Best Zero Turn Mower reviews 2019 – Pick the high Performing Model

Looking for the best zero turn mower that can clear grass in all weather conditions and all angles? Then, the search is over because we have listed top quality world best zero turn mowers! Unlike the other types of mowers, the zero turn mower can turn in any angle. In addition, it can work effectively in any weather whether hot or dry without any problem. Such a feature makes it popular for large-scale mowing like on a field or large lawns of more than one acre. The mower is rode but has no steering wheel. Also, it lacks brakes and pedals. Instead, this machine uses handles on every side to control it.  It can rotate to any angle and drive any direction that the user desires.

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What is the best zero turn lawn mower to buy?

So, if you want a machine that will clear grass within a short while and in a very huge area, then the zero turn mower is the ideal device to use. The only trouble comes when identifying which one is the best. There are thousands of mowers to choose from. They differ in performance, speed, coverage and ease of operation. The zero turn lawn mower is very easy to operate and doesn’t need any special skills.
All you have to do is to note which features are great for you, the price and what you want the mower to perform for you. In this review, we have compiled all the important information you need to know concerning the zero turn mowers and which ones are the best.

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Features to look for in a zero turn mower

  • Engine

One of the crucial features to look at is the size and efficiency of the engine. This will greatly determine how the mower functions. When the engine is great, it will give extra power to the blades and wheels which will result to better mowing. The pace of the mower over the grass is determined by the power of the engine and the vehicle’s total weight. Also, a high quality engine will give the user more control over the throttle.

  • Transmission

A good number of zero turn mowers will have a hydrostatic transmission that needs very little user intervention to take care of. The hydrostatic transmissions allow mowers to be operated via a wide range of speed progressively without the changing of gears. Troy Bilt Turn Mowers reviewsIn most cases, they offer greater acceleration and power than a manual or auto transmission. Though, they are a bit costly.

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  • Cutting deck

As the mowers passes over a turf, the size of a cutting deck will determine how broad a path the mower will clear. If the cutting deck is wide, this is more beneficial and effective than a smaller one. But if your homestead or area you are mowing has several small alley ways, then a small cutting deck will be more accurate. Cutting decks come in different sizes which may be; 46”-52”, 52”-56”, and 56”-60”.

Things to consider when searching for the best zero turn mower

Size of the lawn – before you acquire a mower, you have to know if it’s worthwhile. People with more than acre can go for a zero turn mower but if it’s less than that, then this isn’t a good purchase. If you have more than one acre, using these other types of mowers may take you time and the cost might be high when compared to using a zero turn mower. So, thoroughly have this in mind as you make your purchase.

Storage space – a mower is big in size and needs its own storage space away from the sun and other adverse weather situations. It’s good to create a shed for the mower or keep it in the garage. This will ensure that they are not exposed to the adverse weather conditions outside.

Duration of use – when buying a mower, know the duration of time you intend to use the mower. If you want to move from that area to another, you should buy this device as it won’t serve you as needed. Other alternative should be sought in such a situations instead of acquiring a new zero turn mower.

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Work to be done – also, the task to be carried out is really crucial when preparing to get a new zero turn mower. If you want to clear a wider area, then a powerful engine and mower should be acquired in that case. But if the area is not that large, a good engine with precision cutting should be bought. Don’t buy a mower that is too big for your home.Poulan Pro Zero Turns Mowers reviews Check Price on Amazon

Price – Price is another important feature to look at when searching for a mower. Though almost all zero turn mowers are costly, there some which are way above the others. But instead of basing on price, one should look at the features they need in a mower so that they can buy what they need and not just because of the price. The more powerful the zero turn mower is the greater its performance and the higher the price.

Warranty – warranties give buyers confidence in products. Many of the mower firms offer warranty on parts of the device. As you set out to acquire a mower, one should ensure that the mower has a warranty of more than one year so that they can be assured on continued support from the manufacturer just in case some parts don’t work as stated.

Benefits of zero turn mowers

  • Gives accurate mowing – the mower isn’t only a time saver but as well offers precise cuttings. When using a tractor to mow, it might miss some patches close to obstacles and trees. But a zero turn mower clears everything saving you from going back to clear the left patches on trees or near other obstacles.
  • Offers less mowing time – one of the reasons people prefer acquiring zero turn mower is because they are fast and reduce your mowing time by half. This machine works very efficiently and fast. At the same time the job is completed precisely and neatly. All you have to do is to adjust the speed levels as you mow the grass.
  • Very simple to master – whether you are a beginner or pro in mowing, the zero turn mower is not difficult to learn how to ride it and operate. It is very easy as long as you learn the basic and you are done. All it needs is to learn a few principles about it.
  • Long-term investment – after picking one of the best zero turn mower on the market, ensure you maintain it very well after use. Replace parts when there is a defect and wash it after use. When you maintain it properly, this is a lifelong investment and you may not need a new zero turn mow in the near future.
  • Extended reach – mowers carry out cutting of grass to be very fast and precise. If you are working on an acre or more than that, you will not the quickness the zero turn mower will clear the grass when compared to other forms of mowers.
  • Stripping of grass – are you interested in not only cutting the grass from your lawn but as well beautifying the area. The mower has the ability to create designs as you mow. A good example of the designs created by a zero turn mower is such as those seen in a football pitch or field.

    There just some few basics to learn about to be an expert in coming up with the designs.

  • Our Recommend Top 5 best zero turn mower reviews

    Finding the quality mower is no joke. This is because there are various brands, models and types available on the market that makes it hard to land on one. Especially if it’s your first time, this can cause headache. Make sure you know what you are looking for before setting out to acquire a mower. We managed to come up with the best 5 zero turn mowers after days and hours of research. These are considered by many as the best and have excellent features that will leave your lawn or field looking attractive and tidy.

    Best zero turn mower for the money – Husqvarna zero turn mowers reviews

    Husqvarna is one of the notable brands and it shouldn’t appear on our list as a surprise. This excellent and powerful zero turn mower is fitted with a 54 inch stamped cutting deck to cover a larger area when cutting. The ergonomic panel that it comes with allows the user to find an easy time operating the machine. Husqvarna 967324101 zero turns mower for the money Husqvarna 967324101 V Twin LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

    Also, its design is greatly suited for its role of cutting grass even in tight areas. One of the advantages of this mower is that you can sue it at night as it ahs headlights on its bumper.

    Main features:

    • Dual hydro gear EZT transmission.
    • B&S 24hp v-twin endurance engine.
    • 4 anti-scalp rollers.
    • Ergonomic control panel.
    • Robust frames and casters.
    • Electric clutch.
    • 54-inch reinforced stamped cutting deck.


    • It is an excellent design for improved performance.
    • It has an ergonomic control panel for easy operation of the machine.
    • The integrated zero turn transmissions are for worry free performance.
    • The strong frame and casters ensure durability of the zero turn mowers.
    • It has a bumper with integrated headlights for use during the day and at night too.
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    Best residential zero turn mower – Troy Bilt zero turn mowers reviews

    The mower with a powerful engine of 24 hp V-twin can be used to cut grass in a big area. It has comfortable back seat with dual suspension for extra comfy when functioning. In addition, the mower can easily maneuver through 360 degrees and cut grass as per user’s desirability. Best residential zero turns mowerWith 8 adjustable height settings and 3 year warranty, this mower is an excellent machine to have.

    Troy Bilt Mustang 46 Inch LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

    Main features:

    • 18-inch back seat.
    • Dual suspension springs.
    • Powerful 24 hp V-twin engine.
    • 360 degrees maneuverability.
    • 46 inch cutting deck.
    • 8 adjustable height settings.
    • 3 year warranty.


    • The machine has a comfortable back seat with dual suspension for added comfy when working.
    • The cutting deck is wide enough to cover a huge area.
    • It works efficiently as it comes with 8 adjustable height settings.
    • The engine is very powerful and suitable to work on a large area.

    Best rated zero turn mowers – Husqvarna z246 reviews

    This model from Husqvarna comes with a dual hydro gear EZT transmission. It has an excellent cutting deck that ensures you cut the grass accurately. The seat is comfortable and offers the support a user needs when working for long hours. Its outstanding designs make the machine work efficiently and be easy to maintain. Best rated zero turns mowersWith other features such as 3 anti-scalp rollers, electric clutch and a powerful engine, they make this machine to be suitable for both heavy and small duties.

    Husqvarna Briggs Endurance Engine LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

    Main features:

    • Dual hydro gear EZT transmission.
    • Electric clutch.
    • B&S v-twin 724cc endurance engine.
    • 46-inch reinforced stamp.
    • 3 anti-scalp rollers.
    • Cutting deck.
    • Comfortable seat.


    • The machine has a powerful engine that will help in precise cutting of the grass.
    • It comes with a comfortable seat so that the user can have an ample time working.
    • Husqvarna has an ergonomic control panel for ease of operation.
    • It has robust frames and casters for longevity of the machine.

    Best cheap Poulan Pro zero turn mower reviews

    The Poulan Pro mower is well designed for its purpose. As simple as it appears, this mower works well and will clear the grass within no time. It has a hydro gear EZT transmission and electric clutch. In addition, the mower is powered by a 22hp briggs v-twin engine that ensures the grass is cut to precision. Best cheap zero turns mowerWith the 6 height cutting positions, this mower will give you the level of grass you desire.

    Poulan Pro Briggs Cutting 46 Inch LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

    Main features:

    • Electric clutch.
    • 22 hp briggs v-twin engine.
    • Hydro gear EZT transmission.
    • 5 gallon fuel tank.
    • Durable caster wheels and welded frame.
    • 6 position cutting height.
    • 46 inch stamped reinforced deck 10 years warranty.


    • Has a comfortable seat which is ideal for longer working hours.
    • Has durable wheels and welded frame for longevity.
    • Allows user adjust to preferred cutting height with 6 different positions.

    Best commercial zero turn mower – Husqvarna commercial zero turn mowers reviews

    This model from Husqvarna has excellent features that make mowing appear to be easy and fast. Besides being designed for greater performance, the machine comes with an air induction mowing technology to increase efficiency of the mower. It has a comfortable seat that makes using the zero turn mower be more fun. Best commercial zero turns mower

    Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S LATEST PRICE DETAILS on Amazon

    On purchase of the machine, the manufacturer offers a 3 year limited warranty. Acquire this mower today for great performance.

    Main features:

    • The stamped cutting deck.
    • Air induction mowing technology.
    • Commercial 25 hp engine with cyclonic air filtration.
    • 3 year limited warranty.
    • Comfortable seat.


    • This mower can be easily maneuvered to any direction.
    • It has a comfortable seat great for long working hours.
    • The engine is powerful and ideal for use on a wider area.
    • Manufacturer offers 3 year warranty to purchasers.


    With a wide range of zero turn mowers to pick from, acquiring the best is a must for precise and efficient outcomes. Consider the features that you need as they differ from one mower to another. For instance; the power of the engine, transmission, area of coverage, and performance, all these should keenly thought of. Also, there are different brands to choose from and it’s worth picking from a reputable brand with a track record to base on. When you pick the right zero turn mower, you will be able to reap the various benefits it offers over the other mower types. Therefore, take your time and pick a machine within your price range and one that is suitable for your designated work area.

    The information above should be enough to enlighten you to come up with a great decision. Remember, you should follow safe riding rule to avoid accident. Hopefully, you have found this review to be of great help to you in deciding which mower to buy or to just gain information concerning the zero turn mower.

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