Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews 2019 – Cheap but Quality Branded bats

Baseball is a very interesting sport played all over the world. If you’ve ever played this game when you were a kid or in college, you know how interesting it can become when you hit the ball well. So, you need the best youth baseball bats for you kinds. One of the vital components of this game is having a quality bat that is not only comfortable in your hands but should also have the right weight, size and speed.Whether you’re a pro or novice, you definitely need a nice bat for you to perform better. Now that your kid has taken from where you left and maybe he plays in one of the youth leagues, it’s time to get him a high quality baseball bat for a great career.

The best way to support your kid to have a perfect hit and confidence as they play this amazing game is by searching for them the top youth baseball bats on the market.

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What to look for in the best youth baseball bats?

We have noticed how people get carried away easily by quickly perusing and buying a bat without conducting good research. You want nothing less than the best for your kid as they slowly advance from being amateurs in the sport to pros. Then, a poorly made bat will only derail this process than you can ever think of. Take your time and learn the features to look for in the best baseball bats, the right size, weight and know the type of bat ideal for your kid. Our review has all the information you might need to make a great choice. Just take a few minutes and go through our guide and top youth baseball bat reviews. Read carefully to understand what’s at stake and you will observe drastic changes as your kid excellently hits the ball with great confidence and speed.

Which baseball bat is right for me?

Material – When it comes to the material the baseball bat is made of, many people will have different arguments as to which is the best or suitable to use. All-in-all, a baseball bat should be made of high quality material that gives you an accurate swing and withstands different weather conditions. It shouldn’t break easily and be of a good design. The common materials used to create baseball bats include; wood, composite, aluminum and hybrid. Different people prefer different materials which will give varying performances. As well, different leagues recommend different bat materials and it’s good to know which one is allowed in your league so that you don’t regret later. These are expounded further as below;

  • Best composite baseball bats

    these are the latest technology in bats and perform very outstandingly. They are created using a mixture of resin, graphite and fibreglass. They are lightweight and offer the user with the best swing and speed. The few challenges these bats have is that they are expensive and can’t be applied in cold weather conditions.

  • Best wood baseball bats

    today, wood bats are hard to find by especially when it comes to youth leagues as they are considered heavy and not desirable. Also, woods have a tendency to break but can give you a good swing and can be customized easily.

  • Best aluminum baseball bats

    most of the youth baseball bats are made of aluminum as they are very light and enable kids to swing the bat hard with much ease as compared to wood. This material allows the kid to have control of the bat and its speed. They are as well very durable and costly at the same time.

  • Youth hybrid baseball bats

    this is a combination of aluminum and composite materials. They also perform well and are lightweight.

Size bat for youth baseball?

Size – One of the important features to consider when looking for the best baseball bat is its size. Common question “what size bat should I buy my son”? Answer will be it depends! The moment you pick a wrong size, you’re in trouble as the timing, accuracy and speed will all be hard to manage.  You need an ideal size that you can swing well and hit the ball as far as it can go. Also, the size of the bat will go hand-in-hand with the height of the batter. If you’re taller, you need a longer bat. Furthermore, consider a longer bat as they are more powerful than shorter ones.

Lightest baseball bat?

Weight – If you choose the right size but fail on weight, then you will still not be able to hit the ball well. You need a baseball bat with your desirable weight and size so that you can swing the bat well and hit the ball with precise speed. So, if you want a lightweight bat, you will need less power to hit the ball and similarly if you have a weighty but, you will have to apply more power on it.

Best baseball bat for 6 to 13 year old or more?

Age – Before you acquire a baseball bat for your kid, know which age group they belong to so that you can get the ideal bat for them. Different bat lengths are created for certain age groups. Like, you will get option for the best baseball bat for 6 year old or similarly 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 year old or so. Also, age goes together with the height of your child. If your child is taller than most of his mates, you should consider making consultation and finding the right bat for them.

Best big barrel baseball bats or small barrel?

Type of barrel – The type of barrel you use will bring you different results. There are small and bigger barrels to choose from. A bigger barrel is heavier and very easy to connect the ball as you pop it into the far end of the field. On the other side, a smaller barrel does not need a lot of weight and needs more accuracy. It is the best for learning how to be precise and it’s easy to swing for at high speed.

Best grip tape for baseball bats?

Grip – For you to hit the ball accurately and into the deep field, you need to have a bat with the best grip so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands or make you lose momentum. A grip made of rubber material can perform excellently for you. You can as well consider a leather grip. A nice grip with the tape support of the knob is all you need for an accurate hit.

High quality baseball bats

Performance of the bat – Overall, the bat should be fit for you to use and hit as you want. It should be of the ideal size, right material, weight, a good grip and should have a small barrel for accuracy and speed. All these features put together will improve your performance and give you exact results.  Also, practicing with such a bat makes you have consistency and not rely on things like weight or size of the barrel to hit the ball perfectly.

Best baseball bat brands?

Brand – Some will argue that all brands are equal or this or that brand is the best. Why be told when you can test or search online and compare for yourself. Several customer reviews will inform you a lot and help you decide on a great brand.  Here are some brands that you should think about as you pick your next youth baseball bats; Easton, DeMarini, Combat and Louisville Slugger. Choose from one of these and you will get excellent outcome.

Best little league baseball bats or senior league bats?

Take consideration of the league and Regulations – Different leagues around the world recommend different bats for use. Therefore, as you venture into searching for the quality youth baseball bat, know which one is recommended in your league to make the right choice. Know which ones are allowed to avoid wasting your cash.

Budget baseball bats?

Price – The best thing with searching the baseball bats for your kid is that you won’t just get any bat due to its price or name, but you will identify one with the features you desire and within your budget. Sometimes, the most priced products aren’t the best but if you conduct a good research, you are likely to get the top baseball bats of your choice and features.

The different parts of a baseball bat

A bat comprises of different parts which may differ in make or material but serve the same role. Below is the anatomy of the baseball bat;

  • Barrel – this is the diameter based at the top area of the bat. The diameter mostly ranges around 2, 1/4 inch. A bat can either have a longer or shorter barrel. If it’s long, the hitting spot is larger and may have some errors. But if it’s short, the bat has more accuracy, speed, and its lightweight.
  • Knob – this is the broad and thick part located at the end of the bat. It is very crucial in that it’s the part that boosts the players grip by avoiding hands to slip away from the bat.
  • Grip – this is the area that covers the handle of the bat. The handle should have a nice grip to avoid slipping. The best materials to use include rubber, synthetic leather and leather.
  • Taper – in simple terms, the taper is the handle of the baseball bat. The taper maybe thicker or thinner depending on your preference. A thicker tapper adds weight to the bat and reduces the sting, while a thinner tapper is great for speed.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best youth baseball bats

Whether you’re skilled or not, you need wonderful youth baseball bat that will give you accurate results as you play the lovely game of baseball. With many brands and types of baseball bats in the market, selecting the best seems to be difficulty to many. Though, this shouldn’t be the case as we’ve already taken you through the features to consider and now we want to take a quick view of some of the best youth baseball bats we identified after talking to experts, visiting stores and checking out several reviews of previous users. These are as follows;

1. Best little league bats – Easton youth baseball bat reviews

Easton is one of the top brands in the market and is highly honored for its quality products. The Easton Mako composite youth baseball bat performs excellently as a result of the features it has. This high end bat comes with a thermo composite technology that gives you perfect sweet spots and great speed every time you swing the bat. Also, it is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified and of a standard size. The cushioned hyperskin grip is one of a kind as it enables you to have a full control of the bat as you swing it.  Get this bat for your kid to fully enjoy this sport and have accurate hits. If you are looking for the best rated youth baseball bats then Easton is the best one.

Easton bat reviews & Major features:

  • Thermo composite technology.
  • Composite handle.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified.
  • 2, ¼ inch barrel.
  • Cushioned hyperskin grip.


  • It lowers vibration two patented 2 piece connection technology.
  • Has a cushioned grip for excellent handling.
  • Is made of composite material thus its lightweight.
  • Has excellent sweet spots and speed due to the thermo composite technology.

2. Best baseball bats for youth – Demarini bats reviews

DerMini is one of those baseball bat brands that you can help but admire. They have specialized in making high quality and wonderful bats that have proven to stand out always. The DerMini Voodoo overload youth baseball bat is of a good design that is easier to handle and swing. In addition, it has a D-Fusion handle with a nice grip for better handling. The ION-V end cap is unique in that it creates a larger sweet spot.  With a barrel diameter of 2, ¼ inches, expect to accurately hit the ball into the far field with this bat. This is the best youth baseball bats for the money.

Demarini voodoo youth bats review & Major features:

  • D-Fusion FT handle.
  • ION-V End cap.
  • USSSA BPF 1.15 certified.
  • 2, ¼ barrel diameter.
  • 13 length.


  • Has a great handle for better control of the bat as you swing at full speed.
  • It is USSSA BPF 1.15 certified and good to use.
  • It has an excellent end cap that creates a larger sweet spot.

3. Best senior league bat – Combat youth baseball bats reviews

The combat youth 2016 maxum senior league baseball bat is stylishly designed to give you great results as you swing the bat. It has a barrel diameter of 2, 5/8 inches that offers a wide area to hit or pop the ball. The lizard skin grip provides you with an excellent handle and full control of the bat as you swing it at a great speed. Being USSSA 1.15 BPF certified, you can use it in several leagues.  Consider this bat if you want to have full control of your bat and for excellent results.

Combat bats reviews & Major features:

  • Lizard skins grip.
  • Composite design.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.
  • 2, 5/8 barrel diameter.
  • 10 length to weight ratio.


  • Has an excellent grip for easy control of the bat as you swing the bat.
  • It’s made of composite material which is durable and lightweight.
  • Good for you in many leagues as its USSSA 1.15 certified.

4. Best youth composite bats – Louisville youth baseball bat reviews

Louisville Slugger YBP9152 is one of the best baseball bats to have. It is built with a TRU – 3 piece design that makes it to be durable and not easy to break. The handle is tapered which makes it easy to control the bat. B00L3Y48OG The composite materials means it’s lightweight and has a 2, ¼ inch barrel for accuracy and excellent speed swing as you pop the ball. Louisville is the best cheap youth baseball bat.

Louisville slugger bats reviews & Major features:

  • Tapered handle.
  • Composite design.
  • TRU – 3 piece bat construction.
  • 2, ¼ inch barrel.


  • A great design for better performance.
  • A good grip to fully control the bat as you swing.
  • Its lightweight and easy to swing as you wish.
  • Durable with the 3 piece construction.

5. The best youth baseball bats – Wilson demarini youth bat reviews

The DeMarini CF8 youth baseball bat is durably made to last longer with the high strength carbon fiber. It has a D-fusion handle that lowers vibration and redirects energy to the barrel. The thermo fused taper betters the sweet spot while the low end cap brings about balance for a great swing.  Acquire this high quality product for an excellent baseball career.

Demarini cf8 baseball bat reviews & Major features:

  • High strength carbon fiber.
  • D-fusion handle.
  • Composite material.
  • Thermo fused taper.
  • Low pro end cap.


  • Its durable.
  • Its lightweight.
  • Has a nice grip for easy handling of the bat.


What is termed as the best may not be the best and what is priced highly may as well be not the best. Before you rush buying any bat as a result of marketing or promos, get to research and identify which one is the best. There are many youth baseball bats on the market that can get the job done but you’ve to look for the one that will enable your kid perform better. When buying a bat, you shouldn’t constantly base on the price but features and needs. As long as the features you want are present and it’s of a high quality within your budget, then the bat is good to go. Do you want your kid to improve his or her baseball game every day, get them the right bat and you will see changes as they grow to become pros.

Hopefully, our great review has been of great significance to you and influenced how you will buy the next best youth baseball bats for your talented kid.

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