things simple for you.

        Dust control – when you use a router it can lead to build up of dust that may cause the area to be very dirty and bring about breathing problems. Most of the routers being made today come with a vacuum port that keeps your work area clean. Consider selecting one with such a feature.


        Brand – just like many other wonderful products, there are various manufacturers of wood routers in the market. Some have specialized in offering high quality products that have excellent features while others are just normal.

        Pick from the best and those that have been proven to offer excellent outcomes. Here are some of the best brands: Dewalt, Bosch, Black & Decker and Porter Cable.

        Best budget wood router?

        Price – price isn’t a very big factor when it comes to choosing the best wood router. Though, if you want the best you will have to dig deeper in your pockets. Go for the wood routers that have the features you’re looking for. As long as it serves your needs and it’s of a high quality, such a device should be ideal.

        Warranty – last but not least, looking at a warranty that the manufacturer offers is as well crucial. Most of the best routers come with a warranty of at least two years or more.

        This not only assures you that the product is of a high quality but also acts as a security in case the router comes with a defect.

        Our Recommend Top 5 best wood router reviews

        There are various wood routers being offered on the market which makes identifying the best a hard task. That’s why it’s important to isolate the best from the rest by checking features and its ease of operation. Our panel conducted a great research to come up with the top 5 wood router as follows:

        Best compact wood router – Dewalt router review (Our Top Pick)

        Dewalt is a well known brand all over the world. The Dewalt DWP611PK compact router is an outstanding router with some of the best features. It is compactly made and is very easy to use. This quality router has an adjustable ring that allows controlled bit depth to be changed. Furthermore, it has a variable speed control feature that allows speed to be changed with regard to applications. The dual LED lights that it comprises illuminate the sub base for clear and accurate operations. Best compact wood routers Check Price on Amazon

        Other excellent features that it has include; plunge stroke, 1.25 horsepower, multiple shaft lock and aluminum motor housing. If you want quality woodworking, get this tool for excellent results.

        Major features:

        • Variable speed control.
        • 12 position spindle lock.
        • Plunge stroke.
        • Multiple shaft lock.
        • 25 horsepower.
        • Dual LED’s.
        • Aluminum motor housing.
        • Extended sub base.


        • It is durably made for longevity.
        • Its compact in design for easy handling.
        • Has a variable speed control feature to adjust speed with regard to usage.
        • Comes with dual LED to provide great illumination during work.

        Top rated wood routers – Bosch router review

        This is one of the simple but highly effective routers on the market. It is sturdily made to last long with aluminum metal. In addition, it comprises of electronic variable speed that allows user control the speed of the router while working. It is easy to use and comes with two handles with a nice grip. Top rated wood routers Check Price on Amazon

        This quality tool functions with both plunge and fixed bases. Some of the extra features it comes with are the rugged carrying case and one year warranty on purchase.

        Major features:

        • Aluminum construction.
        • Electronic variable speed.
        • 2,1/4 horsepower router.
        • Has plunge and fixed bases.
        • Two handles.
        • One year warranty.


        • It is of a compact design to offer easy handling.
        • Has a soft grip handle for firm holding of the wood router.
        • Variable speed enables you to adjust with regard to kind of use.
        • It offers one year warranty to its user.

        Best router wood – Porter cable router review

        Porter-cable 690LR is an excellent router that delivers more than you can expect. It is great for both experts and beginners in woodworking due to its great features. This simple looking tool is durably made with precision machined aluminum motor housing that secures it from the harshness of a workshop. Best router wood Check Price on Amazon

        Also, it comes with two handles that make the entire process of woodworking to be easy and simple. With 11 amp motor and 27,500 revolutions per minute, set a speed that you are comfortable to work with when using this router.

        Major features:

        • Precision machined aluminum motor housing.
        • Cam-lock levers.
        • 11-amp motor.
        • 27, 500 revolutions per minute single speed motor.
        • Has tow handles.
        • Micrometer depth adjuster.


        • Has great two nice handles with a comfortable grip for easy handling of the tool.
        • It is compactly designed to easily carry as you work on your wood.
        • It is durably made with the precision machined aluminum motor housing.
        • Porter cable router can be controlled easily when working.

        Best cheap wood router – Black and Decker router review

        This is one of the most convenient and efficient wood routers on the market. As advanced as it appears, the Black and Decker RP250 performs well when it comes to cutting and shaping wood to your preferred design. It has a spindle lock that allows you change the bit easily. Best cheap wood router Check Price on Amazon

        In addition, the gradual start function allows you to start slowly as the router accelerates. This feature is more suitable for newbies. With a 2 year warranty, get this router as you’re assured of support from the manufacturer in case it comes with a defect. Black & Decker is one of the best wood router under 100.

        Major features:

        • Gradual start function.
        • Plunge router.
        • 10 amp motor.
        • Spindle lock.
        • 8,000 to 27, 000 RPM variable speed motor.
        • 2 year warranty.


        • The tool is very convenient to use with the spindle lock.
        • It has an easy to sue depth scale for better accuracy.
        • It allows you to change the speed of the router easily with the variable speed control.

        Best small wood router – Triton router review

        The Triton TRA001 router is one of the best wood routers as it comes with quality and unique features. It has a soft start function that enables the user to get prepared to start woodworking. Also, it comes with a variable speed that enables you adjust speed according to use. The two handles with a nice grip makes sure that working with this tool is easy and seamless. Best small wood routers Check Latest Price on Amazon

        These and other several features make this wood router to be outstanding from other brands. Acquire yours today and start woodworking in your home or for fun.

        Major features:

        • Soft start and variable speed.
        • Single button switches.
        • Micro winder.
        • Side air vents.
        • Two handles with a nice grip.


        • It is durably made with quality materials for longevity.
        • Comes with two handles that have a nice grip for easy handling.
        • Allows user to easily control speed.
        • Easy to use with the single button switches.


        If you are a pro, novice or just a part-time woodworker, getting the best wood router while in line of duty is crucial. Every wood router has its own main use and there is no such thing as the best. Simply identify the features that you need in order to facilitate your work. Pick a durably made wood router with positive reviews from past users. Also, ensure it is proven to perform well and can be relied on to deliver excellent work.

        With the above guide and review, we’ve offered you all the information that you require to easily choose a wood router that you feel will be a great fit for your work at the workshop or for simple home use. Hopefully, this review has helped you and affected how you will make your next decision on acquiring a wood router.

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